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Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

fluvianewjul08-int1-2 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

Name: Fluvia Lacerda

Nationality: Brazilian

Height: 5’8” / 172 cm

Size: European 48 (US 16?)

Measurements: 43-35-48” / 109-89-122 cm

fluvia-lacerda - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

Some quotes from Fluvia:

I hear plus size women in the US complaining about not being able to find pretty clothes that won’t make them look frumpy and unfashionable. Well, Brazilian plus size women don’t even have that option! It makes me cringe when I go there to see women either having clothes made because stores, in 90% of the cases, carry up to 44, which I think it’s equivalent to a US 12 (GASP!)- Or wearing clothes 2 or 3 sizes smaller, which is a complete NO, NO! It’s a market that still has a long way to go compared to most countries.

In Brazil, just by walking down the streets of various cities, you’ll see the majority of women do not look like Gisele Bundchen or Adriana Lima! Most women clearly wear sizes between 10 -18. It’s a huge physiological denial! They don’t want to be that way because the media portraits it to be wrong, ugly and unacceptable.

Society in Brazil makes you feel like wearing a size 16 jeans is a national crime. Most women have known nothing but negative criticism throughout their entire lives, from parents, school friends and even work colleagues. It’s the innocent suggestions of a new diet to a mentioning a new high tech plastic surgery procedure. Therefore they have yet to comprehend the meaning of being happy with yourself, regardless of your size.

See much more pictures after the jump and see Fluvia’s portfolio here!

size-16-model-2 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model-3 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model-4 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model-6 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model-7 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

size-16-model-8 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Fluvia Lacerda

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Jill

    I think she’s pretty, but really pushing on being obese.. There’s no happy medium. Either anorexia or obesity. How about some UK 12/14s?

    • laura

      i completely agree they seem to promote both ends of the spectrum either unhealthy skinny or obses which they call curvy id say uk size 12 14 is curvy above is over weight and not healthy.

    • sarah

      thats exactly my thoughs…i mean this new “plus size model thing” now is not really “normal” girls, and i hate to call anyone fat just because the word has become so ofensive instead of just an adjetive is now an insult, bot the girls they show are either too skinny or extra curvy, and none are healthy if its not your bone structure. I do think she needs to loose weight mostly in the lower part of her bode, she is a beautiful woman. but this is not healthy either, i hate that they cant find a middle point.

      • laura

        exactly shes a pear shape so carrys it on her lower half it just cant be healthy at that size and isnt a good role model for young ure or woman in genral i dony under stand y people cant eat 3 healthy meals and exercise it isnt rocket science.

        • Lindsey

          I don’t know, Laura, I’m just as miffed by that as I am by those who can’t type proper English. Why are you so concerned with the status of her health, anyway?

        • Lindsey

          And just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy. My co-worker is tiny – about 5’3” and barely 100lbs. Everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner she eats McDonalds, pizza, take-out, etc. She has never stepped foot inside a gym. I’m 5’7”, 160, eat healthy, and go to the gym when my schedule allows. So because I wear a 12 and she wears a 0, I’m the unhealthy one? I suppose I should puke my food to get down to that elusive size 2 and THEN I will be healthy!

          • laura

            omg u obviously didnt read my comment properly i said peviously that there shouldnt be the skinny models nor the over weight models there needs to be a healthy meduim not just for the models healths but for the people who look up to them they need to project a healthy life style.
            p.s the proper english thing pathetic

          • Dee

            I love your comment Lindsey. That is so true I had a co worker like that 5’3 and like 100 pounds ate Mc Donalds every day. Wandered why she was hungry I went off on her and said nothing you just ate had any nutrients, vitamins or minerals. Seemed like a no brainer. She is stunning she is gorgeous. Loved her!

        • peloton

          She is Gorgeous! she has a wonderful build. She has wide hips bones if she was lost weight she would look sickly. As far as health I ride bicycles with women built like this. They can go 100 miles in 5 hours. No high blood pressure and eat very healthy. Skinny is not always = to healthy and certainly is not an auto qualifier for being sexy/attractive. Body weight index is far complex than weight versus height and is not a 100 percent predictor of future health.

      • kate

        She can’t just lose weight in the lower body. It has to come off all over, she will always be bottom heavy no matter what she weighs.

        • laura

          i didnt say she should just lose it off the bottom half thats not possible but you can do exercise that work the bottom half more than the top like lunches running etc but she should lose weight to be healthy the weight shes at now shes not at a healthy weight

          • Morgan Azeka

            So you know her?!? You weigh her, eat with her, and exercise with her? That is soooo cool! Can you get me her autograph?

            (you don’t know her so don’t assume you can label her unhealthy or not)

          • kate

            Well being a pear shape myself, I can honestly say the only thing that helps balance this type of figure is using weights to build the upper body.

            Squats and lunges only increase the size of the buttocks and thighs plus cardio such as running, etc cannot spot reduce fat.

          • laura

            you just have to look at here to know shes unhealthy yeh she may do a bit of exersize but u dont get that big by eating health food ie veg, lean meas n grains etc its not healthy to be that size.

          • laura

            im also pear shape and i do lunges etc n run and go swimming but i also work the upper body to and it does not make my lower half bigger it makes my lower half more toned and smaller

  • violet

    i think this is good. the “she’s not healthy” parade make out like fat people don’t deserve to wear nice clothes. and no it’s not personal- i’m a six. i just think that we should stop being so judgemental about other peoples health and just accept that everyone should be able to buy nice clothes and see models their size wearing them.

    • ann

      No, all fat people should wear plastic bags and big scarlet F’s on their chests!


    • mizzy

      I totally agree with you! And there are people on this site (and in general) who will claim that skinny women have to deal with just as much stigma and hardship, but that is simply not the case. The truth is that the Western is much more eager to accept skinny women than overweight ones, and there is plenty of objective evidence to support that claim (clothing choices, for one).

      • Jill

        Personally I think if “skinny” is more accepted by the general public its because theres effort associated with being thin, even if its “too thin”. e.g. people obsessively monitoring what they eat, over-exercising etc. Its not really as much effort to sit in front of a TV shovelling pork pies is it?

        • violet

          you and karl lagerfeld would get on like a house on fire

        • Leah

          haha totally agree with this comment

        • Mizzy

          it’s like the protestant work ethic applied to eating…interesting!

        • jane

          You’re absolutely right — it’s because Western society values the traits of discipline, restraint, hard work, and self-control, and those are all traits associated with thinness. Of course some lucky people are effortlessly thin and eat like pigs, and some fat people are very disciplined in every aspect of their life except their weight — but there is a definite correlation between thinness and Western virtues, even if it’s only a symbolic correlation.

    • violet

      a six is fat now! jesus well i best get me to a doctor immediately. i’m probably about to DIE

    • madeleine

      can you not be so offensive on this page…im a size 4 and many of my friends are size six’s and by no means are they fat. You have a skewed view on what is fat and skinny. it’s comments like these that cause eating disorders..

      • Georgia

        &&& You obviously have no idea what it’s like to have an eating disorder. Comments and pictures and celebrities don’t cause eating disorders, you i****.

