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WCurve Model Robyn Lawley in Glamour Magazine

featuring-Robyn-in-a-bikini - WCurve Model Robyn Lawley in Glamour Magazine

WCurve model Robyn Lawley is featured in the March issue of Glamour Magazine, in an article which makes a ‘shocking’ revelation: ‘97% of women are unhappy with their bodies and only 3% have no negative thoughts regarding their figures.’

We’ve seen beautiful Robyn before, but this time, we get to see her stats, too (according to Model Management UK):

Height: 6′ /1.82 m

Dress Size: UK 16

Measurements: 36D-32-42 / 91D-81-106

Check out this popular post featuring Robyn in a bikini, then check 2 more after the jump!


featuring-Robyn-in-a-bikini-2 - WCurve Model Robyn Lawley in Glamour Magazine

featuring-Robyn-in-a-bikini3 - WCurve Model Robyn Lawley in Glamour Magazine




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  • Hazal

    Sad but true… I’m not happy with my body either. Nevertheless, I thank God everyday for being healthy. This is more important than having a nice figure!

  • bettycookie

    She looks beautiful! However, at size 16 I wouldn’t look like that and I don’t think many women could get away with it. She’s lucky that she gains weight so proportionately and has no visible cellulite. I suppose being 6′ helps! I think because she is so tall a size 16 on her is comparatively like a 14 on someone who is 5′ 8” and a 12 on someone who is 5′ 4” etc. At size 16 I would be a 12-14 on top and an 18 on the bottom if you get me! I also wouldn’t have such a stunning face either haha. Anyway, whatever her size, she rocks!

    • TT

      she’s a UK size 16–bear that in mind. That’s like a US Size 8.

      • Zoe

        It’s actually, a UK 16 is a US 12

  • deko

    she kooks nice 🙂

    • deko

      I am sorry “looks” :-).. maybe she also “cooks” nice… :-/

  • Sidney

    Well yea i agree she can pull off a size 16 bc she’s also tall, but that’s sort of the point imo, in that it shoudn’t matter what size you are, at least not so much, it boils down to bodytype and what feels and looks good to you. She’s pretty.

  • apricotmuffins

    the fact that some people can call that ugly and fat completely galls me.

    • Mia

      she reminds me of old hollywood…her beauty is sort of an old school glamorous one.

    • skinnyme??

      I didn’t read anyone calling her ugly or fat??

      • i think she was saying generally, a lot of people would see her and think she looks heavy or like she should lose weight. i can’t imagine anyone calling her ugly though her face is beautiful

    • Alexa

      “Some” people can say anything for any reason. Nobody here’s saying she’s ugly or fat. On the contrary, she’s a fine example of someone who is genuinely “bigger” rather than actually being fat.

    • Jen

      But isn’t everyone entitled to their opinion? Everyone has different ideas of what constitutes ‘fat’.

  • Lisa

    Obviously, she has a great body type. The fact that her waist is only 81 cm already shows it. I am a size 12/14 (depends on the brand) and I have a much bigger waist. She is very proportioned and she is tall. Beautiful lady, although I would like to know how her skin looks without airbrushing. I think the colour is very nice, but I would be surprised if she doesn’t have any cellulite or “wobbly bits”, as betty cook presumes.

    • Claudia

      My hips are about the same size as hers, and my waist is 5 cm smaller than hers. But the circumference of my boobs is 5 cm smaller too, I guess that’s the disadvantage of being pear shaped.
      I’m slightly shorter too, but I would love to have her body (or even better, be my height and be as proportional as her) 🙂

      • esther

        My hips are as wide as hers but my waist is ‘only’ 68 cms. I really hate my hips but it’s so weird on other women I can find it really hot.

  • Emmaly

    She looks pretty :]

    Versus, I would like to know what is my body type..I have a picture but i don’t want to post it here :/ Can I send you it with the contact form?

