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Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-australiae28099s-harpers-bazaar - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

Model treat! But wait, this treat doesn’t include your typical skinny model who weighs 110 lbs. This is plus-size model Crystal Renn… and she’s in Australian Harper’s Bazaar!

Here’s a little extra info:

Age: 23

Height: 5’9” / 175 cm

Measurements (source: Fashion Model Directory): (US) 39-32-43 / (EU) 99-81-109 cm.

Dress Size: US 12

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-australiae28099s-harpers-bazaar-2 - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

Check out more pictures after the jump!

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-australiae28099s-harpers-bazaar-41 - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-australiae28099s-harpers-bazaar-51 - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-australiae28099s-harpers-bazaar-31 - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine – Get Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Subscription

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  • chiara*

    no comment! 🙂

    • ceb

      then why comment?

  • melissa

    the last pic doesn’t do her any justice, and overall the clothes show maybe a BIT too much for her size, but i think she looks gorgeous, and it’s nice to see a plus-size model that actually is.. plus size. Often the “bigger” models that they use in magazines R still size 6-8 or such, so just medium size, and it isn’t a good message to be sent, IMHO, to say that in the world of celebs an 8 is a plus size. they used tough lights and little photoshopping of the skin here though, i think. shame really, i think this woman could look much better.. it’s not like those pin thin models aren’t altered…

  • serafiina

    in the first picture she doesn´t even look like a plus-size model. Second picture looks stupid, but it´s not her fault. I think she looks great, she´s still got nice figure.

  • Rosita

    i think its great that theyve used a plus sized model but some of these poses are veryyy unflattering, like the second picture. they couldve dressed her better for her figure too. shes very pretty though.

  • Michelle

    Very pretty plus sized model. I don’t care for the 2nd picture either. This is a nice refreshing change though from all the stick thin models.

  • KJ

    this is just my opinion, but just like some girls are a little too skinny that it is unhealthy, this girl looks like she doesn’t take care of herself at all. i know i will get some disagreements for saying that, but i feel like its just the other end of the “health” spectrum.

    • Samantha

      i agree with you. underweight, skin and bones kind of bodies shouldn’t be promoted, but neither should overweight ones. also, the first picture is horrible. the water effect is looking like cellulite, which im sure wasnt what they were going for.

    • Lola

      Oh get real. That statement is utterly ignorant. Educate yourself.

    • Bernadette Bosky

      How can you tell how healthy the model is or isn’t by her appearance? She’s clearly got good flexibility; her skin looks pale in many shots, but I assume that’s the lighting. I don’t see what else you can tell about her by her appearance. Certainly not eating habits, type or regularity of exercising, cholesterol and other important blood values, how she’d perform on a cardiac stress test, getting enough sleep– We just don’t know! And I really don’t think it’s our concern, frankly.

      • Nkeon

        Lola and Bernadette:

        True, appearance cannot tell us how healthy a person is, but, you can get a rough idea of some aspects. If someone is quite big it is clear that they are consuming a lot of calories and vise versa if someone is very thin (any doctor will tell you that,;it’s just pure common sense).

        I understand the sensitivity towards plus sized women (especially in a world where we are plagued with super thin images of beauty) but that doesn’t mean you can’t state the facts.

        KJ and Samantha are right, promoting images overweight women is just as bad as promoting women underweight. Neither is a healthy image for women to lok up to and both pose serious health risks.
        Saying that, i do not think this model is overweight at all so i think she’s a great image for women to look to (as a healthy slim looking Jessica Alba is).

  • Kristy

    I think she looks really good, it’s just that her thighs look a little chunky. The shadows on her thighs on the 1st pic are hella unattractive.

    • Hannah

      That’s exactly what I was thinking about the shadows.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think she looks good. I agree with the other comments about this being on the other end of the health spectrum. Can’t we see a size 6-8 model for once? And I mean pants size 6-8, not dress size, because dress sizes are bigger (please correct me if I am wrong).

      • Margot

        Dress sizes are smaller. The waist is smaller than the hips and that’s where the dresses are sized.

  • Bob

    They need to learn ho w to POSE a plus size model. It’s not that she must look thinner, she must look elegant. TO me they TRIED to make her look plus sized, with the 2nd and last pictures especially.

  • Hana

    unflattering pictures
    2nd picture = stranded whale

    • Elizabeth

      Ha, that’s EXACTLY what I thought.
      And it’s nothing against her or other plus-sized models (in the second to last picture she looks good), but seriously, the poses and the editing are NOT doing her justice

    • VK

      Lol, beached whale went through my head when I saw that too! She is very attractive facially and I’m sure with better clothes and poses she would look more curvacious rather than just a bit fat. Bad photoshoot.

  • Lucy_Ycul

    both super skinny and fat models arent a good role model for girls… it seems nowadays u cant be “average” u have to be super skinny or fat. BTW i think this model should exercise more, u can be size 12 and look healthier

    • Bernadette Bosky

      Do you know how much the model exercises already? If not, how can you know she “should exercise more”? She seems to me to have pretty good muscles under a bit of fat–there’s actually nothing unhealthy about that.

      Actually, I’m AMAZED to have so many comments about the health of models. I thought models were chosen for their beauty, not as role models of health.