    • I can relate to what she’s saying altho I wear size 4-6 US and 8-10 UK (sometimes 12). You will never believe the criticism I’ve received in my home country for my weight (which is a huge US products consumer, and that includes what US usually promotes the uber-skinny woman as a model). And shopping for jeans in my country is such a hassle all the time, because they only make leg widths for skinny people. When I’m there I feel pressured by the fashion industry to be a size 0-2 US (although I’ll only be that if I cut off some bones), I feel pressured by the media and I feel pressured by people around me to be an unhealthy size for me. It has to stop! And seeing more women like her will make it stop eventually, because it makes a bigger statement (oops! word game) than an average woman.

  • Sidney

    I think she has a memorable face and nice curves (yes, i mean curves, on top of being overweight of course). What she’s talking about, the discrimination, or snarky comments and stuff, i think it’s nobody’s business but the person in question. When it comes to models, and maybe “choosing” people to promote healthy lifestyle, i might have an opinion, usually i do, but in general, i don’t ever comment on people’s weight if they don’t bring up the subject themselves. I have overweight relatives and friends, and when i’m with them i don’t think about their weight, i’m no better than them, if they want to get healthy they should, but i’m no one to judge.

  • kate

    Now that is a BIG girl but she is curvy still.

  • kate

    She’s UK size 18-20 so a US size 16.

  • Amy

    I can support larger models, but I don’t buy this girl. She’s way too big even for plus size and isn’t tall or exceptionally beautiful enough to justify it. Looks unhealthy to me.

    • Krystyna

      You need to be exceptionally beautiful to justify being overweight as a model? I disagree. if the clothes look good on her, and they clearly do, then she is just as good as, if not better than a skinnier model, to demonstrate how clothes look on a person.
      And if she’s modelling for clothes targeted at women in these sizes, then I think it is a good idea that they use women of these sizes- is there really “way too big” for a plus sized model when they are selling clothes to women who may be even bigger?
      I don’t know if that made sense but I just believe that models should be a similar size to the customers that will be buying the clothing- so if the range is plus size they should use larger models, and if not, then any size that they DO provide for. In my opinion I’d prefer to see clothes that I buy on a woman that is a similar size to me- or atleast on a size that they sell in the store, since most stores over here dont even seem to sell UK size 6’s anyway.

  • woopidoo

    woman lose some weight!! not healthy at all!!

  • Paris

    Hahahahaha. If people are okay with this being published then they should be happy with ‘rexics being published too. Wow.

  • Leah

    It’s as irresponsible and distasteful for a company to promote obesity as it is to promote unhealthy thinness. That woman is extremely overweight. We’re so used to seeing fat in our society that we’ve come to use the term “curvy” when we mean “morbidly obese”. It’s *really* depressing. We’re all just going to keep getting fatter.

    • laura

      exactly they either use really unhealthy under weight models or the “normal size models” but what they call normal size isnt in REAL world doesnt mean that its a healthy size to be.
      people seems to be getting bigger and the normal size seems to rise every few yrs.
      we need to go bk to eating 3 meals a day and exercising and choc and crisps etc as a treat as they were meant to be.

  • Priscila

    I am brazilian and I don’t know what she is talking about. Stores always have larger clothes, I’m a size 0 and never find clothes that fit me but my friends of her size do.
    Also, here people prefer bigger women. Gisele and Adriana are the exception, our sex simbols are very big, Google “Scheila Carvalho” , “Mulher Melancia” , “Juliana Paes”.
    She is pretty, but I did not like her when I saw her in a interview ….

    • Ally

      You think Juliana Paes is ”big”? I don’t know much about her, but from what I’ve seen she’s extremely hot and fit too.

      • Priscila

        she lost some weight on the past few years, but when she first became famous she was bigger.

        • Ally

          Oh ok… thanks for the explanation 🙂

          • Priscila


          • Lidia

            Well, she might not be “big” but she’s certanly not skinny. Specially with that butt, her jeans size must be around brazilian 40 or 42, which I believe are usa 8 and 10.. correct me if I am wrong, please.

          • Rafaela

            I`m also a Brazilian and I agree with Priscila. I`m size 0 as well and used to hate been skinny in Brazil. Not that I wanted to be fat, however, I wish I were more curvy. Well, but that`s me. I eat well and healthy, but I don`t gain weight. Here in the USA I learned to like my body and feel “hot”, because of the skinny obsession. Actually, seeing most of the Americans celebrities, I kind of fell good and not that thin.

      • mermaid

        @lidia – there is NO WAY she is a us 8 or 10. she is at least a us 14, probably a 16. maybe even 18 on bottom. she is beautiful and i love her confidence. but she’s not an 8 at all! her hip measurements are like 10 inches bigger than those of a us 8 (or EU40).

        • kate

          No, think they are talking about the other model Juliana Paes.

          48″ hips could never be anything less than US size 16!

          • mermaid

            bahaha. right. sorry! should have read more carefully before i commented! i thought everyone had gone crazy!

    • Lidia

      I live in Brazil too, and I agree with. I must add: there’s a lot of pressure on being PRETTY, but being not skinny. Brazilians like curves, that’s a FACT. Gisele and Adriana are the exeption. Most brazilian women are voluptous. (not as much as fluvia, thats true… and by the way, fluvia is such a terrible name… haha lol)

      • Lidia

        oops… I forgot some words.

        I live in Brazil too, and I agree with you. I must add: there’s a lot of pressure on being PRETTY, but not on being skinny. Brazilians like curves, that’s a FACT. Gisele and Adriana are the exeption. Most brazilian women are voluptous. (not as much as fluvia, thats true… and by the way, fluvia is such a terrible name… haha lol)

        • Priscila

          That’s what I was thinking, Fluvia sounds so bad.

          • Lidia

            Por que não Flávia? rs.

    • Ella

      I’m not Brazilian, but I have been to Brazil. I didn’t bother much with shopping, but I noticed that most of the women’s bodies looked more or less the same as the women you mentioned. However, I did not see what Fluvia said… she seems to say that these women are made to feel like ugly freaks, but in fact those women were often wearing the sexiest clothes! (And this was in very cold weather for Brazilian people.)

      Strangely enough I am a size 2 in the US, but I was apparently ‘hot stuff’ in Brazil. Almost every day I had men grinning at me, whistling, shouting out, trying to stop me in the street. I had someone stalking me, I had someone sexually harass me, I had one still trying to convince me to come to bed with him after I said I was married! In the beginning it was flattering, but soon became scary. It wasn’t because I looked foreign either: many people assumed I was Brazilian (maybe because I’m mixed race) and came up to me speaking very quickly in Portuguese.

      Rafaela – Where were you in the US? When I was in North America I felt like a number of people hated me for being thin and I found it difficult to find clothes small enough to fit me. I had to go to Asian shopping centres.

    • ooh c’mon Mulher Melancia isnt a brazilian sexy simbol,everyone knows she is a fat and vulgar woman,just the very poor public likes her!
      well,here the hot women usually use size 38,so do I,but i really would like to use 36!
      and i agree wiht the fat model is a national crime be fat…

  • rachell

    That’s not plus size, that is just fat. Why can’t they find a middle ground? It is always either a size 0 or size 20 +, they’re both unhealthy.

