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Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Name: Katie Green

Age: 22

Nationality: English

Size: UK 12 (US 8-10)

Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

Models for: FHM, Ultimo, Wonderbra

Chosen: Number 3 on Daily Star’s “Best Bodies” List

Was asked to: Lose 2 stone (28 lbs / 13 kg) when she first started modeling…

Which is why… A while back, Katie started a campaign called “Say No to Size 0” that had the goal to “ban all size zero models and models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) from the fashion catwalks.” (source: Katie’s Official site).

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini-2 - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

See more pictures of her from her campaigns after the jump!

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini-5 - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini-3 - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini-4 - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • B

    she’s hot!!

    • Jade

      I thought exactly the same 😀

  • Mizzy

    great face and body. what is a size 12 UK in US sizes? I thought it was a 6, but she looks larger than that.

    • kate

      UK size 12 = Size 8 US.

      I think she looks more like a UK size 14-16 (US 10-12) considering her height.

      Would be interesting to know her stats.

      • kate

        Actually she could maybe be a UK size 12/14 (US 8/10), but because she has a small frame for her height and lacks muscle there is more fat making her appear bigger?

        I read she is a 30F, so her bust is probably around 36-38 inches and I’d guess her waist is at least 30 inches and hips at least 40 inches.

  • Kaelyn

    woohoo, my size posing on a sunny day near sea and making money out of it. pretty woman no doubt!

  • Lana

    i have that bikini and it cost 5 quid from tescos lol. i think she looks great. it’s all about the confidence

  • Katarina

    She looks great! Finally a model who is neither rail thin, nor overweight, she’s got curves in all the right places. Nice!

    • Lise

      yes totally agree!

      • chanel

        I agree she is not skinny or in super shape but she looks wonderful! gorgeous skin and face and beautiful curvy body!

  • Chester

    I’m sorry but… How is that attractive?

    • Debbie

      Um, you’re a guy obviously with a name like Chester.

      Are you gay? What is NOT attractive about her?

      • Chester

        I’m actually a chick. My nickname is chester. It’s a thing. I just don’t find untoned “curvy” bodies attractive. Nothing wrong with that.

        • Mesdames

          Then you’re not sorry are you?

        • vivi

          agree with you

        • dora

          what do you mean ”how is that attractive…”
          Her body is not untoned! maybe you are just jealous that she is so pretty, i dunno…

      • balthazar

        gee, debbie, that was really rude. just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them wrong. i agree with chester.

        • Chloe

          It’s fine to have a different opinion, but there is also a classy way to make a comment about someone who doesn’t have your “ideal” body. Calling someone “unattractive” is the same thing as “ugly.” That itself is rude and not very tactful. Case and point, the comment below saying this reminds them of the “girls from school.” That comment sounds like it was made by a very immature girl who is insecure with themselves so they like to make fun of other people. Why doesn’t everyone grow up a little and try not to make comments that are nasty and that you wouldn’t want said about yourself. I assure you, for every nasty comment made about someone’s weight, face or whatever, someone is saying something just as nasty, if not worse about you. Women are SO hard on each other. It’s ridiculous.

          • ann

            People can’t really help it if they find someone ugly and I don’t think they should have to hide that from others.

            Most people think I’m ugly. You just get over it. Karma is a pointless thing to point out because it doesn’t stop people from being nasty. They enjoy lording over people. Ignore them or tell them what idiots they are. Always look on the bright side, one day THEY will be the fat, old, ugly woman no one wants to look at and then they will know exactly what that kind of pain is like.

          • Chester

            Well don’t you just have me all figured out! I’m allowed to find thinner bodies attractive. You all say gross when you see a rib poking out and scream anorexia. How are you not immature?
            She has a nice face, I’ll agree with that. I just don’t find her body attractive the same way people don’t find skinny attractive. humph.

          • chanel

            I get what you are saying women are hard on themselves and we ALL hold strong opinions. mine is that all types of women are beautiful BUT if i had a preference id pick athletic hourglass builds( neither thin or “overweight”)
            but i also get her point, she has the right to think thin is great. im just hoping ur thin to say it. but at the same time…u could of just said” i don’t find her to be that attractive. not” what do u find attractive?”

    • artemis

      agree with you chester
      she looks just like the chubby (call themselves curvy and hot LOL) annoying brats from my school

      • balthazar

        i know EXACTLY what you mean – can’t stand that type.

      • CInnamon

        How is a size 8-10 chubby? You really think SHE is chubby? I’m sorry, i’m a size 12 and barely overweight for my body frame. i could lose 20 lbs and look great in a bikini top and shorts. that’s not much weight and i’d still be about a size 10 cuz that’s just my body frame. my body is built larger, so if i weighed any less than 130 i’d look unhealthily skinny. I think she’s beautiful. i think women are beautiful if they are confident. i’m not saying everything she said is perfect but still. geeze. what’s wrong with being curvy and hot? a size 10 is not chubby. size 12 is average of american women. you really think someone is CHUBBY just cuz they are healthy. i am healthy, and i’m a size 12. you make no sense calling those girls chubby

    • Isa

      It’s attractive to someone. There IS a way to express your opinion without being an ass about it.

  • Eve

    Nice, sexy, healthy body. Usually I am a big fan of athletic look, but here I cannot deny this girl is very hot. (The name of the link to the web-page “hugesmodels” sound ridiculous, those girls are nothing close to “huge”)

    • violet

      lol it’s not huge, it’s HUGHES

      • Tash

        Hahahaha actually just burst out laughing

      • Hahahah and, even if it were “huges”, it would only make a slight sense…

    • lp

      hahahhahahaha! HUGHES.

  • mimi

    hmm.. dont really like her body shape. this is what brooklyn decker would look like if she was bigger, they both have that weird lovehandle but not really a lovehandle thing going on

    • violet

      i think those are what hips look like when they’re not just bones

      • I’m not sure, some people just gain weight lower on the hips, like me. =/

      • Xv44

        She is out of proportion! Her hips are far too wide. (of course it is difficult as the was measurements are taken in circumference.)

        • Kae

          Her hips don’t look out of proportion but she does gain weight in her hips. Those are two separate things.

          • Xv44

            Sorry wrong proportion = 10 inch drop from bust to waist and 10 inch rise from waist to hip. The old standard of 36-24-36 had a 12 inch differential. The studies of form find the for peoples never exposed to media the proportionate is most accepted.

    • no, I understand what Mimi means, it’s not about the size, it’s about the shape, she reminded me of Brooklyn too, but you can´t see it in all the picks, just in the candids. It could also be that the bikini is too small for her.

    • boohiss

      i agree! i was just thinking, its like she was meant to be an apple but got big hips too. her body looks good, but i just think its not the ideal hourglass that she is marketing herself as.

  • Jo

    How is that not attractive, she looks healthy, happy and has wicked curves. It’s nice to see someone who has a more relatable figure then a someone painfully thin.

  • anon

    haha bitter woman!!!
    Saying ban all size 0 models is just as discriminating against larger models. urghh i hate it when “curvy” women go on about how skinny women are bad and ugly and unhealthy etc….
    sorry but i would not attend a show where a size 14 5’3 model came out. not because its unattractive but because fashion is about fantasy and the unreal.

    • Lia


    • ana

      Funny, I thought fashion was about designing and manufacturing clothes for people to wear, to inspire new ideas and push the boundaries concerning attire.
      Although it is a creative industry it certainly isn’t one about fantasy. That is just designer’s spew which promotes the idea that you have to have some unattainable figure (which it is for the majority of the female population) in order to work in fashion.
      As long as you are happy and healthy who gives a sh!t if you are a size 12? I don’t.

      • anon

        Whilst fashion is a creative industry it also feeds off the idea of the fantasy and the unattainable. How else would magazines sell you things. The tall thin physique is one that only a few have naturally, so clearly there is an element of the slightly unreal. Thats what make fashion work. I agree that if you’re healthy it should not matter what size you are, but for her to say that all size zero models should be banned does not comply with this message.

        • ana

          Fashion should sell because of the beauty of the clothes, not because the model wearing it has a low bmi.
          Although there are women who are naturally slim and healthy, I doubt that no one is naturally a size zero. The majority of models used who are a size zero are below the age of eighteen. Whereas before the unattainable was realistic, i.e “you have to have money to look this good”, now it is “you have to have a pubescent figure to look this good”.

          • balthazar

            ana says:
            Fashion should sell because of the beauty of the clothes, not because the model wearing it has a low bmi.

            it has nothing to do with bmi. the reason tall thin models are predominately used is because the majority of designers want a coat hanger type so the designs fall a certain way; just like they would hanging on a coat hanger. that is how it started a very long time ago. some designers have tried to break this mould.

          • Rio

            Size 0 please refer to the charts from 1960 today’s size 0 would be a 4 in 1960. It is her idea that only hippy fat models because she is a pear shape but she could look a lot better toned!
            Worse is using BMI as a standard which is silly. Most athletes have a higer BMI look thin because of the muscules

          • anon

            yes and it is. my point is that it is stupid for her to want to ban all size 0 models. anyhow it is also cheaper for designers, why would you make 20 size 14 dresses when you can make 20 0s for half the price. And clothes hang better on the skinny models. period.
            Why do fuller figured women like her feel the need to attack skinny ones its just annoying, just be happy with what you have and stop sniping at others! thats my point.

          • Rio

            Muscles!!! Forgot spell ck hehehehehhehee
            She is sour because she wanted to be high fashion and isn’t.

        • B.

          Perhaps you should try being a little less pretentious.

          • balthazar

            uh-oh now it looks like your comment was directed at me lol

          • Ana

            I agree that designers may use tall thin women so that the garments fall in a certain way, although you would think they could design clothes that would augment and flatter women’s curves….however since when did a model’s figure become so coveted?? I don’t know about you, but I feel like every magazine has some diet or advert promoting the size zero type figure. I just think its a bit unattainable and that fashion and thinness shouldn’t go hand in hand.

          • sue

            Rio, what are muscules?

    • Casey


      I might even find the whole “let’s get rid of size 0’s” more believeable if it was coming from someone like Doutzen Kroes or a normal sized model who has a great body but is being discriminated agaisnt.

      But when it’s coming from someone who is flabby and borderline overweight, I can’t help but feel that it’s just straight up bitterness. Because to be at that position is technically as bad as being borderline underweight (not that I personally have a problem with either group modeling).

