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Plus Size Model Crystal Renn in Elle Magazine

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-in-elle-magazine - Plus Size Model Crystal Renn in Elle MagazineSurprise, surprise, Elle Canada is offering lots of its pages from the January 2010 issue to plus-size model Crystal Renn!

Actually, Crystal has been in this magazine before in the past year – I’ve included her previous pictures (from February 2009, last 7 pictures) as well. Facts are that she’s looking slimmer in January than she was in February (clothes, positions and maybe something else contribute to the slenderizing effect).

Weight loss wouldn’t make much sense, considering she’s just launched her book “Hunger” – anyway, she looks really beautiful and the pictures are stunning. Her eyebrows truly made a statement in the February issue.

And just in case you guys are wondering:

Size: US 12

Height: 5′9” / 175 cm

Measurements: (US) 39-32-43 / (EU) 99-81-109 cm

Check out the pictures in the gallery and tell us what you think!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • love her and her book.

  • BettyCookie

    She looks amazing!!! Definately lost weight though, probably around 20lbs in total between photo shoots. She looks around a uk size 12 now and before she looked like a 16. She looks great in both shoots.
    It just goes to show, if the weight is in the right places and is well proportioned you can get away with being heavy.
    Sadly, mine all goes in one place, thighs and arse, so I end up looking wierdly unbalanced… almost like 2 different people for the bottom half and top half! Damn pear shape!

  • sara

    IM i the only one who thinks she is too skinny 4 plus size model? if the tittle wouldnt say plus size i wouldnt know

    • that’s because for the world of fashion if u’re not size 0 you’re a + size lol and yes you’re right she has a beautiful face so no need to look down 🙂

  • Yeah she’s pretty, but come on Fashion Models are supposte to be Thin/Skinny.
    That’s just how business works, and noone can change that.
    I don’t know why plus size people are trying to be on Elle, Dolce and Gabbana? Like seriosly?
    There is nothing wrong witht them though, it just doesn’t seem right to be on it.
    – It’s like putting Paris Hilton on a Plies music video.
    Lol yeah, this is the same thing, it doesn’t look right, and Skinny is Fashion.
    Sorry, not trying to be rude at all, but have you ever seen a plus size fashion model.
    Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Giesele, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio.. and many many more.
    Yeah models are suposte to be thin, stop trying to change things, this has been going on for ever.

    • Lex

      The fashion industry was always like that . . . Twiggy was really the beginning of that painfully thin trend. There is no rule that says a model HAS to be skinny. It’s not a physics formula.

      • Lex

        *wasn’t (not ‘was’)

        Although I do see what you’re saying about the slimness. Especially in high fashion, when the clothes aren’t exactly made for the average person, but just to impress the high class who can attend the shows.

        • Cecilia

          Because it’s “always” been like that doesn’t mean it should be or that we should accept it. And it wasn’t the fashion up to the early 1900’s – that era’s was a healthy figure. And well before that the rubenesque figure was admired, the ideal for beauty in the Renaissance was even a fully domed stomach.
          I think indifference is disregarding and underestimating quite how harmful this culture can be.

    • Nkeon

      The fashion industry is all about the money!
      They use super thin models because it’s a bigger money maker and these type of figures are more ideal for allowing the focus to be purely on their clothes.
      However, if there’s a woman that doesn’t fit the model ideals, but can sell their product, they’ll use them. Scarlett Johansson is short with curves but Louis Vuitton use her because she’s good for endorsements.

      This Crystal Renn has become renowned for her book and is a well recognised plus sized model so Elle want her simply because she can sell loads of issues.

      • Yeah i just think fashion modeling should stick to skinny just the way it always was.
        And yeah this might not be everybody elses opinion, but i really think i’m right about this. It’s like changing the whole fashion/ catwalk/ skinny to fat.
        If anyone could be on the cover it woulden’t be special.
        I just see it this way, models are always going to be skinny they have to be.