    • Versus

      mail removed*

      • Emmaly

        Thank you! I sent you an email :]

  • Nikki

    She is the first around here to be my size. I’m the same height as her, and probably the same weight, i wear a UK14-16. I do wish I wasn’t this tall and big built, and that i didn’t have such a hard time losing weight, but it’s nice to see a model this size look so good – it gives me more confidence.
    And there’s nothing really i can do about it. And i guess i’m lucky in the way that like her i can be this big but it looks okay because of my proportions. People would never guess i weigh as much as i do because of my height.

    I love watching pics of skinny celebrities, but it’s not really attainable for me, so it’s also nice once in a while to see someone like her, because i can relate to her. Wish i had face like her though 😉 There’s a reson i’m not a plus size model.

    • Michelle

      Nikki praise your Amazonian height and build!

    • anna

      embrace your height and your body!!!!
      tall is beautiful 🙂

      (i’m almost 6″ tall too and sometimes have days where i hate it but my mum always used to tell me tall is beautiful)

  • Ophelie

    She is very well proportioned. She looks good. Of course, most people take issue with their body due to a problem area I imagine.

  • BBF

    Wow, she is so beautiful…! In a perfect world every girl looks like her.

    • her smile is amazing! she looks really happy and healthy

  • She does have a great body type and her height helps a lot. I have very similar measurements (slightly bigger bust and hips) but I am 5’4″ – so I don’t look the same as she does – wish I was taller! Being her size at 6ft is perfectly normal, I suspect – she certainly doesn’t look chubby or overweight to me. I look ‘big’ at my height though!

    Does anyone else think her head looks small in comparison to her body? I noticed that in the swimsuit post too!

  • st

    she’s very very beautiful, she looks very good, i like her body but i’ve noticed that guys don’t like plus size girls.

    • skinnyme??

      I have to agree with your comment I feel that way also. Although I bet your going to get some flack on this post for saying it.

      • st

        you’re right and i saw the comments… well i’ve talked by experience

        • amazon

          i know what you mean. Of course men have different tastes and yes, in the end they date the woman and not just the facade, but I can also say that when I am out with two of my close friends, one is larger (5’5 and UK16-18) but with a beautiful face and the other very VS body wise, but not a very attractive face. the skinny girl always gets the attention from the boys. my larger friend has quite a loud personality and gets attention because of that- but she works for it, and its not always positive, certainly often not flirtatious. the other friend really doesn’t have to do much except walk in a room.
          So maybe sometimes we don’t have to jump down someones throat and assume they are living their lives purely to ‘please men’, but that maybe being out on the single scene can be a little depressing, especially if you are shy and quiet naturally.

          • st

            you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo right, oh my god, that’s what i’m talking about,i’m 19 years old, i’m quite tall 1.77 and i don’t know my size exactly[i’m confused] but in jeans i wear 40-42 and in dresses from hm for example, i’m wear 12-14, while my freinds are 1.65 and size 2 my body is like the women in renaissance’s paintings, honestly. i’m very shy and quiet naturally, and i have[ if i can say this]: average self esteem, and while men say that they find me kind, funny and generally a good person, no one sees me as a girl who they would like to date. it’s really frustrating….everyone tell me that if i lose weight, i’ll be a knockout and now i’m running miles to slim down but i get so tired and worried and i consume large portions of home cooked meals,so i’ve stucked in the same weight, and i don’t know what to believe anymore. WHAT THE HELL MEN WANT? VS body or they’re ok with plus size and a personality?

          • mel

            @st –

            Don’t change your body for what men want. If YOU think that you’ll look good with a VS-type body, and think you can lose the weight in a healthy way, I say, go for it! You’ll be proud of yourself afterwards and will love the way you look. But if you prefer your body how it is, and are only changing it because of your experiences with men, don’t change anything, unless it’s for health purposes. There’s a guy for everyone – and not just some random guy you don’t care about, but there’s pretty much guaranteed to be an attractive, intelligent man who likes your body type. Even if it isn’t as common in your area – and trust me, I know what I’m talking about, I live in skinnyland LA – plenty of girls at your size still get guys, even if they sometimes don’t attract the initial attention of the smaller sizes.

