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Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

spl397663_005h - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

Name: Kaela Humphries

Age: 29

Size: 16 / 18 US

Modeling here for: plus-size brand Evans (that sells clothes in sizes 10 to 28)

Trivia: Kaela is Kris Humphries’s (Kim Kardashian’s husband) sister

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of beautiful Kaela modeling for Evans and see more shots of her next!

k1 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

k3 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

kaela-humphries - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

kaela-humphries-inline - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

Kaela-Humphries-pour-Evans_portrait_w674 - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

spl397663_001a - Plus-Size Model Treat: Kaela Humphries for Evans

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • serena

    She looks like a plus-sized Mila Kunis to me.

    • Megan

      I see it

      • PS

        Me too. And I don’t like it.

    • HB

      No! She’s a dead ringer for plus sized Candace S. from VS. I can’t get it out of my mind. Uncanny.

  • Hazal

    Pretty face.

    • lc

      Yeah, I *love* her face, and I don’t usually like even plus-size models’ faces. I might get flamed for this, but I think she would look beyond stunning if she were a lot thinner.

      • HB

        It’s because she looks just like a fat, dark haired Candace S.

        • lc

          I see a little Candice, yeah. Except she is much heavier. I think she’d be stunning if she were thin.

          • Sabrush

            I see some Adriana Lima as well.
            She would be a stunner with less weight.. but I also feel she is absolutely gorgeous right now. Kinda conflicted about it.. lol!

  • misscheeks

    No me gusta, sorry! 🙁 I usually like plus-size models because their faces are just so beautiful and sculpted abd fresh (like Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot) but I think Kaela’s is unremarkable. She’s certainly not ugly but doesn’t have that “wow” factor either imo.

    • misscheeks


    • Agreed – she does nothing for me either. I don’t find her face very pretty and her expressions are bland.

      • Linda

        Agreed, her face looks smeared to the sides. But but I like the close up!

        • JN1976

          Agreed! And Linda I thought it was just me thinking that the first and last pictures look ~off~…in the face, esp eye area…dunno if its p-shop or bad plastic surgery but Im getting a TAD of a Joyclyn Weinstein thang around her eyes in the 1st and last pics
          otherwise…yaaaaaawn (Adele`s MUUUUUCH prettier)

  • Pixie

    She looks a lot like Chris. 🙁

  • Jessica M

    Beautiful lady.

    I’m just a little sceptical about unhealthy lifestyles being glamourized. I say this as someone who was overweight in her early teens.

    Still, every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and I DO realise that some people can’t help being larger, but too many people are overweight because of unhealthy lifestyles, and that shouldnt be encouraged.

    • I don’t think this is encouraging people to put on weight or to stay fat. We all know being slim is the ideal – no one wants to be fat. There are reminders everywhere that being fat is unattractive and unhealthy.
      Plus size women shouldn’t only have their clothing modelled by women half their size though. Evans is a plus size brand – if the models were a size 4, it would seem stupid, wouldn’t it? Or should plus size clothing stores not advertise? I don’t see a way around that. There are lots of plus size women and they need to wear clothes. Making them feel ashamed and ostracised by never using plus size models is not going to solve any problems – no one gets fat because they want to fit the clothing!

      • Debbs

        Great comment Erica.

      • Jessica M

        Noted. I’m quite conflicted about this issue, you see.

        Maybe if they targeted the clothing to certain body types/bone structures rather than weight groups, it’d be less of a worry to me.

      • serena

        I see what you’re saying Erica but models are not mannequins, they don’t exist just to display clothing, but to sell an image. If models represented what normal women looked like they would be 5’4 130 – 150 lbs with typical proportions, not 34-25-34 and as tall as men on avg. I’m a size 4 woman but regular models sure don’t represent my figure. So while I understand the need for plus-sized models to exist, truthfully they will never be popular as commercial models, even though your average American woman is like size 12!

        • You’re right, I don’t want to see plus size models as the mainstream commercial models and they never will be – I just don’t think it’s fair to talk about them as if they shouldn’t exist in any part of the fashion world. It’s a plus size brand, I still think it would be weird if they advertised their clothes with no plus size models!

        • Emeline

          Agreed serena

      • binks

        I agree! And I don’t get the promoting unhealthy lifestyle angle here. That is like saying a super skinny person is promoting having an ED? You can’t judge health by looking at someone and you don’t know what lifestyle they promote by looking at them either. I though she looked familiar she is cute but there are better plus size models.

        • Jessica M

          This will sound very generalized, but in the same way that someone with an eating disorder will continue on a downward spiral because, to her, being underweight is what is acceptable, an overweight woman may look at these and think that she can carry on living unhealthily because that is acceptable.

          Of course, it all depends on the individual and her intelligence.

          Either way, I appreciate beauty, ability and worth in all body types.

          • Candy

            Maybe Im misinterpreting your comment but are you saying women with ads aren’t intelligent, because I’ve found the opposite to be true. Many women with eating disorders are intelligent, high achieving, perfectionist types.

