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Real-Size Models Walked the Runway in Fashion Show

Real-Size-Models-Walked-the-Runway-in-Fashion-Show - Real-Size Models Walked the Runway in Fashion Show

They’re not your average size 2 models and they’re not plus size models either – they’re real size models or normal size models, as in sizes 8-12.

And they’ve finally been incorporated in a fashion show, more precisely, in Mark Fast’s Spring 2010 Fashion Show.

Why did the designer choose them? Here’s the explanation from the creative director of the brand:

“The decision to use fuller girls is something we have been talking about. There’s an idea that only thin and slender women are able to wear Mark’s dresses and he wanted to combat that. We wanted women to know they didn’t have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress – curvier women can look even better in them.”

Hmm… ok, then they should have picked more flattering underwear (just a thought).

Real-Size-Models-Walked-the-Runway-in-Fashion-Show-2 - Real-Size Models Walked the Runway in Fashion Show

On a more important note, what do you guys think of the real-size models initiative? I mean, you’ve got the size 0-4 skinny models dominating the runways, we’ve got the occasional size 12 and up plus-size models as well… I always wonder why we don’t get more of the size 6-12 models, especially since so many women fall in this category? Even more, the majority of the typical skinny models are underweight (not saying that they’re not healthy, because some are naturally skinny) and the plus-size ones are mostly overweight (again – not saying that they’re not healthy, we can’t assume that)…

But it just makes sense that we need more models with healthy BMIs – and sizes 6-12 are a great source for that.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: I am including 2 more pictures from the same show – skinny models this time. The look (hair and make-up) was unflattering for all of them. Check out after the jump!

Real-Size-Models-Walked-the-Runway-in-Fashion-Show1 - Real-Size Models Walked the Runway in Fashion Show

Real-Size-Models-Walked-the-Runway-in-Fashion-Show-3 - Real-Size Models Walked the Runway in Fashion Show

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  • jjj

    I guess the only shameful part is that this is probably based on the anti-skinny movement which seems to be a minority of people, just they have a loud voice. The movement which insists any woman at a lower weight than the very magical “ideal weight”, which seems to somehow vary between women, usually depends on if the woman was ever photographed at a heavier weight, must have an eating disorder or be unhealthy.

    I think the fact of the matter is that generally clothes looks better on skinny women than heavier women. That is why fashion shows use thinner women. While I am certainly not saying that these women are overweight, I hope things don’t come to the few minority people who are just against thin people to change the fashion industry forever.

    • Casey

      I agree with you.

      What I would someday like to see is both thin women and “real” sized women on the SAME runway (real in quotes because all women are real, of course). Right now it seems that there are two sides of fashion: those that support the established skinny-is-better and the break-outs that support anything-but-skinny.

      I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that the latter is just using bigger or average-sized women as a gimmick rather than them truly caring about how women see themselves. They noticed the backlash the public has against the anorexic modeling industry and decided to jump on the bandwagon. If they truly cared about how women see themselves, then their runway would consist of thin, average, and plus sized women. *shrug*

      • jill

        i totally agree. you are right about them jumping on the bandwagon. this is just a fad and won’t last long. they should put women of all sizes on the runway at the same time if they really cared about this cause but they won’t cuz it’s just a publicity stunt.

        • stajjny

          Couldn’t agree more! It’s either superskinny models or these so called “average” sizes.

          You should all google Lara Stone, she isn’t superskinny like the ordinary models. She looks slim, but not plus size or skinny 🙂 I really like her! More girls like her on the catwalk.

          • Casey

            I Googled her, she is really pretty. If you like her you might also like Candice Swanepoel. She’s also slim-but-not-skinny. I would love to see more models like them instead of some of the freakishly thin models some fashion shows have.

          • Bella

            but lara stone is skinny…
            anna wintour likes her -which proves what i just said haha :p –

        • Ruxi

          Or Doutzen Kroes.

      • Casey

        This is in response to my own comment: I didn’t know they included thin women on the runway for this show as well as average women. Good for them. To me that makes it less of a “gimmick.”

        Something about the dresses/hair/makeup/lighting doesn’t make any of them look great though. I’m sure in real life all of them look very nice.