    • Hazal

      Honey, it doens’t matter what guys think as long as YOU FEEL GOOD & CONFIDENT IN YOUR BODY!

      • Jenny

        @ St
        Yeah, of course you’re right. Plus size girls are all single and never will find a man who loves them or are attracted by them… Come on, saying that men don’t like plus size is girls is the same than saying men only like curves (the Daily Mail post, for example)… Some men like skinny girls and some don’t like them. Some men like curvy girls and some don’t! That’s as simple as that! Stop putting all men in the same basket. They are not little generic robots…

        @ Hazal
        I agree so much with you!! Confidence is sexy and beautiful!! The important thing is not what men (or any other person) might think of you! It is what you mean to yourself and how you relate to yourself that is important! we have to be proud of what we are, not only physically, but also of WHO we are, as human beings, and the choices that we make. Be proud of yourselves!

    • I can’t say that I’ve noticed that men don’t like plus size girls – it really doesn’t matter much what men like, but I certainly don’t think you can say they don’t like plus size girls. There is more evidence to the contrary in fact – but that’s not important.
      Men aren’t that fussy and don’t worry about it as much as we women do – it’s redundant to try to find the ‘type’ that all men like – it doesn’t exist!

      • Jenny

        That is so true! And I hope that everyone noticed that I was being sarcastic with my first reply! Of course men like curvy women, and of course they also like skinny girls! I just wish we could all stop bothering with what men think… That’s annoying that some girls can’t find an identity of their own without always referring to what men like or not… Even more because all men don’t like all the same types of women. We don’t exist only through the eyes of men…

        • Keeping it Real

          well, it IS human nature to wonder what the opposite sex thinks of them. it is absolutely natural and while I agree that we should always strive to look inwards and find love within before we can ask expect such love from others, it is erroneous to presume that there is something wrong with being curious as to what guys or girls (depending on your persuasion) find sexy. There are websites geared predominantly towards men and there are always questions with regards to what WOMEN want/like as well….nothing new. But I agree that in a utopia society all that would matter is what we individually think of ourselves, physically at least.

    • Mrs. L

      For her height and size…us 12, she’s not plus sized. She is however a plus sized model; yes that is different.
      Men, don’t know what the hell size most women wear…so to say they don’t like plus size seems rather silly to me. I guess it just depends on the guy, and the girl.

    • Casey

      I beg to differ on this. I’ve seen lots of men with plus-sized girls, and I know some guys that would prefer a plus-sized girl. Just like I know guys that prefer slim girls. And just like I know guys that prefer an in-between.

      I’ve seen women who don’t carry their weight half as good as this model, with men who appear to really love and cherish them, perhaps too much for a public setting. It depends on the guy.

      And really, am I the only one who is getting tired of this whole, “Well you know what men don’t like plus-sized girls,” or, “Well all the men I know don’t like skinny girls.” It feels like the same thing over and over again. We know different men like different things. If men didn’t find either attractive, they would stop reproducing with these women and either skinny women or plus-sized women would be naturally selected out. Sheesh.

    • mel

      I don’t think that you can say that, because there are quite a few guys with larger girls who are very much attracted to them. Yes, slim is good and imo very attractive, but there’s no one “rule of attraction,” and everyone can find different body types beautiful.

      At the same time, it could also be your area – it is kind of the same where I live, where you don’t see it as often, but you still see it! Over in different parts of the world or even in the country plus size might be better received, you never know.

    • padme

      It is true that most guys don’t like plus sized girls. When I was overweight I never had boyfriends. Ever. Lost the weight and now i have no problem getting dates. People like to spout stupid crap about having more confidence, but I don’t feel more confident. I’m the same person. The only thing that changed is my weight.