          • binks

            But that is the thing on a mass scale being overweight is still deem unacceptable and not in fashion so I don’t see this ad or any ad featuring plus size models that will relay in masses that being heavier than most mainstream models or having an unhealthy lifestyle as acceptable (being overweight and unhealthydoesn’t always go hand in hand). Most women who are the target audience for these ads will probably look at this ad and say “ooo cute fashionable clothes I can wear being modeled by someone who has my body shape…” nothing more nothing less.

          • Well, by that logic, Jessica, we should have no very thin models and no overweight ones? You can’t protect the few people who look to models as inspiration/validation for their unhealthy weight by getting rid of those models all together – eating disorders (of both ends of the spectrum) are more complex than that. And the rest of us deserve some diversity in fashion models so we can see clothes on bodies not too dissimilar to our own and also feel that we can be glamorous/attractive sometimes too.
            And it will never be ‘okay’ to be fat for most people, even if they say so. I’m fat and I know it’s not okay – but I can’t go around hating myself and wearing ugly clothes all the time! There’s got to be some pride in your appearance and your body in order to be a functioning person – doesn’t mean I’m not losing weight and getting healthier though.

            My thing with fashion is diversity – I’d love to see more body shapes, heights and sizes represented. If a clothing line is for petite women, then the models should not be 5’11! If it’s for busty women, the models should not be an A cup with a super push up bra! If it’s for plus size, then the models shouldn’t be a size 6 or less. Just seems logical to me – but then I’m aware that fashion is rarely logical!

        • Penne

          Yes, but the thing is, you can be skinny and healthy (in my opinion it is more like “IF you are healthy you ARE going to be skinny”) however, I don’t believe you are actually leading a healthy and active lifestyle if you are fat.

    • JaneParker

      I get what you’re saying, but I don’t see this as glamorizing overweight women. Overweight women do exist, regardless of the reasons why. It’s only fair that there are plus-sized brands that make beautiful fashionable clothes that flatter their shape. Bigger women have a right to feel sexy and beautiful as well. Not that I love the clothes pictured here, but you get the point. As for the model, she’s pretty but definately plus-size. There are plus-size models that are a size 10 and I think I remember some being an 8. I wouldn’t want her body but she’s proportionate and pretty.

      • Jessica M

        That’s true, although I do have a problem with clothes being put into “fat” and “thin” categories. I’d rather the clothing industry made clothes for different body shapes in a wider size range. Finding affordable clothes that fit is a nightmare.

        • I agree about making clothes for different body shapes – although, there is such a range of body shapes, that is going to miss out people too! The only way for me to get clothes that fit really well is to have them tailored – a lot of people are like that. They have this range of jeans at Marks and Spencer that is supposed to be for different body shapes – hourglass, pear, apple and v-shape. None of them really fit me any better than regular jeans! I think they are still designed for the body shape+small size and scaling them up just doesn’t work that well. As you said, they need to be made for different body shapes *and* sizes and then maybe more of us would have clothes that don’t cut in somewhere and then get all baggy somewhere else!

  • Natalia

    It is appropriate to have plus sized models for plus sized clothing.

    • Penne

      I agree. It is understandable that large women want to know what plus size clothing looks like on a body similar to their own. However, I do not want to see “models” like this one anywhere else. I find it very unattractive and disagree with its message.

      • Natalia

        Well of course I can understand that maybe some or maybe most people don’t want to see large women on the runway, I don’t, designers don’t, b/c I believe and they believe that clothes look best on tall thin women. But I respectfully disagree about the message it sends, which I can only assume b/c you didn’t state what that message was, but however. I don’t think the message is, it’s healthy to be overweight, I think the message is, these are clothes aimed for plus sized women and that look good on them, REGARDLESS of whether you are plus sized and healthy, or plus sized and unhealthy. No worries though, all in good discussion. 🙂

        • Natalia

          Also and I do think all the plus sized models coming out now is a response to the increase of overweight women in the world, some of who are so due to unhealthy habits, so I can see where people might see plus sized modeling as condoning unhealthy behaviors, but it does not necessarily do so, they are merely offering clothing options for women of a certain size. They, everybody, must wear clothes. So…yeah, interesting topic this plus sized business. Also, their will always be plus sized women, not only now b/c US and UK and others have become unhealthy in eating exercise habits, this is way of the world.

  • zz

    Stunning EYES!! wooow!
    Though that before last shot of her in the blue dress is just unflattering. The face close ups and the last one justify her beauty far more.

  • Bellerina

    Oh boy, without the right photoshopping & makeup, she looks so much like Kris. Hopefully, she is prettier on the inside than her brother.

  • Rose

    She looks like a plus-size Adriana Lima to me…especially in the video. The photos are ridiculously photoshopped though!

    • HB

      That’s really funny, because I can’t stop seeing (and commenting, obviously lol) a plus sized Candace S! Somewhere between Adriana and Candace I think.