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder–and all the photos, especially the second and third–are very beautiful to me.

      Is she healthy? I dunno–maybe we should all ask her doctor if we can see her recent lab results.

      • Nkeon

        Would you feel the same if people were slating a super thin model?

      • ceb

        i agree and im sure this was aimed to all size models as it is pointed out here.

  • tinkerbell

    Australian men with (sick) fantasies with large gals will start grabbing Australian Harpers Bazaar off the shelves.

    • DT

      that’s funny !!

      • Instant

        Both of you are disgusting.

        • DT

          You are very mean spirited !

          • Instant

            LOL And you guys aren’t?

          • Opm

            According to the standards made by a patriarchal society it’s sick to have fantasies about girls who aren’t skinny. I think that standard is just shallow.

        • DT

          Ha there’s a difference between opinion about a celebrity ( fair game ) , humor about anything ( and tinkerbell is funny and literary ) and you….. ( very FAIR GAME haha )

          • Instant

            That’s not “opinion”, that’s mean-spirited and disgusting, and not “humor”, it’s insulting.

      • Elena

        Very unflattering photoshoot. She looks way better live. And even I’m not a big fan of such a full figure, I second Instant on this one. You’re so NOT funny. Just mean.

    • red

      why is it that if a man fantasizes about a fat girl then he is sick?

      thats an absolutely disgusting thing to say ::cant believe it::

    • Jasi

      You guys, “Tinkerbell,” obviously has a fantasy of being a little fairy with wings. There is no use trying to convince somebody of something that is most likely past their learning capacity. She is in “Never Never Land,” while were are in the real world.

      People with open minds, read on…
      Accept people for who they are. Skinny, curvy, heavier that average. As long as you’re healthy and love yourself, who cares. Being a size 12, 14 or whatever at 5’9” is definitely not unhealthy. Plus, everyone is different and handles/carries weight differently. I personally know people who are quite active and would be considered “heavy” by some people, but work out way more than my size 4 friends. Some people ARE JUST BUILT THAT WAY!

      • Michelle

        Yeah it is cruel to say that men are sick and disgusting if they find Woman who are size 12 beautiful. Some Men find woman with blond hair beautiful, Woman who are short, Or Woman who are tall beautiful…how is it sick and disgusting to find a plus sized woman beautiful? I agree with Instant that is a cruel thing to say.

        • Tina

          I agree, Michelle!

      • tinkerbell

        Girls, welcome to the REAL WORLD where Fat Fetishism

        What kind of people are you if you don’t call THAT sick??
        I am not saying all MEN have the same fetish; but the way she is posing and the how she exposes all that fat is certainly going to attract THAT KIND of guys….

        • Hannah

          It’s funny you say there are men who have fetishism with fat women. But there are also several sites for men with fetishism with skinny women. So why is it gross with only big women? i agree with Instant and Michelle. I’m not saying it’s not sick, but the fetishism of all sorts, not just with big women.

          As for the model, she’s beautiful. It’s nice to see an actual plus size model that’s truly plus size. Not a size 9 and called a plus size.

          • tinkerbell

            Yah, but in THIS CASE and with THIS MODEL, I don’t think any men with skinny fetishism will get aroused nor buy this magazine for “self-relief”.

          • ceb

            “tinkerbell” its obvious you are trying to insult this model you know nothing about on a personal level, for being a bigger woman . I happen to be small framed and find no joy as you do bashing people who are bigger or smaller than me. I find it arrogant and trashy when anyone spends their lives hurting others or trying to. People who have negative comments about others weight, proportions or body types is in most cases because that person is insecure with their own body. I feel sorry for you i truly do.

            and of course men with SKINNY fetishism would not get quote unquote aroused/self-relief by this magazine because SKINNY fetishism is a fetish on SKINNY woman not fuller ladies. There is a different name for that fetishism that you yourself listed. Educate yourself literally.

          • ceb

            to add, i do not think this woman is fat anyways but your putting the label on her that you have forgotten you had put. See how hurting other people leaves no room to remember important things in life.

        • Instant

          She’s a big girl, no doubt there, but sweety, she’s not big enough to fall in the “fat fetishism” category. And guys aren’t sick or disgusting if they find her attractive.

        • Seegz

          If I have a “sick fetish” because I like women with a thick layer of insulation, so do the people who “would never, could never date or be attracted to fat people.” If you can’t find anything but the bare minimum of the weight required to survive attractive, then you’ve got a fetish, too. A bone fetish, or whatever. Hey, you coin the term, you’re the one with the fetish.

          Welcome to Fetishland! You can pick up your “creepy lecher” outfit by the door.

          • Bernadette Bosky

            Great response! I’ve known people with a fat fetish, as in will jump on anyone fat enough; I also know people who prefer fat partners but must be attracted to the individual; and I know (& am married to) the type who will find many sizes attractive and cares above all about the person.

            People in the second and third categories generally strike me as more mentally healthy than someone who is only attracted to people who look like regular fashion models–more likely to care about the lover for other reasons; and with more core self-esteem, going more for partnership than for social approval. That’s a sloppy generalization, and I’m sure not always valid, but my experience and some psych. studies do support it.