    • Morgan

      Actually I’ve never seen a woman who wears 20+ as a “plus size” model yet…

    • kate

      Plus size = US size 14+

      I do not consider size 8 models to be ‘plus size’.

      I also do not consider size 2 models to be average size.

    • b

      I KNOW, right? I don’t want to be either, why can’t they embrace US sizes 4, 6, 8????? I don’t relate to this woman, and I don’t relate to size 0. I just want to see beautiful women who might be small pears or slightly older or any of those things, and still see them be appreciated! ACK.

      • Cecil

        models aren’t supposed to be normal people… I always look at them like a caricature of average people, everything is exagerated.
        Models have ridiculous bone structures to be able to be that tall and thin and on top of that they diet to be even thinner. Normal people don’t look like this and nor do they need to. It’s upsetting to see girls starving themselves but I don’t understand why any one looks at them as possible role models. It’s like looking at Jasmine from Aladdin and going “I wanna have a face and body like her!”… it’s just unrealistic.

  • Y.A.S.

    You guys should read this article:


  • diane

    hot, hot, hot!!!
    some ppl can be such haters….how sad.
    Im a size 4 and I think this chick is sexy, powerful and stunning.

  • y.r

    i am a size 2 and i would like to be a size 4. I think this woman is pretty. But the fashion industry should stop promoting either too thin or too big. why can’t models be size 6-8. I mean they’re 5’9-6’0. That is just unhealthy being that tall and weigh 120 pounds. Almost every model who say that she is naturally thin is lying because they might be SLIM but not naturally a TOOTPICK which could fly away anytime.

    • chinadoll08

      I agree many people do not consider the models height when talking about their clothing size. Like these women are taller than average. I think for the height of 5’7-5’9, a clothing size of 6-12 is good when you factor in muscle, bone size, and body shape. I am a 4-6 but I feel fat because if these models are 2 at their height then at 5’2 I should be a zero.

  • camille

    her upper body doesn’t look so bad but wow her is superrr curvy on the bottom, she is like the watermelon woman, who also hails from brazil

  • missy

    I love her comment about the media’s “denial” of “plush-er” people by way of the extreme hotness of Brazilian models. Our media does the exact same thing – presenting us with ruler-wide-hipped models when our country is statistically 60% overweight or obese.
    Different country, but same world. We need to find a median. This girl is GORGEOUS, but clearly overweight.
    Smoking and being overweight are both things that are “legal”, but the health risks are significant. Is it possible that obesity is just as bad as smoking (from a “health” standpoint)?

  • aliss

    i have nothing against heavier women, i think all girls are pretty as long as they are healthy, but i hate plus size models. tall and slim girls model so much better the clothes. that’s the end of it!

    • Morgan

      You would believe it is the end of it, but I doubt it is since in the 1950s a 12 was the “perfect woman” (50s article point of view not mine). Just saying society’s opinions are constantly changing, so saying that plus size look worse is probably you speaking because of current society.

      • katrina

        sizing has completely changed since then!

        • Morgan Azeka

          Alright then, let’s go back to another time. Have you seen greek and roman sculptures. (They’re plump too!)

          • Bellerina

            A size 12 in the 1950s is equivalent to a modern american size 6.

          • Sonya

            Sure, but how many of them have such disproportionate hips? I’d like to know, as an art history major.

          • yo

            I totally agree! People seem to forget that there were beauty standards before the 50s. Very very different standards.

        • rosie

          sizing has changed sooo much! i was at goodwill and i saw this vintage skirt, and before i looked at it i thought, “oh, that’s way too big, i can’t fit in a size 8.” i picked it up and the thing was tiny! no way could i have fit in it, and i usually wear a size 2 or 3. now that could have just run really small, but still…

  • lola_ferrari

    Curves on that lady!!! I agree that more emphasis should be placed on being a HEALTHY size, rather than either anorexic or obese, however, this woman is obviously not meant to be rake thin and if anything I’ll go out on a limb and say that she could be one of these people who are naturally large and NOT actually unhealthy (yes, they do exist, you know; they’re called ENDOMORPHS). Thus, presuming this is her natural body type and not the product of eating too much and exercising too little, I applaud her for not bowing to media pressure. She really seems to be embracing her body type and working with what she’s got, thereby making those clothes look spectacular.

  • pppccc

    I agree that she has a beautiful(stunning) face, but although i am not against overweight people, i don’t like her body, probably because of its shape….

  • catalina

    And people call Mischa Barton fat. Like, come on. She’s obviously not healthy.

    • Sonya

      Totally agreed. All Mischa needs to do is exercise and she’s good to go. And maybe lay off the coke :D.

  • Mari

    I think everyone can see that this girl should be called fat and not just curvy. But I think it’s good! She’s clearly beautiful and it shows people that you CAN be beautiful even though you’re overweight. Because, let’s face it, we’re not living in a perfect world where everyone is fit and supertoned. I dont think models this big “promotes obesit”y in any way, I think everyone can se perfectly clear that this is not the most healthy size, and I don’t think that skinny 14-year old girls suddenly will indulge in hamburgerdiets because of it. But I DO think it can give overweight people more selfesteem, and selfesteem is always good.

  • Are healthy models too much to ask for? The super skinny ones aren’t healthy and this girl can’t be either. She is gorgeous but I’m over all this scary skinny/plus size hooplah. Just put hot, healthy chicks in clothes and sell them to me. Done.

  • snoops

    I think she’s obese but that doesnt mean she shouldnt be allowed to model – plus sized models need to exist because there is a market for it – many people are overweight and whether someone is thin/fat/short/tall they should be allowed to buy and wear clothes that they will enjoy.

    Many people on this site bang on about plus sized models being wrong and bad because they promote poor health etc – they are promoting clothes people! Nothing else.

    Live and let live.

    (and no im not even big myself im 5ft 10 size 4 – so this isnt personal im not just ‘standing up for my own’)

    • Sonya

      Completely agreed. Models are basically coat hangers (yes, Fluvia too) for designers, they’re not meant to represent much.

  • Natasha

    I think she’s really pretty but clearly overweight I’m sorry…..Furthermore I think that her as well as that Tara Lynn girl I think that’s her name would look alot better especially Tara if they would lose weight and be at Crystal Renns size.I have absolutely no problem with plus size models whatsoever but come on this is getting ridiculous. Their needs to be a middle ground….just because I don’t like the really gaunt girls doesn’t mean that I like the size 16’s and 18’s either. Like I’ve said before their needs to be more size 6,8 and 10’s. People would be so surprised if they knew what the people who wear this size especially when they are tall look like… they carry their weight well…..

    • yo

      Well she is modeling clothes for a size 16 not 6, 8, or 10. It really doesn’t matter if you think she’s hot or overweight or unhealthy. Clearly you are not the market for these clothes. She is a MODEL for BIGGER WOMEN who also want to wear clothes that don’t resemble bags, despite their health status.