      • Louise

        I totally agree. I think she looks pretty unhealthy. If you look at her arms, they’re quite slim. Whereas the rest of her body is pretty flabby. I actually think she must be over-eating a LOT to put that much fat on what nature intended as a slim frame (judging by the arms). She must be eating 2,500-3,200kcals a day to maintain that much extra weight. And there is not even a hint of muscle tone so I don’t think she does any exercise.

    • amazon

      fashion is about clothes, the models are completely irrelevant to me. i am interested in what people look like (why i am here), but have no issue if people want to be 8 stone or 28. it’s their body their life, and as all the many varied opinions on this site show, you’ll never get people agreeing regardless of the size of ‘role models’ out there. so while i feel sorry for all the poor models out there, starving themselves, the only thing i would ban is children from the catwalks. too many high fashion models are recruited as young teens. they are young and impressionable, and like everyone else will try and keep up with their peers. adults can do whatever they like, thats the right we get as members of a free country. but protect the children.

    • boohiss

      uh…i think fashion is about making clothes that will look good on people. and i agree that if the clothes look good on a model, people will buy them because they will think they may look the same….but to me, the ‘fantasy’ and unattainable is something like kelly brook – slim, curvy, big breasts,..i think the runway models are thin because then the clothes cannot fit poorly and there is nothing like great boobs or butts to distract from the clothing. that is why they are on the runway, the ‘showcase’ for the fashion itself, and why clothing is displayed on more curvy and athletic women in catalogs, ads, etc., when they want people to actually buy the clothing to wear and people want clothes they will look good in.

      and anon, exactly how many fashion shows are you currently attending?

      • anon

        haha im 17 so not any. I just follow fashion and i agree with you that boobs and butt distract from the clothes and this is the last thing designers want. so my point being based on the fact that in the 80s there was the whole supermodel thing with their bodies being the central attraction and then designers then back clashed and there was the waif look. fashion is about clothes and runway is not for “normal” people, so it caters for those who have the money to buy the clothes and the time to create the “ideal”.

      • Rio

        Not unattainable. It is the fact that the food in the US is laced with hormones and growth additives which leech into the human end used making the fat fatter!! It is the poor food supply that is in part to blame. Take a look at the models and the type of clothes that were worn and also the fact that “foundation garments (girdles etc) have fallen out of fashion. All contribute to the differences seen today where 66% of the US is either overweight or obese!

  • anon

    i meant to say just as bad as

  • rachel

    She looks amazing! Though, she could stand to slim down with the legs, just a tiny little bit 🙂

  • madeleine

    doesn’t look toned at all…too flabby…don’t like her body it’s to fat imo….but on the plus she has a gorgeous face and skin tone 🙂

  • Ashley

    I’m a 00 and I find the campaign really offensive. I can understand getting rid of those with an unhealthy BMI but all size 0’s? It is just as discriminatory as singling out larger women.

    • sddd

      It said all size zeroes WITH an unhealthy BMI. So just the size zeroes that actually have an unhealthy body weight. not ALL size 0s

      • katrina

        “ban all size zero models and models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) from the fashion catwalks.”

        So that includes both size zeros and those with unhealthy BMI, which I find just discriminative to those with smaller frames who are size 0 and healthy.

  • never seen her, but katie green is hot. she looks great to me.

  • Cherry

    Wow, I love it, first time I’ve seen a model with a similar body shape to me…it makes me strangely happy!

    I agree, nice to see a ‘normal’ size model who isn’t really skinny or properly plus size.

  • Lia

    find her to be quite unattractive….dont like her face at all, body is ok, skin is great, dont find her attitude sexy. overall, NOT a model imo.

    • AGREED. Her attitude is totally unattractive, she just sounds bitter because they told her to loose weight. And (judging by these pics) she is not a good model, her face expressions are pretty cheap looking.

      • sddd

        She said ONLY unhealthy 0s. (AKA BMIs that are unhealthy). I think it’s a great campaign. There are poor girls that are already great looking and skinny naturally at a 0 or 2… at a BMI of like 19… and then the industry pushes those 0s and 2s to lose even more weight… they push them to a BMI that prevents healthy bodily functions like normal periods and skin renewal.

        • Casey

          BMI is not the absolute marker of one’s health. You can be slightly under or over and still be healthy.

          Health checks ups can determine health. Give models a health check up, and those that don’t pass or show signs of anorexia can’t model until they get healthier. None of this “let’s ban everyone” nonsense.

          • justme

            lol! As if they wouldn’t just find some doctors willing to take the money in exchange for a clean bill of health… Never gonna happen.

          • Casey

            justme, true. That would happen to some extent, just like we still catch atheletes abusing steroids.

            But you can’t say that giving athelets steroid screens didn’t at least decrease the amount of steroid abuse considerably. So you can’t say that giving models health check ups won’t at least decrease the amount of girls starving themselves to model.

            It’s not a perfect solution, but if you have something better I think we’re all ears!

    • Amyy

      Her attitude?

      What attitude, the fact that she’s trying to put curvier women out their into the media.. more so then they are now?.. I think that’s pretty positive actually.. I think it’s disgraceful that they would ask anyone to lose weight.. let alone 2 stone when she already has a beautiful body!..

      I find half of these comments disgraceful.. it’s actually upsetting to see how women can put other women down so easily!.. let her get on with her career!.. she’s gorg!! 🙂

  • Hay

    I’m sooo glad you found out about this girl and put her on your site!!! This girl is a female icon many girls should look up to because she truely loves her body and feels comfortable in her skin. She i beautiful and a support her petition and everything it represents. Please GOOGLE her and go to her official website and sign her petition if you want to hep make a healthy change in the fashion world!!!

    • anon

      umm…. role model she is a glamour model who is objectifying herself.
      why would you be so stupid as to sign a narrow minded campaign that makes no sense!

      • Yeah, the campaign is pretty stupid, to me she just sounds bitter. Either that or she’s trying to get famous.

    • Casey

      ” because she truely loves her body and feels comfortable in her skin. ”

      Is that why she needs to attack body types different than hers? Because she’s so comfortable with herself?

      I’ve seen plus-sized models who are not anti-o, but pro-variety. THAT is being comfortable in one’s skin, and being worthy of being a role model.

  • Suji

    She’s a pear shape right? Her arms are thin and tummy is relatively flat, so it doesn’t seem to me that she would be overweight (she’s also tall). I think she looks good.

    • kate

      I think she is a pear or cello shape.

    • Mesdames

      I agree, she is definitely not over weight if you’re talking about BMI. She’s 5ft10 and a size 12 that is not overweight.

  • jordan

    i don’t really like her shape, she’s very pretty though. she clearly has love-handles and it’s clear that some of that was airbrushed out in the photos. not ‘all’ size zero models are unhealthy. i know plenty of girls who are size zero AND healthy. it’s the unhealthy girls that need to change

  • Fat is never sexy.Fat is bad for your health .Period.I don’t think this campaign of fat models leads to anything good.This is truly sad.People with weight problems will soon think they could be top models.I mean…come on people??Wake up!! healthy change in fashion??? open your eyes and realise this campaign is not made for your own good!!

    • kate

      She’s a bit flabby and untoned, but I wouldn’t call her fat per-se, probably around 30% body fat which is upper end of healthy range for females.

      Once over 35% body fat is when you need to be concerned. She’s not quite there yet.

      • suzushii

        Oh please, you can detect body fat through a picture?

        And 30%, that’s waay too much, I can see upper abs definition on this girl.

        Just because someone is bigger does not mean they have high body fat. You can have a superthin individual with very high body fat (who just looks lanky and bony), and you can have big individuals who hide a considerable amount of muscle mass under some padding.

        The only thing that can accurately detect body fat is a bf measuring machine.

        • kate

          And it was absolutley nothing to do with her size, but more the level of softness to her body (which includes more than just uppre abs).

          I bet lots of people would assume VS models are about 10% just because they are skinny when in reality they are closer to 20% body fat.

        • l

          um…I’d think she’s at 30%-34% body fat…which IS unhealthy…she looks like a before picture of me when I was a US size 10 and 33% body fat, even though my BMI was a 25…as for upper ab definition, I had better upper ab definition at 29% body fat and had less fat around my midsection, I also had meatier arms, hips and calves…she’s apple shaped and lacks muscle…look how thin and lanky her arms are relative to her mid-section…other than bone structure, it is MUSCLE MASS that contribute to an hourglass shape, regardless of what dress size she wears…look at Beyonce for eg., she’s an average at size 8-10 (US size) at 5’6 but tighter looking and curvier than this Katie girl…I’m sorry…I’ve seen plenty of real life girls who are shorter than her and wear anywhere between a size 6 to a size10, with lower body fat and in better shape…and their BMI’s are on the healthy to higher range as well…they just stay in shape and actually look healthy! She doesn’t have to get her body fat down like an athlete, a woman looks good and perfectly healthy already at 23-27% body fat. But this girl just looks like an inactive couch potato and I hear she hasn’t got much of a personality. The only thing she has going is is that her skin looks good and she seems to be cellulite free…chalk that one up to good genetics on her part.

    • Lia

      haha agreed!

    • amazon

      are you gay? are you a man? how do you know what is sexy? and woman are designed to carry around 22% body fat minimum, much more than a man, so I’m guessing, nature has no issue with fat. being grossly overweight, maybe, but there are plenty of chubby chasers out there that might disagree!!
      i find your attitude really unpleasant.
      and i would genuinely rather look at a grossly overweight person than an anorexic. i have a friend sufering from this and it breaks my heart every time I see her. It IS PAINFUL TO LOOK AT.

      • i find comments like this funny because someone who doesn’t like this body type or have a different opinion is gay. and not all women will carry minimum fat in her body and looking at someone who’s overweight is not attractive or healthy, just as the ones who are underweight.

      • :))I’m not gay,nor a man.I’m just a regular woman.And if you would rather look “at a grossly overweight person than an anorexic”,well I wouldn’t like to loook at neither of the types you described.I’m sorry you didn’t like my comment,but it was just my opinion about fat in general.I don’t think it’s healthy.You have something against that?

    • Padme

      You seriously think she has a weight problem? Put down the latest issue of Vogue and go live in the real world for a day.