      The guys that actually are attracted to bigger girls also have to face possible ridicule from their friends about having fat girlfriend. I’ve heard guys make fun of each other for being “chubby chasers”. It’s sad but true. It’s just not socially acceptable.

      • mel

        I do think it has a lot to do with confidence. I really know I wouldn’t be as confident if I was a few sizes larger, and that would definitely impact my level of attractiveness. For most, I think it would be a confidence boost, although this may not be the case with you.

  • annalee

    there is something especially sexy and appealing about a woman with a curvy, not-too-skinny body that is still healthy and fit. Though I am a victim of today’s pressure to be skinny and will always pursue the “perfect” underweight body, I must admit this is SOOOO much more attractive.

    • Nikki

      I totally agree with this – she’s another type of perfection. I feel the same about pursuing the skinniness thing – although I think that can be equally attractive when it looks natural and healthy – but she is absolutely stunning.

  • Meghan

    She has a pretty face, but I just don’t see how this is a healthy body. Although she is 6 foot and a size 16, her body looks too soft and unhealthy, although she probably actually is healthy for her size. I agree with what others said, her height and larger body structure make it possible for to look like this. While at 5’2, I would probably look like her if I was a size 6 or 8.

    • Kateuk

      She’s a UK size 16 which is comparable to a US size 12. She looks good but size 6/8 at 5ft2 (UK sizes) is more Eva Longoria or Rachel Bilson.

    • Alexa

      I wouldn’t get “soft and squishy” mixed up with “unhealthy.” “Unfit” would perhaps be a better word, because I doubt she’s packing much muscle or else her arms and legs would have more of a contour. I agree that I’d prefer a strong and slimmer body, which would probably be healthier, but there’s really nothing wrong with this model as she is.

      • Nikki

        I agree. But she’s not necessarily unfit. My body looks like hers almost, and i work out and also naturally have a lot of muscle. Both in my legs and my stomach, it’s just not obvious because it’s covered in a layer of squishiness 😉 I think it’s easier for skinny girls to look fit and muscular, i’ve never been able to do that, even at my thinnest where i was in good shape. What are u gonna do 🙂

      • Meghan

        Soft and squishy though is excess fat, which yes we all have, but her lack of tone and definition indicates she has a higher body fat percentage. That is unhealthy.

        • Nikki

          Not necessarily. As i said when i was at my thinnest, i was at a completely healthy weight and worked out a lot, so i was in really good shape, the best in my class actually. We did tests. But i still looked soft and lacked tone. I am simply naturally a heavier weight than most girls.

        • Casey

          “She has a pretty face, but I just don’t see how this is a healthy body.”

          No, that would be normal. I myself prefer more toned figures, but, softness is not unhealthy…it’s actually a natural inclination for female bodies.

          I would say at the point when the softness and squishness starts hanging, that is when you’re probably getting at a too high body fat percent.

          You have to remember, it is perfectly normal and healthy for women to have a body fat percent of up to 25%…which means basically, 1/4th of a woman’s body mass can be fat, and it is a normal thing.

          • Casey

            Oops, in the last comment, I meant to quote

            “Soft and squishy though is excess fat, which yes we all have, but her lack of tone and definition indicates she has a higher body fat percentage. That is unhealthy.”

            Not the thing I quoted.

        • Kateuk

          You are aware that there is quite a broad range when it comes to healthy level of fat. Approx 15-30% is accpetable for females and 35% constitutes obesity. So a woman pushing 30% might look soft and squishy but not be ‘overfat’.

    • A body being soft is no indication of it being unhealthy.

      • agree

      • lindy

        I agree. Women are naturally less muscular than men. She might eat healthy and work out every day. She might not. I work out but still have a nice layer of “soft”. I like it. It brings out my curves 🙂

    • Casey

      “She has a pretty face, but I just don’t see how this is a healthy body.”

