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Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley’s New Lingerie Campaign

article-2295777-18C74355000005DC-832_640x7271 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley's New Lingerie Campaign

Size 12 (US) plus-size model Robyn Lawley (23) is the new face and body of Panache lingerie – check her out in a few promotional shots for the campaign!

And here’s how Robyn looks when all dressed up:

154244542_10 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley's New Lingerie Campaign

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154244558_10 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley's New Lingerie Campaign 154244572_10 - Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley's New Lingerie Campaign

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  • JennM

    I am not a fan of the lingerie shots, I think the lingerie, the bras in particular, look matronly. I know fuller chested women need more support, but these bras remind me of my grandma.

    I think she looks stunning in the black outfit, and her shoulders and collarbone looks lovely.

    • Penne

      Probably because her shoulders and collar bones look like they belong on a thin person. And because black is slimming.

    • ebby

      totally getting a cougar, housewife vibe from the shoot.

    • Natalija

      I totally agree! The lingerie is really quite old fashioned. Unfortunately, it is quite uncomfortable wearing cupped bras with large breasts. So these bras really appeal to me! They give shape and support to full breasted women!!! So even though I love getting sexy occasionally. A beige, non-cupped, under wire bra is my pick most days of the week 🙂

    • cloud9

      how is this plus size? if that’s the case kate upton should be in the category

    • Vodka_Lover

      I agree. She should be photographed without the bra and panties. 😀

  • Debbs

    I think she looks pretty good – nothing to aspire to but nothing to scoff at either. Her face is beautiful.

  • retrobanana

    ohh look its barbra palvin…im just kidding this girl is quite sexy…

  • amber

    Ugly lingerie

  • Sabrine

    That’s got to be one hell of a flash on the camera, you can see right through her dress!

  • Lini

    Wow! She is the first plus size model i really like! I have to admit that i think that skinny models look better in lingerie but there’s something about her! The pictures of her in the black dress are stunning. They give me a whole new perspective on bigger women.

    • alyssa

      How is she plus size? She is almost 6’3″ and 180.
      Her bmi is 23, and her waist is 32″.

      If she were scaled down to the average height of 5’6″ at 23 bmi, she would be 142 lbs and a size 6/8.

      Are we losing focus here? The taller version of a 6 dress size is plus?

      • AnnieC

        No one is losing focus. It’s simply an industry term that denotes a model outside of the standards set by the industry. She’s outside of that 5’9″ to 6′ range, as well as the accompanying weight range.

        • Sambam

          THANK YOU, AnnieC! When people here “plus size model”, they automatically assume the industry is calling the girl gigantic and overweight. It just means she’s not a “straight size” model which, between the height of 5’9″ and 6′, would be a maximum dress size 4. Doesn’t mean anything more than that.

  • Liv

    That black dress… holy shizz… she’s kick ass

    • Liz

      She rocks the hell out of that dress. If she just lost a bit around the middle she would be such an amazing Jessica Rabbit sexbomb.

    • anushka

      Agreed. What a bomb.

  • Emeline

    I just can’t find big bodies attractive. Her face is forgettable imo

    • jenna

      Her body isn’t even “big”. She may be categorized as Plus Sized in the fashion world, but she looks like a normal size person to me….especially in the dress….she looks tall and almost slender.

      • Emeline

        I personally associate femininity with grace and lightness and she is very tall and big boned. I’m not saying she’s fat but I prefer slimmer and more delicate figures. So yeah, I find her big and I’m not a fan of it

        • serena

          Yes, she is quite large. Taller than most men at 6’2″ and plus-sized to boot – by large I don’t mean fat, simply bigger than average. One of the most famous and successful plus-sized models right now. Personally I think she is attractive but looks old for her age.

  • I like to see plus size models – but I don’t find her particularly appealing. Her head seems small compared to her body frame somehow and it puts me off. She looks great in that black dress though and her face is pretty – just not stunning overall to me.

    • Casey

      ” Her head seems small compared to her body frame somehow and it puts me off”

      You know what’s funny, most plus-sized models are like that. I think it’s because they want plus-sized models of a certain frame….really long limbs, that way even though they are larger, they carry their weight well and without a lot of sagging or rolls.

      Of course, the combination of long limbs, height, and wider frame tends to make your head small in comparison.

      • I think you’re right – her frame seems large to me, larger than a straight size model even without the extra body fat she has. With her height and frame she isn’t really plus size, in my book – I’m surprised she’s a 12 actually, she looks smaller.

      • Winnie

        yes, i was gonna say this! i’m glad someone else noticed! plus-sized models’ heads tend to look too big for their bodies!

        either way, she has a gorgeous face. she looks fantastic in the black dress

        • Winnie

          oops, i meant too small! too small for their bodies!