  • she is si beautiful, but so overweight, too. however, it is her body, she has all rights to do whatever she wants with it. but is she wants to be a role model and if she doesnt want to cause even more harm to body image of the women of today than Twiggy, Kate Moss and other skinny models did, then she should start taking care of her self. YES, she is gorgeous, YES she has stunning face and I, personally, consider her curves really exotic and attractive, but- 89 cm waist??? are you kidding me?? and 122 cm hips?? doesnt she realise how dangerous that is?

    and on what she said… I dont live in Brazil, but I think, she exaggerated it a little. it is a well known fact, that population is getting fatter and fatter in every country, so I do not think, that businessmen in brazil would be so stupid to not offer bigger sizes in shops.. but idk after all…

    • Lidia

      She’s exaggerating. In Brazil there’s MUCH less fat people than in the USA, also, she’s really a big exeption to the brazilian population since she’s much taller than the average brazilian woman, therefore, of course she’ll wear a bigger size…

  • violet

    i just don’t get why people think models have to be healthy. they’re not promoting heath, they’re promoting clothes. clothes are bought by everyone of every size so why shouldn’t there be models of every size?!

  • berf

    i’m from southamerica and I can’t give a reason for it, but is true that you don’t find (nice) clothes if you are bigger than size 8

  • elysie

    I’m so tired of plus sized models. Every single magazine has been moving in this direction and it’s getting ridiculous. I don’t enjoy looking at plus sized models.
    I know there are a very small handful of cases where people have medical conditions that cause them to be overweight but for the most case, the people I know that are overweight are that way because they EAT TOO MUCH and DON’T EXERCISE enough. Too much soda, juice, ice cream, portions that are much too large and not enough focus on activity. Not even just exercise, but general activity is important.
    I watch what I eat pretty carefully and I include as much exercise and other movement into my life as possible and I’m still not skinny. It’s not easy, but I’m healthy and I feel good!
    Ok, stepping down from my soap box now.

    • Ines

      Don’t think that’s the point.
      You can do sports and still have that weight.
      Thinner doesn’t mean more healty.
      There are studies showing that a bit of more weight doesn’t mean that your body is in a bad shape.
      Having that kind of fat at hips and bottom doesn’t influence your health!!! Nothing to do with cholerine etc.

      And I must say I’m a bit tired of this anti-plus-size comments.
      Think they are still rare and most models are way to thin.
      I’m for a good mix up between all kind of body shapes.
      If you like yourself and you are healthy that should be enough. Everybody has a different taste that’s it.
      Here in Germany we have a magazine that since jan don’t use models anymore for shoots but only “normal” woman. http://www.brigitte.de/mode/ohne-models/ohne-models-10-frauen-6-1058021/2.html
      Maybe that’s to much, but that’s a statement!

  • Marisa

    I can see the beauty in skinny or curvy. We don’t have to be all thin or toned or curvy. We are what we are. I’m not liking all these comments about how she is obese, I doubt that. I look at her and see a beautiful and confident woman. I love her waist, super sexy (: And at least we know she’s eating her food, and not spraying windex on it.

  • Amy

    Lacerda means the pig in spanish.

    • Miranda

      hahaha i was waiting for someone to say it!

    • peloton

      Amy must be jealous maybe she doesn’t have a sexy body and attractive face like Fluvia.
      Fluvie is not even remotely obese get a grip

  • Caley

    Shes a very pretty lady and very clever too it would seem, which is nice and refreshing. She should probably be careful not to get too much heavier though because it might be bad for her health to do so. Its weird that we have to have ‘plus size’ models…..surely it should just be regular size people, not this massive extreme from anorexic to obese…and no inbetweeners!! It kinds of makes me think the inbetweeners/ normal/ average size woman kind of gets left out a bit!

    • yo

      Well we have to have plus size models because well, plus size people like to wear clothing too!

  • Yvette

    Lacerda is a funny last name, because in soanish sounds like THEPIG cerda is pig so La cerda jajaja if you speak spanish you are going to understand me jeje
    by the way she.s cute plu size model, but i dont like one thing in fashion , the model are or skinny or plu size and de medium size….must to be all of everything

    • Lidia

      Well… It is a VERY commom last name in Brazil lol

  • Samantha

    NO NO NO, I am usually all for these types of models but she is way to big.

  • érica

    I disagree with many things she said! brazilians are not into the skinny thing, the beauties here are bigger than americans. Gisele and Adriana are definately exceptions, in fact here the pear shape is apreciated as in more feminine way. This girl is way bigger than usual, she could loose a little.

  • Bird

    I was going to say the exact same thing Amy. Funny last name!

  • Ivory

    Can we have short models too?
    No matter what they’re weight they are always tall!

  • Ivory

    After looking at her profile I think she is at a healthy weight. And she seems like a good model, her face expressions change. And I like her confidence!

  • cammy

    Oh, her face kinda looks like Charlize Theron (if she put on weight)! I think she’s got a pretty face, but to me, that kinda body doesn’t scream health… it screams I eat too much and don’t exercise enough. She does not look at a heaalthy weight, but very much overweight (and no, I don’t have a problem with ‘bigger’ or ‘curvier’, I just don’t like it when being overweight is advertised as a good thing as long as you’re happy!).

  • Peg

    Such a beautiful face and such beautiful skin. The head shot of her reminds me of 70’s retro Charlie’s Angels. I olook at these pictures and I think, “good for her” and “I feel good about myself”. To think such things I believe I see her as a positive role model.

  • Lisa

    That is really unattractive. I’m not pushing for bags of bones as models, but why go SO far in the other direction?

    • Aims

      My aunt has is smaller than this and her doctor told her she needs to change her diet or she is going to have a heart attack. I don’t think she is obese but for sure she is overweight and her heart is probably suffering! She is beautiful but you can be curvy and pretty – this is a little much – I agree with everyone who said it was too far in the other direction. Honestly… this is kind of an insult.

      • Lisa

        Yeah. Like I said in my other comment, why do people dismiss diet and exercise? Because they don’t pay attention to it? My dad had a heart attack and was diagnosed w/ diabetes. The first thing he was told was to lose weight and start eating better. They didn’t ask him to be the way he was at 20, just to get in better physical shape. his heart attack was a direct result of carrying too much weight.

        • Aims

          OMG! I’m so sorry! 🙁 Its very true hon. It’s more common and just as dangerous as being vastly underweight.

  • apricotmuffins

    These comments are beginning to make me sick.

    Seriously, girls, get a grip. There is a level of healthy that spans from being very slender, to being quite big, and its ALL NATURAL VARIATION. The BMI is not king. Being perfectly thin is not an ultimate goal everyone should strive for. The things that hurt you when youre fat ALSO hurt you when youre thin. Like, eating crap and not moving at all. Smoking, drug taking, drinking, overexercising are ALL dangerous things that many celebrities do but you don’t see us crying blue murder over a picture of a celebrity smoking, or getting trashed at clubs, do you! Its ‘acceptable’ for kate moss to do drugs. She still gets jobs. She’s still beautiful. Heroin chic is sooooooo much healthier than having fat thighs, didnt you know!