      Why not? Softer bodies aren’t necessarily unhealthy, as long as you have properly conditioned muscles underneath the softness. Some people are just naturally on the softer side, and don’t look toned even if they do work out every day.

      I don’t think she looks unhealthy. A lot of people at her size might be, but she in particular looks around a good weight for her frame, so at least in those terms, she is probably healthy.

  • Jenny1232

    It’s easy to look great lying down.. I’m sure standing up wouldn’t look as pleasing… She looks ‘normal’ like that, because in comparison a normal models stomach would be concave and her ribs protruding out…

  • Ophelie

    She really doesn’t look that soft. Although lying down is flattering, people with rolls still have them lying down. I’m sure her body fat percentage is under 30%. She looks healthy enough. I agree with the poster above who pointed out that a short person at size 6/ 8 isn’t really thin.

  • i wish i looked like that! but at my height, not 6 feet. at least lying down her body looks perfect and just soft/curvy enough.. i agree that she reminds me of old Hollywood kind of bodies.. like marilyn monroe and jayne mansfield kind of look. very feminine

  • Kateuk

    She’s perfectly average size for the height. 36D-32-42 and UK size 14/16 (US size 10/12) at 6ft tall is comparable to 32D-28/29-38 and UK size 10/12 (US size 6/8) at 5ft4. It’s not big nor small, just average.

  • julchen

    i find her beautiful. reminds me of Romy Schneider..

  • Sanne

    Now THIS is plussize, not C. Renn.

  • lc

    Meh. Don’t see much appeal, no offense.

  • Well, superficial men like very thin women (obsessed with being so), and men who love women for who they are do just that. They don’t care if youre a size 2 or a size 16, what matters is what is inside. And the girls on this site who criticize anything over 120 lbs belong with those superficial guys.

    • Casey

      “Well, superficial men like very thin women (obsessed with being so), and men who love women for who they are do just that. ”

      This comment is wrong on so many levels. Are you saying that someone who is not a size 2 is not attractive and therefore if a man cared about looks, he would not go out with them?

      Or are you saying that the only way a girl who is a size 2 can get a man is through her looks?

      I think superficial men can go for all sorts of women, likewise, I think so can non-superficial men.

      • mel

        Agree Casey, liking a thin woman doesn’t automatically make a man superficial.

        However, I do notice that a lot of superficial men ARE drawn to very thin women – not even saying that’s even 1% of the guys drawn to skinny girls, but I’ve seen it happen more often than normal weight or larger girls. I think it’s because they are insecure and feel the need to fit into the media’s ideal with a very slim girl on their arm. Of course, this is definitely not the majority case! It is quite rare, actually, but I’ve seen it before.

  • 6ft??? i won’t be crossing her that’s for sure (unless i have my heals on and my nails are long enough to do some serious scratching)

  • cj

    i think she looks great, and anyone who calls her fat needs to take into account her height.

  • Jennifer

    I am 6’2. I’ve been a size US 12, and I looked terrible and dumpy. It’s not just her height. It’s also her bone structure and body type that make her look amazing.

    • Michelle

      WOW! Jennifer you are a TRUE AMAZON!

    • anon

      I know so cool…i wish I was taller so i could carry my weight better! you must have an outstanding presence!

    • mel

      Haha mind giving me some of your inches?

  • Mrs. L

    I think she is very lovely; lucky for her her height and bone structure work to her advantage.
    No, she is not “fat” or “big”. She may have a larger build, but not all women are small boned and pettite. Shes’ gorgeous!

    • Casey

      You’re right Mrs. L, she looks like she has a bigger build. She doesn’t look fat to me. Fat is when you carry too much weight for your build.

  • Casey

    I think she’s okay, but in terms of plus-sized models, I want to see more of Tara Lynn!

    • anon

      Tara Lynn is beautiful but doesn’t she carry extra weight for her build?

      • Casey

        Yes. I think Tara Lynn is actually overweight, in a bad way, but I still think she is beautiful. I think she lost some weight she would be the perfect plus-sized model.