      • I do live in the real world .That’s way I think people should wake up and start eating healthy.And no,I don’t think she has a weiht problem,I was talking about fat in general.I think she would look better if she loss a little weight around her waist.

    • ‘I don’t think this campaign of fat models leads to anything good’ what a ridiculous comment no one said anything about actively seeking out fat models! why can’t people see that a variety of body shapes and sizes within the two ends of healthy, (large and small) is what we need, healthy real women. And if you think she is fat I feel sorry for you actually

    • I think you’re the one who should “open your eyes”. First of all, too little fat on a woman is just as unhealthy as too much fat – it leads to fertility problems. Many professional athletes and dancers suffer from that. Second, recent studies show that being slightly overweight leads to longer life: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/06/090623133523.htm . And last but not least, judging a person’s character based on their appearance is bigoted, ignorant, and just plain wrong. I’m a size 12 (not quite as big as her, but hardly skinny), yet I eat a healthy diet of organic veggies and fruits, grass-fed meats, and whole grains, and I exercise regularly. In contrast, one of my best friends is a size 0 who lives off junk food and never exercises. Get it through removed by admin*: some people are not meant to be stick thin!

  • Polly

    I think she looks quite gorgeous. I prefer her body to say, Crystal Renn. Nice slim arms with long legs and a curvy midsection, nice!

  • ann

    Looks fine to me. I find it funny people are actually trying to guess at her body fat by looking at her. Get a new hobby, even the doctor I know won’t try that kind of BS.

    • kate

      Guess that was directed at me?

      Obviously no-one can accurately determine body fat levels from a photo, but it was just a rough estimate from my observations of females that had been professionally measured and how they compared to her.

      • kate

        And yes, I probably do need to find better ways to occupy my time : P

      • ann

        Chill your vanity. It was a general comment but, if you wish to think you are that important by all means do so.

        • Mickey

          Cool your vanity? She’s the only commenter that your comment could have been directed at, I think your just surprised that she actually responded. Cool your jets, kiddo.

        • kate

          Ann, why be nasty? I only assumed the comment was directed at me due to my body fat % comment.

          • ann

            I don’t look at the names anymore. I don’t even care. Goodness, I think a number of the people who post here are insane. You think i’m trying to remember names? I’m trying to find some mental bleach to rub out the stupid i absorb by coming here some days.

            Not saying you are stupid. I don’t know ya, I didn’t know you were the one that said it and I couldn’t be bothered to look. I get a lot of histrionic, nutty teenage girls posting here who seem to think I have beef with them. Trust me, generally I just don’t care anymore.

            As for chick above, She’s hollywood fat. I’m sure 90% of the women talking crap are fatter than her. Internet hater syndrome. People just can’t help it anymore.

  • vivi

    nothing wrong with size 0, i have lots of friends they are born with small bone structures, and they are like size 0, or 2, they are not that tall though, they are pretty healthy since i eat with them all the time

  • kate

    Think it needs to be pointed out that in the UK ‘size 0’ is really a buzzword to describe super skinny models, usually with BMI’s less than 18.

    So people shouldn’t be offended if they are naturally a size 0. But when the norm is 5ft10 models who weigh no more than 120lb then there is a problem.

    • Rio

      Wrong! Not everybody is made from the same template! weight per se is not the only indicator. 5’10” and 120 could be genetics take tribes that have not interbreed with others and you can see different types clearly. BMI is very off the mark and is used because it is easy;not because it is point on accurate!

  • mimi

    the thing is… most people do not look hot when they have a few extra pouns on… this girl is lucky, she has no major skin problems as cellulite even if she is curvier…
    it is all about getting in your personnal best shape…
    it happens that for the majority of us, it does means avoid extra pounds…

    • amazon

      what is a few extra pounds? she is nto overweight. she is slim. low end of healthy BMI if i had to guess. I am around 19-20 BMI and I don’t look as good or as slim as her.

  • shaun

    i perfer kim kardashions body to hers, her proportions seems a bit off…she is still very pretty though

  • lalalala

    wow! she has an amazing body!! (and face).
    her figure is soooo hourglass-y. and she has nice hair. no but wow, her body is really nice and proportionate! i can’t emphasize that enough. i actually find it really hard to see how people don’t find her body attractive, i know people prefer different shapes and stuff, but look at her hip to waist ratio! and she looks happy and healthy and everything

  • Priscila

    I’m all about promoting body diversity, self-steem, health at every size and I am size zero, I’m a very healthy girl according to my doctors.
    Don’t see the point in banning anyone, I believe in integrating everyone….
    This kind of “battle” between women is ridiculous.Don’t say no to size zero, say yes to every size.

  • Casey

    “ban all size zero models and models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) from the fashion catwalks.”

    Huh. Then it should work both ways. Ban all models above 24.9. I think that might include you, Katie Green, since you look borderline overweight!

    I know the fashion industry has big issues, but I don’t think we should focus on BMI. BMI tells us nothing about one’s health. One can be slightly under or above a certain BMI and still be healthy.

    And to prohibit people from modeling based on size alone is straight up discrimination. Yes, I am aware most models above a size 4 can’t get jobs. That’s driscrimination. So in response to that, should we ban size 0 models? (some of you will say yes, but the correct answer is no). You don’t solve discrimination with more discrimination.

    What we can do is protect the girls already in modeling from hurting themselves, so I do think that regular health checks are necessary. Just like atheletes have steroid checks, models should have to pass health checks.

    And lastly, based on her opinions alone I hate Katie Green and I hope she never gets hired for anything. Her attitude is horrible, she’s selfish and sounds incredibly bitter. Hearing comments like hers actually makes me want fashion designers to continue the size 0 trend, which negates her attempts.

    • Ulaa

      I understand that you don’t like her attitude and she may be bitter, but you sound bitter as well… for calling her “borderline overweight”. She said that her doctor told her that losing 28 lbs would put her in the underweight category, which means that she is in her 150’s lbs, which is nowhere near “borderline overweight” for 5’10”.

      • Casey

        1) I’m angered by her comment.
        2) In my opinion, she does look close to being overweight. Perhaps not borderline (aka 24.9), but I would put her at 24.5. This is my opinion, based on visual observation, and no actual scientific check. But it is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

        • Nic

          I would also put her weight at about 23.5 – 24.5 – my sister is about the same size and height. But she’s definitely not a size 12. I’d say she’s a UK 14.

        • Casey, I agree with you in every single word, I’m impressed!

          Looking at her, I see an okay body, though somewhat broad, but still a well-balanced one. That’s all, though, which makes her campaign sound just a little hypocritical to me, for the reasons you have already stated, thank you!

          • katrina

            I totally agree Casey.

            But also, BMI does not account for muscle mass and I feel the reason this girl looks somewhat “borderline overweight” is because she is not active and toned, which is unhealthy! Thus I do not believe this girl represents something to look up to. That is my opinion in respects to the pictures I have seen of her.

          • Casey

            See katrina, I don’t think her body is bad or not something to look up to. I think for some people it is, and you have to remember, for some people, her body is an improvement or a healthier goal. If someone is 200 pounds, they’re most likely not going to relate to Gisele or Doutzen, but Katie’s body might inspire them.

            However, because her body is not pefect, toned, and is definetly close to being considered “bad” by the same standard that she uses to describe size 0 models as bad (BMI), I don’t think she should be talking.

          • Zoe

            I also agree with Casey, and with you on the fact that I think she is a little over size 12. I am the same height and like her a size 12 and I think I look a lot thinner! However I am in no means saying that I am as gorgeous as she is, or trying to put her down (I think all us girls should stick together)- it’s just a general observation I made. I could be wrong though as I am in no way certain of her dress size, and I may simply think she is bigger due to the fact that our weight is distributed differently e.g. her thighs are a little bigger, while I have little twiglet legs, whereas I gain most of my weight in my bum! :/

    • Sam

      Casey, I usually like your comments and I do agree with you even here, but calling this girl borderline overweight is a little ridiculous and you aren’t better than her if you do the exact same thing: she slams one category, but you slam her figure. Just look at her!

      • Natasha

        Karma Police *Thom Yorke Singing Voice* You should never wish bad upon someone and even I’m a little shocked at your comment Casey do you hate Crystal Renn too who on various occasions has expressed her distaste for smaller sized models. Size zero models get a bad rap because for the most part even though I’m no Dr.Oz because they are unhealthy and malnourished. Their is absolutely no way in hell that you can be 5’10 and above and have to weigh 110-120 pounds which is the high fashion model requirement. On the flipside am I saying that all size 0-2’s couldn’t possibly be naturally that small…Nope because I really do think that 30% of the time the girls are naturally that thin. I really hate when people don’t realize how prevalent eating disorders are in the fashion industry or try to sweep it under the rug. Thus the last time I checked you aren’t signed to Elite Model Management or any modeling agency for that matter to be getting that rowdy as if you’re going to be losing jobs or anything. Katie Green is no Giselle or ubermodel and really has no effect on the fashion world I’m sorry to say. One day size zeros if they are healthy to size 12’s will coexist on the runway beautifully without everyone making a big deal about it. To be quite honest I’m soooo tired of the girls in favor of bigger models saying ban size zero and 2’s even if they are healthy because they look like prepubescent boys and the other girls making fun of the bigger sized models saying they are fat,unhealthy blah blah blah like if their standing right next to these women when they weigh themselves at night. When people hush up and stop complaining their will be change……. and BTW this girl is not FAT she’s beautiful and I find her just as attractive as I would find Miranda Kerr circa 2006…throw out that lemon your sucking on cause you sound hella bitter

      • katrina

        From looking at more pictures, this girls figure looks exactly like one of my friends did…before she started to take better care of herself, exercise, and eat better.

    • camille

      casey, i usually agree and like your commentary alot on this site. you’re well spoken and diplomatic.

      i understand that you may not agree with this model’s opinions (and i agree you don’t solve discriminiation with more discrimination), but i just find it a little ironic that the other day in a post you were saying that you think people here tend to get too critical and should tone it down when making negative comments about women’s bodies, but then you call this girl flabby and overweight? she’s certainly not fit but i think your choice of words is a bit over the edge. she looks pretty average to me?

      • Casey

        The other day I said that people should tone down their negative comments because the post was about a magazine that was trying to portray a variety, which is what people claim to want.