    The fact of the matter is, science STILL DOESNT KNOW how much weight affects health. they still dont know associated health problems are caused by obesity or just correlate with obesity. (its likely a mix of both) They still dont know exactly how and why two people can live two completely similar lifestyles and one be a size 0 and the other a size 18. (well, yeah, genetics mainly, but there are other outside factors that may influence, such as a virus)

    Calorie counting is not even an exact science. Peoples bodies react in completely different ways. Its all approximates. you do not have that much control over the inner workings of your body, no matter what the diet industry tells you.

    You know what does kill? Stress. Self loathing. A lower ‘healthy’ BMI is actually associated with a higher risk of osteoperosis than a slightly overweight BMI. Starving yourself is starving your brain. People die of being too thin a LOT sooner than dying of being too fat. You don’t hear of these plus size models having heart attacks in their 20’s – but you hear of the straight sized models dying, or killing themselves. i wonder why. Who is happier, really?

    The profound difference between this beautiful woman and a beautiful woman who obsessively keeps her weight in check, to the point of an eating and excercise disorder, is that this woman is probably MUCH healthier in mind. To be able to say ‘this is me, I can’t be thin and I am proud to look after myself and love myself regardless of my ability to meet a societal standard’ is a big, big thing, when we have people with horrid warped attitudes like the ones i can find here.

    • Lisa

      Your second-last statement is too broad and negates what you said about not basing health on BMI,

      Low BMI as a result of malnutrition, either calorically or nutritionally decreases bone density and raises risk of osteoporosis. But being thin as a result of a good, varied diet and exercise isn’t a sin. Strength training actually increases bone density. You can’t assume that everyone who works out does it obsessively to lose weight. Wouldn’t that be just as bad as saying every fat person goes home and chows down on chips all night?

      BMI isn’t a final indicator of health, it just sets a few limits. Just as someone is rarely healthy at a BMI under 18 the same goes for someone whose BMI is over 25 or 30. To say that a healthy BMI is associated with higher health risks is untrue. Underweight, yes. Those models who die do because they run themselves ragged and go to extremes to fit the image. Not always so for the average person. There is a happy medium that a lot of people fall into.

      • apricotmuffins

        I use the bmi because its what people seem to understand. you will note, i didnt say it was completely useless, I said it was not king. Its failiures lie in its inability to measure bone density and muscle to fat ratio. Its just taking a height and dividing it by a weight to get a number, which is set against a scale of averages set up in the 19th century. It was never, ever meant to be a diagnostic tool, only a statistical one. Also, a ‘healthy’ (aka ‘average’) BMI used to be between 20-27, until 1997 when they changed the boundaries. Millions of people were made obese and overweight by the BMI overnight. I find it so laughable that they took what was once an average and LOWERED it to tell us all that we’re getting fatter. Also, it is NOT untrue that being within a healthy range carries higher risks. Certain things such as osteoperosis are very much associated with lower weights, and the risk doesnt magically stop at a BMI of over 18. Most of the other risks i mentioned can happen to people in a healthy, and even overweight BMI range. Starvation is starvation at 100lbs or 200lbs. People have symptoms of anorexia and malnutrition at any weight. Using weight to define health and unhealthiness is just SO SO SO short sighted. We will suffer for it. We already do. People get ostracized and shamed for being fat, and have bad health habits overlooked and ignored because of thinness. Heart disease, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol levels are all inheritable conditions that can be worsened soley through lifestyle choices, even if you’re at a perfect weight.

        Some people can be rediculously healthy and they STILL get hit with all these ‘fat’ diseases. My uncle is a freaking MARATHON runner, for gods sake, and he got type 2 diabetes in his late 30’s. nothing he could do about it. his diet could not be improved to control it.

        I wish people would stop behaving like being thin magically makes these conditions go away. Its not thinness, its lifestyle. Some people respond to a healthy lifestyle with weight loss. some people don’t. Why should the people that don’t have to push themselves overboard when they already DO the things that keep them healthy?

        Being thin as a result of a good, varied diet and excercise isnt a sin. Being this size while having a good, varied diet and excercise is ALSO not a sin. and totally possible.
        I believe this woman IS in the happy medium. At the
        higher end, yes, but plus sized models have to work out and look after themselves. they are held to higher standards than thinner models in terms of skin and hair condition etc. A thin model can look drawn and sickly and still get work.

        • Lisa

          It’s true that being healthy doesn’t exempt you from disease. And no, risks don’t magically disappear once you’re over/under a certain weight, but that wasn’t what I said. My point was that there’s LESS risk IF you are within a healthy range – not underweight or overweight by a large amount – and eat well and exercise. Those are proven. Why, after my dad had a heart attack, did they tell him to overhaul his diet and start exercising? His poor health habits lead to something serious. They wanted to prevent anything like that from happening again, and that was the way. It won’t undo what happened, but it will put him in better health. It did.

          I don’t see this woman as a happy medium. How do you know she exercises and eats well? How do I know she doesn’t? I didn’t say she did or didn’t, but to look at her, I wouldn’t say she’s healthy. There are external cues that point to inner health, and so far, she’s got a few against her.

    • Nkeon

      apricotmuffins, I agree with many of your points but I do think you have overlooked a few things.

      The reason we don’t hear about plus size models having heart attacks is because even the ones that are ‘fat’ are nowhere near being overweight to the point that they are in a real danger zone whereas the models that die of anorexia are so I don’t believe that is evidence that being underweight is worse than being overweight.

      The fact is that even the very plus size models are only ‘model fat’. We talk about health etc and that is true but most of them if we’re honest are probably slightly overweight thus not to the point that they will suffer from heart problems, diabetes. Real obese people are dying just like anorexic people are dying.

      The fact that people die ‘sooner’ than they do being big is irrelevant as in either case they die anyway.

  • kate

    Please GTFO!

    • Sandy Wayne

      I’m with the masturbating guy on this one.

  • bird

    I am sorry to say this but she is “fat” this is not promoting a healthy lifestyle. I do not think that showing pics of woman like this to make other woman of the same proportions feel more accepted is exactly the right thing to do. Show people like Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Jenifer Hudson, etc. Healthy, curvy, fit and it’s very obvious that they take care of themselves without obessing or starvation or other weird master cleanses etc. This “model” obviously doesn’t take care of herself. To quote Gweneth Paltrow “anyone can make their body look the way they want it”. Heart disease and diabetes is not sexy. Go the gym, eat what you want in proportion and take care of yourself and be the best you can be. Don’t let yourself go because it’s a fad to proove a point.

    • layla

      yeah, any one can make their body “the way they want it” but what if they arent like you and don’t want a body that looks like that? not everyone does, and not every man does for that matter. who are you to say that everyone should want to make their body the way that you or gweneth paltrow do?

  • layla

    hm… ok i am a size two ( and 5’2”) but am still not completely comfortable with my body. This is clearly a gorgeous woman no matter what anyone says on this board. she may be heavier than most “brazilian models” we are used to but can anyone seriously say that this woman is not absolutely beautiful? she is absolutely one of the most beautiful ppl i have ever seen, thank you for giving her some air time. All the haters can suck it, u r all jealous bc no matter how skinny you get you can never be that beautiful!

    • Aims

      LMAO. No comment….

