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Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit

olga-kurylenko-in-a-golden-bodysuit - Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit

Not quite a spread from a January issue, but Olga’s wearing some interesting, body-revealing outfits in Germany’s GQ so I decided to share them with you.

This is one girl who looks mighty different in magazines than she does in reality. Click here to take a look at Olga’s fresher, younger, not as sex-bomb-ish face!

More pictures and more outfits after the jump!

Say your thoughts!


olga-kurylenko-in-a-golden-bodysuit-2 - Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit

olga-kurylenko-in-a-golden-bodysuit-21 - Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit

olga-kurylenko-in-a-golden-bodysuit-4 - Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit

olga-kurylenko-in-a-golden-bodysuit-5 - Olga Kurylenko in a Golden Bodysuit


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • change.

    breath taking.. SOSEXYYY and GOREGOUS!!! shes beautiful. her body is sexy, curvy, healthy, slim, proportioned, ahhhh shes gorgeous =]

  • pia

    wow… in the last pictures with the red dress she looks so different :S
    it’s amazing what is possible to do with make up and posing in a sexy way and all that stuff that famous do to looks different xD


    She’s breath taking. but thats not her
    I agree with PIA
    she looks suspisiouly way too diffrent, i’m sry thats MUST be a completely diffrent person.

  • ilovesugar

    prolly my fav bond girl so far.
    HOT cute brunette

  • alice

    best bond girl role.

  • She is stunning whatever she wears ^^

  • Richard

    Olga Kurylenko soo sexy whiles Mila Kunis is cute and sexy also!

    Olga Kurylenko vs Mila Kunis:
    Is like saying,

    Curt Hening vs Lex Luger