        Katie Green’s comments are very anti-variety, which is why I have such a problem with her and her comment.

        Perhaps I went overboard by calling her flabby (although I don’t think I’m wrong in saying it, she IS flabby, but I could have said it in a nicer way. Like I said, her comments angered me). But even if I did call her flabby, I did not say she shouldn’t model, and didn’t call for getting rid of models like her.

        Natasha: I know there is a problem with the fashion industry, and I would agree with you that a large percent of high fashion models are malnourished. That’s why I would like to see health checks being mandatory.

        You cannot ban fashion designers from using thin models just because you don’t like the idea. There is such a thing as free speech.

        But you can protect (and have an obligation to protect) girls from hurting themselves. For some girls, working in that environment triggers anorexia. Anyone who is anorexic will not be able to pass health checks would they? If they don’t pass a health check, they cannot model until they do. So it would encourage girls to get healthier by giving them an incentive and also removing them from a dangerous envrionment. It would encourage fashion designers to use bigger models since there will be less size 0’s to choose from.

        It may not be a perfect solution, but it’s a lot better than, “say no to size 0’s.”

        I also wish people would have read the rest of my comment and not just read the sentance where I said Katie Green is borderline overweight (okay, I don’t think she’s borderline, but I do think she’s close) and decide to skip everything else. Even if she was BMI 26 which would be overweight, I would say she should be a model.

        However, her attitude turns me off, and no, I don’t wish her success. There are plenty of other plus-sized models with better attitudes which I use my time to support.

        • Natasha

          fair enough I just though for a moment me and you traded comment boxes -_-

    • Mariah

      Wow what a rude thing to say. I agree with a large portion of the comment but the end is just hateful and rude. So you shouldn’t solve discrimination with more discrimination but you should respond to rude and ignorant comments like Katie Greene’s opinions, with more rude and ignorant comments? Nice

      • Casey

        I’m sorry Mariah, but if your comment was directed at me, then I must say I absolutely see nothing rude, but especially not anything ignorant in my comment.

        Angry yes. But how is it ignorant? I did not say she or people with her type should not model. I did not say she was unhealthy. I am not saying even if she was overweight that she would unnecessarily be healthy.

        All I said was by HER logic, which is that you have to be a certain BMI or size to model, she may not be fit to model either. What if she happens to gain 15-20 pounds for whatever reason, and is no longer in the healthy BMI range? By HER logic, she shouldn’t be modeling.

        I just felt I had to say that because some of the comments make me think that people misinterpeted my comment as me saying she’s fat and unfit to model because her BMI is not perfect. No, that’s not what I’m saying. That’s what she’s saying and I’m just pointing it out.

        I could care less if she models or not. Her body doesn’t bother me. She could be more toned (fake tan does not equal tone), but she has a nice curvy figure and good fat distribution. I must say for a plus-sized model her face isn’t the greatest, but that’s because she’s up against pretty strong competition (plus sized models have amazing faces).

        So it’s not her body that bothers me, it’s her attitude. I’m not going to cheer someone on for being nasty.

  • AMJ

    Umm, I’m in the same modeling agency as Katie and she is so not overweight. In fact, her exact stats are 5’10”, 28 inch waist and 158 pounds!!?? Her BMI would be what, 22.7? It’s absurd that some look at her and see “fat” or “overweight”.

    • kat

      i’m 5’9, used to have bigger measurements (39-31-42) but was way smaller. now at 37-29-38 i’m half her size. no, no way, are those her real measurements. especially not a 28″ waist, that’s just laughable.

      i weigh like 165 as well. she is so much bigger than me. im a 10/12 UK by the way, now. so yes i would say she is fat/overweight, shes not even toned, just has a tan

      • kate

        According to the link I posted earlier, it lists her measurements as 37-29-41.5….bust and hips sound about right but would most definitely question the waist size.

        P.S. If you are only a UK size 10/12 at 165lb, then you must be mostly muscle and low body fat.

        • Dela

          I’m 165 pounds as well at 5’7” (I know, overweight, but no one believes me) and I am a size 12 UK. I am not particularly toned, but not untoned either. It’s all possible. Also, the size 12 clothes don’t explode on me, I hate the super tight, stuffed look.

  • Dela

    I like her, but I agree that there are size 0 models who are healthy and naturally that skinny.

  • Elizabeth

    I think she’s ridiculous. If a size-zero model would start a ‘ban plus-sized models’ campaign, it would cause so, so much controversy. I don’t see how this is any different.
    In the pictures that Sam linked above, she looks pretty good and healthy. But she seems to have gained some weight since then, especially in her midsection and hips, and I personally don’t think her present figure is nice or enviable. I don’t think she’s techincally overweight, but she could definitely stand to lose a few pounds and especially, tone up a bit.

  • ellie

    It makes me happy to see someone on here that looks like me. She distributes fat the same way I do- love handles, but bigger hips. What body shape is she? I’ve found it confusing to categorize myself because of the love handles.

    I don’t think she’s borderline overweight at all. She does look bigger than most models, obviously, but compared to most people I think she’s in a healthy weight range and is probably about average. It also could be that she has a bigger body frame, like me. My measurements are almost the same as hers and I’m 5′ 6″. I weigh 146, so proportionally, I probably am the same as her if she weighs 158. I definitely don’t think she’s 30% body fat because I’ve been professionally measured at 25%, and I still have the dang love handles. I’d still like to lose 10 or 15 lbs, so I guess if I were her I’d would probably want to lose some, but I think she represents well a bigger, but not overweight model.

    I don’t agree with her campaign though. Some people are just naturally smaller. My best friend is tiny, has been told she looks anorexic all her life, and probably eats more than I do daily. So it’s not fair to say she shouldn’t be represented. All sizes should be represented.

    • Versus

      She is a cello shape. Cellos have: big breasts, short waist (or those high “love handles”) , big hips, occasional tummies (they sometimes store weight in that area, too), large thighs and slim lower legs.
      Basically, cellos are similar to hourglasses, with one big difference: they have wider frames (shoulders are wider, they have a larger build) and, therefore, their waists, though defined by the curves, are not tiny.
      See here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-488236/Trinny-Susannah-reveal-12-womens-body-types–you.html

  • nkvd

    First of all, in my opinion a good model needs to have striking facial features (not necessarily beautiful…hope you get my point), while she is just average. So, in my eyes, she doesn’t qualify as a “model”, sorry.

    I don’t like her attitude… nor her belly ring. And I think she is just looking for attention.

    [Sorry for my bad English]

  • katrina

    I feel like this girl isn’t comfortable in her own skin otherwise she wouldn’t be taking such an active interest in getting rid of thinner models. I hate how she and other people always say there’s something wrong with size 0. How about theres something wrong with a size 12 then? It is just as discriminatory.

    Plus I do not find her attractive at all. Her body looks like she never works out and the result is what some people call “curves”. To me if you are healthy, and toned, this is not what you look like. Since when did a healthy weight start meaning having extra fat on your body? Don’t get me wrong, I think people of all sizes can be beautiful and healthy. Anyone who is really healthy and fit knows that if you take an active effort in doing exercise and eating right that it is hard to gain extra fat and weight on your body other than muscle mass.

    I am so sick of this whole thing where all these plus size girls say they’re so curvy and love their bodies and all these people are saying things about how they are “healthy sized”. What the hell does that even mean? I highly doubt the ones with all that excess weight on them are even close to healthy, they are just as bad as those that starve themselves! Now there’s all these people thinking it is okay to have extra weight and extra fat on them. Well you know what, it is not healthy for you!

    I’m sure there is a lot of people out there that have similar body shapes and sizes, and I am not bashing that at all. My point is just that people should not see someones figure and be like “wow she looks healthy and I look like that so I’m healthy”, or “I wanna look like that”. You know yourself whether you are really all that healthy or not, and that is what matters. This is exactly why there are so many overweight people these days, they start to think it is okay, and it isn’t. For your health, I hope many of you do not start thinking all these plus sized models are so “healthy-sized”.

    • katrina

      FYI I am not just singling out Katie Green here, but talking about other plus size models that have been shown on this site.

    • J-J

      you are right about everything you said,there are a lot of overweight people but there are a lot of eating disorders too and i think there should be campaigns like this…yes there isnt anything wrong with size zero,any size should be considered not as good as another i am 5’8 and i am size zero but i dont think its normal to be 6’8 like most of the models and be the same size…

    • l

      AGREE 100% with you Katrina. She looks like a couch potato with no muscle tone under the fat. I’ve seen girls who wear the same dress size that she claims to be but they actually look fitter and healthier and ‘curvier’ (without the too obvious apple shape she has going on), despite being a few inches shorter than her. These are real women who take time to work out atleast twice a week, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits to their best ability…without striving to be too thin or too ripped and without trying to emulate any celebrity.

  • Sally

    Yuck. I don’t care if I’m not PC: she’s got rolls *removed by admin*. I get annoyed at people like her who feel entitled to attention. Her face is just average. If I looked like her, I’d get to the gym- it isn’t that hard to just walk, run, put down the soda. SHE IS TEACHING GIRLS IT’S OK TO BE FAT. I say this because my younger sister is learning from people like this model that it’s ok to be overweight. And it enrages me, because fat is diabetes, heart attack, death. When people deny it and try to throw “you can be healthy and overweight,” it’s BS.

    • Natasha

      oh please she’s not norbid or the klumps she won’t be on the biggest loser anytime sooner *rolls eyes*

    • katrina

      I guess people just need to realize that just because theres someone out there with the same figure as you does not make it okay. Everyone knows deep down whether they are truly healthy or not. Trying to feel better about your unhealthiness is not going to do you any favors!

      • Natasha

        #okbye people are stuck in their in their ways and have their opinions….I never said she was very fit however I don’t feel like she’s fat…. You are very entitled to her opinion just don’t make her seem like she’s Carnie Wilson or Kirstie Allie lol

        • katrina

          I know she does not look like that, but just because you can always compare to someone worse does not make it any better.

    • Mickey

      You quite literally sound like someone who has an insanely unhealthy attitude toward eating/size. This girl is nowhere near a heart attack/diabetes size, stop being ridiculous.

