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Plus-Size Model Treat: Ashley Graham

ashley-graham- - Plus-Size Model Treat: Ashley Graham

Name: Ashley Graham

Age: 22

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Measurements: 38D (bra) 36-34-47

Dress size: 16

Pictured here: in the December issue of Bust Magazine.

Other info: you know Ashley from the Lane Bryant ad that was banned ‘for being too sexy’ (while the similar VS ad was on TV) – read the full story HERE and see the video below once again:

See 2 more!

ashley-Graham-0 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Ashley Graham

ashley-graham-2 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Ashley Graham

Ashley-Graham-9 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Ashley Graham

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Serafiina

    Third picture is amazing.Gorgeous face. She looks beautiful in the ad too.

  • i’m not a fan of her figure at all but she exudes confidence in her ad which is always sexy and admirable.

  • Katy

    she has a really nice figure in the ad but it doens’t show at all in these photos. They are terrible! She looks so sad in the first one…

  • snoops

    her face is gorgeous – reminds of liv tyler for some reason.

    Her figure isn’t exactly my fav type but she “suits” her body if that makes sense?

  • esther

    she’s hawt

  • emilie

    omg i LOVE her. she is stunning!!!

  • Daniel

    Gorgeous! She is very sexy!

  • Isabela

    reminds me of beyonce in these pics

  • Erica

    She looks great – a really classy photoshoot! She doesn’t look as bottom heavy as her measurments suggest. 47 inch hips is actually quite big for a size 16 – do you think that’s right Versus? Her other measurements match though – but 13 inches difference between waist and hips doesn’t show here.
    I don’t think she looks obese or unhealthy – a really nice plus-sized model!

    • Versus

      Well, straight size models’ measurements are almost always incorrect, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Kate1st

      34-47 might be a 13 inch difference but it’s still only a 0.72 waist/hip ratio which is not that extreme, i.e. comparable to 26-36 on a bigger scale.

      A US size 16 would typically be around 45 inch hips, but then I’d expect her waist would be smaller as well. She’s very well proportioned.

  • apricotmuffins

    what is UP with those measurements?!

    it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to be a 38D and have a 36 chest measurement. that means her chest measurement is 2 inches smaller than her underbust measurement!!

    • ling

      I don’t think so. I’m 34 inches around but wear a 32DD bra.

      • apricotmuffins

        well you probably actually wear too big a band size on your bra. Most bras now are 32 = 32 inches round 34=34 etc.

        the old add inches first is WRONG

      • apricotmuffins

        regardless of that, does it really look like her bust is 2 inches bigger than her waist?

        that 36 is more like a 42. I guarantee it.

    • Erica

      Yeah, I agree, it is a bit strange. My chest measurement is four inches larger than my band size – not the other way round!
      I would say she’s more like 43-34-45 or something – can’t see her hips well in these pics, but they look quite big in the video, though 47 seems a bit much.

    • Kate1st

      To have a 36 inch bust and 38D bra size the band would be HUGE on her. That said I have a 32″ bust and usually wear a 32B…..not ideal but sizes 28D/30C are hard to come by.

    • becky

      that’s the first thing i thought too it just shows how all agencies lie about models measurements but this is an obvious mistake.

  • southerngumdrops

    gorgeous!!! i can’t believe that ad was pulled for being “too sexy” though….what you see in a VS 30 sec ad is so much more overt…ridiculous. at least her boobs are real whereas VS models have to create them

  • Victoria

    How can that commercial be considered too sexy?!?! That makes me so angry. If she were a couple sizes smaller would it make a difference?

    • Erica

      It’s considerd too sexy because she’s got a lot of cleavage! She’s not showing any more skin than Adriana Lima does, but because she’s a bigger woman, they deem it to be too ‘sexy’! There was a case in NZ (where I’m from) once, when a lady was turned away from a casino for wearing ‘indecent’ clothing. She had very large breasts and was wearing a very low cut dress – if a smaller breasted woman wore the same dress, it would have been fine, but because she was very busty it was not ‘decent’! That’s double standards for you!

      • Kt

        I agree with you in the case of the ad,
        But the lady in the casino story you mention wasn’t turned away, she was asked to leave after being there for a while.
        Yeah I know, doesn’t sound like much of a difference riight? but there was a bit more to the story, apparently her naked breasts fell out of her dress more than once.

        • Erica

          Oh, I didn’t know that! It was a while ago, so I forgot the details. Well, if she fell out of her dress, that is indecent!

          • Kt

            Yeah, I’m plus size and large busted and have been to that casino many times in low cut dresses and never been kicked out – just with decent support 😉

  • Erica

    Versus, do you think she is a pear, cello or an hourglass? Her measurements suggest pear, but some of the pictures (and video) look more cello to me. I think she is a bit too ‘bottom-heavy’ to be an hourglass.

    • Versus

      I think she looks like a cello – she has big, nice curves.

  • Adel

    Wow, she’s gorgeous! I always marvel at the bodies of the plus size model. While they are overweight, their bodies still maintain the “look” of a smaller physique. In the ad, her tummy looks flat, her arms and legs don’t look bulbous, I don’t see any cellulite or rolls or hanging flesh, no double chin. She really has a nice figure. Nothing is unsightly. If I had 47″ hips, guaranteed they’d be unsightly. I’d be a roly-poly, hanging, dangling, jiggly, lumpy, bumpy mess. She really carries the excess weight well. Lucky!

