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Plus-Size Model Treat: Laura Wells

Plus-Size-Model-Treat-Laura-Wells - Plus-Size Model Treat: Laura Wells

Name: Laura Wells

Size: 14 AUS (10-12 US)

Extra info: Laura’s body was used to carve out the new mannequins for the lingerie sections at department stores Myer and David Jones in Australia.

A Quote from Laura: “I used to cut the labels out of my clothes because I was so embarrassed at being a size 14. There used to be such a stigma about having a size 14 body. Most of the clothing stopped at a size 14 … and it was always a small 14. “

We’ve seen Laura before – check out this post!

Take a look at the video to see Laura’s thoughts on plus-size modeling!

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  • joku

    her face and neck area looks much slimmer than the rest of her body
    but anyway beautiful girl

  • Sonja

    She has a really nice body, especially her skin is great. No stretch marks, little cellulite. She looks great.

    • I wouldn’t call it “little”.
      But if this is little, then I have very little or even less, so ok, it can be little 🙂

  • Noor

    lol I can already imagine the comments about the title “fashion has real women”…. some people are gonna get angry!
    I think she looks good. Obviously she doesn’t have THE ultimate body to aspire to, but she’s pretty and she actually looks good in her underwear.

    • What the hell is THE ultimate body? Do you really mean YOUR idea of the ultimate body? Honestly that sounds like a bunch of BS.

      • Frac

        Way to jump down their throat. We all know what was meant by THE ultimate body. The body that super models have. The kind we’re all ‘supposed’ to desire. And, no she doesn’t have THAT body. The poster wasn’t meaning anything and you managed to jump right in there and be the person who got angry, just like they said would happen. Well done.

        • aj

          ARE we all SUPPOSED to have that body? I often feel pressure to look TONED and FIT personally. Not WAIFISH. See how we’re all projecting our insecurities and personal standards of beauty on each other? Sad.

  • Eve

    I like her body but not so much the face. Also she is a “bigger” girl, but really plus-size? I don’t think so

    • Sonja

      Maybe not so much on her upper body, but her hips and thighs can definitely be considered “plus size”.

  • size0??

    She looks bigger than what I think a 14 would be.Vanity sizing sure has enabled woman be able to be heavier and wear a much smaller size. She does have a pretty face.

    • TJ

      Vanity sizing is the reason size 0 and 00 exist. There has always been super thin women but there was never a number that low. When I was in high school in 90’s, before size 0 existed, I wore a size 3. Even at the height of Kate Moss waifness there were no size 0’s. Vanity sizing benefits thin women as well. Those people like being a size 0. Half of them aren’t true 0’s, they just shop at the right store.

      • Kate1st

        Well Hughes Models states her measurements as 42(36E)32-42 so that is around a UK/AUS size 14/16.

      • Ella

        As one of those thin women, I have to strongly disagree with vanity sizing benefiting us. Many of us become outsized as vanity sizing continues onwards. I left Britain a UK10 and arrived in North America a US2/4. As time went on I became a solid US2… then a 0/2… then closer to a 0 as the 2s became too large across several stores. Soon enough, in some stores, I was forced to start picking out 00 and 000! In others, nothing existed at that size. And I had in fact gained a little weight during the years I stayed there. Thankfully, vanity sizing back in the UK hadn’t progressed as quickly and I was only a UK8. But I wasn’t going to live in the UK again, no. I was going to live in France. Little did I know, vanity sizing in shoes had turned me from my usual EU36 to an EU35. 35 does NOT exist in France. I’ve looked in FIVE countries for shoes, but it was all the same: EU36 was too big and EU35 did not exist. Only after TWO YEARS of searching have I found one pair of shoes that is small enough. I can’t wear children’s shoes as they are for developing feet, not adult feet, and so they can actually cause pain when worn for a long time due to being shaped incorrectly.