  • Its so refreshing to see a plus-size model. I love Crystal Renn and I think she’s gorgeous. She’s obviously bottom-heavy which is why when we see her legs, we think they’re a bit big but if you look at her top-half, she’s just right. She looks healthy to me but could do with some toning on her bottom half. I just love the fact that these seem to have very little or no Photoshop involved. Love it.

  • Vera

    She looks bigger than a size twelve to me but maybe I’m in denial, ha. The second picture isn’t flattering but she looks okay. Her figure it not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but she’s not repulsive.

  • salma’ben

    she looks GREAT ok guys she is so beautiful look to her eyes I would say she is just CURVY yeah I can hear you yelling but focus please they are just trying to make her look bigger .

  • Instant

    I never really liked this style of a photo shoot. It’s not flattering for anyone, especially a plus size model 🙁 Very pretty girl though.

  • Amy

    mmm i dont think she looks good at all…
    in some photos, she is just plain fat.

    • ceb

      dont hate on other because of your own insecurities with you body type

  • Mirabela

    coooooooool! i like it! 😀 super!

  • britmel

    i call this fat. plain and simple. stomach rolls thigh rolls. curvy is beyonce. this is plain fat.

    • I was going to keep my cool, but reading your comment makes me want to shoot myself. *headdesk*
      You’re one of the most ignorant people on this post, and I feel sorry for you, really, I do….
      ‘stomach rolls, thigh rolls’, hey? Really? No, she’s -feminine-. She is a women, not a starving androgynous anorexic. She’s proud of her beautiful soft womanly curves (not bodybuilder muscles, and not plastic fake boobs- CURVES), and she flaunts them. Men fall all over women like her.
      That word you use? Fat? It makes me sick, really.
      She’s not even overweight. The media and fashion industry want you to think this is ‘overweight’ so they can make more money off suckers like you who believe them and spend money on weight loss.
      I suppose you’re one of those people who deny themselves the rights and pleasures of good food, confidence and luxury, torturing yourself exercising, all for the sake of looking emaciated and gaunt.

      • Mara

        Very well said.

        • kiki

          amen to that !

      • Marina

        I agree full heartedly. I myself have a similar body type to this lovely woman, and I also work out 6 times a week doing various cardio activities, weight and strength training, and can do yoga poses most people would only dream about. I also eat mainly organic foods, next to no junk foods, and eat enough fruits and veggies to challenge a rabbit. My point? Just because you’re ‘curvy’ or ‘plus-size’ or whatever label you want to call it…DOESN’T mean you’re unhealthy. Most of the time, it’s quite the opposite…


        • I also have a similar body type and have the same lifestyle as Marina. I’ll tell you what fat is: Beth Ditto, but she hilarious because she has said in many articles that she “creates her weight” shes doing what the unnaturally skinny models do, but the opposite. She Basically walking art.

    • ceb

      and smart is not you judgmental is. like i have previously posted those who judge crudely on others bodies is because they are unhappy with their own. Some good advise is to spend time trying to love your body rather than trying to make your self feel better by bashing on some one else.

  • T.D.P

    her hips are only 4 inches bigger than Kim Kardashian’s…yet such a difference in clothing size?

    • Meems

      The difference is in their waist size, really. Though I also suspect that Kim lies about her size a bit.

  • Fabulous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I like curvy but oh no!!! not this!

    • ceb

      then why say you don’t and in such a disrespectful manor?

  • nabile

    I think that you are seeing extremes you know with lindsay’s white maxi dress and this photo.

    is not normal to be anorexic not at all, it is not normal to have bones with zero muscle mass to protect them and also the internal organs, but it is true that being overweight is not normal at all, you are by far a target for some many problems that nowadays they are the number one cause of deaths, the good thing is she is not obese she just look overweight

    I think if fashion want to make a good cause they need to find reality stop, giving us size 0 or plus sizes models. I agree with the person who said give us size 6-8 (bottoms size) models, cause the average falls in these.

    btw she has a pretty face really slim!

    • Mrs.L

      Those who are too thin can be vulnerable to disease because they may have weakened immune systems…underweight and “too thin” women face side effects such as loss of menstrual cycle and decreased bone mass, leading to brittle bones and early signs of osteoporosis as well as infertility problems and the list goes on..
      A new study regarding “who lives longer” began a few years ago when investigators used national data to look at death risks according to body weight. They concluded that, compared with people of NORMAL WEIGHT, the OVERWEIGHT had a DECREASED death risk and the UNDERWEIGHT and OBESE had INCREASED risk.
      And the average woman is not a size 6/8, The average American woman is 5′4″ tall and weighs 143 pounds, size 12-14, 33% at 16 or larger.
      Measurements usually being 39-31-41.

      • Hannah

        Yes, Mrs. L, well said.

      • Vera

        I saw a study somewhere that said instead that people who were slightly ‘underweight’ were actually healthier/lived longer than those who were overweight. However I suppose it may have been ‘obese’ instead maybe.

        • Seegz

          You’ve got it backwards, probably on purpose. People who fell into the “overweight” category were more healthy than people who were underweight or obese.

