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‘Plus-Size’ Model Grace St. John in Glamour Magazine

Plus-Size-Model-Grace-St.-John-in-Glamour-Magazine - 'Plus-Size' Model Grace St. John in Glamour Magazine

Yep, she’s oh so ‘plus-size’!

Grace is part of Wilhelmina Model’s W Curve division, which is full of size 10+ beauties… and she’s modeling budget dresses for the July issue of Glamour Magazine.

Make sure you check 2 more pictures of Grace from this spread on the 2nd page!


Plus-Size-Model-Grace-St.-John-in-Glamour-Magazine-2 - 'Plus-Size' Model Grace St. John in Glamour Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kari

    Versus, I have a question about body shape. I don`t know if you can answer when you don`t have a picture, but I`ll try to give a general description:

    Shoulders wider than your hips, normal/straight waist, long torso, normal/shorter legs. Would you say that`s an inverted triangle?

    Love the photos in this post btw! And love your site as well!:D

    • Versus

      Yes, it’s really hard without a photo.
      Inverted triangles usually have longer legs and shorter torsos, so it’s very unclear. Are you sure your torso is long? Take a look: stand up straight and see where your elbow falls in relation to your waist – if it’s above it, then yes, the torso is long. If the elbow is under your waist, then your torso is short.
      Anyway, if your shoulders are visibly broader than everything, then chances are you are a V-shape. But if the difference is not very noticeable, then you might be a ruler.

    • thebestguest

      IMO with her, it’s her upper arms and thighs that make her ‘plus size’. In those dresses, anyway, she doesn’t look huge, but her arms just have no definition.

  • val

    okay she seems normal shaped to me…. like any nice with a good body pretty girl i’d see on the street..she does not look voluptuous or big shaped……i dont have anything against big shaped girls but if they’re supposed to bring out on the magazine a girl like that then this model’s not it…any opinions?

  • southerngumdrops

    i remember flipping through glamour and stopping when i came to her….i couldn’t figure out why i liked her so much…..then it hit me that she actually had some shape!! not “plus size”, but she doesn’t look like she’s starving

    love this 🙂

    • Awe that is so sweet… I really appreciate the support. It’s difficult being an ‘in between size’… so any job is a blessing. I just have to wait for God’s timing… but hopefully the industry will soon shift toward Healthy models!

      • Garret

        OMG its you! Hon keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re so gorgeous & beautiful, you’ll be the next Crystal Renn or something! anyway i think you should get like a fan page on FB or something. i predict you’ll get quite a following, at least once your career really picks up!

        best of luck, you rock! 🙂

  • Jemima

    Plus size? LOLOLL

    • suzushii

      According to the Powers that be in modelling she IS plus size.

      For them, plus size = anyone who isn’t a size 0-2

  • Linda, Stockholm

    Is THAT plus-size?!?!?!?! Oh my God… Where are we heading…..

    • anonymous

      Again, plus-sized is a fashion label. It means hips measuring more than 34 inches. It is not a euphamism for fat. Everything from half an inch over 34 inches on is plus sized. People have to stop thinking that plus sized means overweight.

      • kate

        I thought ‘plus size’ is supposed to mean hips of 40+ inches, but even for a 5ft8+ women that is hardly on the extra large side is it.

        It’s about time they re-thought some of the names they give to various modelling divisions.

        Calling what appears to be a perfectly healthy size woman ‘plus size’ just gives out a bad impression to the general public.

        I do not think it helps young girls self esteem being told if they have one smidgen over 34″ hips they’d be considered ‘plus size’ (even if that’s only be the wharped standards of the modelling industry).

  • CK

    i think her face is a bit unordinary that is good for a model, like the hair+make up, the clothes fit her nicely. In general i think she’s cute and the photoshoot is nice.
    Thx God no nude pics and ugly/unflattering outfits here like in most of previous plus-size shoots in mags we’ve seen…though i’m not sure i can call her plus-size , to me she looks just fine, but maybe its the clothes and angles, who knows.

  • kate

    She’s plus size!!??

    What are her stats, anyone know?

  • Casey

    I’m actually surprised to see people say that she is unordinary. I actually didn’t notice that she was a plus-sized model until I looked closer. And by that I mean, she is modelesque. She makes me want to buy the clothes and buy into the whole model fantasy. Her face especially stands out to me. She is not just some size 10 who is a model by default because they want a size 10 model. Instead, she is a model who happens to be a size 10.

    And I don’t find it ridiculous that they are calling her plus-size. In the modeling world, she is plus-sized. Of course, in the real world, she is normal.

    • niknikniken

      very well said 🙂

  • Jenny

    There should be more models this sort of size! She’s a happy medium

    I think a lot of plus size models just look unhealthy, if not obese

    • Marge

      Agreed. Finally the happy medium!