          • Faidy

            You are right girls. I think they choose girls that are the same with the other models, apart from the fact that they are havier. Tall, long legs, nice face and body structure. Anyway this girl is gorgeous!

        • Mick

          Robyn is 6’2″

      • ebby

        yes! her head does look too small. i also wonder why plus size models usually never have any muscle tone. i don’t mind the soft look but i think it would be nice to have a toned body every now and then. in real life i have seen women who are size 12/14 but with toned bodies, so its very possible to have a larger but firm body. maybe the modeling agencies discourage it. i dunno.

  • Kik

    She looks very good, but then again – she is tall. And curves work better on tallish girls.

    • kateuk

      I think curves look good on any height as long as the person is proportionate. So obviously the measurements that look good at 6ft2 would be different from what would look good at 5ft2, but both short and tall women look good with curves, i.e. 0.7 bust/waist/hip ratio.

    • serena

      I don’t think curves work better on tall women. If anything, tall women pull off a ruler shape better, because they can look statuesque even as a straight shape. With short women if they’re skinny and straight all over it looks boyish and aesthetically unappealing, like a young teen girl who hasn’t developed yet. I don’t mean super curvy like Kim K, but just normal curves like most women have.

  • Jenny

    She’s so beautiful! I love her face! A natural beauty! Didn’t like the bras.. but a lot of bras look like that when you have big boobs. But there’s a lot of bras that look a lot nicer too.

  • Bellerina

    Love the Pin up style of the shoot! She has a beautiful face and I think I have a new crush 🙂

  • Casey

    Really? She is a US size 12? She doesn’t look that big in the black dress. I know tall people are larger sizes than we would think, but I would still put her at a size 8-10.

    I remember the plus-sized model who won ANTM; she said that she was asked to either gain weight or lose weight in order to model. So I believe it’s possible for plus-sized models that industries actually exaggerate the sizes, just like they tend to minimize the sizes for runway models.

    • ioiu

      Well, she is 6’2”, so veeeeery tall. Makes sense she is a size 12.

  • Mazzoo

    She doesn’t have much of a waist and 50’s pin up girls alway had true hour glass figures…so she doesn’t look particularly good in those shots.

  • ary

    awful shoot. But she looks quite stunning dressed up!

  • HB

    Wow, she’s crazy pretty. I like that her skin looks like skin. Way better than the PS used on skinny models, who also don’t need it.

    • lc

      Photoshop is used on plus sized models, too…it’s used on everyone.

      • Penne

        Indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually applied more generously on plus size models as it takes more work to smooth out skin and contours..

      • HB

        Hi. Never said they didn’t use it. Just said I liked that they left her skin looking like skin. Similar to how Irina Shayk looked in the last post we saw of her. It’s my biggest PS pet peeve with the VS stuff, is how fake the skin looks.

  • Avelyn

    I wonder if she’s had a breast lift/implants? In the last shot you can clearly see she’s not wearing a bra. Not that it would matter, if they’re fake they’re fantastic, just wonderin’

    • Liv

      Maybe she’s wearing boob glue or boob tape..

  • lc

    I definitely do think she is a US size 12. Looks like it to me. Anyway, I might get flamed for this, but I think she’d be more attractive if she were a lot thinner.

    • jackie

      I agree. I think especially if you’re that tall it looks kind of weird if you’re “big” too.

    • Junior

      Plus-size hater!
      lol jk; I can see that; I personally think that its because her face wouldn’t look too different if she lost weight. It seems like she would just lose some of the weight around her waist/hips so it would look fine.

      I think some people look better with more or less weight depending on how it fills them out on a whole. For her, it just seems like she only has extra weight around her midsection and hips that could be lost without creating a drastic “sunken-in” look.

      So I guess I would say that while she doesn’t NEED to lose weight at all, and certainly not a ton (being as tall as she is), slimming down and toning up would look better (at least imo).

    • Candy M.

      Im 6’1 so around the same height and 135 lbs, yet I have a feeling she would not look good anywhere near that weight . I could see her looking her best at around 160-170 depending on her body fat percent. In the black dress she looks amazing imo, like an amazon. I defintly prefer her to all the other plus size models because she still looks athletic and statuesque.

  • Ara

    She doesn’t look that big at all.. I’m usually pretty good at estimating people’s weight and sizes but this girl leaves me clueless..

    Any weight estimations anyone?

    • ioiu

      She is extremely tall, 6’2”, so I think she must be around 185 pounds – BMI around 24. What do you think? It’s like the equivalwnt of a 5’5” woman at 143 pounds.

      • Debbs

        I think you’re close. I’m 5’6 and 140 and we looks a bit similar in size.