        • Bernadette Bosky

          There is a special kind of lifestyle–based on maintaining a low weight with a careful diet that is very-low-calorie/very-high-nutrient (vitamins etc.)–that seems to promote longevity. It is very hard to adhere to; also, people on it often lose their sex drive–the longevity seems partly due to hormonal changes. This is completely different from any other kind of weight issue. In general, slightly “overweight” is healthier than slightly “underweight.”

          However, the main determiners of health for most people is not weight, but (1) fitness, mostly encouraged by regular exercise, and (2) what kinds of food you eat–TOTALLY APART FROM WEIGHT. In many cases, eating well and exercising may cause some weight loss, but the person will still be obese; other people can be low-BMI and still eat badly and not exercise.

          You can’t really tell just by a person’s size and shape how healthy that person is. And I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, frankly–whether the person is a model (NOT a profession EVER known for providing role models of health!) or just an individual on the street.

      • Lillian

        I’m 5’2″ and I wear a size 4 in most lines. I wear a zero in the Gap and I’m too small for Walmart or Old Navy clothes. By the way, I weigh 135 or more. Averages are just that. My measurements are 36-26-34.

  • emma

    beautiful girl. but those poses, outfits and lighting are not doing her any favors =/

  • Instant

    I think that even if she weren’t plus sized, she still wouldn’t be curvy, that’s just not her shape. She’s a pear, looks like to me. 🙂

  • esss

    wow.. I’m starting to wonder if my hips and legs look like that too :S

  • jenny

    I think she looks good, overall. Some of the poses are a little questionable but its not her fault that those are the ones the magazine picked. She’s a nice size with nice proportions, I think. 🙂

  • krystyn

    I just read she used to be a size 6. Hmmm.

    • lola

      She was actually a size 0!
      checkout the website below


      • Elena

        Wow lola! Thanks a lot for this link! She’s so damn smart and naturally beautiful. Wow, such a nice girl and a good role model. But like I said before, these pictures ain’t doing nothing to her. She’s too good for that.

        • mEEE

          I had read an article about her in Glamour Mag a couple of years ago; I believe she was anorexic for a while when she first tried to get into the modeling business as a “regular model”. She was really thin and I think she really suffered at that time (health-wise). Now, she is one of the top plus-size models; she was even featured in a Gaultier runway show with regular models!

      • Kristy

        Yeah apparently, she gained like 70lbs!

  • pia

    she has a pretty face, but i have to be honest with you guys,… i think that the extra weight doesn’t look good in this kind of pictures, it looks anti-estetic for me… it’s my opinion, but maybe it’s the magazines that make me believe that, you nevr know hahah

  • Jadey

    i am not trying to be mean but tbh in the 1st pic the patchy lighting
    on her legs make them look really big
    2nd picture she looks like a whale
    she only picture she looks decent in is the 4th…

  • priceless

    she looks gross..embarassing!

    • ceb

      whats embracing is knowing there are humans out there adult humans who always have such a negative things to say about someone else make sure you are perfect before commenting on others non the less labeling them

  • chinadoll08

    You can not please everyone…just because you are a size US 12 does not mean you are unhealthy if you are 5’9…people come in different sizes and it is best to represent everyone and this is a change from the standard thin people…gosh people act as if having a bigger thigh is a crime…That is why so many young women have eating disorders or try “dieting” which does not work.

    • Michelle

      I agree…when did being a size 12 make you overweight?? Sad! Size 12 is NORMAL not overweight! No wonder little girls have a hard time being accepted the way they are. Even Miley Cyrus says that people say she is getting too big…and look at her! That is pathetic.

      • Ramie

        Actually, size 12 is overweight even though it is “average” in America. It’s because there is so much obesity in the US. 12 is not “average” in most countries. 🙂

        • fyi

          If a woman is say…5 foot 9 inches tall, a size 12 is not overweight…not to mention there are many different builds of women; a girlfriend of mine in high school was very slender on top but had the widest hips, had to buy her bottoms in a size 13 though the rest of her was considerably smaller. A woman can be perfectly healthy and wear a size 12. Now, if a woman is 5 foot tall and that size, there might be a problem; but to make the classification of all size “12” to be “overweight” is an ignorant misconception.

        • Meems

          No one specific size can indicate overweight. That’s just dumb. There is so much more to size than just weight and saying “all people who wear a size 12 are overweight” makes you look ignorant…which you apparently are.

          Even if size 12 *were* an indication of being overweight, it being average in the US doesn’t actually indicate anything in regards to weight distribution.

        • Alison

          Four months later, I know, but I had to respond to this…Size 12 is not necessarily overweight! It completely depends on your bone structure, height, muscle mass, and proportions. I am 6′ tall and a size 12 in some brands. My BMI is 20-21, though, which is in the lower end of “normal” weight. I definitely have curves (40-31-40 or so), which I feel look much better than when I weighed as little as 120 (I am very small- boned and was unhappily underweight until I was in my mid-twenties.) Some women might think that would be great (including my friend who was actively anorexic back then), but men definitely prefer my current weight–and when I’ve been heavier!
          Crystal is absolutely gorgeous, face and body! I first noticed her in a Vogue “Shape” issue, and I thought she was stunning. I find people of all shapes beautiful, although those who are anorexic or bulimic make me really sad…Same for those who torment themselves similarly by extreme overeating.