      • exactly! and she looks gorgeous. lovely skin tone and hair 🙂 a fresh breath of air!

    • Chester

      I agree. One thing different about this shoot is that it’s not about a model – but the clothes. She’s just a model modeling clothes – not a statement. I enjoy this
      Plus she’s a very, very pretty lady.

  • lea

    She reminds me of Rose mc gowan and kate winslet !

    She doesn’t look plus sized ! i would say she is an eu 40 or 42.

  • neonilla

    yep, a happy medium, for once

  • ladyfrommars

    This woman is gorgeous! I can’t believe she’s considered plus sized. She looks less than plus-sized.

  • Princess

    She`s so pretty,her face is like a porcelian doll.

  • lh

    At least it’s a step in the right direction. She may not be ‘plus’ sized in real life (a size 10=plus..not a chance) but for the fashion rags this is plus sized and I’m glad they are shifting in the direction. Baby steps and this is nice.

  • Dalz

    its official: im a plus size too at 5’8 135 lbs lol
    shes stunning. love love love her body!

    • southerngumdrops

      this is such a nosy question, but do you mind my asking what size you wear in clothing??

      i have the exact same states but have a larger build….i’m always interested to see if it’s just in my head or if i’m in the “normal” range for people with the same stats

      again, hope that doesn’t seem too nosy 🙂

      • Dalz

        not at all :))) im a size 6. 10 UK. i tend to gain weight in my handles and all :S

        • southerngumdrops

          me too!! although i definitely gain in my legs 🙁

          glad to know we are stat buddies 🙂

    • K-bo

      I thought “plus-size” just meant that a model was above the average model size? Wouldn’t plus-size models still be considered “average” for the general population (if not thinner)? I think this woman is quite stunning, but she doesn’t seem like the the average model size. She has a bit of meat on her bones. 🙂 Look at the difference in leg size! (‘Course it could be photoshopped to accentuate her size, who knows…)

  • awau

    Yay! She looks great!

    I really hope the mainstream keeps up with this trend, it’s soo difficult to judge what would look good when clothes are shown only on super slender models. Curvy girls want to buy clothes, too!

  • Samantha

    I just got my issue of Glamour and I looked through that section, and I would have never thought she was a plus size model. She is beautiful and she make me feel good about myself.

  • hlj94

    I thought of Kate Winslet from when she was in Titanic.

  • kim

    shes really pretty! and i’m happy with this spread, it doesn’t necessarily seem like their just showing a ‘curvier’ model to make readers happy (no naked pictures) but because shes gorgeous and looks great in the clothes!

  • lowa

    I knew when I flipped through my Glamour that this was the mags effort in trying to include plus sized models into the mag. plus sized, not imo. it’s nice to see dif colors and shapes of females in fashion and i esp love her hair

  • Crittle

    She’s so gorgeous! What a great shoot, she kind of reminds me of Kate Winslet.

  • Brittany

    She is NOT plus-size.

  • clair

    She is stunningly gorgeous and refreshingly normal. I love her hair, especially paired with the red lips. I love that magazines are including “plus sized” (aka, normal) models in magazines now. I think it speaks more to all their readers.

  • Jessica B

    WHAT. WHAT. PLUS-SIZE? Seriously?! This girl is gorgeous and SO NOT PLUS-SIZED.

  • she is SO HOT!

  • Courtney

    Compared to what we are used to seeing, she IS plus sized. Beautiful girl!

  • Kylie

    Damn, I wanna be a red-head again!

  • Naomi

    Plus-size? If she is, then I am too.

    She looks more of a medium/thin type girl.
    Certainly not what I’d call ‘plus-size’ though.
    Looks good anyway.

  • Canna Fan

    She is beautiful, and I love her size … not too thin, not too big. 🙂

  • Em

    Pfft plus sized.

    Normal. She has a normal healthy body.


  • MaryBeth

    I love her hair and skin.

  • Dlicious

    That SO not a plus size ! JEEEEZ !

  • cbenj

    Models like this make me want to buy everything they are wearing. I never look at a stick thin model and think I would look good in what they are wearing because I am not a size 0 (or 6 feet tall). BUT she makes me think, “hmm… this looks good on normal people. where can I buy?!”

  • CoffeeGirl

    Stunning! She looks very slim ( not only for a plus size, just slim in general )

  • padme

    Why do they have to use that phrase? It’s so offensive to call someone who is a healthy weight, “plus-size”. It just makes regular women who are size 10 start to think they are overweight when they’re not.

  • artemis

    she’s very pretty and she’s not FAT!!!! I like it

  • LINA

    all this plus size models start looking thinner and thinner

  • Ella

    She looks to be of an average weight to me, but if she were a lot shorter perhaps she would be plus-size.

