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Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini1 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

WCurve plus-size model Robyn Lawley is featured in the November issue of Australian Cosmopolitan Magazine – this number has the tagline ‘Sexy At Any Size’, which is why plus-size models were included in the pages next to the straight size ones. Robyn is rocking a wide range of one and two-piece swimsuits in this shoot… and here are her thoughts on the experience:

The greatest thing about the shoot was getting treated exactly like the other model and not just in the way of how the crew was (crew were too much fun :p) but in the way that the swimwear was just as glorious as what the straight size model wore, which is extremely rare in plus size. I absolutely love the spread and I am very proud of what we achieved. I’m so happy that more and more of this kind of editorial opportunities are happening and that more kinds of different models are now used to showcase all type of clothes.

Does Robyn look plus-size to you? And what do you think of the shoot?

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-2 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

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Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-3 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-4 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-5 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-6 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-7 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

Robyn-Lawley-plus-size-model-bikini-8 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley in Australian Cosmopolitan

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  • kate

    assuming she’s 5’10, in these pics she looks like an au size 12 to me, so in real life she is probably a 14/16 (whether you like it or not, every photo you see is photoshopped. just because she is plus sized does not mean she was not airbrushed)

    speaking as someone who is the same height and an au 12, she looks fine in these pics, really good in the bikini one, but she is probably a bit overweight without editing etc, we really need candids to tell.

    • Aria

      So, Australia isn’t real life? Lol. You said, “she looks like an au size 12 to me, so in real life she is probably a 14/16”. I think you mean “In American sizing she is probably a 14/16”.

      • Eve

        @aria – don’t be such a nitpick. I’m sure what Kate means is that in these photos, the model looks like an Australian size 12. So considering all the photoshopping, she might probably an Australian size 14/16 in person (or real life). So get over yourself.

      • call-in

        Agree with Eve.
        And a word of advice, if you’re going to try to be snarky and condescending, don’t start your comment with “Lol.” It slashes your authority (even if you capitalize it).

        • Aria

          Well, to be honest I just thought it was funny. Hence the “Lol”. It wasn’t a mean-spirited comment, and I had hoped the “laugh out loud” interjection would convey that, but I guess not. Sorry for upsetting you.

          • Julia

            Well said. People tend to take themselves way too seriously. LOL (CAPITALIZED). Sorry for the snarky remark.

    • maddie

      im from australia and this definitely isn’t a size 12… say at least 14 or possibly 16….our sizes are smaller than the US ones…i say this because i online shop and buy things from the US all the time…

      • kate

        i’m 5’10 and a 12 just about everywhere, even a 10 in some brands (but i’ve never needed a 14) and my body is the same as the bikini picture, thats the one i judged off. she does look bigger in the ones where she’s more covered so i take your point that she looks like a 14 in the others. she doesnt look like a 16 but could be one in real life

        • Kate1st

          This is her modelling page:

          It states her measurements to be 99-81-110 (39-32-43) which in the UK would make her a size 14 on top, 16 on the bottom. Bear in mind she is also 6ft tall is probably the reason she looks smaller.

  • Erica

    Robyn looks ‘good-sized’ to me. Plus size is a bad term, imo, as it officially refers to anyone bigger than a ‘straight-sized’ model – and they are significantly thinner than an average woman for their height.

    I think she looks like a tall, athletic, strong young woman. She doesn’t look fat at all to me (though I’m sure some people will see her as such because her belly is not flat as an ironing board!), but is certainly not thin and ultra-fit looking like many of the more popular ‘straight-size’ models.

    I think she’s very attractive and is a good representative for her body type. She is not overweight or unhealthy looking as some ‘plus-size’ models can be, nor is she really too thin to be called ‘plus-size’ (like Crystal Renn).

    A good find and I really like the swimwear!

    • b

      LOVE HER BOD!!!

  • she’s pretty. i love the 2nd photo. although, i would prefer Candice’s body in a bikini. personally, i really don’t feel comfortable in a bikini unless I’m toned & slim. just my opinion.

    • same…i am a size 8/10( australian) and before summer i work out like crazy otherwise i dont feel good in a bikini..but this model!! wow!! i think for her height she is the perfect size…she would look freaky if she was thinner IMO

  • Calro

    She looks great here and it is so nice to see some hips!!! but I seriously don’t get the “plus size” label of a lot of these average sized women.

    • monkey

      I wonder who came up with that name ‘plus size’. Maybe is time they change it.

  • lily

    seriously? THIS is considered plus size? jeez.

    • Barbarax

      I agree. Plus size where??? She looks amazing.

  • effie


    now that’s just one gooood lookin’ woman!

  • And by plus we mean adult sized

  • Chloe

    She looks great! And I would consider her ‘plus sized’ for a model.
    They have obviously airbrushed her thighs, but I think that is fairly standard now, plus size or not. I like that they have left most of her curves in.