    • mermaid

      clothes look best on people who are FIT. not skinny. not fat. i am not going to say the women in these photos are fat, because they are not, but they are not the most ‘fit.’ and neither are the thin models. the dresses look pretty bad on both the thin girls and the bigger girls. they are pretty bad dresses, actually, but someone like bar rafielli or deutzen would look best in them. if they want to sell clothes, that is what they should do. i don’t look at any of these women pictured and think i want my body to look like that. but i would think that og bar or deutzen.

      high fashion seems to interest mainly those in the fashion industry and die hards. so if those people are happy with homely models, fine. but the clothes DO not look best on them. it is not a ‘minority’ who don’t like too thin women…most people would like to see clothes on those with fantastic bodies and it would sell best. but as i said, if high fashion is interested in keeping models thin, then its their choice, because it is a small group, and maybe the voice of reason is in the minority there. but i can assure you that most people would like to see mass marketed clothing modeled by people who are fit, regardless of size. and that is where i would like to see a change.

  • Nkeon

    Completely agree with you Versus!

    People forget that not all women are ultra thin or plus-sized!
    In fact I think many of us are inbetweeners that don’t relate to thin models or plus-size models. Then, to be honest, i’m not so bothered about the use of thin models on the catwalk because I don’t see it as how i’m supposed to look, I see it as a way to save on materials and to create an exclusive look to make their clothes seem more prestigious. However, if they feel that better representation is needed on the catwalk then it’s nice for them to realise that not every women is in one of the extreme categories.

    Not too fond of the term ‘real-size’ to be honest because all sizes are as real as the world is round.

    • Versus

      Yes, I am not fond of the “real size” term either – I guess they needed something to describe the “in between” category.
      Anyway, it’s not my term, hope you guys know that 🙂

      • Nkeon

        Yeah, I figured it wasn’t your term, don’t worry.
        Funnily enough I would prefer ‘In between’ as the name for the category.
        The ‘in betweeners’! Could have a flare to it……!

  • suzushii

    Ugh, thanks modern PC society for totally ruining the word “REAL” for me.

    REAL size, REAL women, REAL curves *barfs in a bag*

    There’s no such thing as a REAL size. Is size 2 a FAKE size? Are they magically corsetting their bodies into the FAKE size 2?

    And I love how they always compare the CATWALK sizes 0-4 (which are actually a LOT smaller then the store sizes 0-4, like, a catwalk size 4 would probably dress from the kids section or as an adult size 0 from most shops) with the STORE sizes 8+

    somehow bypassing that area where most women can be both slim, and healthy, and have curves, and be skinny all at the same time – sizes 4-8. It’s such a false dilemma. It’s not either skinny or size 8+. It’s whatever size looks good on you, and if they want to be PC about it, keep models of all sizes, which look good. Which is, you know, possible at ALL healthy sizes – 0-12s and even beyond if blessed with a very unlikely physique.

    • neonilla

      I think what they mean by “real” is “the average in real life”, just a short word because it would waste time to say it that way everytime

  • Sidney

    Well it’s basically all said in the above comments, all sizes are real, good to promote a variety of bodytypes, “real” is a stupid term, AND, what i really agree with: “if the woman was ever photographed at a heavier weight, must have an eating disorder or be unhealthy” (if she’s skinny). I think the term natural weight has been taken too far. I know i have a tendency to gain weight (or rather, indulge in goodies too much, wirn), but i don’t think having been bigger means i can’t maintain a skinnier physique in a healthy way. And also, if someone has been skinny all trough their teenage years or even longer, it doesn’t mean they’re meant to be that way more than others, some people are actually undereating their whole lifes and not getting enough vitamins etc and don’t even realize it (does not apply to all skinny people!)

    • Sidney

      Oh and on the models: they look good but i don’t think the clothes fit all too well. Or as Versus pointed out, a better set of lingerie wouldn’t hurt.

      • i actually have a feeling they were mocking the idea of using bigger models and made them look crappy. yes indeed a model thats not size 0 requires a bit more work to look better but they could have done that. i feel like they made her wear her underwear like that to make her look bad.