        • ccameron

          it kind of makes me sad when people accept things the way they are just because that’s the way it has always been and we can’t change anything. we can. the world has done so much changing already and the fashion world maybe hit with a big change if we pursue it. as consumers we have the most power. i don’t know about you guys but i’m done with only skinny minnies (no offence!) walking the runways. technically speaking we should have more body shapes, sizes walking the runway bc not every1 has a model’s body type so designers should try appealing to everyone by showcasing their clothing on all body types. that’s just how i feel.

        • hanne

          Its not like ‘just anybody’ should be on magazine covers….Chrystal Renn is not just anybody….she’s a extraordinary beautiful girl, that just happen to look different from most of the other covergirls….
          I say, lets get more diversity into fashion…. or else, like in all things in life, it will get boring….

    • bia

      It’s spelled “supposed”.

    • Prerna

      I think it’s awesome that plus sized girls are making it big in the fashion industry.Fashion is reality and the skinny,starved regular models can not be examples of women in the real world.Women like Crystal are bringing about a good change in the industry by portraying a beautiful,realistic,healthy image and yeah…if nobody ever thought of changing things FOR THE BETTER there’d be a lot of stuff to complain about.A lot of things we enjoy today became a possibility,only because someone thought of CHANGING SOMETHING THAT HAD BEEN GOING ON FOREVER…think about that…

    • Amber Snyder

      you know…I read this and I really couldn’t believe you just said that seriously. not trying to be rude? BS. You must be thin because you obviously don’t know wth you’re talking about. It’s not the point of fashion has always been thin. It’s the point of beginning a new trend. There a way more plus size people out there who don’t know what they should wear in order to flatter themselves. That’s why they have plus size models. To show you can be happy and do whatever you like, in whatever size you are. So there. And they’re not changing the whole dang industry to fat. They’re just introducing more models so they reach more clientel.

  • Yeah she’s pretty, but come on Fashion Models are supposte to be Thin/Skinny.
    That’s just how business works, and noone can change that.
    I don’t know why plus size people are trying to be on Elle, Dolce and Gabbana? Really lol?
    There is nothing wrong with them, it just doesn’t seem right to be on it.
    —– It’s like putting “Paris Hilton” on a “Plies” music video.
    Lol yeah, this is the same thing, it doesn’t look right, and Skinny is Fashion.
    Sorry, not trying to be rude at all, but have you ever seen a plus size fashion model? All of them have to be thin.
    Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Giesele, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio.. and many many more.
    So yeah, you people really need to figure out how business works.

    • Goldi

      Ya me too!! Such a silly comment

  • Sidney

    I like these photos a lot, and i gotta say i prefer her current weight (at least she seems lighter..) She still doesn’t look anywhere near starving, but now she looks more like just a gorgeous woman who takes care of herself, whereas in some previous photos i’ve immeadiately thought of “plus-size model”, which is ok when you want to target a certain group of people, but other than that i think it’s important that you can just focus on the clothes or whatever brand is in question, not the weight. (Some think a more realistic take on beauty would be better, but personally i like my fashion moments to be a bit like fairytales, with no tummy rolls or cellulite :), that of course doesn’t exclude bigger models but they do have to be more body-conscious) I’d like to see more diversity in the modeling industry, and IMHO right now Crystal looks just right. Also, it’s nice to see how the clothes look on diff. body types, but i wonder if it’s much more restricting to cloth a bigger size, or if a good stylist just knows how to do it. I’m smaller than Crystal but not the skinny type, and finding fitting clothes can be really hard sometimes, it just seems that the skinny models are so easy to clothe b/c many articles just hang on them, more or less, and even if not, they don’t need to “play their shape”.

    • Casey

      I agree. I remember her old figure, and I remember thinking, “pretty woman.” But she didn’t really strike me as a model. I don’t know if it was her weight, or the fact that she didn’t look that toned, or…I don’t know.

      But I can honestly say in these photos, she pulls off high fashion and she is striking. And she’s no size 0 for sure, which proves that you don’t have to be a size 0 to do high fashion.

  • Cecilia

    Looks like she has definitely lost weight. Unless they’ve photoshopped her A LOT. But that would be more unbelievable if they’re showing a plus size and they didn’t airbrush the first. Definitely lost.