        Thankfully the vanity sizing with clothing is not as bad in Europe else I would be wearing decades old clothing until I’m forced to don a burlap sack.

        For those of us who need to wear other things, such as glasses, rings, belts, watches, etc… it is more or less the same story. A lot of glasses are simply too big for my head (in addition to being slim, I am also short and proportioned smaller all over), my largest finger is a US ring size 5 and all the others are smaller, belts never have enough holes, I’ve only found one watch in my life that fit my wrist instead of falling halfway down my hand.

        Vanity sizing is a nightmare for small people.

        • Padme

          Vanity sizing doesn’t mean they get rid of smaller clothes, they’re just changing the labels on them so people feel smaller. You should still be able to find clothes, probably in the petite section.

          • EllaLaLa

            Oh no? When I got an old skirt from a thrift store in an original size US6, it fit like a glove. If I (an original US6) am now somewhere among the 0-000 depending on the store, what happened to the original US sizes 4-0? Assuming further time has put me as a solid 000, with vanity sizing they should be 0x4, 0x5 and 0x6. Do you see any of those on the shelves? No. They’ve gone. Every time vanity sizing takes another step, an entire group of women is out of clothing options or is forced to get multiple expensive alterations with every single item of clothing. As for the petite section, that was where I was shopping a lot of the time. The only difference is it is proportioned for shorter women. Vanity sizing is still in effect there.

          • june

            Vanity gone so high up, a 0 has become 6. Yet, there is still not a size 000000 (6 0s) to fit the “true” 0. And there seems to be HUGE misconception regarding “petite” sizing. Petite is based mostly on height, a little on weight but not much. If you look on Nordstrom or any highend retailer (and I say highend because they are the ones who still adhere to the true measurements), you’ll see a size 14/16 for petites because petites can still be very wide. So I disagree that people who are true 0s can shop in the petites.

        • Mia

          I don’t believe there is vanity sizing in shoes, because shoes sizes follow a standard metric that is based on the length of your foot. Plus, shoe size really has nothing to do with weight. Sure, people who are obese might have WIDER foot, but being overweight doesn’t make your foot wider.
          Here is the explanation as to how shoe size is determined across the world: I have been wearing the same shoe size since I was 14 (almost 20 years ago), and I think that is true for most adults.

          As for clothes, I think that as long as we live in a society that is obsessed with thinness and dieting, there will always be clothes small enough to fit the skinniest members of our society. Even though there is an overweight/obesity epedimic going on, people are also getting more extreme on the lower end of the spectrum. As I understand it, in the past there was a much smaller standard deviation in the distribution of weights in the population (e.g. most people were closer to the average weight), while these days there are a lot more people who are at the upper hand of the spectrum, but also more people at the lower end of the spectrum than there were 50 years ago.

          • EllaLaLa

            I never meant to imply that shoe size had anything to do with weight, but I felt it was worth mentioning as vanity sizing DOES exist there. Not everything one can read on wikipedia is a fact. I had also been wearing the same shoe size (EU36) for decades and yet, suddenly that shoe size is too big. My feet haven’t shrunk either because I still fit into old shoes that are EU36. Also, trying on EU36 in several different European countries shows quite a large difference between shoes that are meant to be of the SAME size. I’ve found a Netherlands 36 is much larger than a Spanish one. I can sometimes find a Spanish 36 that fits, but fat chance in the Netherlands with them all being about 2cm too big. I think it reflects upon the height of the people: Dutch people are taller on average than Spanish people.

            If you don’t believe finding small enough clothes to fit is a problem for anyone, you can take a look around some petite communities and blogs. Lots of people are having issues with being outsized. Though most of them are located in North America. There are probably plenty of designer clothes small enough, but that isn’t affordable for many and neither is it a good option for someone who is also short.

        • Padme

          There was no original US size 0. They invented new labels. Nothing happened to those extremely small clothes, they never existed in the first place. I’ m sure it is hard finding clothes if you’re extremely skinny, & I’m sure it was just as hard in the 50s. Only difference is the label, the clothes are still out there.