  • she’s a fabuolous model.

  • Didi

    she has a pretty face tho..:))

  • hilsull3

    anyone who says this woman is fat clearly is not looking around. the average size for woman in pants is a 12, and rising. this woman represents the gorgeous average size. be appreciative that she’s even featured so prominently in any magqazine, considering all the stick-thin models and celebs that are taking over.
    some of you negative people would be so lucky to look like this woman.

  • Lilly

    Oh, she looks good! Except for the second photo, that is not the most flattering pose for her legs. But everyone who says she is fat, can you shut up please? Thanks…

  • leeluu

    anything would do her justice, because she is naturally beautiful.
    i kinda dont give a damn what she weighs.

    most of all, im in love with the photographer. these are stunning images.

  • leeluu

    perhaps this kind of figure occasionally frightens people because it is too real.
    people dont want real.
    they want what they can never attain.
    the fashion industy thrives upon this juicy little fact.

    • Oh, you are incredible. One of the best comments on this article. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Dee

        SO true. Seriously, what is with these people who are saying she’s unhealthy and out of shape? She’s beautiful and she’s probably in good physical condition, too. Just because a woman has some padding over the muscle, it doesn’t mean that she don’t look after her body. Women have to starve themselves to look lean and “ripped” – it doesn’t happen naturally. Folks, this is an example of what a healthy woman looks like (though, obviously there are other body types that can also be healthy).

        The guys criticizing her body are probably just angry because they know that she’s way out of their league. If they’re lucky, maybe they can find themselves some skinny skanks who smoke a pack a day and drink instead of eat. That’s so much healthier.

    • Faye

      Hi: I think I love you.

  • leeluu, you are the only one talking sense the rest are stupid as paris hilton

  • Rebecca

    she looks like a seal someone just dumped on set of this shoot. not nice. i don’t like her.

    • kate

      It sounds like you get your opinions out of the trash.
      I don’t like you.

      Crystal on the other hand, looks beautiful. I don’t think the problem is the angles in the photos, or her posing. I think the problem is that we’ve learned to have a very narrow definition of what is flattering, and right now that only includes very narrow models or carefully covered up plus-size models. That is what we need to change as we look at criticize.

    • skirtchaser

      you sound like a petty angry person.

  • kb

    she’s been in a lot of the fashion magazines over the past couple of months.

  • jjj

    She’s not no size 12. She is probably around a size 16. I’m not going to bash her because people come in all sizes and shapes, but saying she is beautiful because you are against people who take care of themselves doesn’t help anyone or the industry either. If the average size is a size 12 like being claimed above, then she is clearly over weight. She doesn’t have any of the features that would qualify her as a beauty queen or a plus size model either.

    • Instant

      “but saying she is beautiful because you are against people who take care of themselves doesn’t help anyone or the industry either.”
      Huh? Who’s saying that?

      “She doesn’t have any of the features that would qualify her as a beauty queen or a plus size model either.”
      Obviously she does if she is employed as one. The one thing she has above some of the plus size models I’ve seen used for modeling plus sized clothes is that she is, in fact, plus sized.

      • Hannah

        I once again agree with Instant. Nobody is saying (from what I’m seeing) that they are against smaller people. We are saying that it’s nice to see a plus size model who is acutuall plus size. She’s beautiful. And she’s confident. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you consider super skinny models (UNLESS IT’S NATURAL) taking care of themselves, then something’s wrong. Since when was it a crime to be a little fuller.

        No offence to anyone personally, but some of you sound like Janice Dickinson. Someone who is against plus size models and I don’t see why. I honestly can’t stand Janice’s ways. That’s just me.

      • Dee

        Instant you are thinking what I’m thinking most models that are considered plus size models and I’m glad someone said it the difference between her is she actually is plus size. Any Idiot would know this if they educated themselves Americas Next Top Model has plus size sometimes and they arent big they just are compared to Victoria Secret models. On google I searched for the avg. size woman in America is a size 10. The camera adds ten more pounds to everybody.

    • skirtchaser

      Honey she is getting paid a lot of money to be in many fashion magazines. So your statement that she doesn’t have the features of a plus size model is plain silly. I think she’s gorgeous , I’m sure it shatters your world to know that many men think so too.
      The fashion world is dominated by bitter women and gay men, heterosexual men actually love boobs and butt and softness. The fashion industry is not the arbiter of attractiveness , ever watched top model? They are constantly telling gals they are too pretty, you gotta be abngular , boyinsh and androgenous to be a fashion model in most cases. Yeah, no thanks.

  • Amy


    • Michelle


    • Seegz


    • Lola


  • Michelle_DD

    size 12, 14 or 16.. i dont care. but why trying to dress her in clothe styles that would fit to a size 2-4 ? (im not talking about the size of her clothes, but the style)

    i would never see a girl of her size wearing so short skirts. ok, sometimes i see it, but its awful, sorry. when you are a little bit chubby, you should wear skirts/shorts that cut at the knee, to make you look slimmer. how come they didnt do it for that magazine ?

    • ‘Making you look slimmer’ is not the idea, love. If they wanted that gorgeous model to look ‘slimmer’, they wouldn’t have gotten her anyway- they would have gotten someone anorexic.
      Have you considered that the idea of the shoot is to show off her beautiful feminine curves?