      • Jen

        I’m all for using women of all sizes, but the models pictured just aren’t doing it for me. I don’t know if it’s the hair or the makeup or even the clothes, but something isn’t adding up.

    • Instant


      “AND, what i really agree with: “if the woman was ever photographed at a heavier weight, must have an eating disorder or be unhealthy” (if she’s skinny).”

      This isn’t necessarily true, but I would have to say that if she went from a “heavier” BUT still healthy weight and she went down to what can be called “skinny”(which, to me, means she’s close to, or is, underweight), it would make me wonder why she did it, how she did it, and if she really is any healthier at the “skinny” weight. Not all women that go from “heavier” to “skinnier” is supposed to be that way(Hillary Duff), BUT there are some that do lose the weight and look even better for it(Leann Rimes). I don’t automatically assume that a woman that goes smaller is suffering from an ED, and I won’t say she’s unhealthy until I’ve compared how she looked before and after, ’cause not all of them are that way. The ones that I have said are unhealthy really do look unhealthy to me after their weight loss. Like Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup a while ago, they didn’t look like they should have lost weight, and are looking better now, and it has nothing to do with me seeing them photographed “heavier” and then “skinny”, I’d never seen them before they were shown at their skinny sizes.


      The models look good, the clothes are just blech(on ANY size, IMO 😛 ), they should have worn better fitting lingerie, better hair and make up, and what the heck is up with their expressions? They look miserable.

  • Mike

    This post tasted like a real article, I enjoyed it!

    I would like to see more “between-size” models on the runway. I don’t understand why fashion should be represented by skinny models? Hangers can carry the clothes as nice as skinny models can (was that cruel?).

    Aren’t you gals angry about this situation? Majority of women can’t see anything on the runway for themselves.

    I know, maybe I’m a clueless guy, but can anybody explain that to me. Thank you!

    PS: I agree with the underwear selection

    • Mnemosyne

      Women can generally tell the difference between themselves and a high fashion runway model. There’s nothing to really be too angry about, the purpose of the model is in fact a moving clothes hanger. Plus it’s a lot easier to fit clothes to skinny up-and-down models of the same shape than it is to fit people of different shapes. Personally, I wouldn’t wear anything on most runways, mostly because they’re incredibly impractical even by my standards, as opposed to not being able to identify with the models.

    • AG

      Hey in regards to your hangars comment, If anyone on this site reads the book fashion babylon it is a great book to see a certain side of the fashion industry. A comment from the book is about how they might as well use those hangers that they have at drycleaners which rotate the clothes around the room on a sort of lever system, it woul dsave having to hire models and still show off the clothes. I thought it was funny.

  • babyvincer

    I think their bodies are ok, but it looks like their underwear and the clothes are a size too small, making them appear largrer.
    There are all different sizes, they should have a wide range of shapes and sizes, not just the larger type.
    And also, why in the world do they have to make their faces and hair look like they are in a 3 day drug haze or a dead zombie? The so called “heroin chic” look is NOT a good image.

    • Mike

      I was going to say the same thing about the makeups.

    • Rachel

      You hit the nail on the head, they could have made the girls (particularly the ‘bigger’ models) look AMAZING with some well fitted underwear, clothes to suit a more curvy shape, as well as gorgeous hair and make up.

      but they didnt.

      perhaps by making the models look sub-par, its meant to make the clothes look more glam?

  • Rose

    their body’s look ok but the clothes look terrible on them O.o anyway, i’d like to see some more size 6-8 girls. i think that would be a great size for the runway.

    • fts

      I completely agree. I feel that those models who are naturally skinny are good (I have several 0 and 00 friends) but can’t those women (like me) who do where a size 6 get their representative on then runway? I also have plus-size friends so I’m okay with all models as long as they are healthy and represent ALL body types. Right now it seems that us 6s and 8s are being skipped over.

  • Denisa_Totally_Spy:*

    those dresses are so unflattering, gosh !

  • lily

    Their bodies look good but the hair and make-up is hideous.

    • india

      no wonder they look so depressed.