  • Minx

    If only they had these mannequins here too (Durban, that is). It’s so frustrating only seeing skinny ones in the shops

  • snoops

    I really dont see anything “model like” about her sorry. Her body is not one I’d ever aspire to and she has so much cellulite for a young woman. Also her face is really average.She just seems fat to me, im gonna say it. Im sure at least one person will say “oh but she is tall so size 14AUS is just right for her” I come from a tall family and honestly clothing size does not increase as much with height as some people seem to think.

    • yes, i agree that her face is average and also looks kind of masculine.

      and her body isn’t that great either…

    • Lisa

      I’m young and have cellulite. 🙁 I’m not even fat, btw.

    • Ashley

      Cellulite doesn’t depend on age really. It just comes down to genetics (and hormones)

      • Leah

        I’ve seen women who are 300 lb with no cellulite, and women who are 110 lb with a ton of it. It’s perfectly NORMAL to have it, 85% of women do. They’re pockets of fat that are impossible to get rid of, so in case of a famine, the female species can keep menstruating so that we can keep the human race from dying out. It’s so natural, it’s SUPPOSED to be there. Even celebrities with special diets and personal trainers have it. If you DON’T have cellulite, YOU’RE the odd one of the bunch.

    • Mia

      weight and health aside, I have had cellulite since I was about 15 years old, and I have ALWAYS been thin with a low body fat percentage…I don’t see what cellulite has to do with age, considering most post-pubertal women have it.

      • Leah

        That’s because cellulite is something that is completely normal, and totally feminine. How is it that something almost all women, fit and fat, have in some capacity and that very few men have is considered ugly and shameful? It’s as normal as having a belly button.
        I wish we as a society didn’t feel this way, but we do. Is it the media? Is it what we learn as children? Is it because our mothers complained about theirs? I just wish it would stop.

        Mia, I’m glad that you recognize that cellulite is just a part of being a woman- even being a thin, healthy woman.

  • Mirabela

    I love her bra. I want that bra. LOL 😀 I think she looks great. No fat belly, just curvs. 😉

  • Kimberly

    Hmmm….she’s a model? I don’t really find her attractive. She’s not unattractive but she looks like the average woman. Maybe these are not the most flattering pics of her.

  • Raachel

    Now THIS is a normal model. I wouldn’t consider skinny nor plus-size, just normal 😀

  • leonore

    Not fan of the sideburns, i would definitely get rid of those. As for size changing with height, that´s most definitely true. I´m slim but taller than average where i live, so i always feel that everyone is much tinier than me cause they wear smaller sizes.

    • leonore

      *Not a fan


    Hey Versus
    question about my body shape?
    I am 4 foot 9 (yes really and and 37 30 37
    I don’t think I look very overweight in photos, but it is so hard when your my height cause any extra weight counts. but anyway what would my body shape be? and is it possible for someone my height to look a normal weight with my measurements ?

    • Versus

      From your measurements alone, you sound like a ruler. However, measurements don’t mean much when establishing one’s body shape, I’ve said it before. I need to know: proportions, where you gain weight, length of limbs and torso, relation between shoulders and hips, breast size.
      And yes, you can look look like you are at a healthy weight with your stats, but of course, not everybody is the same.

      • Nina

        Is it possible for a thread to be made where we can post our pictures and have our own body type evaluated? I’m really curious as to what mine is. I have a decent waist to hips ratio, however I have small breasts therefore I can’t be an hourglass or a vase. However, I’m not pear shaped either because I don’t gain extra weight in my thighs and hips. I pretty much gain weight everywhere evenly.

    • Pear?

      How about me? I’m 42, 32, 43

      • Lisa

        I don’t even want to ask about mine… I think it’s a ruler, or a fridge! Haha

  • This model is a fine example of a woman who truly is just “bigger” rather than straight-up fat. She’s not as toned as she could be, but she’s also probably in the upper end of her healthy weight range rather than being overweight or obese.