      • katrina

        I have no idea if you are talking to me or Sally, but for me, that is a completely insulting thing to say and is extremely untrue. Considering I have taken classes about this topic, I think I have some backing to what I am saying. How do you know at all whether this girl is not close to heart attack or diabetes. For one there are thin people who are also close to heart attack and diabetes from an unhealthy lifestyle. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I have not said anything malicious, I am truly just more concerned about the fact that everyone seems to be trying to embrace the whole plus sized thing and I personally, do not feel like that is the best choice.

    • Xv44

      I am in agreement! The origin of PC was some fat girls in Michigan who were overlooked. Sometime it is genetics and even that can be looked at now. I see so many ‘pumpkins” rolling down the street that I understand the health crises. 66% of Americans are overweight or obese according to the BMI!
      The British are using waist-hip ratio which has proven better at determining health. Not to mention looks. The Waif look decried by the fat acceptance group is so wrong.
      Sorry about your sister perhaps she will see the light.

  • Minnie

    Say no to size 12


  • Jen

    whether or not shes healthy is none of our business, that’s her business. i think she looks hot for being a size uk 12. I’m not saying its okay to not be healthy and tell everyone that being plus size is okay all im saying is let people be whatever size they want to be or choose to be because its not our business. im over the arguments of ban size 0 models and plus size models are unhealthy, whatever

    • katrina

      I get what you are saying, how its no ones business and I agree, I guess I just felt I had to express my opinions because being overweight and obese and trying to glorify anything of the sort is just plain bad for our society, in the same way that glorifying extremely unhealthy starving models is bad. I feel truly concerned for those that strive for either, or are presently in one of those states and see it as okay.

  • Nita

    She is gorgeous!

  • Ivory

    I love everything about her, and her campaign, accept the name of the campaign…
    I am a size zero at 5′ 3″, for me that is a very healthy size to be at. I don’t think any size should be considered not as good as another.

  • Kae

    Wow, there are some ignorant comments in this thread!

    • Rosina

      Definitely! Chester said: “I just don’t find untoned “curvy” bodies attractive”.
      Wow, that is something to say. It immediately made me think of Marilyn Monroe. Her body was so curvy, soft and beautiful.
      I do also like the body of this model, but I think that her attitude is ignorant as well.

  • Danielle

    She’s beautiful, her figure looks good because she’s toned and obviously takes care of it, even though she’s a 12 it suits her very much

    • Agreed!
      Girls saying she’s flabby and untoned are totally wrong. I can clearly see her muscle tone, even though she’s got some fat. She’s nowhere near being overweight. Yeah, she has some meat on her thighs and around midsection, but looks womanly!
      Although I prefer a bit slimmer bodies, I honestly think she looks great.

  • size0??

    She is pretty fat. You can see in the first picture her thighs are rubbing together alot!!

  • boohiss

    ok…a few things…


    2) I think she looks good, but she is not an ideal hourglass. I think she is marketing herself as the perfect hourglass, and she’s not. I think her weight is healthy and her shape looks pretty good, but she is NOT a real hourglass. She is curvy in sort of an odd way. On a side note, I don’t really like her face, or that she is wearing lots of makeup at the beach…but her skin is lovely.

    3) Her campaign….I get the idea. I get that models who are unhealthy, either way, are a bad image for young girls. Since society values being slim, the models who are unhealthy because they are too thin aren’t really vilified, except by a small group, so they may negatively influance young girls and women. Women who are carrying too much body fat are also unhealthy, but they generally get painted in a negative light anyways, so I think they are less ‘dangerous.’ I also think that the point where a woman’s weight gets too low to be healthy is much more clear than when it gets too high – it IS possible to be heavy and have good cholesterol, blood pressure, no diabetes, etc. When the problems do start, they creep up, and happen slowly. When a woman becomes too thin, she looses her fertility…and then if she looses a but more weight, her heart will stop. Before that, she may get sort of fuzzy body hair and lose real hair…but outside of that, there is less danger perceived danger, until you really hit the ‘bad’ mark. So it is easier to draw the line on models who are too thin.

    *BUT* I do have an issue with her targeting a certain SIZE. I know someone who no one would consider ‘too thin’ (she is slim, but has plenty of meat on her butt and thighs, big boobs, and is muscular) but happens to fit into size zero. Some women just are a size zero, and even if they have a ruler shape and appear thin at that size, it does NOT mean they are too thin. I support curvier models in general; I personally prefer curvy women. But the campaign doesn’t work for me, because it is insulting to individuals. The idea is to bring girls’ and women’s self esteem up by eliminating the unhealthy image they may strive for by seeing models whose weight is too low to be healthy. But it makes people who just wear a zero, or who are naturally thin, and healthy, feel terrible. It makes things really, and truly, ‘curvy vs. skinny.’ And this should not be the case. We all have our own body type, we all prefer a certain body type (and if we are lucky, it is like our own), but there is room for us all, we should all feel good about what we have if we are healthy (and if not, we should still have value for ourselves), and we can all appreciate healthy bodies different from our own and our own fav for the work someone put into being toned, for the confidence someone has, etc…..

    And I think before you she goes targeting a specific group, she could consider that she is not the ideal ‘curvy’ woman! Her weight is healthy, and her shape is attractive, but being a big curvy fan, I really think someone like Kelly Brook has the more classic ‘hourglass.’ This is not to say we can’t celebrate Katie Green’s body for what it is as well…but she is limiting variety and celebrating all body types with her campaign! Before she goes criticizing one body type, and glorifying another, she might want to consider that there is room for her to be criticized and that she is not even the ideal image of her own body type!

    • Casey

      I’m with you on everything except part of your point 3:

      You state that women can still have great cholesterol, no diabetes…etc even at a higher weight, therefore their health is not clear based only on BMI or their weight.

      Okay, got it. Absolutely agree.

      Then you state that when a woman gets thin, their unhealthiness is clear because they will become infertile and their hearts might stop.

      That’s where you seem to contradict yourself, because you’re saying we can’t judge heavier people’s health by their size but we can judge skinnier people’s health by their size. I would venture to say that by your logic, we cannot say a skinny person is in fact infertile or at danger of their heart stopping based only on their size. A person can be technically underweight and still have their periods and be healthy. Did we miss the part where like 5 VS models who are always attacked for being too thin just had babies?

      Just saying. I agree with the rest of your comment though.

      • boohiss

        no no, what i meant to say by that was not that all thin people are unhealthy…i actually mean to say that some overweight people are healthy….but actually that being slightly overweight is more dangerous often than being slightly ‘underweight.’

        i meant to emphasize that just because someone is too thin for my personal taste does not mean they are not healthy. i think there are some models (though not the VS ones) who are probably unhealthy. but that bring ‘too’ thin is VERY thin. i think the point of being ‘too thin’ is very clear. so its easier to distinguish who is truly unhealthy. but people in the ‘normal’ bmi range may have some problems associated with being overweight….or people in the ‘low’ end of being overweight can be very unhealthy, while those who are quite overweight maybe ‘healthy.’ so its hard to judge if a heavy person is ‘healthy.’

        but being ‘thin,’ even thinner than ‘attractive’ weight, probably won’t cause health issues. there is a very specific and obvious point (lower than people probably think) that health issues arise for thin people.

        for example, ‘obesity’ is where overweight people face very serious consequences, as their weight will pretty much kill them in the end. and there is no word for being the thin ‘equivalent’ of obese (the most extreme and dangerous), but there is a weight as well that will kill thin people. the difference is, that some ‘overweight’ people, whose weight may not be attractive or ‘ideal’ for health risks but are not obese, may OR may not faces health issues. but people who are ‘too thin’ but not fatally so probably will not face health issues.

        so, all in all, i mean to say it is actually clearer and easier to determine when a thin person i healthy than if an overweight person is.

  • boohiss

    also – does anyone else find it hard to believe that she is a 32 band in bra size? i know she must be slightly small framed to be the other measurements she is and have some meat on her….but 32?!?!??!?! really? i would say 34. she’s not fat at all, but i think 32, and i think tiny person in general. especially with hips over 40 inches….

    • kate

      Well she is probably not adding anything to her underbust measurement, hence the 32 band. It might be a bit snug but that’s the way bras are supposed to fit.

    • Sharen

      I agree boohiss she does not look like a 32, a 32 is what thin models wear.

      • kate

        But most thin models should really be in a 26 or 28 band. I’m technically a 28D but usually have to settle for a 32B as that’s the smallest I can find in most places.

      • Padme

        No, I’m a 32D and I’m a size 8. I’m not skinny but I do have a small rib cage. It’s almost impossible to find 32D though and I sometimes wear 34C but they are always uncomfortable because the band is too loose and is always sliding around.

  • boohiss

    and i promise this will be my last comment – but the fact her calendar contains topless photos makes her a slightly less credible role model…which is clearly what she is attempting to be with this campaign…unless she is *gasp* bitter at her early rejection?

    nothing wrong with being sexy….but posing topless isn’t something that kids should aspire to.

  • neutra

    There is nothing I find appealing about this woman- facially, bodywise or personalitywise. I’m 100% with Casey on this one. I normally love curvy measurements, but to me hers isn’t a nice example. Just because she has large hips doesn’t make ‘hourglassy’ IMO- her waist is still large.
    Glamour ‘models’ are a joke- they’re desperate and deluded, and no decent guy I know finds their look attractive.

  • ugh are you serious? now she wants to ban thin women because they’re size 0’s?? it’s crazy when people complain how the fashion industry rejects women who are not a size 0 or 2 but when someone decides to ban women who are size 0, even if they are healthy then people find it okay. i’m not a size 0 or 2 but i am offended that people and katie find this okay. she has a pretty face and don’t think she’s overweight but what does banning thin women will do? it won’t solve nothing and make thin women who want to model think they won’t be qualified simply because of their bodies. this whole ban size 0’s is b.s and try to make us believe they’re trying to promote a healthy image when they’re not or ever will. i agree with casey about this girl’s attitude. she wouldn’t like it if someone said let’s ban women who are over size 10 and that will be controversy as well. i don’t see her as a role model because if she was then she wouldn’t feel the need to bash women who don’t look like her or has curves. i’ve seen curvier women that look better and healthier than katie. i hate it when thin women gets bash and no one speaks about it but god forbid she gets attack for her weight then everyone wants to preach it’s wrong to say that or you’re sending a message to little girls making them feel ugly, etc. guess what? you’re doing the same thing when you ban a woman that’s thin. and last thing just because a woman has meat on her bones don’t always mean she’s healthy because you can’t determine someone’s health based on looking at them. and women who do brag how much they love their curves and will never be skinny end up losing the weight and not the same curvy woman that they brag they are. i’m pro variety myself but people who choose to be one sided and to discriminate is someone i will not support so hatie gets no love from me.