  • Polly

    She’s gorgeous with a nice healthy looking body, but I wish they would of had more face shots. Stunning!

  • asha

    The third photo rocked my world.

  • A plus-sized model who isn’t fat? I’m amazed! She really does look great; she’s a great example of a woman who’s just bigger in frame/size rather than fat due to laziness and overeating.

  • jenna

    wow she is so hot.
    this is the first plus size model (sorry if this offends some) that I have found attractive… body wise.
    she’s just gorgeous all around.

  • Jemima

    Love the second photo. And she has a really great face. I’m glad they aren’t trying to make it overtly sexy + it’s still natural sexy.
    I wish they’d stop photoshopping skin so much, but what can you do?

  • Katy

    she’s hot! of course aussies want her in cosmo, we love a beautiful girl in a swimsuit, not too fussed about her being a toothpick! She looks a little like isabella lucas in the face, but less harsh.

  • Mocha

    Gorgeous. Face reminds me of Isabel Lucas

    • Eve

      Yeah! When I saw the 3rd pic, I thought that too.

  • maddie

    i agree with the isabel lucas things in the face….when i hadn’t scrolled down yet i thought it was her….then the body came.
    this is definitely plus sized so its stupid to say…”you call this plus sized? wtf” or anything along those lines……if you have the same body type as hers and that’s why you think this isn’t plus sized then it’s time to confront the reality….that you have a nice but bigger body :).

    anyway i think she looks better than the previous plus sized models shown on this site……Tara Lynn for example looks like she definitely doesn’t exercise a lot, either that or she has no portion control when she eats all that ‘Healthy’ food. Crystal Renn isn’t really that big any more…she’s kind of in between….
    so this girl is perfect for the larger market…imo

  • Ell

    Now what would be really nice is if they did the same thing WITHOUT calling to attention the fact that she’s plus sized. Why couldn’t they have included plus sized and regular sized models without making it a big deal?

    • Erica

      I agree. Why does there need to be a distinction between ‘straight’ and ‘plus’ size? A beautiful woman in swimwear – why the need for labels?!

    • Exactly! Too discriminating.
      And, even worse, how come there are “straight-size” models and “plus-sizes” are just all the rest? Ô_o Weird.

  • skinnyme??

    She is a very beautiful woman. This is what a plus size model should look like not like Tara Lynn she is fat and sloppy. Sorry thats how I feel.

  • carlie

    Buahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! this is PLUS size??? this has to be a joke, right?!! ridiculous.

    • maddie

      is you don’t think this is plus sized then im guessing you’re used to being exposed to a lot of larger women….because this definitely is plus sized….
      the world is getting fatter but i don’t think that’s an excuse to think of being overweight as a norm….this isn’t the norm it is a large women….a large woman with a pretty face and nicely shaped body……
      if you can’t see her as plus sized then that is truly a joke…

      • Erica

        If you look at women throughout the ages, what is considered as ‘straight’ size in today’s fashion world is really ‘minus’ size! Sure there have been and always will be very thin women, but the average woman has never been without any visible body fat and sinewy unless she lived in a time of little food! Also most average women are not 5’10” and the ones who are are generally not a size 2! So, I’m sorry, but saying that ‘plus-size’ is simply a modern term for women who are bigger than the general populace is wrong. Very thin (and tall) women are the exception in the world and always have been – and that’s one of the reasons we all find them beautiful – they’re unusual.

        Yes, too many people are overweight today, but it is perfectly normal for a woman to have a little bit of a belly and fat on her thighs and that has been so for millennia! You don’t see depictions of women from many old societies where they have washboard abs and no fat – they usually look softer (and Robyn is a good example of that, albeit with a taller and broader than average frame). That’s normal – but today it’s called ‘plus-size’!

  • wyndie

    heh, dont some fashionistas consider Lara Stone and Doutzen Kroes to be plus sized??

  • amy

    why are the pics so tiny, i can’t see them?

  • Savannah

    She really doesn’t look plus-sized to me…especially in the second photo. Very pretty shoot 🙂

  • Katie

    An Australian size 12 is an American size 8. Just putting that out there- it’s not an american 14/16. That’s just ridiculous.
    Plus, she does look about an Aus 14 or American 10, and she is so so amazingly beautifully perfect.

    • maddie

      well…im an aus size 8 and i fit into a size 2 us (tried many designers clothing not just one designer……soooo i dunno….

      • Kate1st

        American sizing runs different to UK and AUS sizing in that there is only like 1.5 inches between dress sizes compared to 2 inches in the UK/AUS. This can means that a US size 0 (31-24-33) can equal a UK/AUS size 6 but a US size 12 might equal a UK/AUS size 14/16. There is not a jump of 4 between every size, the gap gets bigger the smaller the size.