  • jenni

    She looks like she is trying to recreate that picture of Lizzie Miller in Glamour magazine

  • L

    You know what’s funny….regular mannequins don’t look like most regular people. And the plus-size mannequins don’t look like the plus-size models…they look like the regular people!

    • Ellen

      So damn true. It’s amazing.

    • haha. so true 🙂

  • Paulina

    she is definitely plus size. There is nothing attractive about her curves. She has a pretty face. Im sure if she worked out, did some exercises she could shape up a little bit more. To me her bottom half looks like unnecessary lard.

  • maddie

    nothing nice about her body, flabby and a lot of cellulite on the legs…haha are you kidding? (at whoever said she isnt really plus size) she definitely is! she is heaps big!

    • Angie

      Kinda rude, I happen to look like her body wise, though much shorter,does that mean there is nothing nice about my body?

      • maddie

        i dunno…maybe?

        • Angie

          Oh wow….what the hell! so there is maybe nothing nice about my body? why? I work out daily and take care of myself I’ll just never be super are so rude

  • Lisa

    Ugh, these cellulite comments make me sad! lol. I’m underweight and still have cellulite, mostly on my inner and backs of my thighs, even though I work out./have a good diet. Is there really that much stigma against it? :\

    • Essence

      We’re in the same boat. I’m skinny and have cellulite too. I wonder what they’d say about cellulite on a small person….

      • Lisa

        It’s comments like that that make me dislike my body, especially in the warmer weather. That’s embarrassing to admit, but I can’t help it.

      • Leah

        Cellulite is normal. It’s the women who don’t have it who are the odd ones out. It’s there for a reason. If it weren’t, than the majority of women wouldn’t have it. All it really amounts to are pockets of fat that are impossible to get rid of. It’s nature. Without the proper amount of fat, us women can stop menstruating. If that happens, (in the case of a famine, or whatever) the human race would die out. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Thin women have it, some don’t. Fat women have it, and believe or not, some don’t. But, almost ALL women have it, so don’t sweat it. 🙂

  • Anna

    Ugh I hate these stupid quotes. So those of us that are naturally slim or like to be slim through a balanced diet and exercise are not “real women.” Give me a f*ing break.

  • AlexD

    i definitely would not call her average. ive brought this up many times but i think it completely depends on where youre from. in miami she would be considered straight up fat and any guy i know would call her fat behind her back. but i suppose somewhere in kentucky this is average. not trying to offend anyone, just an observation.

  • Angie

    Maddie or whoever posted there is nothing nice about her body.I happen to look like her body wise, though much shorter,does that mean there is nothing nice about my body? I don’t think she or myself are “heaps big” just not super thin. I think you can be healthy and look like her. I am pretty healthy and eat well and work out but I’ll never be super thin and that’s okay

    • I’m going to be mean for a minute.
      If we accept the premises that this model has an average, nothing-special body, and that your body is the same, then yes, it logically follows that you have an average, nothing-special body. The fact that a random girl on the Internet has a similar body shape doesn’t mean that that body shape is suddenly gorgeous and perfect.

      • angie

        I don’t think you were being mean at all:) yes I know my body is nothing special to most people aside from my husband who loves it. the point I was making was there is a difference between saying that it’s average and saying there is nothing at all to like about it. one is maybe a fact,I am not fat or thin just average and one is just plain mean. fine if someone like Maddie thinks it’s the worst thing to look like that but don’t say it because it really can hurt someone.