  • Nikki

    I understand using a plus sized model to promote plus sized clothing, but I feel like the whole “plus size” thing advocates unhealthy weight in women. I know you cannot define “normal” but surely normal comes somewhere in the healthy BMI range of 18-25.

    • Aafje

      Soooo fat women should run around naked? Lol you can’t not have clothing lines for bigger people just because its “unhealthy”

  • lc

    Not a fan of her body at all, but her face is pretty and unique.

  • Winnie

    she reminds me of someone. Jenna Dewan-Tatum maybe

  • lillaliket

    she looks like sammy sosa to me! it’s all I can think about!

  • Jerry z

    Damn. She’s not a plus size model – Shes just plus sized. Only getting photographed because of who her brother is. Sad.

  • Megan

    She’s very pretty. Really fighting the odds. not just her size but her age.

  • D

    I know plenty of thin people who have extremely unhealthy habits, and larger people who have healthy habits… just saying.
    I cant help but think she would look better thin though, just being honest.

  • Me

    She would be really pretty if she was thin.

    • Mariah

      Agreed! She’d be like perfect if she toned down a little bit!

      It seems like models nowadays are always on the sides of extremes though… either super tiny or overly curvy.

  • Jenn

    I usually think plus-sized models are just as beautiful as regular models, but I don’t think this girl is attractive at all. Her makeup looks scary and her hair looks unkept. Look at her in the blue dress full-length photo – her bad hair and makeup detracts from the fact she’s actually modeling that dress.

  • Yup

    I hate that people think that weight defines health.

  • JJ

    How is this one a model? She’s not the least bit pretty.

  • lol

    She is the double of that Tara Lynn woman, only this one has darker hair. I couldn’t tell them apart otherwise.

  • Naressa Khan

    She’s stunning. Isn’t she Kris Humpries’ sister? :O

  • Converse

    I find many “plus-size” girls beautiful and love their bodies, but I don’t see it with her. I think because I don’t see as much definition in her face compared to some of the other girls. The close-up is beautiful. I think it may be because the clothing she’s wearing doesn’t have much definition, it just drapes over her which shouldn’t be the goal…

  • Annelise

    she would be prettier if she was skinnier. she has a pretty face and very nice eyes but her body is like a…. blob…. i don’t know. i find it strange that society promotes skinny skinny models and plus size models. why can’t there just be an in between??? to be healthy, not to be too small or too large. plus size models may be “pretty” but they are unhealthy being overweight just as how a size 00 model is unhealthy.

    • Jessica M

      That’s what I meant in my previous comments; call me an idealist, but the entire modelling industry should represent (a generalized view of) good health and shouldn’t oscillate between two extremes.

      The only models that I can relate to are Kelly Brook and Kate Upton, and because of this, I’m more likely to buy clothes modelled by them than a size 00 or size 16 model. I’m sure that most women would agree.

    • Jessica M

      Though calling her a blob is mean.

  • annemarie

    How did she become a model? Is all that needed to be a plus-size model is height and big weight? What about having something special, unique look, etc?

    People ask this about many VS and SI models, and I think Kaela is even more unremarkable than them. Her body is straight up and down, she has even less waist definition than Kate Upton after weight gain, and her face is not even pretty or cute. I don’t understand why she’s a model.

  • solaxia

    Originally I thought she had a pretty face…but when I looked properly she just reminds me way too much of Kris humphries! I know that’s so bad and bias but I just can’t get it.

  • Emeline

    Not really impressed. But she would look better slimmer

  • Lala

    I think she is unique looking. Her face stands out.

    It seems that people only like plus-sized when its in a shape of a regular model, just larger. This chick is plus sized, in a sense that she represents a more average plus-sized demographic. Most women don’t fill out all around to have perfect proportions with lean arms and legs. They have lumps, and extra weight tends to hide proportions.

    This seems like a true representation.

  • Tally

    If i was her, i would try to lose 40 pounds. Her features are beautiful and i love her hair

  • artemis

    she;s pretty. her face looks weird in the last pic 😀 she’s cuter in motion

  • jessica_rabbit

    i dont think she looks like tyra lynn..maybe the eyes but tyra has better shaped face and body, and as she stated, she does yoga 3 times a week and eat organic food and her pics are far less photoshopped..i believe tyra is healthy, for this one im not so shure though..but she is not ugly.

  • Lisa

    Holy fricking photoshop. When you have the video to look at next to pictures, it opens your eyes to how much airbrushing they’ve really done.

  • Halina

    As harsh as it sounds, she’s fat. Not plump. FAT. There’s all there is to it. She would be a lot healthier if she weren’t this overweight. It’s sickening the fashion industry only celebrates the extremes of body types – either scary skinny or obese. What happened to all the healthy normal body?? How are your average women supposed to relate?

    • Duemilatredici

      totally agree with you on this one! not to mention her face, she’s ugly without the photoshop… these kind of ‘real’ women are so annoying.