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Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

taralynn_elpais04 - Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

Plus-size model Tara Lynn (who is in between size 12 and 16 US, depending on the source) has a spread in the Spanish El Pais magazine, where she flaunts her famous figure.

Height: 5’9″ / 175cm

Measurements (according to FMD): (US) 38-34-47 ; (EU) 96-86-120

See how Tara looks in lingerie in this post!

And check out he rest of the spread next!


taralynn_elpais01 - Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

taralynn_elpais02 - Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

taralynn_elpais03 - Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

taralynn_elpais05 - Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn Does El Pais

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  • truwordz

    umm .. her eyebrows?

  • truwordz

    LOL I really love those crazy sunglasses tho, she has such a pretty face i dont even care about her body.

  • annabeatrice

    Did she gain weight? I know she’s a plus-size model, but she appears to be bigger than the last time I saw her.

  • snoops

    She is so pretty so much prettier than crystal renn ever was as a plus sized model, just for comparison. Anyway she looks good really gorgeous.

  • Lisa

    They’re hiding her face in every picture…

  • Debbs

    I would not have recognized her if her name wasn’t listed. I usually think she is very beautiful.

  • mary

    I dont find her facially attractive at all (and clearly neither did the magazine or they would have given her a visible face shot)…she looks like kelly osborne…round cherub-ish face with no visible bone structure…don’t see how she is a model, but to each their own

    • truwordz

      please don’t compare her to kelly osbourne.

      • mary

        lol what’s it to you? i just find they look similar facially…both have the plump cheeks and round face, similar chin and eyes, etc.

        • truwordz

          i understand the whole face shape thing, but …….kelly looks a like a witch/goblin thing.

  • MerryHappy

    She has a weird face (she looks frogish to me, no offense) and i don’t like her body…. It isn’t ‘neat’ if you know what i mean? Like Robin lawley, she’s proportional and tall and had a nice whr, not so much tara lynn. There are much better plus sized models.

    • kia

      robin is curvy,not properly plus size since she has a proper weight and she is not slightly overweight as tara linn or the plus size models that are ment to be beautiful or stunning in a ‘fatty'(not too much to be obese!!!) way. I find her beautiful,but I would die to have that face!! seems like a 3 years old face(a beautiful one) i can’t believe she has her age!!

  • retrobanana

    shes not my fave plus sized model

  • sofie kittie

    They let anyone be a model these days…

  • Not a nice shoot for me – she’s never been my favourite plus size model, I don’t find her proportions great, but her face is generally pretty (she looks kind of weird here though!)

  • tequilla

    i dont like this spread.. but her face is beautifull and cute imo. she is 30, her face looks great. her body too tick for my taste but nice shape annyway.

  • roonieAA

    I really don’t like plus-sized models.. Not attractive

  • JaneParker

    I preferes her last spread soo much! Not really seeing her beauty here. Usually I like her body and here she just looks too big and flabby for me. Maybe it’s just the angles/lighting. She’s one of the best plus-size models imo, but this shoot doesn’t really do her justice.

    • JaneParker


  • Julianne

    I love her! I find her so pretty, but really didn’t like this photoshoot. The wig is horrible, her eyebrows are so weird…

  • kia

    she’s like..a f*king real model

  • binks

    This is a terrible photo shoot.

  • serena

    It’s interesting how much weight influences length: this woman is 5’9 but doesn’t look nearly that tall because her limbs are quite thick. I think for plus-size models it’s ideal to have a shape with longer limbs which balances out the thickness. To me Tara looks like a ton of plus-sized women I see at the supermarket, nothing special about body or face, and her poses are quite cheesy as well.

  • wb

    what’s with all the plus size models everywhere now? it seems to be a new trend

    • Candy M.

      thats what i said, it seems to be the new marketing tool for models who need a career boost. Start talking about your weight.

  • Kara

    I didn’t know who this was till I Googled her, but she is beautiful! Terrible shoot though.

  • Sidney

    Not a fan of this shoot. I quite like the photo with the sunglasses though, the clothes look nice in that one as well. I wish there were some more plus-sized models who wear plus-size clothes but who look a little more fit and toned, but i guess the agencies and designers etc want to make as clear a distinction between regular and plus-sized as possible as i’ve heard it numerous times that many of the bigger women are told to gain a little more to appear “clearly” plus. Tara Lynn looks ok but is aesthetically a little bigger and softer than i prefer, which makes it so that i hardly ever REALLY love her pics.

    • Sidney

      actually with closer inspection she doesn’t appear terribly big but the photos are dull and the clothes make her seem a little matronly.

  • annemarie

    She looks shapeless and very large here. There are many better plus size models out there. It seems anybody who’s over 5’8 can become a “model” now -__-

  • snugglepup

    I’m very very sorry how this what I’m going to say will sound like, but I have to be honest: her face looks like she has the down syndrome. Also her body – it’s not the weight, but her propotions. Short legs, pudgy middle… I just don’t get her appeal, why is she a model??

  • lc

    Don’t find her attractive at all.

  • moomuhmuh

    I haven’t heard of her before and they’re hiding her face so I can’t even see it.

  • Candy M.

    this is just a horrible shoot, everything is wrong

  • Beanz

    I like the smaller plus size models. In addition, she’s very pretty but her looks do nott suit the style in this fashion shoot. She looked great in the lingerie shoot, but not this one.

  • solaxia

    I personally don’t find her attractive…

  • monalaura

    Does she have a BMI above 25?? I can’t really judge how much she must way?

  • Ophelie

    The clothes fit her very poorly. This shoot is a mess.

  • Winnie

    she looks much better with longer and slightly lighter hair. this is an odd shoot, they could at least have gotten her flattering clothes…

  • kileysmith67

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  • ginx

    Awful for a model…. good piuctures for a regular person.

  • Liz

    The styling is just godawful. Ratty old wigs, eyebrow stubble, and that first dress is not doing her any favors. Just bad.

  • kia

    I like her in the first dress! really! I don’t like all the other pics but the black&white ones I do!!
    ..feeling like a lonely weirdo..

  • Mara

    Ok, this is kinda offtopic, but a popular comment on plus-size posts is “there’s no way a woman with her figure could not have cellulite, they shopped the hell out of her”.
    I guess that’s true in most cases, but just yesterday I saw a borderline-overweight girl at the grocer’s and she was wearing shorts and had quite meaty and muscular and almost unnaturally smooth legs. No cellulite or stretchmarks or anything. So lucky gah 🙁

    • Liz

      I get so jealous when I see this.

  • vanessa

    Her face is okay… its a little weird because she looks twelve. in her face.

  • Hilda_Sat00

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  • She’s pretty but I don’t like those pics, tho.
    She looks better on another ones..

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  • crayven

    I think i’m going to throw up. Dear god she looks like my grandmother who’s 60 what the HELL.