        • Angie, why do u care so much what one person think like she has the final, defining answer? To her there’s nothing nice about that kind of body, but to many others there are. I’m in the same boat as u, though tall. Kinda have the same body as the models, and I’m bigger than most. But i’m not fat, i work out everyday and just happen to be curvy and have a hard time losing weight. I don’t care that Maddie doesn’t like my body, others do. My boyfriend loves it, I have girlfriends who are envious about it (even the ones with the general conception of an ideal body), get plenty of compliments when I go out. Sure I’d like to lose a little weight but I’ll never be skinny. U have to be comfortable in ur own size, wether skinny, curvy, etc etc as long as ur body is healthy. Then who cares that Maddie doesn’t like it, u can never have the whole world love ur body.

          People on this site are too obsessed with being skinny, and lashing out at heavier girls who say they love their curves. They should love their curves, as the skinnier girls should love their bodies too… why is it only one kind of body that is right, people?! We are all real women… So anyway Angie, don’t say ur body isn’t special, it is… Even though it’s not the prefered look in Hollywood.

          • *Sorry not the same body as the models, but the *model, Laura Wells… And I’m probably bigger than her, the camera adds a lot of pounds on her…

  • Melanie

    nice waist line IMO.

  • Barbie

    I would definitely consider her overweight. Plus size is a nice way to say overweight. At her height and weight she appears to be at an unheathy BMI. Also a “real woman” has a vagina not a larger dress/pants size.

    • I don’t think she’s overweight… She’s in the higher end of the healthy bmi scale but I don’t think her bmi is more than 24… I’ve been bigger than her and had a healthy bmi… U need to consider that the camera adds pounds. I think she’s quite healthy and natural… If this is overweight it’s a crazy world…

  • amyyy

    She’s pretty, but I wouldn’t say she’s anything super special.

    I’m so tired of the story “I used to be ashamed of my body, but then I learned to embrace my curves”…we’ve heard it before.

    I’m also tired of plus-sized women claiming they’re “real women”. So what are skinny people? Fake?

    • skinny women are real women. don’t be fooled by what the media says. and i agree, i get tired of the same story. just say you love your body without saying you’re a “real woman.”

      • Casey

        The funny thing is, no matter how much the media says it, it still isn’t true. Because it’s not coming from anyone with a sensible opinion on body image.

        Skinny women are thought of as woman by both genders. Skinny women still date, get married, have children. They still get magazine covers, movie deals, and fashion contracts.

        I’m just going to chalk it up to people being pissed off that there isn’t variety, and therefore lashing out wrongly at skinny women. And then some misguided magainze writers thinking that’s the new fad or cool thing to do, and incorperating the bashing into their segments.

        But nevertheless, skinny women have always been attractive and always will be, just like curvier woman have been and always will be. The only thing that varies is which is more mainstream at any given point than the other. 🙂

  • azari

    Haha. You call this fat. You white folks are crazy. Atleast she eats like a normal human being compared to what trend is set to be all bony girls. -_-‘

    • Casey

      Your comment is both racist and wrong.

      There’s plenty of “bony” girls who eat like normal human beings, and maybe overeat. And there’s plenty of plus-sized women who eat less than the recommended amount daily.

  • Casey

    I know she’s a plus-sized model and I know she is probably built to be a little larger than average, but I’m looking at her I see extra flab, even on her frame.

    I think her natural body frame is probably less than what she is by about 15 pounds, and I think she would look better if she was 15 pounds lighter.

  • Angie

    you know, I am hurt by Maddies comments. saying that maybe there is nothing nice about my body cause I look sorta like that. I don’t get why people thing that way. this model is not fat…bigger maybe but not fat. same with me, I know I am not thin but being so short it’s real hard to be thin when I’m not built that way at all.
    I am healthy though and plenty of people like bodys like this and plenty of people have them, most look like this and not super thin and tall.

    • Lisa

      Here’s the question: Do YOU like the way you look? I’m not going to tell you it’s all that matters, because what other people think does factor into our self esteem. But are you happy, or do you want to change?