    It’s a pity that there are just as many petite women as there are plus-size women, yet you don’t see any petite models modelling clothing made for petite women.

    • kate

      Maybe or maybe not….the point is she does not look ‘plus size’ for her height and therefore I think the term is being used inappropriately.

      Perhaps they should start calling size 2, 5ft10 catwalk models ‘minus size’ and see how they like it.

      • Dalz

        GOOD POINT!!! 😀

  • macy

    normal and sexy shaped, that’s wt girls should own !!

  • mannia

    According to her Agency she’s 5’8 and size 10. And she’s plus size? I’m 5’4 size 6-8 and when i was size 4-6 people used to ask me if have some serious disease. And because she’s taller I suppose we have similar proportions or she might look even thiner. Crazy…

    • kate

      And I bet she is on the smaller side of a size 10 and could probably well call herself an 8….I certainly don’t think a 5ft8 size 8 or even a shorter size 8 can really be deemed as ‘plus size’. It’s ridiculous to use that term….I always wonder why they don’t just call catwalk models ‘minus size’ considering they are the ones that are mostly underweight not the so called ‘plus size’ models like Miss St. John here.

  • BeetleJuice

    she is so beautiful and glowing… looking at her, all those – non plus sized models are just plane…

    to me, she is perfect size and shape… only wish all models are this “big”…

    • Simona

      Agree with you. To me she looks superb 🙂
      That’s how the models should look like..

  • madeleine

    no body should be complaining….aside from crystal renn she is the only plus sized model ive seen and not thought they were grossly fat.
    she is a good weight because she definitely looks healthy….not like those bigger plus sized (almost obese) girls who claim to eat very clean and go to the gym every day…load of crap imo
    anyway im also pleased to see they featured a plus sized model and didnt make a big deal, just put her in with the rest. It’s better that way because they will be taken more seriously if they’re not made out to be a circus act

    • kate

      Sorry but plus size should mean just that – PLUS SIZED, not average size or even slim.

      Because ‘normal’ size models are usually underweight and often appear emaciated perhaps they should be deemed ‘MINUS SIZE’.

      • As a model it took me a while to get used to the term ‘plus’… But just as other people have pointed out… that’s the industry for ya! And for the longest time I thought that that meant that I was less of a model… now I just tell myself ‘The client could have picked any skinny skinny model, but they picked me’… thus I always feel just as confident. It’s difficult to be an ‘in between’ size (not small enough to be straight size and not big enough to be a plus sized model) but at the end of the day… I am me. Grace St. John. Normal, Healthy… and proud that I have even made it this far. Every job is a blessing! Hopefully the industry will shift toward healthy models soon… but until then please pray more jobs are to come! lol 🙂

  • Susie

    She has a stunning looking face. And her body is beautifully curved. Not fat at all!
    I love the mini red showstopper dress! 😀

  • Esther

    yes this is what I´d like to see!!! nice body nice face!

  • aimee

    wtf??? she is NOT plus size at all!! she’s actually more on the thin side!! ughhhh this is why our society is so mentally F*CKED!!

  • amanda

    Plus sized? She looks like most women that live on this planet. Normal sized arms, chest, and legs. Nothing wrong with that! and i certainly would not call her plus size.

  • LOL

    Who came up with this “More than 34″ hip” rule, anyways? I say they go eat S*$T!

    This woman is STUNNING…and I’m glad that people are beginning to shirk this crap about being thin or nothing. I wear size 4 in WOMENS’ jeans, as in, from the Gap, Anthropologie, Lucky Brand. I wear size 12 in “Junior” or “misses” size- like PacSun, Fred Meyer, Union Bay. When I realized that I’m 26, and teen girls’ jeans are ugly and don’t have room for hips and ass, it was such a relief that I wore a smaller size in WOMENS’ jeans!

    • kate

      I think plus size should specifically refer to women of at least US sizes 12-16. Sizes 4-10 should just be referred to as typical size models and anything smaller (unless on a petite (height/build) model should not even be allowed).

      • Lolita

        So those of us who wear size zeros “shouldn’t be allowed”? Nice. Everyone here I’d preaching body acceptance, except it’s only acceptance towards fuller figured and “healthy sized” women. I take extreme offense to that. I’ve hovered at a size 0 for the past decade, and not for lack of trying. I eat 1,800 calories a day and still do not gain. I’m 5’7, so everybody and there mother assumed I’m Anorexic. I’m not.

        Body love and body acceptance means loving and accepting ALL shapes. Even people who are considered “too thin”.

        • kate

          I did put ‘unless petite in height OR build.

          You may just be small build for 5ft7, but you gotta appreciate that the majority of average height to tall women are not naturally built that small (and that is discounting the fact that the average women these days is overweight).