      • lily

        It’s like they TRIED to make them look half-dead…not a good look IMO.

  • Julie

    Why not have a few girls model the same outfit? Say from size 0-6. Or clothes that flatter different body types. But please I don’t think the notion of advertising a woman with too many curves will ever happen. I mean come on they are trying to sell clothes not turn discourage people from buying them. I mean we have got to be real. A happy medium would be good.

    • Casey

      I actually like that idea. It would be nice if you had a size 2 model, a size 6 model, and a size 8+ model wearing the same dress on a runway. Then you can compare how it looks on a thin vs. average vs. plus-size woman.

      Unfortunatly that would require extra clothing to be made and extra models to be hired and I don’t see that happening any time soon. :/

  • ibaby

    i think it’s good that they’re opening the runway up to those that are not in the extreme categories. However, i don’t think the dresses look flattering on the women pictured, and it’s not because they’re not super skinny. I agree that the runway should include ALL shapes and sizes together, but i think they should also start incorporating different heights as well! I’m actually a model myself (print and import) and it sucks that i would never be considered for runway because i’m super short. i do wear sizes 00 and 0, but do not look nearly as pin thin as the usual runway models because they’re like a foot taller than me. ALL sizes should be included on the runway because everyone comes in different shapes, sizes and heights!

  • Shena

    I think they should use skinny models for the runway. I have a hard time focusing on the dress with bigger models. It is fine to use bigger models for print media etc, but for the runway I don’t think it works.

  • Okay, Great but why do they look miserable?? They don’t look very ahppy to be wearing those outfits.

  • the idea itself is great but when we’re about to change things why not also change the attitude they carry on the catwalk

    it fits to the skinny models when they link exhausted, depressed and in desperate need for something to eat
    but for this normal girls, wouldn’t it be nice to see them smile? at least a little??

  • Cathy

    I love the initiative, but let’s be honest: they should have done more flattering clothes! If they want to see “real” women dressed in their clothes ok, but give them smth wearable, not lacey dresses that show the extra pounds.

  • c3

    I wrote a mouthful, just wanted to share…don’t read it if is too much…and if you do, please don’t then gripe that it was too long 🙂

    I think these women look nice. Their undergarments might need adjusting though. They are not “fat”…our perception of what fat is, has become very distorted over the years.

    Today, models are substantially smaller/frailer looking/bonier, than models from “back in the day”. I remember in the 80’s when Cindy Crawford was tha sh*t (and I don’t really recall seeing bones jutt out anywhere on her) She was a slender woman with a nice waist-hip ratio and gorgeous face, even without make-up slathered on it. I remember one picture of her from the back in a gold looking suit or something…with sand on her skin. It was a gorgeous picture of her figure…today however, I am willing to bet that someone would say her bum looked too big, or her thighs were too thick…( yes, in some pictures, her thighs touch when her feet are close together…OhNo…wait, isn’t that normal??? or are your thighs supposed to be the same size as your calves?)

    I just think it is kinda crazy that things have gone from a still very slender, but not frail looking, 5’9″ and 130 lb. Crawford to say Marisa Miller at 5’8″ and 110 lbs. Yes, I know some find her figure, or let’s say Miranda Kerr’s so great…but I do not. I think Miranda Kerr looks like a breeze could knock her over, and very frail/bony…and Marisa Miller…well I think the same really (that is my opinion)
    I find it sad that most models today could probably share clothing with my 9 year old niece. I do not find that bones jutting out or frail looking women to be something to promote.

    Oh, and a woman at say 5’9″ and a size 12 is not “overweight/fat” it is highly different than a woman of 5’2″ being a size 12. I do think that you can’t argue the fact that a woman standing at 5’10” and size 0-2 to most likely be underweight. There are different builds, bone structures, and types of bodies out there. Women like Laila Ali, Gabrielle Reece, Sophia Loren, Jane Russell…they are/were gorgeous women…and not a size 2 and back in the day Loren and Russell, or Monroe…that was beautiful…today I am sure someone would call one of these women “fat”. Even further back, they actually sold a product called “wate on” with the advertising slogans saying “don’t be skinny, look better by adding pounds” it was actually the other way around! the skinny picture was in the background with the woman with more of a “figure” in the foreground.