        • anon

          Yeah she is a bit overweight (not like i am the picture of health so i don’t want to be too judgmental)…I think she is lovely as well. Its weird I google imaged her because I don’t know much about her and she is sooooo freakin pretty!!!! that i forget that she is overweight! in some pics where she is clothed and angled she looks fine and plus sized, but in others where she is less clothed she looks much bigger. i wonder about her measurements.

          • Casey

            Well they use angles and photoshop on plus-sized models too. I do think she is actually a bit overweight in a bad way, but like you said, she’s so pretty that when I look at her I really don’t care. 🙂

  • Ophelie

    I think this is a positive image. She has a bigger frame and is gorgeous.

    • anon

      yeah i like that she is extraordinary in terms of size and beauty but seems welcoming in terms image…i’m a fan on her facebook page and she monitors it herself. she seems to have a great outlook and attitude which helps as well

  • Sara

    she’s GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Amanda

    this article frustrates me. it says 97% of wmen are unhappy with their bodies yet they put someone in the article who shows no lumps, bumps, weird proportions etc. She is smooth, curvy and perfect. It’s like we either have to fit into a curvy (in the RIGHT PLACES) or very fit or very slim to be considered pretty. Just because shes a normal size doesn’t mean women are going to be like “yay someone my size. I must be okay!” …maybe it’s just me but i am unhappy with my body because of its slight pear shape and lumps and bumps not because of my size! plus size models are just as “perfect” as straight size models. they have even smooth curves (or lack of) but essentially it’s just a straight size model x 3 and biger boobs. Where are the girls that most of look like that have a bit of a tummy that isnt flat or small boobs etc?

    • mel

      I agree completely. Plus size models are really not much more representative of the average woman than straight size models. Sometimes their faces are more beautiful even than straight size models, and I tend to envy faces more than bodies.

      • Zeka

        Yeah, I tend to notice that. I also notice that plus sized models are usually hourglass shaped and have large breasts. There are other shaped models and actresses, but they are usually still pretty slim. It seems like once you pass a certain size, it’s hourglass or nothing.

        • Ivory

          I’ve noticed that too, they’re all pretty porptionate and usually have nice stomachs. I also notice that there are never any short models! I would like to see a 5’0″ model.
          I would really like to see all nationalities, heights, weights, ages and body shapes represented and advertised as being beautiful.

    • padme

      Yeah when they show some cellulite or stretch marks then I’ll be impressed with articles like this.

  • Alexa

    She doesn’t look like a size 16 to me, but I sure don’t know a whole lot on body type or anything like that. She is absolutely beautiful though and if people call that fat, I would be disgusted. She looks healthy and radiant. A great size!

  • Amanda

    I don’t understand how she can be a size 16. She looks like me and I am 6’0 tall and am a size 12.

    • Nikki

      In UK sizes?

  • She looks quite slim in these pictures. If she was standing up she wouldn’t look as taut. She’s what I’d think of as an Amazon

  • Does anyone else think she looks like mandy moore facially?

  • Jamie

    Wow. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  • Noo that’s not how I meant it! haha im saying superficial men are basically the only men who care about a woman’s size and would say, actually leave a girl if she gained/lost according to his preference

    • mel

      Yeah I understand and I completely agree 🙂
      Those are the men to avoid!

    • Casey

      Oh okay, I get what you’re saying Bethany. 🙂

  • S

    So sick of hearing what men want to hell with men, do they care what women want?

  • like i said in my GP post, a man will like whatever he likes regardless of what size or shape. i know my body has flaws but hey i like them.

  • mel

    Her face! Gah she is so so so beautiful!

  • Anne

    why does everone hate their bodies so much? i love my body so much, sure theres things i would change but you cant be a negative nancy all day and go oh i hate my life i hate my body bla bla

    • mel

      I agree 🙂 I mean, of course there are things I don’t like, but mostly I have a positive body image, and I think that’s definitely a good thing to have!