  • i think she looks better than the before,but ……she get a good figure this week

  • A great observation by Robyn Lawley “Was looking at a Marilyn Monroe photo we have up & I saw something that I hadn’t seen on a image for a while, cellulite, did this stop her being one of the most celebrated woman of all time?

  • Holly

    she looks like a 14 American size to me. shes cute.

  • i’m not a fan of her figure. shes is still extremely beautiful though.

  • nkvd

    The model is indeed very beautiful; I don’t find her attractive and I don’t like her body, but that’s not her fault. The spread almost looks like a parody to me, sorry.

  • jenna118

    Yes I consider this plus size compared to the stick thin models out there. They even left her backfat in. She looks good. Love the legs. Gorgeous face.

  • Ida

    her face is stunning, her body is ok, but what puts me off is that her head seems too small in comparison to the body!

  • catc

    what a beautiful face. BUT i don’t look at pictures of plus-sized models because i don’t want to think that is normal (it’s all about comparison and perspective)

    • You don’t want to think what is normal? Do you mean plus sized? If so, I hate to break it to you, but plus sized models would be considered normal (i.e. the basic definition of “normal” being one of majority and norms) when they’re outside the modelling industry. I’m a bit confused by your comment…maybe you could clarify?

    • Elaborate…

    • Erica

      I too would like to know what you mean. As Edith the Elf says in the world outside of the fashion industry, very few people would look at this woman and say she is not a normal size. It’s only the fashion world which labels women like this as ‘plus’size’. She’s quite normal compared to most people her height.

      • catc

        What I mean is that what you see regularly in terms of bodies is what you think is normal and healthy. I didn’t call her fat,

      • catc

        What I mean is that what you see regularly in terms of bodies is what you think is healthy and even ideal. I think she is fine but I prefer thinner bodies, they look healthier to me. What I didn’t like growing up in the US was that I was so much smaller than everyone else and I felt like I was surrounded by people with warped perceptions about thin. I don’t have that problem in Europe – I’m normal here. In any case, I don’t think glamourizing larger bodies will do anything except make people think larger bodies are healthy when, as humans, we are at our best at low body weights. She is not at an ideal weight IMO, and therefore, I would prefer not to look at pictures of her.

        • Do you have any evidence that “we are best at our low weights”? I’d say we are “best” at the weights we are healthiest at, which isn’t necessarily thin. In fact, there is some research which demonstrates the opposite (

          I think you’ve fallen prey to a common misconception that thin = healthy. It doesn’t. People can be healthy at a variety of weights.

          I understand what you say about wanting to feel normal, so I’m sure you can also appreciate that for bigger women and men it’s important to feel normal too. That’s why I think it’s great that society is learning to celebrate a variety of healthy body shapes and sizes.

          • Kimberly

            I agree with you Edith.

          • Erica

            I agree too Edith.

          • Mary

            I don’t. And catc is just expressing her view… Don’t dramatize, people, please.

          • @ Mary – who was dramatising? Of course catc was expressing her view; we’re all entitled to our views. I was just pointing out that there are a few flaws in her argument. No dramas 🙂

  • skirmute

    With a face like this she would look hot at any weight 🙂

  • Daphne

    The only thing that counts is that sche looks beautiful and content about herself on those pictures. We should stop labeling the women as plus or straight-sized.

  • Daphne


  • I don’t like her body at all but she’s pretty

  • Yazmin

    This woman looks pretty frickin’ divine facially. Okay,she’s not really ”curvy” body shape-wise,but she’s proportioned and looks healthy enough-not TOO chunky and flabby etc.

    Personally I disagree with models being way too big or too small,I think it’s a f*cked up thing to promote. Having said that,in the real world people really are all different shapes and sizes and I guess it’s nice to include everyone in fashion.

    That said,most girls who are the size of a plus size model in real life,will have a lot more cellulite,stretch marks and lumps and bumps than this. They will not be as firm looking as this. Hence why they don’t usually go for skimpy swimwear and clothes in general.

    If girls COULD look firm and not have as many skin imperfections due to being a tad overweight,I think we’d see a lot more plus-sizers. C’est la vie.

    As for the shoot,it’s NICE,it’s well enough done. I’d like her a LITTLE more toned.That’s all.

    • A:)

      so what you’re saying is that Robyn is overweight?
      hahahaha, i’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous.
      And you can still be her size and not suffer from major stretchmarks and cellulite, you know.
      This is just bizarre to me.
      She is beautiful, her curves are gorgeous, and why some of you see this as “not healthy” is simply funny. If she’s not healthy, if her weight isn’t healthy, what is? Those anorexic catwalk models? Well excuse me, but THAT’S what’s unhealthy.

  • Beautiful girl (and looks naturally sexy, as a bonus)!