    • Kara

      I think you’re missing the whole point of the size zero movement. At least the ideal behind it. It is not to ban or discriminate against thin women, simply to ban the unhealthy ones, and using their inability to model as motivation to get healthy.

  • I have the EXACT same body as her, though I weight less. I never really thought I looked good, but she’s hot 😀

  • ummsani

    shes beautiful and all..but seriously..why BAN size 0?? i used to be a size 0 but lemme tell you one thing..i was VERY healthy. i ate alot, but made sure to exercise to stay healthy. that’s just not fair..she’s generalizing all thin girls and calling them “unhealthy”. people need to open their minds..you can be thin, healthy AND beautiful and you can be curvier, healthy AND beautiful.

  • Casie

    Why are ppl so rude here? How dare you are to say she is “pretty fat”? WTF!!? She looks like a real woman and not a anorexic model! And believe me: Men find this much more attractive than a size zero person. Cause real women have curves!
    And you know what? I am pretty skinny, and i wish i would have her curves!

    • well i know plenty of men liking women who happen to be size 0 or whatever size. you can’t determine what men like in a woman because they all have different taste and thin women happens to be real so that whole “real women have curves” is crap. it’s crazy how society determines whether or not a woman is real based on her body type. wow.

  • lalalala

    i think all bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated (within a healthy range) and even some that might be unhealthy still may look attractive. i think people these days are to shallow. size zero can be beautiful and size 14 can be beautiful!

    • lalalala


  • aj

    Got nothing against her figure, I believe women were designed to bare children, and therefore a little extra weight around her hips probably does not go astray and really doesn’t make her close to overweight. (Is she likely to have a heart attack? Probably not… Then again I’m no doctor.)

    I don’t like the faces she pulls though, its like arrogance/trying to be sultry and it looks strange as.

  • lily

    she sooo isn`t a UK size 12, more like 14-16

    • kate

      I said the same earlier. I actually reckon her upper body is probs a size 12/14 and lower body size 14/16.

  • sarah

    She’d look way better if she had some muscle tone. She looks flabby. There’s nothing wrong with being a larger ‘healthy’ (seems presumptuous to say that bc she’s like a size 14 she’s healthy when she has no muscle) but you should work and care about your body to at least do resistance exercises. Her stomach looks kind of loose and she’s lumpy. Its not nice to say but she needs to exercise. You can remain thick and exercise and have muscle-see fergie and beyonce, two curvy thicker women that are stacked with lean muscle. No matter what size, solid muscle always looks better then fat. She isn’t obese but she could use to tone up, not get smaller, but FIRM. And its pretentious of her to assume that because her body is built bigger then some womens everyone should look like her. Everyone’s body is different and hating on skinny girls is as bad as hating of thicker girls.

  • She doesn’t look like a model to me. Pretty, yes, but surely someone who makes money from their body looking good would have a bit more muscle tone, look at her thighs and the roll in the last pic. I wouldn’t look twice at this girl.

    I also agree with Casey, the whole debate about size 0-2 models is fuelled by worries about their health, so health checks would be a much better approach, I think, than basing everything solely on BMI.

    This is yet another case of discrimination against thin women being okay, but against bigger women it isn’t, which really gets on my nerves. Also, she is no way a size 12. Rant over 😛

  • Becca

    I don’t think the good thing about this girl is that she looks better or is notably healhier than her skinny counterparts, I think it’s just good to see someone of this size in the public eye.

    Maybe she does need to tone up a little but she looks great and I think the only reason someone would think that she doesn’t is because they’ve become so accustomed to seeing a size 6 frame in the media.

    Her figure is probably very similar to most women in the UK and it’s great to see her representing most people, the media is crammed full of very slim women and very curvy ones, Katie is pretty normal and I think we should definitely celebrate this.

    I agree with some of the comments above – often the appeal of fashion is that it is modelled my perfect, flawless and unreal women and I think that’s OK (to a certain extent) on the catwalks, but when it comes to high street fashion, women the size of Katie should be used as models much much more. I am a little smaller than Katie but wouldn’t want to buy something that is modelled by someone so much slimmer than me, to me that just isn’t appealing.

    And I agree that she shouldn’t be slamming the skinnier models – maybe they’re healthier and naturally this way – but on the whole (not all the time before people start!), being very slim ISN’T natural, as much as many on here would argue it is. And it’s important to show impressionable young teens that whatever their size can be healthy.

  • jamessparrow

    the truth of the matter is, while she may not be suited for fashion, the average straight guy would go after this chick above a washed out rail thin model in a bar. she is amazing. in terms of attractiveness, this girl scores top. size zero does better in fashion, yeah, but in real life, no one would ever say this girl was fat.

    • well too bad because there are men who would go for a woman that happens to be a size 0. every man is different and being skinny never stopped me or anyone from getting a man. lol.

      • jamessparrow

        i’m not saying skinny is bad. but i’m not saying everything else is bad either. no one would call this girl fat in real life. they wouldn’t call her skinny either, but who cares when she is obviously attractive with that body? some guys prefer skinny, but hardly any guy would turn that down. come on, outside the runway, your average person would think she were a knock out. dunno that’s just what i think…

  • sparkley

    Curvy women are sexy. The hourglass is biologically more attractive. Skinny women have a place too – they are better at displaying clothes. No one has a campaign ‘Skinny Women are Sexy Too’ so why doesn’t she leave them alone?

    Besides, I am not sure she is a great hourglass. She is sexy, but there are better.

  • sparkle

    i think women ought to wake up to why they fought so long and hard for equality and independence, and why they sought to break free of the confines of being judged by their appearance above all else.

    Because nowadays, we can’t blame the guys……sisters are doin it to themselves;)

  • Samantha

    She looks amazing, I offical love her!

  • Yves

    I actually think her calves look pretty good in the last picture.

    I don’t support the ‘banning size 0’ campaign thing she has going on, but that’s my opinion.

  • OMFG size 12 is NOT plus size people need to get a grip on reality here she is perfectly healthy, whether u prefer this body shape/siza is up to you but to say she is fat and encouraging fat is completly absurd!

  • mwe

    She looks larger than a UK12, more like a UK14.

  • Casey

    So I would like to add to all of my posts above that I dislike this woman even more.

    I’ve Googled her name and I can’t find anything on her that isn’t her b****ing or complaining about something.

    She said nasty things about her employer after they dropped her for doing topless pictures. She complained about Wonderbra after they told her to lose 1 size (which, btw, is not asking her to become medically underweight as she claims; she can probably achieve that just by toning up a little).

    She said horribly rude and nasty things about model Jourdan Dunn after she was chosen by British Fashion Council as model of the year. Some of her comments included calling her a bag of bones, a twig, and saying no man would consider her attractive. Jourdan Dunn is thin but no where near as thin as some high fashion models, and she is stunning.

    This woman is INCREDIBLY insecure, bitter, and rude, and I’m starting to think it’s not her body that’s the problem with being hired, it’s her nasty attitude. I guess she just likes to rationalize it and say its because her employers don’t like plus sized models. But I’ve seen Wonderbra with models bigger than her so…

    She needs to tone down her anger, stop with the bitterness, give herself a hug and realize that she can love herself and feel attractive without having to bring down people different than her. If she can’t do that, she will never be able to handle being a model. Look at Gisele…she gets insults thrown at her all the time about her face but you don’t see her attacking people with different facial features than her. That’s why she’s a successful model.

  • Size 12s are hot. Size 0s are hot. Everybodys hot!!!

    Follow me 😉 twitter.com/MichaelaMcGrady

  • Vika

    Sorry, English is not my first language. I have a similar body shape and am a size 12. I eat right (a healthy vegetarian) and I exercise. Some girls tell me I’m “overweight” but guys I know say I look great and it is often that I catch guys look at me often. I was friends with the skinny girls when I was growing up and I hated my body. Now I’m accepting it more and learning to love myself. It’s hard listening to hurtful comments from my mom, for example, and my aunts..but I let it slide off of me. Girls like Kelly are great role models. I think she’s beautiful. And then I see that I have similar looks..it make me feel a little more beautiful too. I hope women here who like to put others down because of their weight never experience this criticism in the future, although it is possible that someway or another..through pregnancy, hormones, and age they will gain weight, it will be just as hurtful to them. They should think next time they hurt another woman with words. It hurts and it’s unnecessary. I don’t understand why women do this.

  • Cory

    I’m over the super toned look. Softly rounded, classical woman is the best. Look up classical art once in a while. The artists who painted women and goddesses painted them because they were womanly, soft, feminine, and beautiful..not the “toned” Cameron Diaz look (which I loathe).

  • Vic

    HAHA!!! I love the “size 12″ No way! I am 5’7” tall & 136lbs. AND I am a size 12, with boobs & hips. I do not have fat thighs or belly. She is at least a 16. I struggle to fit into a 12 most times. Just tell the truth.

    • Dela

      I’ve said before, I am I’m 165 pounds at 5′7” and I am a size 12 UK. I am not all muscle at all. I am telling the truth as well, i have no reason to lie. I guess it all depends on your proportions, waist, frame.

      • jamessparrow

        your weight distributes itself over different parts of your body. you could be a size 10 in your top half and a size 14 in your bottom half. saying how much you weigh won’t indicate what exact size clothes you wear, like Dela says.

  • Rio


  • mmhmm

    she IS toned u freaks. and yes, curvy aka…perfection.

  • J-J

    I don’t think any size should be considered not as good as another.I am 5’8 and size zero but I think its a great and healthy size to be at….but anyways i kinda support her campaign although, i dont really understand it.I have had an eating disorder and i am convinced, that size 0 models are not the reason…

  • JJ

    WoW! She is hot, a real inspiration!

  • Hannah

    Im skinny (a lollipop) and i wish i had curves like that!

  • although i like that bigger girls are getting more attention from the media, i don’t belive that we should look up to this tacky mess: http://egotastic.com/entertainment/celebrities/katie-green/katie-green-topless-bikini-pictures-005554, if she was skinny more girls would be screaming about what a tacky girl she is.