    • Meems

      Wow, God forbid someone dress to please herself rather than you, Michelle. I’m SO glad you know how everyone else SHOULD dress.

      If you don’t like it, don’t look, but frankly, she’s a beautiful woman.

    • Faye

      Why should someone want to look slimmer, again? I’m confused. Explain it to me in a way that makes sense.

      I think she looks beautiful.

    • Lola

      She doesn’t have to hide. You’re the one with the problem, not her.

  • eww

    my gosh! her calves are bigger than my thighs! :O
    anyways . . i agree about the average size model. it’s like they either have to be super skinny or super fat. why can’t we find a middle ?

    • Lilly

      then you clearly have ridiculously skinny thighs. She looks fab, though sometimes I think it might be nice to show a model who is maybe somewhere between a US size 6 and 10 – between UK sizes 10-14, am I right? Though a model that size shouldn’t be called a ‘plus size’ because that’s just ridiculous. Actually, Crystal Renn isn’t technically, to my mind, a ‘plus size’ either, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

    • Meems

      If you think she’s “super fat” you should probably try getting out of the house more often. She’s a pretty average and normal sized women (albeit tall).

    • Lola

      Perhaps you need to speak with a doctor?

    • skirtchaser

      Write her a letter with your measurements and maybe she can waste her time trying to look like you. Bravo, girl who thinks everyone should look exactly the same . YAWN

  • Mrs.L

    She doe have a lovely face, I do not think that the poses are flattering. I do think it is nice to see someone that doesn’t look like a boy, or like you could snap them in two. I bet there are many guys out there who would love to date a woman like this…a confident woman who wouldn’t be worried about eating a steak dinner :)~

    Just saying; the average woman is not a size 6/8, The average American woman is 5′4″ tall and weighs 143 pounds, size 12-14, 33% at 16 or larger.
    Measurements usually being 39-31-41.

    • someone that don’t look like a boy? ignorant comment and just because someone isn’t shaped with a curvy body doesn’t mean that some women look like boys.

      • Mrs.L

        My dear bigvinamac, it is dangerous to jump to an assumption… my comment is far from ignorant, my comment is an observation. A woman that is straight up and down, does have the figure of a boy, for a man does not usually have “waist-to-hip ratio” a would a woman with curves.
        Have you ever looked at the skeletal structure of women and men? a womans pelvis bones are wider, which assist with carrying a child.
        If you have no hips, and a boyish figure, fine; I was just saying that I find it refreshing to see something other than “straight up and down”.

  • beccasaurus

    wow – the lighting is horrible.

    it looks like light reflecting off of water – which, on skin, just looks like cellulite.

    She’s a beautiful woman, but these pics aren’t flattering.

    • Mo

      Cellulite is a creation of a 1970s marketing team. It’s just plain body fat which, on women (including the svelte Marisa Miller–look her up), looks ripply. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s our digitally-manipulated world that’s wrong.

  • klara

    she’s got a remarkable face, but she looks unfit (and yes, chubby girls can be toned too).

  • TaTTy

    I’m not a fan of her figure but most models are clothes hangers which is why the clothes look good. In an outfit more suited to her size i’m sure she would look beautiful.

    • angiers

      I’m not a fan of ridiculously thin models because they give no hint of what the cloth would look like on a normal human being. That’s the point of modeling in the first place. If I wanted to see what the cloths looked like on a hanger I would just look at them on the hanger.

  • Tina

    Well, she is 5″9 and weighs 165lbs which means a BMI of 24.4, a BMI of 25-29 is overweight. You can’t argue with maths……

    Personally, I think using models who are a uk 10 – uk 12 would be refreshing in the fashion world, but a uk 16….I would never want to be that or look like her at all!!

    • Dee

      I’d rather wear a 16 than look like most of the models I see today, especially on the runway.

    • Mo

      The BMI is a crock of crap. Muscle weighs more than fat.

      • janane

        Muscle does not weigh more than fat. It is denser than fat.

        • Bernadette Bosky

          Um, aren’t those the same thing? With weight as a function of volume and density?

          Often, people’s measurements stay the same but they gain weight, as muscle replaces fat. This is just one reason the BMI as a measure of health is absurd.

    • Kae

      The BMI is out of date and doesn’t take such factors as body frame, bone density and muscle mass into account. It’s quite flawed actually.

    • Lola

      You do know that according the BMI most pro athletes are overweight too, right?

  • Instant

    OK, just did an internet search on this lady, and I gotta say, this is just a bad photoshoot. I would also recommend looking for an article/interview of her called “Crystal Renn: The plus side of being a model”(UK Telegraph).

    • Ashley

      Definitely. I’d recommend looking for pretty much any photo shoot of Crystal Renn but this one. If you just do a google image search, you’ll find plenty of pics of her looking stunning. She doesn’t have that sleek, toned look we’re used to seeing on female models and celebrities, but there are plenty of pics that use her softer and more voluptuous body to create a really sensuous, feminine feel. She’s also got great confidence and attitude, and that comes through a lot.

  • Ella

    I’ve seen Crystal looking much better previously. This is simply a terrible photo shoot with someone who doesn’t know how to photograph her well.