  • Suji

    I love these photos. I think it proves that “plus size” models CAN look glamorous and high fashion. Yes, high fashion has traditionally been skinny territory, but lately it seems the models have gotten thinner and thinner to a completely unhealthy level that can only be maintained through drastic methods (though I acknowledge some people are just naturally thin).

    I think Crystal is gorgeous, she has a great look. Love her face and her poses. I might have to buy this magazine somewhere.. my boyfriend would probably like her photos haha.

  • Juliette

    She looks nice.

    • No she does not haha.

  • Karsten

    Her weight loss is pretty appalling, given the message that she’s been selling. It’s the typical Sophie Dahl scenario — the more the industry uses her, the more she sells out and gets skinny, so they use her more. It’s disgusting, and it proves that her whole message has been one big sham — it’s just been a publicity ploy for her to achieve success.

    • ann

      Sophie Dahl’s weight loss was truly tragic. She was beautiful..then she became ordinary.

      For all this talk about Renn losing weight I don’t really see it. If the Torrid spread s are being used as reference it should be noted the models are sometimes padded and shot at angles which widen their bodies. Standard practice for Lane Bryant and other plus size clothing lines.

      • SpecialSundae

        Sophie Dahl looked dreadful when she became fashion skinny but these days she looks slim but happy. I believe she’s a UK size 10-12 (US 6-8).

        She’s starting a new food porn show on the BBC in the UK soon and, from reading her book, food and love are the things that make her happiest.

        • ann

          I haven’t seen her lately so I can’t really say. It’s ironic that she lost all that weight to further her modeling career and then she just fell off the map with her weight. That’s one case where losing weight didn’t help someone’s career.

          She’s going to compete with Nigella Lawson? Good luck to her.

  • Casey

    I think she looks good. And I don’t mean she’s pretty. I can honestly say that she looks like a real high fashion model.

    Is she really a size 12? She doesn’t look like it. She looks like a size 8, maybe a 10.

  • Anon

    It’s amazing what’s considered ‘plus size’ in the modeling world. I have never heard of her and never would have guessed she was a plus size model if it hadn’t been mentioned in the post. She looks like she has a really beautiful figure, unless they’ve done some extreme photoshopping.

  • Ida

    What is wrong with you guys??? She doesn’t look slimmer at all! She looks the same as she looked in previous post, and she looks bigger than size 12, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. She is just like she is and I admire her 🙂

  • klara

    wow, i didn’t even know that she is “plus-sized”. just looks normal to me, no plus weight anywhere.

  • Sophie

    I think she’s smaller than a size 12. Come on, I’m not a lot thiner than her and I’m a 6/8

  • Nadine

    Well you know what I think, I think that this she looks gorgeous in these pictures. But she claims that she doesn’t overeat,and it is just how her natural body supposed to be… I do not quite believe that. After many years of starvation her body probably just doesn’t want to give away all the extra fat it has gained, in case she will starve again it will have savings, if you know what i mean…
    I actually think that she could be slimmer, because just try to cover her body with the hand and look on her face and neck, they belong to a SKINNY woman: thin cheeks, thin neck. And the rest of her body is quite big. So they do not match.
    I think she should get in in balance. I”m not saying she has to be skinny, I just say that I dont think this is her natural(good for her) weight.

  • Goldi

    It is insane that she is labled a plus size model. That is absolutely ludacris!! She is georgeous and healthy looking. People are twisted.

  • lainey

    She’s like a cow in super model’s clothing. Her arms and thighs are big and I don’t think these are attractive photos at all. Instead of trying to make some silly statement that plus size women look good in high fashion clothing, they should just stick to what looks good and start putting slimmer women in their magazine.

    • Uma

      Really now, you act as if magazines were full of heavy women and not slim ones. Are you out of your mind? And she does not look like a cow. She sure is not slim but she isn’t overweight or disgusting and if you took a look at the photos you might just notice how interesting and fashion forward they are. It’s almost an art. And i personally think that Crystal Renn has a great attitude and i admire her for her confindence and strenght. And that’s a real role-model, not someone who others admire for nothing more but being extremely skinny.