      • Anon

        Wikipedia says her weight is 180 which would make her BMI 23.1 if she’s 6’2”. Her measurements are posted as 36D-32-42. I think those measurements are a stretch. My body looks a lot like hers but my BMI is 22 and my boobs are 30FF. My boobs look a lot smaller than hers! I think she’s like an G/H size.
        She’s pretty but I’m never a fan of a soft stomach. Also, these bras are frumpy. When I became more endowed I noticed most bras are HUGE and barely show any cleavage. I wish there were sexier bras for big boobs.
        I’m sorry to see she’s considered plus sized. She looks normal to me. Although 6’2” is rather Amazonian.

  • anonabon

    Did anyone else notice that you can fully see through that black dress? Last picture…

    • Debbs

      Yes – and someone already commented on it.

      • anonabon

        LOL very sorry that I didn’t read ALL of the comments before posting…uptight much! 😉

        • JennM

          Haha, its okay anonabon, I make duplicate comments all the time without realizing it.. no one has ever chastised me for it, though, sheesh…

          • Debbs

            Really? Chastised? There were not many comments when she wrote that. Dumb.

  • binks

    She is pretty but I don’t like the shoot the lingerie looks outdated and does nothing for her.

  • Daisy

    She is pretty but those bras are granny bras died pink.

  • Junior

    I think she’s beautiful in the candids, but I don’t like the lingerie or her in the shots/

  • Nicole Marie

    Not a fan of her body but such a pretty face.

  • Chris

    Her head seems to small for her body. It’s like the anorexic girls whose heads are too big.

    • Rosa

      That’s what I think. Her head is to small for her body. I think it means she’s much heavier than she’s supposed to be.

  • mary

    attractive woman, though not my ideal. this shoot does nothing for her…the lingerie is ill fitted and makes her look heavier, with rolls. She looks nice in the candid, very pretty fresh face!

    • Liz

      The photographer should have been fired. The first two are fine, but there are some really awkward and unflattering angles in there. The shadows on her face in the one with the nude underwear and they made her look like a whale in the one with the pink even though she’s totally normal sized (proportional to her height).

  • nessa

    she has such a pretty face. I wish they had used other colours on her that cream beige colour looks to bland on her skin tone.

  • fan

    She looks great. She is a wonderful role model for young women.

  • Dani

    She’s a gorgeous woman, beautiful face and she looks stunning in the black. I DON’T mean because black is slimming either, her curves look great in the dress. I do agree the lingerie could be a little prettier

  • Cassie

    She’s beautiful but her head looks too small for her body in these shots…photoshop fail?

  • Lang

    I actually thought she was bigger than a size 12…not because I consider her fat, but she’s obviously very tall, and not small-boned. Also, I wonder how so many of the plus size models have such thin faces? I’m thin, but my face is much fatter than hers. Maybe it’s just photoshop.

  • besibess

    Plus size?! Are you kidding me!!

    • Liz

      OMG it’s a term of art. Why do so many people not understand that fashion plus sized does not mean the same thing as retail plus sized. ….though in fairness a US 12 is on the cusp of being retail plus sized. Yes, she is very tall so that makes her look proportionally the same as your average 5′ 6″, US size 6 or 8 girl…..who would still be fashion plus sized because fashion straight size is limited to around 34-24-34 (ish) on a 5′ 10″ frame.

  • jessica_rabbit

    not my ideal but you cant deny there would be some serious heads turning if she walked down your street! 🙂

  • Annee

    Would you be able to post something about Doutzen? She looks like she has zero bodyfat% lately.
    She was spotted in Miami today. Here are some links:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Isa

    She’s a UK 16? She looks like a 14. Most UK 16s are very rotund.

    • Liz

      There’s a reason they pick extremely tall women with hourglass figures as plus sized models….they don’t look rotund at that size.

  • Isa

    I also find it hilarious that they always have to go with a 1950’s theme because plus size girls don’t suit as many styles as slimmer girls.

    • Liz

      Just more flattering generally. If I were bigger my closet would look like the first season of Mad Men threw up in it.

  • Shes looking awesome. Wish i could get the lingerie like hers. out of the world really!!awesome

  • monalaura

    Dullest Underwear and Photoshoot ever.

  • Michelle

    Well, to me she looks just like a heavier maybe a little taller version of Kate Upton’s body. I mean, she has slim limbs and just a fuller torso. Big breasts and a tummy. Althoug Kate is just very straight in her torso and does not look as “full” as this model.
    That being said I think she has a great face, she totally rocks that black ouftit and her legs are a w e s o me (wish I had those legs!!)

  • Rosa

    I’m sorry but she look terrible. She’s obviously not meant to be this size, since her head is so much smaller than her body. Not a good look.

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