  • Mrs.L

    Would love to see Whitney Thompson from ANTM…she is gorgeous and healthy and a normal size in the real world…even though “full figured” in modeling world.

  • marisa


  • Alyssa

    She’s gorgeous. And, yes, I’d say she’s a U.S. size 12. (I’m the same height and similar body type, and I’m a 12. Not nearly as lovely as she is, though!)

  • ellen degeneres

    she is teh hott. end of story. are *you* in a magazine? no? stfu.

  • Amber Peach

    She is gorgeous, and looks like a real woman, unlike most models that look like young boys. I get sick of anorexic 110 lb, 5’9” + models.

  • kkkellyyy

    Crystal Renn is so beautiful I want to be her for Halloween.

  • Tori

    Oh, my God.
    You’re acting like she’s obese, or not even human at all. She’s normal, and making degrading comments about her “cellulite” or “flab” is stupid, judgmental, and just plain bitchy, not to mention completely unnecessary. She’s a size 12, and she’s in a magazine. God forbid she not hate herself, the fat cow! Get over it.

  • sexetveritas

    She isn’t even overweight AT ALL. She’s a lovely, lovely woman, though I wouldn’t consider her “plus sized” or “Fat” except in comparison with most fashion models. She is “Medium.” I’d like to see more fat models who are actually fat (which I use as a description, not an insult.) And no I am not a fetishist. I’m actually a fashion photographer in NYC and I like working with all sizes. I would also like to see more people of color, older women, androgynous folks, just more diversity in general.

    I have to say that while I don’t think the photoshoot — in terms of its photography alone, or the clothes depicted — is anything special, I like that the images work with her size. She does look elegant in most of the shots – size is elegant. No they shouldn’t be trying to hide her thighs. Instead of thinking “How can we make this model look thinner?” I think it’s pretty cool that the photographer seemed to think “How can we make her look thicker and fuller?” Those might as well be fashion objectives too. I don’t mind that the water effect sort of hearkens to cellulite either. There’s nothing wrong with “cellulite,” it’s just how skin/fat look on some people and it can’t be controlled. It has nothing to do with weight either – thin people get it, medium people get it, fat people get it. It’s not a medical problem or aesthetic flaw. Remember that we used to consider Asian eyes and Black skin “problems” to be hidden rather than inherent features of a person, too.

    But um… overall… I am glad to see a somewhat larger model in the pages of a fashion monthly, but I think this actual photoshoot is pretty boring. It’s only interesting BECAUSE of the model. If she were a typical-model-sized girl I wouldn’t give this spread a second glance.

  • Lughna

    I feel sorry for the people whose ideas of beauty are so narrow that they can’t include Ms. Renn. She is a visual pleasure and womanly in a primal way that defies intellectualization. It may not be the best photo shoot ever, but its subject is compelling.

    • Instant

      I agree.

  • This may not be the best photoshoot in terms of composition, etc., but this is a GREAT move forward for the fashion industry! There are many more women out there with this model’s body type, than there are 98lbs waifs. It’s important to represent woman as they naturally are, and not airbrush & pinch waistlines and thighs.

    She’s definitely not un-fit. I think the lighting is all wrong, and in the first photo it implies cellulite. Maybe it was on purpose?

    I feel sorry for all the girls commenting negatively. Be happy with your own body so you don’t have to trash other girls!

  • Erin

    Woah, do you guys even live in the same world that I do? Since when is 12 obese, or even plus-sized? A dress size 12 is actually below average. She just looks fat to you lot because your eyes have been trained by the media to instantly relate “size 0” with “beautiful.” Try being a little more forgiving of your fellow human beings rather than holding them up to a standard that isn’t actually reflected in reality. Small women are beautiful. Big women are beautiful. But, holy crap, guys. Size 12 ain’t big at all. Plus-sized clothing doesn’t even start until two sizes above that.

  • Lady

    This is an important moment. Though Crystal is not plus sized in the real world, I feel it’s an important step that fashion is acknowledging different body types in the real world.

    She looks beautiful. I dont think the point of the shoot was to make her look slimmer. It was to show her fullness to the maximum extent. Well done.

    Many of us are tired of the traditional model.

    • Jennifer

      Thank you…well said!

  • aries032179

    OH NO! You mean to tell me that the most prominent and influential sex symbol of all time, the statuesque, size 12, Marilyn Monroe was actually just a horrendously fat, disgusting blob? Someone should tell the MEN to stop finding these OBESE women so attractive!!! It’s just not fair to all the girls out there working so hard to look like they are dying of something… PLEASE, SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

    • Vera

      Marilyn wasn’t a MODERN size 12 though and she was really very small. she could probably be a 2 today. Her measurements varied but they seem to have hovered around 37-23-36. I’ve never seen a waist measurement for her higher than 24.

      • angiers

        You are mistaken. Marilyn’s largest dress size was a 16, the modern equivalent of a size 8 or 10 due to her bust and and hip measurements. There is a article about it on snopes.com

        • Ella

          Her measurements used to be on wikipedia and her bust and hip measurements definitely put her in a US size 8 today, but her waist measurement would be the equivalent to a 2/4.