    • Casey

      “why does everone hate their bodies so much?”

      I think it’s because we live in such a globalized world, where we’re constantly shown images of attractive people, constantly told we’re unattractive to get us to buy stuff (you’re too fat, buy our gym equipment, you’re too shapeless, buy our push up bra, you’re too hairy, buy our razer…etc).

      It takes a lot of effort to get over all of that and start to love your body, but, from my experience it happens when you start acting like you are attractive. Soon you feel like it as well. Knowing your best traits and reminding yourself of them and that they outweigh your flaws is also a good way to keep your confidence high.

  • Kathleen

    I know this isn’t the place but, I can’t stand your video ads.. Popping up at every time and repeatedly when I click on a new article.. I understand that you need ad space to make money to keep this site running.. but it’s ridiculously annoying! Usually I enjoy reading your website while listening to some tunes… But I always have to turn my volume off to tune out the ads..

    I guess what I’m trying to say is.. tone it down, or think of new ways for your ads.. Seriously..

    • CurvyMom

      I agree! Wish there was someway to disable the annoying video ads!

    • Lisa

      Do you use firefox? Get adblock and flashblock then crank that music!!

  • I think that if i was a guy I would love if my wife had a body like that, I think it’s soooooo attractive and sexy!! I’m a girl, straight, and I almost felt like I wanted to touch her when I saw the pics!! lol
    She’s soft yea, but she’s not obese and I wouldn’t call her fat neither, she’s not like a blob with no shape, she’s not “unhealthy-looking” (I hate reading the word “healthy” or “unhealthy” here, we don’t know anyway, even a doctor couldn’t judge on pictures only), she’s tall with a large frame with great proportions, soft nice skin, no cellulite, feminine curves, I love her stomach and bust, her arms and legs don’t look fat at all, she has a gorgeous face… seriously, this woman is beautiful…
    If I had a body like this I would probably be counted in the 3%… my only problems would be finding a taller man (cos I prefer when my man is taller with broad shoulder) and nice clothes (I live in France, clothes sizes here are so tiny, above size 12/14 UK, 42 FR, 12 US, it’s hard to find nice clothes that are à la mode and well cut.. or they’re like 2x more expensive than the regular ones. -_____-

    • Ashes

      Agree with what you’re saying! I’m a straight girl too but I think that if I were a man I’d be really attracted to this type of figure. Her proportions are fantastic!

    • mel

      Lol I’d be intimidated haha. She’s amazonian! Not implying she’s obese or anything, just a large-framed woman. But for the right man, she’s stunning for sure 🙂

  • Cherry

    She looks amazing, this must be her ‘natural’ size, she just looks so healthy.

    But I’d question the statistics, I really hope that 97% of women aren’t unhappy with their bodies. There are parts of mine that I’m not entirely happy with, but I’d never say I’m actually unhappy about my body in general. And this is as somebody with a far from idealized body type!

  • jenny

    GUYS.. check this video out.. it’s with Robyn.. She’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  • CurvyMom

    I think she’s beautiful and feminine.

  • A hint for the ladies men like different shaped and sized women because men also come in different shapes and sizes

    • that has nothing to do with it, it just depends on mind. The mind lets the body know “look! thats hot! that gets you horny!.”

  • I HATE my body! I would do anything to be a size six,

  • Chanel

    i wrote this on another post as wlel

    this is odd…she is 5’10 with those measurments? I am 5’7
    im 36 D ( my actual chest size is 36 and a half and bust 39 half which in victoria secret where i work at…I am a 36 D)
    my waist is 30
    and my butt is 43. yeah big booty but I like it and in my culture its a good thing as long as it goes with the frame.

    but I am a size 9-10. 13 14 is way to big it dangels on me. so how is this so? Shoudn’t i look bigger since I am shorter. and I am for certain 5’7 i just went to doctor and I weigh 160. So im so confused. lol