  • bird

    wasnt saying that you should want to look like gweneth paltrow, i certainly do not. but putting a healthy effort into your body and your health is very important. and when this woman obviously puts very little emphasis on her health… i think it’s unattractive. if you look back to my comment i was also saying some very beautiful, attractive woman like jenifer hudson should be more of a role model than these “plus size models” my comment was not meant to start an arguement. It was just a comment on health.

  • madeleine

    fat fat fat fat
    no wayis she healthy
    i really think she needs to lose a lot of weight…A LOT

  • Em

    Usually I’m all for the plus size stuff, but for some reason I find her highly unappealing.

  • paula


  • psycho

    Her proportions are insane…like a caricature! I don’t like the way she looks. She screams “TRASHY” and “GHETTO” to me(that has nothing to do with her weight, btw)!

  • sarah

    I want to see a normal sized girl.
    The end.
    Not someone who’s hip bones & ribs can grate cheese.
    And not someone who has a stomach roll that sits on top of her hips. I’m glad she loves herself and stuff, but I want to see a NORMAL person! My god! A size 4-8 would be GREAT! I want to see someone average! Not scary thin, or like borderline overweight. Its like two extremes.
    I want the middle. Someone give me the middle? Please?

    • Hannah

      Yes! As a curvy (and yes I actually do mean curvy here, good waist/bust/hip ratio) size 6-8 I never see girls my size in magazines, and I think there are more average people like me than very overweight and very underweight girls.
      It’s alienating to never see your size in the media, whether your size is a 20 or a 6.

      • yo

        Actually there are more 12s and 14s than 6s and 8s, so you’re not the average exactly.

  • Silvya

    this woman is not making sense, i am from brasil and here we think that size 0 is not attractive, i am not a size 0 but im very think, im a size 2-4 and believe me, when i go out on the weekends the men usually go for women who are very curvy and have a body like a guitar(that is what we say for hourglass)

  • MC

    She’s not promoting her weight. She’s promoting a clothing line. There are loads of people out there larger than a size 12 and they want attractive clothes to wear. There’s absolutely no reason why people who wear larger sizes shouldn’t dress for their shape and size and feel good about themselves. I’m not saying that being overweight is a good thing but it’s a fact for many people and they don’t need to be treated like 2nd class citizens.

  • Cecily

    Lets get some things straight:

    It is not just WEIGHT but WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION which determines how ‘healthy’ someone is. She isn’t overweight in the way most Americans are. She has big thighs and a big butt, which is actually a very HEALTHY FEMININE weight distribution, and studies have shown that men from all over the world are attracted to heavier thighs and a prominent butt on ladies. It is a sign of a woman having lots of estrogen, just like having far apart eyes or a long neck. Brasilian men appreciate the beautiful pear shape as the optimum of female beauty.

    If most American women were Flavia’s weight, they would have the biggest bellies in the world and permanently look 9 months pregnant. Flavia has a small, defined waist and curvy thighs and butt- VERY healthy.

    To me (and I am a size 6!), she is extremely feminine and yes, HEALTHY. Most men in Latin America as well as African American men- regardless of their size- would love to appreciate this woman naked.

    Instead of looking at her weight, we need to look at her hip and waist measurements- and they are most feminine and so healthy. She is very curvy.

    • sarah

      Her waist is 35 inches, above 32 is supposed to be cause for concern for women. Unless your her doctor you shouldn’t make assumptions about her hips and waist being healthy. I’m not saying she is, but I’m not saying she isn’t either. Just her waist is medically frowned upon, just because her hips make it look tiny doesn’t change the measurement. At least she’s pear shaped tho… Apple shape would put her at an even higher risk for heart disease and other problems.

      • kate

        Agree with Sarah, despite being a pear shape she still has a 35″ waist which is apparently a health risk associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

        If she was a pear shape with a <32 waist it would be a different story.

      • yo

        Height matters! a 5’2 person with a 32 waist has a much bigger middle than a taller woman. Also 32 waist with 29 hips is bad WHR. It largely depends on your hips and thighs

  • Kat

    I do not believe for a second that she is not overweight. I’m her height, and 5-10 inches smaller in each measurement, and I am almost overweight. I do have quite a bit of muscle but I also have tiny bone structure, so it balances out. Honestly, she has a nice hip-waist ratio,I wish mine were as defined, but knowing that she is overweight makes her unattractive to me. While her fat distribution makes her healthier than say, an apple shape, it does not make her health when she is overweight. And ones waists, according to many doctors, should cause concern if it’s over 32 inches. Hers is, even though its small compared to the rest of her. Wow, long post. Meh.

  • Niknikniken

    Well at least she curves, but the weight is extreme can’t there be normal sized models not just at the extreme side of the scale

  • in my opinion, she’s too big but if she’s happy with her body then good for her…. c”,)

  • LINA

    ohhh this is sick…how can fatty become sexy ? thats so wrong..first of all its not healthy ..everyone know that overweight and unhealthy. There are many risks that are associated with being overweight. If you are overweight you are not only going to look unhealthy but your body is also going to feel unhealthy…

  • molly

    Crazy waist-hip-ratio. I’m not a fan.

  • Jenna118

    DA-DAAAYUM!! I love it!!! Her curves are KICKIN and I find them just as aesthetically pleasing as blake, j-lo, kelly brooks etc. Of course photoshop surely airbrushed over some of Fluvia’s real bumps , squishy lumps and dimples (as with any size model)… so part of the aesthetics is the photography.

    But bottom line, the shape is sexy and womanly. Blasting her for “health” reasons is strange to me because, tons of models who are skinny and thus seen as more “healthy” smoke and live on coffee, nicotine or hard drugs like speed… where’s the health in that?

  • Icy

    Her face is absolutely breathtaking, stunning bone structure, but I am sorry, her figure is revolting. This is not promoting health or beauty, this is promoting obesity.

    • yo

      She’s promoting clothing despite her “revolting” figure she’s there to sell clothes to people her size. Get over it.

  • Hydrangea

    There’s naturally bigger than most, and then there’s bigger because of external factors like choices, environment, maybe a disease like diabetes, etc. As much as I don’t want the image out there that skinny-minny is ideal, I don’t want people to start with a new ideal, “You’re big and it’s not your fault” when many of the people who got that way just made poor choices. I don’t know what her diet is like, I only hope she is naturally this weight so she’s not sending a message that it’s okay to overeat and be overweight, just embrace it.

  • Aryn

    Most of you complaining about there not being enough ‘regular’ models, the sizes in between a US 2 or 4 and 12+, are the same people when Versus will post a picture of a celeb who IS that size, will tear them up to shreds. Saying how they could lose a few, or you don’t like their body type, this and that. I’m not saying everybody, but a great deal. People are never happy.

  • i like curves.

  • It’s interesting to me that people equate what they see with health. So I’m guessing most of you think that most skinny models are “healthy”? Not so… unless you live with a person and know what they put in their mouth, you cannot possibly know if they are healthy or not. Many skinny people abuse their bodies and some do as other plus size people do, no exercise or eating right yet they get away with it because they LOOK healthy.

    I actually know Fluvia and have worked, traveled and sat around with her to know what her likes and dislikes are. She bikes around NYC and leaves her poor husband in the dust. She walks every where and has a personal trainer.