    I honestly am tired of seeing frail looking women on the runway, in movies, in magazines, on TV…etc. I do not think that it is intelligent to promote an underweight or “too thin” looking woman to young girls and young ladies. Saying that is what beautiful is…that size 0-2 is what beautiful means, when for a lot of women, it is not realistic. It is all utterly ridiculous and a woman with an ample bust, defineable waist, full hips and a bootie, with thicker thighs, can look just as good in a dress as a woman with the figure of a department store manequin.

    I am not knocking thinner women, or larger women, the fashion and entertainment industry is doing so however, by saying that if your not a size 0-2, or when you bend over or sit down, if heaven forbid your stomach isn’t washboard, then you are not acceptable.
    Real people have flaws! stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tone, freckles, spider veins, love handles, a pudgy spot…get over it. It doesn’t mean they are not beautiful.

    We should be more concerned about raising a generation of unhealthy kids who get serving sizes far too large when they eat, and who play PSP all day. We should focus more on health than what the scale says.

    • nabile

      We should be more concerned about raising a generation of unhealthy kids who get serving sizes far too large when they eat, and who play PSP all day. We should focus more on health than what the scale says

      totally agree with that….
      we are always talking about weight but that number is stupid cause they are a lot of women out there, who have different body tipes, heights, frames, bone structure or whatever.. so who cares how much you weight if is between your healthy zone, if you do cardio at least 3 times a week, if you eat your vegetables, if you drink water.. we should be concern about that, and teaching our kids to look up for the healthy lifestyle, and im not speaking about going veggie is just being healthy.. cause im my mind a skinny model is just not my type of beauty but overweight people either, because normally they tend to be unhealthy, and the damage they are doing to their bodies is going to be visible anytime soon

  • awau

    If Mark Fast was trying to prove that his dresses are flattering he failed miserably! I am actually a little offended by this. Out of all the absolutely gorgeous women out there this is what he comes up with?! C’mon now. It’s almost like he’s sabatoging the same movement he claims to promote.

    For “real” clothes, I think they should use fuller models that are apple shaped, pear shaped, ruler, hourglass, etc- you know, the people they are selling the clothes to. It would be really great to see how clothes actually fit and look on different body types. That way you can really fall in love with designers or items that would look good on you instead of falling in love with something you have no chance in hell of pulling off!

    Extrememly skinny models are fine for Haute Couture or these other crazy runway shows where the clothes are mostly just conceptual. They should show a variety of shapes and sizes for “real” clothes that they actually want to sell to the public, though. Of course most designers are going to choose skinny models. Skinny models are a way for designers to cheat. Everything looks good on them so they don’t really have to think about designing for different shapes.

  • elsa

    they look awful. ew.

  • pia

    it doesnt looks good..

  • Kelli

    These women look horrible. They look so washed out and tired. Why didn’t they make them more flattering. ARG!

  • xo

    Frist off, bleh..the women look just terrible.. their hair/makeup/dresses are just god awful!! Their bodies are fine.. just the underwear paired with the unflattering see-through dresses makes then look less appealing than they really are.. I would just think that If this “Mark” designer TRULY wanted to showcase “real sizes” (whatever the fu*k that means) and sell his clothes to these alleged “real sized women” that he would do it in a way that glorified these “real” bodies by making them look stunning on the runway.. but I feel like he made these women really unattractive, when they have the potential to shine.

    I agree that the fashion industry has gotten out of hand.. I liked the point where someone commented about Cindy Crawford vs. Marissa Miller. I believe this point exemplifies just how out of hand this “super-skinny” regulation has become. May I just say that no one has ever blown me away like the ever beautiful Cindy Crawford. 5’9 and 130 is beautiful, inspiring YET healthy and attainable.. I have been slightly brainwashed by this skinny campaign..because I think M. Miller and many other very skinny models are HOT.. and have unfortunately realized that when I see a healthier, curvier girl in the LIMELIGHT and think overweight and thats sad.. however.. I do think their needs to be a line. NOT everyone can be models.. so the range of 0-12 step right up seems unreasonably “PC” or idealistic. thats just not how the world works. I DO think they should start promoting top models, like Cindy Crawford, or Christie Brinkly, Elle Mcpherson that have slightly bigger frames than these current emaciated women.. and in time, maybe this super skinny beauty ideal will become a thing of the past.