    • fenotte

      Because I you had 47″ hips it would be by gaining a lot of fat whereas she is naturally that wide (if she is that wide!) without being overweight. Personnaly I never was skinny, weighing 155 lbs for 5’7 2 or 3 years ago I had no jiggly fat but now at 185 lbs I got fat rolls and fat thighs with more cellulite dimples !
      And for cellulite, even skinny girls may have, but models are photoshopped

  • Nelly

    Although I’m a size 4, I think this woman is absolutely gorgous! Amazing female curves!

  • Princess

    22 only???
    She looks so beautiful,her face is just perfect

  • Lisa

    She reminds me of Lauren Bacall in the b&w picture.

    • fenotte

      Yes, she has this 50s touch which makes her very sensual and somehow venenous, I think she is a very beautiful and attractive woman

  • Kimberly

    Yeah, she’s plus sized and she can work it. She’s a stunner!

  • Mi Amor

    i wonder how she keeps her stomach so flat and tight. its not really ‘toned’ but it doesnt jiggle or look flabby or stick out. as soon as i start to gain weight on my stomach, i have like a roll of fat just bellow my belly button sticking out. shes a 16 and im an 8 (aus) and she has a nice flat stomach compared to me. maybe its cause shes a cello and im a skittle but it just grinds my gears that she can have a nice flat stomach at that size and i cant lol. shes so beautiful though i loved the ad shes confident and sexy and she might be bigger than vs models but i find her more appealing. shes not a woman trying to be sexy and sensual, shes a sexy and senual woman.

    • Emmanuelle

      I guess her stomach is flat because this is her natural weight? I’m not sure though, but I always get the impressions that someone’s at their healthy weights when they have nice stomach-not necessarily flat-and not so bloated-looking face.

  • Emmanuelle

    Wow, this girl is unbelievably attractive! I guess most of the “sexiness” comes from her confidence. Her smile reminds me of Eva Mendez though.

  • mel

    She’s pretty, but I think Crystal Renn and the other model featured on this site (can’t remember her name right now, but it was just a few weeks ago) were far prettier. I like the shoot and the clothes, but I hate the hair.

    • Really? I think she is waaay prettier than Crystal Renn.

  • she’s one of the few plus size models i would actually call ‘curvy’.

  • Miki

    I think she has a good body shape on the curvy side 😀

  • cory

    wow she is ridiculously hot. i dont really have a particular body type I prefer I just call it like I see it and I think shes gorgeous. WOW!

  • Lia

    Versus, I Would like to hear what Straight Size Models measurements you think are incorrect …?Just out of curiosity and because i was thinking the same more than once (When it comes to bar and Rosie for example) I’d Love to hear your thoughts in that topic!

    • Versus

      Bar Refaeli: 34-24-35
      Alessandra Ambrosio: 34-23-34
      Kate Moss: 34-23-35
      Naomi Campbell: 34-24-34

      Not these particular models, but my point is that agencies give all models (way too) similar measurements, even if they visibly look different.

      • Jennifer

        They probably do,but also women of even the same height and measurements can look vastly different due to torso length,ribcage shape,breast shape,hip shape,on and on.

  • Ikram

    Well…. I dont think she’s such a “plus size”. She looks like an average girl. Not a common model for sure, but a very average girl (talking about weight, not about her beauty, she’s gorgeous)/
    So sometimes, it’s like they should call all these models like Kate Moss “under size”.

  • maddie

    more like a FAT treat

  • prefers to be plush

    Regarding bra size … to get the number part of the size you measure yourself around the FULLEST part of your breasts. To get the cup part of the size you measure yourself at the ribs under the breasts, and then the cup size is based on the difference between those two measurements, 1″ = A, 2″ = B, 3″ = D, etc. I’m 38″ around the fullest part and 35.5″ around the ribs, I’m a 38B or 38C depending on the bra manufacturer. I don’t see how this model can be a 38D with a 36″ rib measurement, I would think she’s a 40D.

    I for one am happy to see women whose bodies resemble mine (I’m only one size smaller) looking all gorgeous and well dressed with beautiful hair and makeup. I think if all women this size dressed and groomed themselves with such care we’d have a better reputation and could even beat out the thinner women in terms of sex appeal.

    • apricotmuffins

      actually, i think you probably need a 36 band – most manufacturers do the bands very true to size now. Many women wear their bras too loose on the band.
      She’s no way a 40D. 36 or 38 at the most. a band size of 40 requires a very large ribcage. its extremely silly that most readily available bras start at 32 – many slimmer women need a 32, 30 or even 28 band. I feel for the large chested slimmer ladies among us – I can find bras even though im chesty because my band size is 36-38, but slim busty women really have to spend a lot of money to get a good bra.

      and i agree, seeing a woman this size look so good is wonderful!

    • Bra Sizes

      You’ve got it backwards. The number is the BAND size, and the band is the part that goes around your chest under your breasts. So the model’s band size is apparently 38 inches, yet her bust, the fullest part, is 36″. Impossible. I mean, I suppose a human being could have those measurements, but a lingerie model certainly doesn’t!

      For an extreme example, I measure 37.5″ under my breasts and 49″ around my bust and wear a 38H in UK sizes. Yes, I have very large breasts. If someone were to see a picture of me, accompanied by my bra size, yet my bust measurement was listed as something like 36 inches, it would obviously be wrong.

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  • Pkelly Collins

    I think she looks much better than those stick people they call models. Lets face it when your head is twice the size of your body something is not right