    • maddie

      seriously get over my comment…so what if i dont like her body….or her body type…my opinion is my opinion and it shouldnt help define how you feel about yourself…
      i like skinny girls…as do most of my friends and the guys i know but if your husband loves you the way you are then my preferences shouldnt bother you

  • Angie

    For the most part I am happy, I do get hurt by rude hateful people who say there’s not one thing to like about my body. Cause I have lost a ton of weight 50 pounds and still work at it. I do wanna tone and that is what I am working on cause I have a wedding dress to look good in You are right though it does sorta matter what people think though it really should not. But what is bad about a body like that? I mean yeah she is big but she looks okay .do I really need change ?

    • Lisa

      it is really easy to let comments like that get to you. Some people are just unnecessarily hateful on the internet. Honestly, only you can say for sure whether your body needs to change or not… a 50 lb loss is really great, and if you want to lose more, go for it as long as you do it the healthy way.

  • Checks

    I have worked with many plus-sized models, including Laura, as part of my job. I have also worked with endless numbers of regular models, including some famous faces. Therefore, I think I have a good insight, so let me just say this:

    You people calling her fat, a healthy young woman who works out regularly, eats well (doesn’t diet, but eats plenty of nutrients and looks after herself) and has a perfectly healthy BMI is, to put it mildly, DISGUSTING.

    As long as someone is healthy, looks after themselves and maintains a natural size, be that size 0 or a size 14, then leave them be, regardless of what aesthetic you prefer. There is no need to attack. To obsess over your own appearance, or someone elses, is UNHEALTHY. Women should love each other and respect each other, as long as they are at a healthy size (I definitely DO NOT condone being overweight, or likewise being underweight). Laura is NOT overweight. I’ve seen her figure in the flesh.

    And another thing; I’m friends with a lot of models. And never once, have I ever heard a model criticise someone else’s figure, because they are mature enough to realise that everyone deserves respect. Think about the effect that your opinion can have on someone else.

    • Sara

      Finally some sanity! Who cares if someone is a size 0 or a sze 16, as long as they’re healthy and happy. Whats with everybody being so hateful? Us women have it tough sometimes and we should stick together. I think she looks like a beautiful, healthy and confident woman.

  • Jane

    Angie, I also have her shape. I’m 5’10, 170 lbs, and I work out two hours a day just to be 5’10, 170 lbs. I can outrun all of my friends, 99% of whom are size 0 and 00, and I can outlast them at any physical activity, hike faster than them, run circles around them, yet people see me and think that I’m the one that eats all of the crap that they eat. It’s really unfair that genetics has played such a role in my life yet despite my “athletic health stats,” per my doctor, I look fat. For some of us it really is genetic. I am in EXTREMELY good shape yet I’ll never be a size 0, 00, etc. My frame is unfortunately, not built to be that size. It has always been my dream to be a size 4…I feel that only then I can begin to live my life and finally be happy with myself.

    • maddie

      you weigh 170 and work out two hours a day?

      then why wouldnt you be thinner..
      not buying it.

      • That can easily be true, Maddie… And why would she lie? No need to attack people here…

        Some people would end up with a BMI that’s way too low with that amount of excercise, and some people would never be able to lose the same weight with exactly the same diet and exercise. People are different. I ride my bike everyday and work out 3 times a week, and i still weigh 190…
        Also muscles weigh more than fat. I’ve gained weight after I started excercising…

  • Leah

    Why is it that a woman who’s a size 0 who can outeat everyone because of a high metabolism gets no blame, but a size 12 woman who might indulge once in a while gets flack for her size when she eats? I know SO many 110 lb women who eaty like crap and never work out, out-eat me (a size 12), and I actually work out! I know exactly what you’re saying!

  • Ren

    So it seems that we’re suppose to look down on people who skinny and look up to people who are fat? What happened to being ‘healthy’? There is ideals on both ends…and on the fat end media is suggesting that the those who have her body size must look like her? No imperfections… *smh people need to start analyzing things in the big picture

  • Leah

    My mom is 55 years old and we’ve talked about this vanity sizing issue. She’s been through it. When she was a teenager, she was a size 5, 105 lb with a 22″ waist. Most likely a size 0 of today. However, back then there were 1/2 sizes. Once they got rid of the half sizes they had to reset the sizes.