  • unhealthy? are you KIDDING.
    reasearch unhealthy before you say this girl is. She looks perfect, not too skinny and no where near to fat
    she looks this good and can also enjoy the good things in life. You can even tell her personality is wonderful shining through that glowing face of hers.

    unhealthy my but. She looks amazing and im glad she represents her body for manyyy of us girls out here.

  • Clare

    There is NO WAY she is a UK size 12! More like a size 14 bordering on a 16!

  • gorgeous

    I am reading through all of these comments, and I think it’s a bit ridiculous. She is a pretty girl with a healthy body image, and to me that’s fantastic! She isn’t a twig and she isn’t obese, and she is proud of it. All the people on here that are making fun of her and talking negative are part of the reason that there are so many women that have eating disorders. Personally, I think she looks healthy. Is she perfect? No….but who is?

  • kit-the-kat

    I think she looks amazing! She is a healthy weight and is completely in proportion.

    I thinkthe whole “ban size 0 models” thing is totally justified, she is not just attacking skinnier women, she is attacking the fact that designers hires uberskinny unhealthy models to show their clothes when a majority of the people who need to buy the clothes are probably tripple the size. Models need t be a certain height so to be that tall and also a size 0 is extremely unhealthy. If you are 5ft3″ and a size 0 then you will be healthy but if you are 5ft9″ and up then you are underweight and should not be allowed to model and be a figure for people to want to look like.

    • Xv44

      BMI is NOT an indicate of health per se but a useless guideline. An athlete can have a BMI of 25 yet look thin. But have actual fat of 12% In male it has gone down to 2%.
      Next most model are about size 6 after all we are talking 5’9″ or taller. Women’s sizes are not done like men’s so that makes a very big difference.
      Only a very through physical can tll for sure if a person is healthy or not.

      • kate

        But if someone is very underweight it often indciates muscle wasting or low bone density.

        Most catwalks are NOT a size 6 (if you mean US sizes). They are typically US size 0-4.

        • Xv44

          Kate what is your reference? what is the URL?

    • Xv44

      Many women are 5’9″ and 115. but that does not mean they are runway models! The bigotry of the being healthy is just a way for the over weight to hate on those with a better genetic set.

  • BBF

    wow, no long, long oh so long talk about her, just wow so beautiful

  • amazing figer so hot

  • sara


  • Tyler

    THIS is what a woman should look like.

  • Bob

    I want to marry her. She is perfect.

  • Model

    I’d say.. shes overweight.

  • Nia

    She looks great…finally a good role model for people who are above size 0. Is it possible to get the shirt somewhere?

  • HJ

    Anyone who thinks the womans body is fat are just mad. How can you call her fat? She has a lovely body and by saying that you think she is fat is just encouraging more girls to look skinny and unattractive when what most men are looking for is a curvy girl who isn’t obsessed with losing weight but comfortable in her skin.

    • vx44

      That’s you opinion that many do not share. Remember we are talking models not someone you are attracted to.

      • HJ

        okay, models, people look up to them and want to be like them, having size 0 results in eating disorders and unattainable bodies that women want but what most men do not. its time bigger models graced the runway to show how real people look and how they are more beautiful than stick thin models.

        • vx44

          Real people? What because they are not fat that does not make them unreal. How ignorant! The main eating disorder is being FAT!!! 66% of the US population is over weight or obese, That is the real health problem.

          • Padme

            Being fat is not an eating disorder. It’s a body type. What an ignorant thing to say.

          • ay0x

            Overeating and excessive bad eating habits, when a person has a decent understanding of healthy food vs junk food.. is indeed indicative of a psychological problem and should be classified as an eating disorder.

          • Padme

            Compulsive overeating (or binge eating disorder) are eating disorders. “being fat” may or may not be a symptom of those things but it is not an eating disorder. That’s like saying being skinny is an eating disorder. It’s ridulous.

  • emy

    She has a pretty face and her body would look really hot if she lost like 15-25 pounds. If you like big girls I guess thats hot but really she should lose weight, ew. I guess it better than the crack ho look though….

  • shannon

    someone said shes got 30F boobs. thats ridonk..

    kelly brooke is 32F

    and im a 32DD and mine are way bigger than that lol

    could just be the angle or shadowing or something.

  • loula

    she doesn’t look toned or healthy….Beyonce is a better example of an average sized woman who is toned and healthy even when she is at her heaviest, she has fleshy thighs, hips, bum and is quite proportionate and full everywhere, a good balance between fat and muscle….this girl on the other hand has really thin arms for someone who’s a size 12 and 5’10 and looks apple shaped, her body fat percentage seems to be too high…my arms were thicker/fleshier than that even at a size 6 (not flabby or too muscular)….she needs to build some muscle around her arms and thighs and everywhere else and tighten up so she looks more proportionate and healthier while still retaining her womanly curves. Her midsection wouldn’t look disproportionately larger if she had more muscle on her…believe me…she looks alot like my body when I went up to a size 10 (US) and was out of shape at 33% body fat (borderline obese!), I’m 5’6 btw…now I’m size 6-8 (US), BMI of 22.5, and a healthy 25% body fat and I look like an hourglass rather than an apple, curvy but without the extra flab around the mid section or inner thigh fat that rubs together too much. How is it that she’s 5’10 and a US size 8 but looks out of shape when I’m shorter than her and wear the same size but without the squishy flub? See, I am the average woman, with the average height, I know many girls like me who work out twice a week, eat good food when we want, are comfortable in our skin, medium sized and healthy, and they have shapelier bodies than she does…she is just not that. Anyways…other than that she looks quite lovely with a cute face….keep eating, but hit the gym girl! Having an apple shape is not healthy. say no to size 0, but say no to love handles and skinny arms too, no excuses for not hitting the gym, if someone is going to be a posterchild for ‘average-sized’ women, she better be in shape so as to be a GOOD role model to women out there, and send a message that eating healthy AND working out right are important for good health…no need to be an athlete with low body fat, no need to be as ripped as Jessica Biel (she is hot but her body takes hard work to achieve and maintain)…just be healthy and look in shape enough. Btw, do you know that some petite girls (below 5’3) are size 0 and healthy? They’re just small, with very petite bone structure.

  • Get Over It

    You know, I think it is just that there are so many diets and what have you encouraging women to be svirtually negative sizes that there is now a bit of a size zero backlash. That said, I think she looks nice. But no one has pointed out the obvious which is her bikini bottoms are about one size too small. Wearing clothes too small always makes one look bigger than they really are.

  • JJ

    I think she looks too thick and could stand to lose some pounds, her middle section just is not attractive and is on the verge of a spare tire look. gross

  • Traecakes

    She looks healthy and toned(:
    She beautiful!

  • kelly brook looks better. I don’t really see anything attractive other than her face.IMO


    Dang! So many haters on this site! Quit hating on the hot woman! This is a body I can aspire to! She is STUNNING!

  • aly

    its okay.

  • Marielee

    First off I want to comment on the female in the pics. She wears a size 12/10 whatever but she also has the height to support her size. I wouldn’t say she’s fat maybe chunky a little but to me it’s not a body I’d want. Now for people saying size 0 girls are gross and unhealthy your forgetting that height plays a role in weight and where the weight goes. I’m naturally a 0 girl have been my whole life. I have quite a big bust size so I’m def not flat. I have a flat stomach small waist line n of course skinny thighs. I’ve never been told that I look unhealthy. I’m 5’2 and perfectly happy being skinny. The thing that pisses me off is that bigger girls such as her size feel there the sexier ones and that skinny is gross. Just cause your a 0 doesn’t mean u don’t have curves. I have a big chest and a plump ass sp i don’t get how people can say only bigger girls have curves. No two women are the same my best friend is also a 0 naturally but she’s 5’5 so some people do think she’s too skinny. U can put two people next to eachoyher same height and weight and there bodies can be completely different. Everyone just needs to be happy wheather your slim or thick just excersizes n u can get the body you want it’s simple!! N for those size 0 girls don’t listen to those nasty comments be happy!!

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  • Cara

    Okay so firstly this woman is beautiful. She is attractive and confident. Next, if being overweight is considered unhealthy then as far as i remember being underweight is equally, unhealthy. These are just standards of beauty thrust into peoples minds. A size zero, while may be natural on a shorter girl, its definitely not natural on a 5’11 or 6’1 model, and cant you see it?
    A healthy body is the one that lets you do your daily activities normally, like there are no super big flabs of fat hanging off you, OR the bones sticking out.
    Besides, a woman has been known for her curves.
    Google the 18 th and 19th century nudes, and youl see what i mean.
    you have to be happy about your body and thats all that matters. its all about NOT forcing yourself into something youl never be

  • zoey

    Quite frankly I started reading these comments and then gave up not only for the sheer number of them but also because of the content of some of them. Campaigns such as Katies are NOT about telling you what is beautiful or attractive, that would be about REDEFINING beauty; this is about shedding definition of beauty ALTOGETHER. The modern days cultures crush womens confidence repeatedly leaving women spending their whole lives feeling unnattractive and never good enough. Why do we do this to ourselves? Of course people will always have preferences about what they personally find attractive but it is about time we shed these classic definitions of what is acceptable and stand by and support one another … no one has a right to make another feel unnattractive. I love Katie for what she is doing and i personally think she looks fantastic and would still look fantastic if she were larger or smaller… get behind eachother women and stop falling into the trap of judging one another based on what we are told to do by magazines and popular culture. A happy confident woman is a beautiful woman… end of story.

  • Vasha

    zoey: How Politically Correct! Garbage! You are telling us to what? Not have an opinion? We do I for one find her heavy and thick out of proportion.

  • zoey

    politcally correct my azz! calm down dear, if you noticed i actually said we all have preferences you tool, i personally dont like skinny or obese but prefer something in between in both genders, so you like skinny… well here is a toothbrush to stick down your throat after dinner. I mean for crying out loud all i am saying is no one has a right to define beauty and you should all just bloody well leave her alone instead of being so damn negative, if we pulled you apart piece by piece you would feel like utter crap. My point is that we have to stop attacking each other based on looks, its cruel and disgusting, have your opinion but i was commenting on the people that are so deluded to actually think this girl is encouraging obesity. FYI ppl the average in the UK is a 14 and above the age of 40 its a 16+…. and dont even get me started on the state of america. There is such a thing as a BMI and as long as you are in those guidelines you are keeping healthy and at the end of the day health is what we should be worrying about when half the western world are in elastic top jeans (sorry america but its true) and have diabetes type 2, never mind the huge surge in weight related ferrtility problems. Cant we just encourage good health and good self esteem? oh wait… sorry…. im being too politically correct again ,,|,, …. i sincerely hope karma doesnt bite you in the arse one day people.