  • Sharen

    I don’t have a problem with them choosing “average” sized models…but why are they so out of shape? I mean their stomachs and all…or maybe it’s just the underwear? are they secretly trying to mock them? Why didn’t they choose a size 8 that was fit? I like the idea of models being all different sizes…but I think you can be a size 8 and have a waist and stuff…the first one on the left just doesn’t look right…it might be the underwear…

    They also look older then other models…if thin models have to retire at 25 then so should the others..

    And all these women look unhappy (the average and the thin ones)

  • Alias

    I’m sorry, but if they think showing those women in those outfits will make me want to buy their clothes – they are very wrong, I do NOT want to look that that. Now Alessandra Ambrosio in those outfits is something I would want to look like…

  • Jemima

    Okay, good to see them using average-sized women. However, the makeup/hair were kind of crap, and the choice of underwear could have been better.

  • Sara

    Fashion, in my opinion, is about the clothes. Designer clothes have a better silhouette when they are draped on thin models. I’m not saying that thin model are healthier or prettier. But I do think that you get a better idea of the concept the designer portrays when the clothes are the main focus and the body does not take the forefront.

  • well i want to say that it’s great that they have women from sizes 6-12 because you don’t normally see that on runways. it’s either too skinny or being very voluptuous. there’s nothing wrong with that but why not represent women that aren’t curvy or too thin because they are women that’s out there and i hate the term “real” and how they use it because first off, let’s get one thing straight ALL women of ALL sizes are real. there are women who do wear size 2 or even a zero but they look nothing compare to the women you see on the runway, so does that mean they’re not real? that’s what people never try to look at. they think they can say what they want about a woman’s body and not see how it will affect young girls around the world. if you disrespect thin women, saying they’re not real, women are supposed to be feminine not masculine, etc. how you think it will make them feel? we shouldn’t pick on women that do have curves but why do the same to women that don’t? it means you’re just as bad as hollywood and the media that trash talk women that have fuller breasts, butts and thighs. it seems that this whole body issue will never end because it seems no one really cares as much as they talk about it because if they do young girls wouldn’t be feeling like crap when it comes to their bodies. as for models on stage, why do they look so dead as if they don’t want to be there? at the end of the day, i’m tired of people or society saying what women should look like, and i know i’ve said this so many times but why should it care or matter? but i guess some will never stop and think about it.

    • Mnemosyne

      I wonder if transgendered women feel offended when people talk about “real women”

    • Nkeon

      Completely agree!

  • Juliette

    They ALL look like hell.
    They all look like that runway is the last place they want to be.

    Forget about the sizes of models, how about some who don’t look like they just sniffed a line before rolling out of bed?

  • Anya

    ugh, get these fat soccer moms off the runway.. the skinny models look 100000000000000000000000000000000000x better!
    People who have money to buy expensive designer clothes should use some of that money to hire a good personal trainer and nutritionist first!

    • Instant

      Huh, if that’s what “fat” soccer moms look like that, I want to be “fat”.

      • Alias

        Instant, no offense but you always seem to have some sort of a reply for other people about their opinions, just let the girl comment about her opinion. If she thinks the skinny models look 100000000 times better then let her think that. Nothing you say or I say or anyone says can change her mind. I just know that it’s super lame when I have an opinion and I can’t say it for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or something like that. It would be better if this site would be more relaxed of people’s personal opinions, no matter how “out there” they may seem.

        I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but sometimes you just have to let people have their opinions, you know?

        • Instant

          My comment was a light hearted poke at that person’s opinion that those women are fat when they are not, in fact, fat. I didn’t lecture her like I normally would, or tell her that she needs to get help, or even accuse her of spreading a pro-ana message. I just made a joke at her opinion. I am letting her have her opinion, but I’m also allowed to disagree with it, aren’t I?

        • i agree.