    Vintage clothes work the same way that modern sewing patterns work. When I was in High School, I was a size 9 (I’m tall), but my prom dress was made for me on a size 16 pattern! Which proves that Marilyn Monroe WAS a size 16 (which is an 8 today, altered in the waist).

    One question for the smaller women out there: At the store, (in US) the underwear starts at a size 6. I wear a size 7 underwear and I’m a size 12/14. A 6 doesn’t seem small enough for a dress size 2 or 4, or even 6. Where do you get your underwear???

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  • Amy

    She’s stunning! ^-^

  • she doesn’t look +size to me, she looks all right. Pretty.

  • candyshop

    why can’t we all stop criticising each other 🙁 it really does my head in how body shape and weight has become such a huge focus. stop being so horrible about eachother. everyone has different bodies and thats a fact of life and as far as im concerened health and happiness comes before being the thinnest or the most toned or having no celulite.

    to me this girl looks pretty, her body is nice and shapely and i dont think there’s anything wrong with it. as long as she’s healthy and happy what does it matter?

    • Isa

      Exactly. Especially since one person’s opinion is only one in over 6 billion. Not everyone thinks that what you believe to be desirable is desirable and same with what you think is undesirable.

      I agree. It’s fine to have your opinion but why be so mean about it?

  • shannon

    I think the expectations of today’s models and even NORMAL PEOPLE are ridiculous. I was recently in pacsun and looking at the jeans.. A size 00…I don’t even think I can fit my ARM in the pant leg! I run for atleast an hour everyday, I’m a 21 time state champion in track.. and my measurements are 34-27-39. I have HUGE leg and glute muscles, and my upper body is smaller because i don’t work my upper body. I feel healthy because i’m fit!! HEALTH IS KEY!

  • liz

    the photo proves that people can be pretty at any size.

    now, can someone explain how being a b*tch about the photo benefits anyone? If you happen to be ‘all that’ get a f*$&ing modeling career and don’t waste your time kvetching online.

  • junebug2b

    Wow….you people are cruel and insane….this is not a plus sized girl….she looks beautiful and has a nice body! What some one weighs DOES NOT matter… is time to stop with sites like this…you are ruining you ladies everywhere!

  • Ella

    I think she’s hot. She’s curvy, her skin is healthy. There’s nothing unhealthy about her weight…it’s not a great deal more than average, and she looks like she takes care of herself. Rather her than a stick anyday.

  • Erik

    Alright, there’s seems to be a lot of negative comments on this beautiful women, probably because most commenting on this site are anorexic women. Now I’m about to add a man’s perspective. This women is beautiful, not just her face but her entire body, and her curves are great. For once I am seeing an attractive woman in the media instead of a anorexic woman with the body of a 16 year bold. Sorry to say but anorexia is not beautiful and well lead to a short-term life. Physically, this woman has everything a man wants in a woman. You don’t believe, ask any guy who you are not in a relationship with that can give you an honest answer.

  • Meg

    Noticed how all of these comments come from women? Women are the most critical of each others’ and their own bodies… so don’t get offended by another female saying that there’s nothing special about your body, or that your fat, or too skinny or whatever – because, unless you’re attracted to other women, it’s the opinion of men that matter, and different men are attracted to different body types… so just hush!

  • Maceynicole93

    I personally think think that she is absolutely gorgeous. I myself am a size 16 but do not look iot at all. However, I do not like my body and I am a tad insecure about it. Seeing a plus size model makes me feel good about myself in knowing that there are other women out there who have the same body type as myself and still manage to look stunning,

  • Natasha

    She has the perfect and very feminine body in my opinion 🙂
    and she’s beautifull