        • Vera

          Ah you’re right, she was curvy enough that my estimation of 2 was too small but I stand by my point, that she was in no way a modern size 16.

  • admirer

    I am so sorry for all of the negative comments from “sick” individuals. May you be judged with the same standards that you have judged.

    I happen to think that Ms. Renn is BEAUTIFUL in her current size/shape. I also happen to think that the second pic, which so many of you seem to dislike, is very beautiful and sexy.

    I hope that Ms. Renn will ignore the ignorant rants of most here and focus on continuing to be beautiful for all of us admirers – in Australia and around the world.

  • So. Damned. Hawt.

  • Milda

    ugliest thing i’ve ever seen

    • Vera

      Ouch…don’t you think her face is pretty at least? I’ve seen worse even in the world of celebrity.

    • ceb

      Then don’t look. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, but as the saying goes, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • Natalie

    I think the poses she did are horribly unflattering. She is definitely beautiful, but these shots would make nearly anyone look bad. She needs to practice her poses a bit more, and find photographers that don’t shoot from up her ass

  • Ingrid

    Those that think she’s “fat” are just so used to being forcefed scrawny-ass models thousands of times in magazines, on tv, in movies.

    Guess what? The world does not look like that. Most people are not anorexic. The scrawny-ass thing is getting so old. She looks like she eats normal food portions instead of subsisting on gum and diet coke.

  • Anon

    Harpoons, man them.

    • michelle

      grow the f*** up already

  • Lauren

    Wow. I watched that interview with her and I must say these pics are VERY unflattering compared to the ones in the interview. Poor job for sure.

  • OH MY!


  • Malory

    I think she looks beautiful. It’s absolutely refreshing to not see photos that are retouched and slimmed down.

  • Jes

    I think she is far better off this way than she was when she had an eating disorder. As far as I’m concerned, she looks beautiful in all of her other pictures.

  • Nice pin up style photos. She’s gorgeous.

  • Gwendolyn

    She looks great. She isn’t fat.

    Skinny, medium and fat chicks all get cellulite. It’s like saying only fat chicks get stretch marks. Hello pregnancy.

    • Nkeon

      v. true. Kate Moss has cellulite and she’s very thin!

  • ana


  • Kat

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. She has stunning facial features, soft and supple curves, and she radiates confidence. I wish I could be that pretty.

    It’s wonderful to see a “plus sized” model in a magazine that’s not specifically for plus sized women. It’s discriminatory to only show full-figured women in plus size magazines. Why not put women of any size in any magazine? We’re all human after all. So we come in different sizes, big deal. We all love, we all smile, we all laugh, and we all cry.

    Then again, in the fashion industry that’s not the point. The point is to make money. And putting stick-thin models in the spotlight puts forth the standards that big can’t be beautiful, so if you have curves you need to get rid of them. Crystal Renn helps to break that standard by showing how beautiful curves truly are.

    • Extremely well-put, I couldn’t agree more.

  • idlewildred

    Why does Kim Kardashian look so much better when she is 5’2 and her measurements are: 36-24-39? Crystal is 7″ taller, so you would think that the increase in her measurements would be in proportion to Kim’s. In other words, Crystal should just look like a “larger” version of Kim. Is is the waist measurement?

    • Leanna

      Because despite being 7 inches taller than Kim, she is probably fairly small framed in relation to her height. And her waist measurement would have to be around 28 inches to keep the same sort of WHR as Kim.

      • Leanna

        Plus KK’s meaurements are actually stated as 34-26-39 or 35-26-40 (depending on the source).

  • sofie

    What a great idea! Do a photshoot featuring a plus size model and shadows of water un her legs… noooot! It looks like Cellulite, and she seems to be pretty… and what about the clothes??? that coat looks like a sak! awful! even in a regular model…

  • Sofie

    You have no idea how good this photoshoot makes me feel about myself. She is amazingly beautiful and heavier then me, yet she still looks beautiful. It helps me realize that i’m actually average because if this gorgeous model is considered plus-size then i’m ok 🙂 and for everyone who is saying shes fat and has rolls: she doesnt. look at the pics carefully and you’ll see she’s actually a stunning and attractive women Your just ignorant and trained to believe that anyone over 107 pounds is overweight.

  • Ashley

    I like that they dressed her like that instead of covering her up. Let the little tummy roll out, I think she is beautiful. 🙂

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  • liz

    Everyone who has something negative to say about these pictures is a MORON. She is stunning, in every single picture! She has the same measurements as me, and i absolutley embrace every single curve on my body, regardless what anyone thinks – or says, im beautiful, and so is she! She is freakin gorgeous! – despite what she is wearing. Seems like too many of you have allowed yourselves to be conditioned to think a certain way, that beauty comes in one package. Now thats DISGUSTING, and soooo very very sad!!

  • stephanie

    She’s 6′ tall. If she were any smaller she would look sick. Everyone should exercise and eat right. However, just because you wear a certain size is no indication of your health status.

  • JCAL

    I think what is difficult is that photos do make people look heavier. I think in real life she probably looks normal. Here she looks a bit of out shape. I did not say fat, just out of shape. But I still think that it looks way better than the sticks that have been in modeling for so long now where you see bones stick out.

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