    Her intake is healthy and she teaches her daughter how to eat properly. Her pear shape holds her weight below her waist, which is more appealing to most men than nothing at all.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it’s disturbing that you bring health into modeling. No one questions the size 0 or 00 models but you question what a plus size model puts in her mouth? Plus size women need women like Fluvia to inspire them. She is modeling plus size clothing, who are we supposed to look at? Size 0 women???

    If I was so concerned about promoting obesity I would not devote my life to the plus size industry. I have a young daughter that I want to empower one day as a young woman with values and self confidence. I dont ever want her to grow up thinking that a number on a scale or what she looks like determines her health or her value.

    • Lisa

      mmm, no, plenty of rail thin models get criticized for being so tiny and looking coked out.

  • Kt

    If her tummy seriously looks like that lingere shoot at UK18-20, I’m seriously jealous as mine doesn’t look that smooth a couple sizes smaller & with a similar shape (but not as extreme WHR)

    • kate

      Looking at some of the pics it’s hard to believe her waist is actually 35 inches but then again she does have huge hips which probably make her waist look much smaller than it really is.

  • i can’t say she’s unhealthy because of how she looks but it seems models have to be thin or plus size these days. and for the record people do judge thin women all the time and think they don’t eat or exercise and send a bad message to young girls because of the way they look. people would rather accept women who are bigger than a woman who’s thin. yes society may praise thin women as the ideal but doesn’t change the fact thin women are bashed harshly. women who are bigger gets bashed but get sympathy from everyone. does thin women get the same thing? nope. and just because a woman is thin don’t always mean she starves herself. so much double standard here.

  • Sarah

    she would be pretty if she wasn’t fat.
    Extremes are just not beautiful. Really skiny is ugly and overweight is ugly. What looks nice is something like a bmi between 18 and 26

  • m

    I cannot beleive some of the ignorant comments I am reading. So lately girls who are not a size 0-4 are being noticed more for their beauty and now that means we (society) are promoting obesity? Please. Society has become so warped as to what the eye sees as a normal looking woman. Thinness in todays world has become associated with self control, power and wealth. Therefore if you are not thin, you are looked at as having no self control, power, etc. Every other decade prior to the 20th century has looked at “pleasantly plump” women as women of desire, beauty, and fertility. This obsession with thinness is something just of the past 30-40 years. If you look at prior history and literature you will see what I am talking about. Just because this women is pear shaped of if a woman has rolls on her belly, does not mean she is unhealthy. I would suggest that being 30 pounds overweight for most is healthier than being 30 pounds underweight. And i don’t want to hear the BS about the obesity epidemic in the US. This is not promoting it. Quite the opposite the thin obessession has most likely contributed to it, giving women such a poor body image and unrealistic view of women’s bodys. don’t even get me started on the plastic surgery issue that goes hand in hand with this.

  • m

    I also would like to note, that many doctors have deemed BMI rubbish. One’s health is not determined by their body shape or weight alone. I love how everyone posting here is suddenly a doctor or this model’s doctor(sarcasm) Maybe I am reading some jealously in disguise?
    And for the record, Giselle isn’t even really ethnically Brazilian, she is German.

  • E

    Fluvia models for a company called Igigi. Check out their website at Igigi.com. She is very beautiful and models the clothes wonderfully. Beware, the site offers clothes in size 12 and up…oh no the horror!

  • Valentine

    Stunning! Her waist to hip ratio is something else, and facially too, she’s beautiful. I don’t think she is pushing obese at all. Yeah, she’s ‘bigger’ than the standard, but she’s gorgeous. Also, for all the people saying that at her size being bottom heavy can’t be healthy – bottom heavy is always healthier than gaining round the middle, whatever size you are. Any doctor will tell you that!

  • Anna

    I would just like to say that y’all who judge this woman and say she’s “obese” or leaning in that direction and not a good role model, are the saddest bunch of pathetic, self righteous people, that i have ever seen. this woman is CLEARLY healthy. She is neither Obese or sick. She is beautiful! look at her legs, her skin, her face, they may be “curvy” but not sickly or “fat.” “ULTRA Skinny” is not attractive, neither are “Obese” (mainly bc they are not taking care of the body God gave them), and YOU, YOU are just jealous. so get your heads out of your asses and don’t judge someone by what our society has deemed to be attractive! i am 5’2″ and a size US 8… i am not obese, i am not skinny, but i am “over weight” but i am beautiful- about so is anyone who loves their body.

    • Lisa

      Please, what’s with the jealousy accusation? Are you in grade school?

  • Anna

    yup, Lisa, that’s it, i’m in grade school. I’m the one who believes in protecting a woman’s body from judgmental vultures bc i’m in grade school. Give me a break.

  • elcost

    she’s beautiful but very fat!!!!!!!!!! try a diet

  • OMG……who really gives a **** if she’s big!! I’m a healthy size 2 and proud of it. I exercise regularly and eat extremely healthy. So to say someone is unhealthy because of weight is ridiculous!!! Just because she is a bigger girl does not mean she is unhealthy. Or because someone is what society calls too thin, does not mean they are unhealthy either. Like i have said before…..takes all kinds to make the world a beautiful place. If you don’t like her size then don’t look at her, plain and simple. She’s not affecting your life so who cares!!!!

  • Simmmer

    She has no gut! I envy her!!!

  • E

    I dont really understand y women envy bigger women who are much more gorgeous and sexier than other women half their size! Ladies, everyone is different! Get used to it! And for your info, Fluvia works out to tone her body (strength exercises) so she IS HEALTHY! Besides not all men like skinny women!

  • FM

    No way are they here measurements. I’m a size 16 on my bottom half and am like 50 inches around and my hips look way thinner than hers.

  • Mia Santiago

    That woman is GORGEOUS! She is a plus size model who caters to plus size woman who wear plus size fashion. No where did it say she was trying to model for skinny brands or designers. All this talk about her being unhealthy is just a front for everyone to hate on her. None of you are her doctor so stop acting like you know something. It’s sick how judgemental everyone is. The modeling agencies and companies who are paying her obviously don’t have a problem with her weight and/or health so I suggest ya’ll get over it. Remember this is her PROFESSION. So while ya’ll are complaining on a website she is out there making money. So talk all you want because at the end of the day thats all you can do. WORK IT FLUVIA!!!!

  • calia

    You guys are in all likelihood right that her weight is not healthy and she would be better served by losing some. However, her heart rate isn’t the issue – if her weight is a flaw and something she needs to work on and improve, that can be fine right? She can still be beautiful. That’s all. And in this society you don’t have to worry to much about what little girls will think because being overweight, fat, obese, whatever is still regarded negatively in society. To me, all it’s saying is “hey – you aren’t there yet – maybe you never will be – but you can still be happy and beautiful.”

    • Anara

      I agree 100% with everything you just said!

  • anonymous

    That woman is absolutely beautiful and not even close to fat. You people who are hating on her are doing so for 1 reason only. That being that you are very jealous, which is very obvious. You may as well wear a sign on your heads saying. it.

    I agree with a previous poster Madeline people like you are reasons for eating disorders and probably have enough of your own. Your perception of Size is warped and unhealthy.