          When you have 5ft9 catwalk models in size 0-2 representing a very small percentage of the population it just makes very little sense to me.

  • Serafiina

    Looking gorgeous, very pretty woman and absolutely breathtaking hair!

  • is

    i think Grace is fantastic and her body type, shape, size AND her face is lovely.

    it’s too bad though that she probably earns only a fraction of what her ‘standard runway’ and ‘standard plus-size’ counterparts earn. i can see her being dismissed as ‘too ordinary’ in the sense that hers is a body type that’s not too rare among ordinary, non-model women.

    i’m afraid that unless there’s a drastic shift in the industry’s standards and mentality, models like Grace won’t move beyond commercial(ish) work because of the high value placed on unusual facial features, very skinny and long-limbed bodies, on the one hand, and exaggeratedly curvy* bodies, on the other.

    *i admit that as we’ve seen on this website and on a number of Jezebel posts that plus-size models’ bodies are made curvier and bigger in post-processing for emphasis. however, someone like Grace would have to gain another 20-30 lbs to make that type of photoshopping look convincing.

  • polly pocket

    i always described myself as average/slim, lol well turns out i’m plus sized since i have a similar body as her

  • cat

    she is BARELY plus- she’s probably only plus because of her height and structure. AND, over the last couple years since she started modeling she has actually wavered between being a straight sized model and plus. So, clearly she’s barely squeaking her way into “plus”.

    But, that’s cool. It’s nice to see women of all shapes and sizes out there. I like that she looks very “normal”. Well I’d wager she’s thinner than the “average” American but she’s “normal” when compared to the super skinny models or the larger plus models.

    I agree with people who say she looks average/slim. Like a regular, healthy, gorgeous gal w/ an attractive figure.

  • angy

    sle looks amazing!! i wanna be like her

  • Samantha

    This is not a plus size model. I’m a size ten, 5’6”, and if I looked like this, I sure as hell wouldn’t have dropped my jaw upon seeing the “plus-size” title over this. She looks like she can hardly be bigger than a size 6, if that. This woman is tiny. Why is it that the media has this idea that white women have to be so thin and frail? We aren’t all built like Victoria Beckham for Christ’s sake!!!
    This kind of stuff sickens me

  • Kels

    well darn. if this is plus-sized, then i’m one plus sized teenager. whoever actually believes that she is plus-sized truly should be slapped upside the head. this woman has an awesome body. she’s beautiful. wow. the fashion world is getting more and more ridiculous each day.

  • Jen

    I agree with one of the comments stated above… Seeing beautiful, “average-size” models like Grace in the magazines is a much better marketing strategy than using the typical size 00 models. As the majority of women out there are not a size 0, when looking at spreads featuring the extremely skinny models it is easy to get distracted and focus on their extraordinarily frail frames — or just overlook them all together since it’s the norm in fashion ads. On the other hand, when I saw this beautiful girl wearing these beautiful clothes, I was intrigued and drawn in. It is refreshing and inspiring to see such a model in the pages of Glamour!! Grace St. John is certainly a face — and frame — to remember!

  • Chantal

    Glamour stuck gold with this model! She is elegant with an edgy flair. She caught my eye immediately. Her hair and complexion set her apart from others in the fashion industry. Size wise she commands attention because she parallels the majority of women with purchasing power. I will keep an eye out for more from Grace St. John!

  • Genegrl23

    I think Grace is gorgeous!! Every picture she takes is stunning and I hope we see more of her! She has a look that draws you in and to top it off she is healthy! I think she looks way better than those super skinny skeletor models we see in all the magazines! Go Grace!

  • Genegrl23

    Grace was featured in an article! Check it out!

  • Becks

    doesn’t she look kind of like Scarlett Johannson ???
    def not plus size even if she is wearing a 10 she looks more like a 6 8

  • Garret

    Oh my god she is so gorgeous! All the other models in the shoot were ‘so so’ but she left quite an impression! She looked so dramatic and so at easy and so BEAUTIFUL!

  • Traecakes

    Love how she looks in the poofy cocktail dress !

  • Emily

    I think it is sick that you consider her plus sized! She is perfect and HEALTHY! Not to mention beautiful!! I can say that if this is what Glamour is calling plus size, it is a sad thing that they are pushing this onto young girls and women. No wonder so many girls have eating disorders!

  • Jade

    WHAT HELL??? PLUS SIZE??? Well If That Is Plus-Size I Just LOVE&ADORE IT!!!! 😀 Im So Jalouse I Mean WOW She Is GORGEOUS, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL ect… I Wish There Could Be More Model Like Her, Because It Makes Me Feel Good About Myself!! She’s Definitly My Favorite Model, Hope She Will Hate A Great Career:)

  • jana

    She looks great! I love her hair.