  • Lara

    Not my cup of tea, but she does have a great face and can pose well

  • This is one hot woman and one hot shoot!

    I co-sign with those flabbergasted that she’s considered plus size. I agree with Maddie’s point that large shouldn’t be seen as the norm just because people are getting bigger but this woman is not large! And it is also a contradiction because I must admit that it is becoming evident that people are so used to seeing very women in fashion that anyone bigger is considered huge in and outside of modelling.

    • Erica

      Yes, I agree. Just look at how a lot of people react to Christina Hendricks. So many think she is so big and overweight when she is really just a relatively normal-sized woman (with bigger than average breasts!). That’s only because we are so used to seeing very thin women (like the women of Desperate Housewives or January Jones) that anyone heavier looks ‘big’ in comparison! Some people even seem to think Kelly Brook (who has now lost weight and looks much like any other over-tanned, over-toned model) was too ‘big’ with her formerly fantastic curvy body. It’s crazy!

  • Casey

    I like for once that we have a plus-sized model talking about modeling and not how being plus-sized is how everyone should be and how regular models all starve themselves and how unfeminine and unattractive they all are. That alone give her huge points and makes me like her.

    I love her face, she is so beautiful. But I’m not a fan of her body. Not because she’s plus-sized, but I don’t like the shape of it. The legs/hip area mostly. This is not something she can change, but it’s not a body shape I am particularly fond of. I think the top part of her body is very proportional and attractive.

  • t

    Christina Hendricks is larger than this model. Yet everyone loves her figure, The model has a nicer face too.

    • lizzy

      thank you for sharing that info! the christina hendricks obsession is a little over my head…

  • Rebecca B

    This woman is beautiful. No, she’s not a size 2 with a very small frame. And I’m also not a fan of glorifying an obese or overweight body type, because that’s just as unhealthy as an underweight body. But this woman is not obese! Do you see flaps of skin hanging off her hips or stomach? I don’t. Do you see flabby thighs? Nope!

    I think we get so confused by the media, that we forget that everyone isn’t naturally a willowy 5’11 with a small frame.

  • Mirabela

    ok! Now, tell me where is here the “plus” on this model. Because i see just a tall woman with normal weight. And she don’t have belly or saggy parts.
    I like her very much, i don’t see any abnormal/plus (or like that) on her.

  • meghan

    100000x better than Crystal renn in my opinion!

  • mel

    I’m usually not one for plus-size models, but I like her and Cryal Renn.

  • vivina

    these legs are to die for

  • roof

    I think she is really beautiful and has a nice figure! 🙂 Just like Mirabela it’s not really “plus size” for me but compared to those skinny models it seems to be the right term though…

  • roof

    *wrote 🙂

  • Daniel

    Pure hotness!! I love her body, she is really sexy!

  • Nessa

    beautiful face. very refreshing for a change to see this body type in a magazine. I prefer us women to look this way.

  • Amelia

    She is looking fantastic. Go girl!

  • emilie

    erg this makes me sick. her legs in the second to last one are insane. she obviously carries her weight very well, if i gained weight it would ALL go to my stumpy little legs and thick thighs. i dont get how a “plus-sized model” can still look like a gazelle??!!

  • Aims

    I think she is a healthy example of plus size. That’s my personal opinion. She’s not too small for that category and not overweight either! Remember, plus size is healthy – not obese people! She looks very normal/curvy which for me = healthy plus size.

  • Naomi

    I’d love to see more women like this modelling AND making the clothes look good.
    Because she’s selling what she’s wearing very well.
    It’d be nice if labels for models were scrapped and they were all referred to as just ‘models’. No ‘plus-sized’.

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  • Emily

    I actually think she could have wider hips, proportionally. But she’s glorious. <3

  • A:)

    This is beautiful.

  • Ema

    Damn, shes gorgeous. This is beautiful.
    I’ve always believed there should just be models, not “plus-size” “straight size” any of that.
    We’re all beautiful.

  • Em

    I had this magazine but I have lost it, can anyone please tell me the make and where I can purchase the purple one-piece suit (with the horse) and the red one-piece under the headline “Island state of mind”
    Thank you

  • solaxia

    gorgeous face and legs, and shape and breasts

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  • Chanel

    this is odd…she is 5’10 with those measurments? I am 5’7
    im 36 D ( my actual chest size is 36 and a half and bust 39 half which in victoria secret where i work at…I am a 36 D)
    my waist is 30
    and my butt is 43. yeah big booty but I like it and in my culture its a good thing as long as it goes with the frame.

    but I am a size 9-10. 13 14 is way to big it dangels on me. so how is this so? Shoudn’t i look bigger since I am shorter. and I am for certain 5’7 i just went to doctor and I weigh 160. So im so confused. lol

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