        • Nkeon

          I have to agree as well

    • babyvincer

      What! You haven’t seen beautiful, moms that are in shape??? I take offense to that ignorant comment! Most moms today look better than the obese generation that is growing up now! I take it you are not a mom or an adult.

    • Kae

      Fat soccer moms??? Most moms I see at soccer games are pretty fit, usually because they play the sport themselves and they want their children to be active. Whatever…

  • xo

    hu.. Anya, I always thought you as pro-curvy?

  • burntflowersfall

    I agree with the designers statement that curvier women can look better than skinny models in some of his designs because they are very body hugging and yeah that would look awesome on a curvy but still tight girl like a Beyonce or Salma Hayek. And yeah the choice of undergarments was a major flaw in the presentation. I think celebrating all body types is a cool idea and all but Im thinking this is more a publicity stunt.

  • gabby

    shows you why they use skinny models on the catwalk. the clothes look better. the womens size is wonderful, but the clothes dont look right on them.

  • Miranda

    I think the “real-size” models are beautiful and all, but those outfits simply aren’t flattering on them. There are bulges and they look awkward, they need some sort of “smoothing” undergarment.

    Most fashion just looks better on thin women, if they were going to put “plus-sized” models on the runway they should at least make their outfits flattering.

    • Lulu

      I was thinking that exactly. They are beautiful women and im glad that they have turned away from the size zero thing and all, but the clothes are very unflattering and actually makes them look bigger than they are. No matter what size any one is, the right dress size can make them look a million times better than a person trying to fit into clothes a size smaller!

  • klara

    to style the normal-sized girls in “heroine chic” is obviously a fail, these girls look too well-fed to pull it off. besides they are not just normal-sized, but also quite flabby, which might give the impression, that normal sized means not toned. i know a lot of very sexy and healthy sized women who are toned indeed. those girls look horrible – they are unsportive and therefore flabby, wear miserable make-up and clothes twoo

  • terri

    the reason skinny girls model is because fashionable clothes look better on skinny women theirs women look out of shape they are also fat this aint a good look the clothes look awful on them why would someone send them down the runway not everyone is fat im a size 2-4 and can’t relate to these women im 5’2 yet no1 my heigh or size graces the catwalks because tall thin women look better in clothes curvy girls look better in bikini and underwear because they are sexy thats a fact ok so stop sending these people down the runway

    • dani

      So you think these ”people” don’t deserve or have the right to be models or on the catwalk?

      • terri

        i dont think they should be models nope clothes look better on thin girls that a fact you only have to look at this girl to know she looks crap

        • dani

          Maybe not all the clothes are looking good on them because the designer didn’t took time to actually make them look good in them but at least they are tall and can wear them…and i don’t see any fat that is so gross that can make me look away.These people are the ordinary women who struggle with diets,kgs and thyroid(if that’s correct) the so called fat women.But where is the fat?!?!

          • I’m sorry but I agree with Terri.
            Models are supposte to be thin, PERIOD.

  • Juliette

    I’d like to see more models of other ethnicities on the runway: more Asian, Black, Latina, and Middle Eastern models would be appreciated.

    And not just the five or six we have in rotation now…

    • Nkeon

      Amen to that!

    • Mnemosyne

      I laughed at this because I fully just imagined myself as a minority on the run way, at 4′ 11″. But yeah, I completely agree with you.

  • dani

    I agree with Mark’s idea,i think we all deserve a chance to be models i’m a size 4-6 and i’ve been struggling all my life (since 5-6 cuz my dad thought i was fat and needed to lose weight) to be a size 2 but i can’t and i’m sure that all of us tried to lose few extra kgs that just won’t disappear or dreamt to be a model or actually fit in designer’s clothes which are made for skinny people.I think all should do the same bring some normal women we would get an idea about the clothes for which type of bodies they are for.

  • I will honestly say that those models don’t look good, especially in the tight dresses.
    Models should be thin, having said that I think they should be of size 8-10(UK) which is american 4-6….?
    Those sizes will keep the models looking thin thus making the clothes look good but will also not endanger them to the point of starvation and mythical size 0s.
    Somebody commented on how Lara Stone is ‘healthy’ but she herself said that she is tired of being known as the ‘fat’ one and has embarked on a diet and exercise regime.