    • Vasha

      The problem of overweight is rising all over the world. The diet and the leeching of hormone from what we once thought was safe now has proven it is not plastic dishes and cups to hormone laden meat, and other animal products are getting us fatter and unhealthy. It is not easy nor cheap for people to alter the eating patterns but the public can demand that foods stop becoming unhealthy.
      Unlike highly paid stars the ordinary citizen has less option. That leads to more unhealthy people more overweight ans unsightly people. If the governmental agencies are not doing their job then who?

  • Matthew

    I think all the comments from ‘anon’ were brought into sharp context when she admitted that she is just 17. It’s like hey, go and get some LIFE EXPERIENCE before you try and battle wits with your superiors. In the meantime, know this; as regards eating disorders and unhappy children and teenagers, YOU are part of the problem. Katie Green and other women trying to change the supposed ‘ideal’ woman’s body shape (which is being thrust onto society by a handful of HOMOSEXUAL male fashion designers who wouldn’t know what a sexy woman was if they tripped over one) are part of the cure. I hope you’re happy that your comments are archived FOR LIFE on the internet and will undoubtedly be discovered by an impressionable young mind hovering dangerously close to a bout of anorexia. I hope you yourself come across your own comments when you’ve GROWN UP, and feel shamed of them.

    And I’ll tell you something else; the comments in this thread follow the same course as they nearly all do when a normal, healthy woman breaks into modelling. Hundreds of men saying how good it is to see a real woman for once and saying how beautiful she looks, comments from well adjusted women who are relieved to see it…and a percentage of caustic comments from the gullible idiots who have been taken in by the gay fashion designer’s view of a ‘perfect’ shape. At no other time in our history as this been seen as the ideal….never. It is a thoroughly modern trend, and one that is on its way out with every new healthy model like Katie who enters the business. So enjoy your ‘waif’ ‘heroin chic’ skeleton-esque models while you can…soon they will be extinct, and fashion AND society will be all the better for it.

    • Casey

      Matthew, this thread has been done long ago, but I feel compelled to come back and respond to your rather ignorant comment.

      The first problem I have with your post is that you imply that all fashion designers are homosexual. That’s really not true. The majority of fashion designers are women, first of all. And not all male fashion designers are gay.

      Second of all, you seem to imply that homosexual men are not aware of what a beautiful, sexy woman is. Why not? Do they not have eyes? Or a functional brain?

      If a straight woman can tell a beautiful, sexy woman, then so can a homosexual man. You may not be ATTRACTED to them, but that doesn’t mean you are incapable of recognizing beauty. That’s such a logical fallacy that I find it baffling that you fail to recognize it.

      Third of all, I do think women who look like Katie Green should be represented in fashion. But, on the opposite end, “waif-like” “skeletony” women like Gisele should be displayed on Maxim. Why? Because both sizes of women exist naturally, and both should be praised.

      My problem with you and Katie Green is you cliam to want variety and use that word as if it had some magical meaning, but the truth is you want variety only as long as variety means only what you look like or what you like. By definition, that’s not what variety is. Variety means variety…all shapes, all sizes, all body types. And if Katie Green is going to be doing high fashion, than Alessandra should be on Maxim. That way thicker woman can feel fashionable and sexy, and thinner women can feel fashionable and sexy.

      That would be the ideal, because then everyone would win. Not this whole “My body is better than your body” thing that Katie Green is perpetuating. “Oh I am not skinny, I like my body, therefore skinny must automatically be bad.” How about instead we have, “I am not skinny, I love my body, skinny people should love their body too?”

  • cicely

    this is an intersting thread… i a way i agree with both but i think actually the problem here is that the black and white bikini in the top two photos is totally the wrong shape for her- people should start dressing for their shape, not their size. some people are naturally skinnier, some people arent but it kinda seems like the most attractive things are confidence and looking healthy. some of the skinny celebrities become unnatractive not necessarily because theyre too thin, but because they look ill!

  • I believe she is a size 12. My body looks very much like hers, but I’m taller 5’11-6 feet and have bigger breasts, and I’m a uk 14. So that’s sounds about right.

    I’m not always too happy with my body, I have a hard time losing weight, even though I healthy most of the time and exercise almost daily (guess I party too much ;)). And I prefer skinny girls look like VS models, though I know I’ll never be able to get a body like that. My ideal weight is 170 pounds. And I’m actually okay with this now.
    But seeing that this girl was on a top 3 hot list, makes me feel so much better!! 😀 Maybe other people will like my body too, that gives me hope. Although I should learn to love my body more, coz I get compliments for it all the time. But it’s always harder to see that when ur looking at urself naked in a mirror, u know 😉

    I cant stand all this hating on this site! SHE IS NOT FAT. Maybe she’s not the stereotypical perfect body either, but wouldn’t it be boring if we all had the same body? And I hate that u can’t say anything like that, because then ur a skinny hater…! And just because I learn to appreciate my body which is bigger than celebes, does NOT mean that I’m one of these obnoxius girls who think that curvy is hot and not fat, like someone said… GOD! Come on!

    People look different. And then many of u go on a rant about accepting obesity. I’m definitely not doing that by saying this girl looks good! I guess people on this site is more upset about this issue coz they are americans. In Denmark the majority aren’t obese, so noone would talk about heart disease when looking at this perfectly healthy looking woman.

    But I’m not gonna feel worse about myself over the many comments attacking this body that looks like mine. I would be fine with it if people said they prefered a different bodytype, I do too 😉
    But when people say she is fat, overweight, gross etc. I KNOW that people have a distorted view on body and health, and it can’t get me knocked down. Seems like some people on this site have some form of an ED (and saying this will probably make people call me a fat skinny-hater)…
    Otherwise I guess there are quite a lot of naturally skinny women on this site who are sick of being called anorexic and gross looking by bigger girls (who are probably insecure about themselves too, and that’s why they go after skinny girls)… And I get that. That’s not fair and can’t be fun. It’s just a really bad habit we women have, when we feel insecure we put other people down, I’ve done that myself, at least in my own head.
    I just wish we could all stop doing that and accept ourselves and others, no matter how we look.

    I guess the reason bigger women get so offensive and go all “ban size zero, no men want stick figures, curvy is beautiful, men want that etc”, is because they are sick of always seeing skinny celebs being praised and being the ideal, and this is their defense. It works both way around. I just wish it didn’t have to be a war. And it certainly is on this site sometimes!

  • Gemma

    I can’t really see what all these opinions about whether she’s fat, thin, healthy or unhealthy have to do with anything – she’s natural and that is the point being made. She doesn’t feel the need to be any slimer or more toned, she’s happy as she is and that’s great. Let’s leave the judgements about the health of her vital organs to her doctor shall we! Common sense tells us that what is perfectly healthy for one person can be extremely unhealthy for another – that is the nature of the human race.
    All body types have a right to be represented in fashion. People find different shapes attractive, so why shouldn’t we all be allowed to see a little bit of what we like?

  • Watch my video at:
    It will only take two minutes.
    We are trying to pass a law banning size 0 models from the front of magazines. Thanks

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  • Kerry

    I believe it’s up to designers on what size models they wish to use and I wouldn’t say either body type is wrong fat or anorexic! I have been a uk size 6 and now a uk siZe 10/12 and you know what I have never had an issue with my body and wouldn’t let anyone put me down! People opinions are welcome but doesn’t mean I would ever diet to make someone else happy! The thing with modelling is its always been for the slimmer person ( I never use the word skinny as I feel it can offended people just as much as calling someone fat) also the taller girls! I have never been interested in being a model because I have never had the “body to fit” so as much as I agree on curvy models doesn’t mean slimmer girls should not be able to continue there talent! Plus not all slim people are ill! My mate is 5ft10 and a uk size 8 and eats more than I do and never puts weight on! Your born they way u are so enjoy ur figure and be confident! That girl is a model but not because she’s slim or curved but because she’s enjoying what’s she’s doing and looks great doing it!

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  • Abigail

    I agree… Also, why are we listening to Katie Green when she is posing nude for the entire world to see? She’s not wearing any kind of clothing anymore; not even promoting fashion in the slightest. And the nice skin comments? How does she do it? It’s a new, great thing we call Photoshop. She’s just trying to become famous. WAKE UP.

  • Samantha

    Whoever this Katie Green is, she is an idiot. Bashing on someone else’s body type saying it’s ‘unhealthy’ doesn’t make you a better person. Ooooh you’re a confident woman who doesn’t want to fit the social norm for what a woman looks like. Big deal. Get over yourself, everyone has their own ideas about what’s beautiful and what isn’t. Honey, bashing on another girl’s size doesn’t make you look confident, it makes you look insecure. Get over it.

  • Hazel

    She IS overweight. Just because it offends you, doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. There seems to be a movement starting again where everyone thinks it’s acceptable to be at an unhealthy weight. The only problem with this is that the acceptable weight keeps getting pushed up every 10 years. The truth? Everyone should be eating healthy and everyone should be exercising. You don’t have to be skinny, but you should try to be fit.

  • Samantha

    I really don’t like what she is standing for. Bashing on someone else’s body type saying it’s ‘unhealthy’ doesn’t make you a better person. Ooooh you’re a confident woman who doesn’t want to fit the social norm for what a woman looks like. Big deal. Get over yourself, everyone has their own ideas about what’s beautiful and what isn’t. Honey, bashing on another girl’s size doesn’t make you look confident, it makes you look insecure. Get over it.

  • Hazel
  • Superleggera101

    Hubba hubba !!!

  • Chanda Sumhin


  • Really100

    What about a BMI that is too high like hers probably is? Should unhealthy overweight women be banned, too? This is so hypocritical. I used to get so much bullying from overweight girls in high school because I was thin. She, like those girls in high school, need to stop taking their low self-esteem out on other people.