    As far as unhealthy goes she is nothing of the sort. Unhealthy is the size 0’s dropping dead.

    If putting her down to make yourselves feel a bit better is your thing then continue to do it. I am sure it will not hinder her confidence or make her any less happy or successful a person. In fact most peoples haters encourage them to be even better 🙂 You all need to grow up. Seriously!!!!

    Half of your kids in the future will more than likely loathe themselves and be anorexics and deathly ill, just like you all probably are. Leave her alone. When you love yourself, you have no time to run other peoples appearance down to make yourself feel better. Remember that!

    Be happy, best wishes because you miserable people need it. I bet none of you would be saying this crap to the woman’s face, Cowards!

    You can call her fat all you like but anyone with eyes and half a brain can see she is clearly not. Looking like a skeleton (not naturally thin) and dodging food like its your enemy is unhealthy and not attractive. Bones poking out like spikes not attractive!!!!

    She is clearly happy in herself and why shouldn’t she be? I rarely see skinny women with smiles on their faces. They quite often (not in all cases) fake it and bitch about others just like you all are doing on here.

    I will bet she is a lovely person too. With a non hating attitude and yet so many people on here are hating on her? Speaks for itself really! I am proud to be one of those women who can look at another woman and say she is beautiful and not have to try and find fault and take a way from compliments I give.

    I am 20 yet il bet there is women who are in their 30s, 40+ on here being negative. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What ever happened to seeing the value in each individual for who they are? That is a dying out trend. This world gets more corrupt and cold by the minute.

    I have one thing to say when your the best at something. The worst hate you and that is the only problem she is having right now. Haters!!!

    • Lisa

      Not even close? And thin girls aren’t happy? Pot, I’d like you to meet anonymous kettle. You’re asking a group of people to not put down another… while putting them down.

      Her character has nothing to do with it. She’s in a career where, for better or worse, personality means nothing. She might be the nicest person, but she’s still got a job where people will literally take her at face value. I don’t know why you think it’s your job to protect her, but what someone says on the internet isn’t necessarily what they’d say to her face. Might someone in the industry say something? They might, but she knows the line of work she’s in. If criticism bothered her so much, she’d have dropped out and taken a job where her looks had nothing to do with it. That goes for any model, not just her. Many models are unhealthily thin, true. But that doesn’t mean that the average commentator on here or a thin girl on the street is living an unhappy, starved life.

  • Alexandria

    Stop the madness! People are being so judgmental about this woman.

    First, it is impossible to judge a woman’s health just by looking at her. I’m a 14/16 and I’ve never had a health problem in my life – not even a sprained ankle. I run 3 miles, 4 days per week and I walk everywhere cuz I live in NYC. And I love my fruit and veggies. I don’t sit around eating large pizzas at night, although it seems that a lot of you think that’s what people our size do. It’s taken me 28 years to come to terms with the fact that this is just the way I am. And the reason it’s been so hard to accept is because of critical and judgmental people like you!

    I used to work in the fashion industry at a couple of large brands, and some of things I saw – not only from the skinny models, but from the “regular-sized” employees – were unreal. Women infecting themselves with parasites and eating only plain lettuce. And the drug addictions! Let me tell you…

    You all go on about how you don’t like extremes – either too skinny or too big – but I’ll bet money that you’re not sitting around posting negative comments on other blogs that use skinny models. And your faux outrage regarding the health stuff is just ridiculous. “Plus-size” women don’t cost any more in health care than smokers, drug addicts, and women with eating disorders.

    Finally, no matter what you think of her body, she’s got a beautiful face. I bet a lot of you critical size 0-8’s cannot say the same – your body probably saves you from your face, if anything. And as the saying goes, if you’re big, you can lose weight, but if you’ve got an ugly face, you’re screwed for life. So really, I think a lot of you critical know-it-alls should take a good look in the mirror and make sure you’re damn perfect before throwing stones at this woman, whom you know nothing about.

    Personally, I think she’s beautiful and she inspires me. It’s nice to see a model that I can identify with.

    • Maynard G. Krebs

      Finally, a woman who knows what she’s talking about. Take it from this gentleman: Fluvia IS beautiful. Those who say otherwise are either jealous or mistaken. It’s hard for me to believe the hyper-criticism here.

      As far as this gentleman’s taste goes, it’s all about proportion. I prefer “full-figured” women: they’re like a fully-developed flower. The skinny women often seem like girls instead of women. Give me ladies with womanly bodies, every time!

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  • kaila :)

    i am a size 14 & i am a local plus size model , although i carry my weight differently than she does i have more muscle tone & look alot smaller ….but 2 everyone who has bad stuff 2 say that just shows that ur ignorant & have no lives

  • stacy

    Plus Size Model Celina Lorenz has been working FOR YEARS and should be a “Plus Size SuperModel”.She is full figured,beautiful,confident and a Sexy woman!! Check her out at Celina Lorenz website:www.celinalorenz.com. She will blow you away.Like Anna Nicole Smiith type look.

  • m

    i read your exchange with apricotmuffins, and you lost the argument, sorry. you contradicted yourself saying how does she know this woman takes care of herself and is healthy and how do you know she doesn’t, but yet you look at her photo and say you dont think she does. so i guess if i send you my picture you can tell me what my cholesterol reading and bmi is? hahaha.

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  • jane

    She’s pretty unattractive and the clothes she models look cheap and trashy. I think her body looks gross and that it would look much better if it were at a normal weight. I mean, all that weight, all that mass – it’s just lard. When you dissect through it during surgery, it’s just mounds and mounds of yellow fat that totally and completely obscures the normal muscular and skeletal structures underneath. Who would WANT to carry around that much lard on them?

    For as much as fat people claim they love themselves, I defy you to name one fat person who would refuse if a fairy godmother showed up and offered to transform them to a perfect size 6 (2, 4, whatever).

  • There are some things that she said which are so not true, here in Brazil there isn’t this pressure to be skinny at all I mean of course the midia shows women with healthy bodies but not too skinny in fact the people here, specially the men, like women with a lot of meat in her bones, with curves in the right places, thick tighs and big butts and boobs. Well, girls with a body like hers aren’t considered beautiful but I don’t think anyone would ever make fun of her like she said, well only in her back. People wouldn’t make jokes in her face, not at all. The thin brazilian models like Alessandra and Adriana are considered too skinny by a lot of people, I think they’re more appreciated in other countries than here, men think they’re beautiful for her faces but they usually prefer other women with more curves. I weight 50 quilos and have 171 cm and all my friends say I’m too skinny and I think I’d be considered fat in the USA, for example ( I’m not sure, I just think I’d)

  • Rora

    This comes up every single time this topic of discussion is raised: “Why do they promote models of that size? They’re so unhealthy!” That statement isn’t necessarily true.

    A friend and I are both larger ladies. 190lb on her looks the same at 250lb on me. Needless to say, I will *never* be as thin as most people seem to think I should be- it’s just not a healthy option for me.

    What the plus sized models are saying, is that people like me shouldn’t be ashamed, and that people like me *can* be beautiful, despite most people telling us otherwise.

    What about this is so difficult for most people to understand? Should I start carrying around brightly colored visual aids? Would that make this concept easier to understand?

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