    • ellia

      Photos 7-9 are simply gorgeous.

      The bone structure of her face is still well-defined. Is that not the mark of a high-fashion model?

      It’s not like she’s just been stuffing her face and has a double chin.

      And calling someone a cow is so cruel.

  • jess

    i dont get why there has to be plus size models and then super thin models. why arent there any that are a normal, healthy size, like a 4 or 6. both sides promote unhealthy bodies, either too thin or too large. im sorry but a waist size above 30 inches in technically at risk for health problems. a healthy size model should be the only model there is, and they do not even exist

    • walnuts

      I agree there should be more healthy models. Mainstream models are sizes 0, 2 and 4 and then there’s plus size… but 6, 8, and 10 are also healthy sizes especially for tall women (which models tend to be).
      but is that true about a waist size above 30 inches being unhealthy for all women? I think i have heard somehting like that before. but, for a tall woman like Crystal I feel like 30/32 inches is not necessarily a health risk.

      I am 5’9 (her height), 133 lbs, 18% body fat, and wear a size 4. I wish my waist was smaller, but I’m about a 34-27-34. If my waist were 3 inches thicker, I think I’d still look healthy. On a shorter girl though, a 30 inch waist could look totally different.

    • SpecialSundae

      The size of waist that would increase your risk of health problems is proportionate to your height, despite the cover-all 30″ comment. It’s also related to your waist-to-hip ratio. If you’re 5’9″ with a 0.75 ratio, you’re not really at high risk based on a 32″ waist. If you’re 5’0″ with a 0.95 ratio and the same waist measurement, then you would be at an increased risk.

  • Sure it is a nice dress…

  • Anna

    I can see that her face has more angles which generally means a loss of weight. But i could be wrong

  • saltero

    so beautiful!
    nice to see some varity and lets be honetest, not eveyone bying these clothes and shoes are a size 2
    as much as i love the super skinny tall models I also love to see beautiful curvy super femine models too. its just more interesting and gives us girls ideals we can relate to beter. some of us will never be stick thin and some will never have crazy curves

  • dc

    she has my exact measurements and I think she looks great. Its bizzare to see someone in a magazine who has my body shape. You wouldn’t think it would make such a difference to my self esteem, but surprise, suprise, after seeing these I DO feel better about myself and more okay about not being a 34-24-34 or whatever many model’s measurements are. I’m a young women (22) and if more women like Renn were featured in magazines i really feel like it would make a difference in young girls self esteem and stop them from trying to diet unhealthily.

    • dc

      sorry just an addition:
      although i have the same measurements, i am MUCH shorter, 5’1 and i am a size 8, occasionaly a size 10 but never a size 12 so that is pretty weird that she would be a size 12…

      • SpecialSundae

        She’s a US size 12 by official sizing guidelines rather than by high street sizing. Scarily I’ve seen UK size 14 (US size 10) skirts with 35″ waists when they should be 30″. My measurements are mostly the same as hers (although I’m a good few inches bigger on the bust and 3″ shorter) and, like you, I’m a UK size 12-14 (US size 8-10).

        That said, I still say that I’m really a 16 (US 12), because I know that’s the truth by measurements.

  • Capri

    THAT’S plus size? :\
    She looks normal to heavier-average to me. I don’t think they should consider those sticks they call models now-a-days “average” – Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a stick, but she was definitely one of the most GORGEOUS women ever.

  • Whitney

    Um..I have VERY similar measurements (39-28-40) and I am 5’5” and I look quite a bit smaller than that.
    Does anyone else think her measurements are a bit exaggerated? I think she’s quite a bit bigger than what’s given.

    (Bigger, but I think she’s exquisite! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL, I just think they should be more realistic with her correct size–that would send a remarkable message out even more than the seemingly fake measurements.)