  • awau

    I came across the Excel Models website and I think they look AMAZING!Especially:

    Philippa Allam (whose measurements are: 36C-29-41)

    Pollyanna McIntosh (34D-28-39)

    Jen Hunter (34dd-30-40)

    Tina Feller (36B-29-41)

    What do you guys think?

    • They are kind of fat to be a fashion model.
      Sorry, but pretty faces though:)

  • Mirabela

    You know?!
    This is interesting.

    When a model is thin, everybody observe the skinny girl/woman who wears it.

    When a model is normal size or plus size, everybody observe the dress.

    It is obvious!
    The dress begin to have forms when is on forms.
    Otherwise is just a tube of sac.

  • Brittany

    It kinds looks like the dresses were made for the thinner models but at the last minute the designer decided to I don’t know… “make a statement”??? and use other models. And a real size??? I don’t imagine a 2 is make-believe, like its part of some sort of mystical world with fairies and unicorns, all sizes are real. Why can’t someone smaller be “normal size”??? Like if not “normal” the have some sort of disorder. Give me a break *rolls eyes*

    • Brittany

      Other than that the clothes don’t look very nice 🙁

  • Lauren

    what are you all talking about? these woman don’t even look good. Listen people, most desginers are GAY. Since they would literally really die to have a woman’s body (nice hips and boobs) they want to torture models and make them wear high heels and teensy miniskirts that are so tight you can’t run. They made models THAT thin so theyre just mannequins. ”The body”. They just carry the clothes, it’s like they don’t really exist or anything. They don’t smile and dont get a lot of makeup so they dont drive attention to their faces or their body. Who likes an Auschwitz/teenage boy looking girl? So it’s not that they want other people actually WANTING to look like that. They get skinny models so it’s all about their clothes and nothing about the girl who has actually starved herself for three days and eaten nothing but…well, coke.

    • Casey

      1) Where do you get your facts from regarding designers and what body they would like to be? Assumption? I don’t think what you said is at all true. And most designers are women actually.

      2) You sound like one big ball of bitter over nothing. People weren’t attacking the models because they were too large, they were saying they don’t look good in those clothes and that make up. So no reason to retaliate on thin women.

  • AG

    Those clothes are hideous

  • shawna

    “real size” models are not used in fashion shows because skinny women look better in clothes…duh..why is there a misunderstanding about this?

    • Fluffykins

      Because skinny women don’t, in fact, look better in clothes. I’m not saying they don’t/can’t look good in clothes, I’m just saying they aren’t the only ones that do/can look good in clothes. Not all styles are proper for a skinny frame, just as not all styles are proper for a fuller frame, so why should we only see the clothes on skinny frames?

      • Anna Rexia

        Because the fashion industry is mainly run by gay men who like the women to look like skinny boys.

        Who cares anyway. The skinny’s look great in clothes, and make people want to buy them.

  • Hannah

    in all honestly, i thought these were men.

  • Sam

    These women look so miserable! Shes gonna drop dead lol. Whats the point so such a job??

    As a man I have never understood one thing. The fashion industry is run by women who make these model diet so they can reach size 0. Why do the so called “real women” blame men when they see these women??? They say we want to be skinny because that’s what men like. I would never want my women to be a size 0 and I speak for the majority of men. A size 8-10 is far off from a 0 and is not too skinny.

  • Pingback: “Plus-Size” Models Walk the Runway at London Fashion Week | Skinny VS Curvy()

  • Julie

    They all look unhappy, the plus-size ones included. I would think that they’d look more cheerful, after all, they don’t have to do a week of detoxing beforehand, they can eat as much as they want.

  • Raam

    And don’t think they are average sized. I mean they’re certainly not fat, but where i come from most are slimmer than that.
    I don’t like it when they have slightly havier models and say that this is healthy and this is average. Because I’m used to something slimmer. And I don’t think we should live to this models, offcours we shouldn’t try to look like the skinny ones, but these aren’t a good example either.

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