  • Yo

    She is Fat! how is that sexy

  • Lois

    As a full-figured woman, I find it very disappointing how skinny she has become. There are many gorgeous plus-size models out there who are fuller figured. I wish the fashion industry would feature them more often, instead of always defaulting to a “safe” choice like Crystal because she doesn’t look plus-size. They could at least use, say, a size 16 instead of a size 12 (who photographs like a size 8).

    I like Crystal’s book. I’m just really disappointed by how thin she’s appeared in her latest shoots. I don’t feel she represents me at all.

  • Angela*

    Uhm she seems a bit bigger than a size 12 t0 me, m0re like a size 16 but anyway i think the best size f0r high fashi0n models sh0uld be size 4/6 c0nsidering m0dels are tall and that w0uld l0ok slim 0n them. The m0dels they use are way t0o thin(excluding D0utzen Kr0es) but I w0uldnt think that Crystal w0uld suit high fashi0n either but thats just my 0pini0n mwa.

  • Rache

    A large part of the reason that skinny is used for fashion is because it’s FAR easier to make clothes for a shapeless figure. MOST women have curves, but have you ever tried to sew a dart into clothing? It takes a lot more skill and time to work with fabric and curves. I’ve always loved the simplicity of the mod look, but that look only looks good on women without breasts or hips. The mod look is also very easy to sew.

    It puts less pressure on the clothing designers to make clothing for a woman’s figure, and allows them room to just make beautiful creations of fabric, with some skinny girl beneath as a human clothes-hanger. It’s a shame that clothes AREN’t being designed to accentuate the curves of the female form. I feel fashion has become a closed and abstract sysem that only admits and serves a strange, rich, and genetically select few.

    Regarding Crystal Renn, I find her gorgeous, but like others, somewhat disappointed that she’s the face of the plus size model. Given her impressive height, her hips and waist size are… proportionate. She’s an AVERAGE sized woman (though tall), and should be considered, perhaps, an AVERAGE sized model. She’s the sort of model that should be the standard for most clothing designers.

    Also, if she’s proud of being a “plus size model”, I’m disappointed that in all the shots, her middle section is being avoided. In every single shot, it’s “craned neck, upper-arms not pressed against body, taut calves” perhaps with some cleavage in there, but the rest is rather covered. It’s a simple formula to appear thin. I’ve used it myself a number of times in shots.

    At least with photoshoots of Christina Hendricks they accentuate her hips, and her womanliness. This shoot seems to be… visually apologetic for her girth. Not embracing her size, but trying to compensate for it.

  • Lois

    I’ve always been a fan of plus-size models! There’s a great site with many images of Crystal and other plus-size models here:


    They’re all gorgeous.

    The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  • Indigo

    Beautiful woman. Awesome shoot! But, what a disappointment. 🙁 Here she is supposed to be this advocate for plus size women and she has CLEARLY dropped a good 20-30 lbs between the old photo shoot and the current one. I can understand wanting to look your best, especially since she is launching a book tour, but telling the world you are comfortable with your curves and then deliberately shedding weight kind of sends the wrong message. Especially to young girls struggling with self image.

  • Becky

    This looks far better and far healthier than the size zero models which are mainly used. And it hasn’t always been the case of using skinny and underweight models. Go back say 30-40 years and every one wanted curves, not bones, and the times when there were people like Sofia Loren and Marilyn Monroe who, by todays standards, would have been considered “plus size”. And I don’t understand how they can say that Crystal is “plus size”.. I guess they believe that if you’re not all skin and bone then you’re plus size or simply fat, it’s rediculous. When I think of plus size models I think of people who are like size UK 18 and up, like with the occasional podgy (and cute) roll here and there, and absolutely no bones on show at all.

    The fashion industry needs to advertise their clothes on a realistic size and a realistic body shape. I mean come one, the average size for women in the UK is a size 16, and all these ghastly underweight and unhealthy size zero women they use don’t even come close to that size, or how good it looks. Curvy/”fat” women are hot healthy, and it’s about time people started realising that.
    I think the only time size zero could be considered healthy would be if you were say, 10 years old or a midget.