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Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

fp_3166935_brinkley_joel_nyc_061709 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

OK, so these 2 ladies have always been super beautiful, but wow: Christie is 55 (!!) and Michelle is 51.

Christie’s skin is basically flawless – I don’t know what she’s doing to maintain it this way, but I think that it’s mostly because she’s got amazing genes (and a healthy lifestyle)… plus, she always smiles and seems happy / positive.

Michelle is stunning as well and, just like Christie,  she’s maintained her figure in amazing shape over the years – I wish we could see her without the glasses.

fp_3162604_pfeiffer_michelle_scp_061609 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

4 more pictures of these stunning ladies after the jump!

fp_3166934_brinkley_joel_nyc_061709 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

fp_3162608_pfeiffer_michelle_scp_061609 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

fp_3166936_brinkley_joel_nyc_061709 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

fp_3162606_pfeiffer_michelle_scp_061609 - Stunning Ladies Over 50: Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pfeiffer

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  • Leanna

    Both beautiful, elegant and classy!

    • Leanna

      Oh and neither look their age, wonder who their plastic surgeon is!

  • katrín

    WOW! not only they look gorgeous! or that they are old (sorry no offence) AND gorgeous! but they are hotter than many younger women in their 20’s..
    again, GORGEOUS!

  • Instant

    WOW! Love them both, so gorgeous.

    Hmmm, wonder how the young models and starlets that are popular right now will look when they hit their 50’s?

  • Uma

    Omg, Michelle, one of my beauty models, icons whatever all time. That’s what i call true, sofisticated, honest beauty. Thanks for this post!

    • Versus

      My pleasure, Uma!

    • Elena

      I agree! I absolutely adore this woman! She’s simply gorgeous! The other one looks terrific too. But Michelle…oh well…can’t find words to describe her…

    • Uyie

      Don’t forget Michelle adopted her two kids while Christy had hers the old fashion way – nine months. She definitely gots the great genes.

      • AndreaRL

        Actually, Michelle has adopted daughter and a

      • AndreaRL

        Actually Michelle has one adopted daughter and one biological son.

  • VK

    They both look incredibly beautiful and youthful, particularly Christie, who looks a good 20 years younger than she really is, very impressive.

  • nelly

    Yes both VERY beautyful. Michelle Pfeiffer just admits that she has done servarel operations to mantain her beauty. at least she’s honest!

  • Carly

    Wow absolutely stunning how refreshing to see some older women that both look stunning and classy. Somehow I doubt Lindsay Lohan will look this good at their age. Michelle is absolutely stunning and has the best bone structure/ even if she has had a bit of surgery it was worth it.

    • Ninnu

      lmao, lindsay already looks older than these two 🙂 maybe they have few more wrinkles on their decolté and neck, but Lilo sure has a lot more worn out look about her.

  • ala

    they look lovely and they are beautiful woman, but, lets admit, plastic surgery has done miracles for them!

  • vkat

    CB is beautiful. MP looks so classy. They look great!

  • DT

    Christie has such a beautiful face, but her body is getting soft. legs looking awfully large in proportion… good choice of dress .. hides a lot…
    Michele.,.. ahh beautiful Michele… always classic and lovely.. such a slim beautiful figure… and a truly lovely face….

  • brina

    gorgoeus ladies, they looks fab especially michelle i love her

  • Kae

    Such beautiful and classy ladies. Love them both!

  • Nkeon

    They both look great! Don’t know much about the other woman but i’ve always known Michelle Phiefer yo be a stunner!

    They didn’t have to resort to surgeryto achieve this. As far as i know Shirley Bassey hasn’t had any surgery and she’s always look great for her age!

    This is an incentive for me to really push for a fit and healthy lifestyle now because i don’t have the money for surgery if i lapse!

  • BlackEssence

    Michelle Phifer is the business! She’s always so regal. She reminds me of Grace Kelly.

    Christie also looks stunning. And has aged very well.

  • angie

    they both look amazing for their age.

  • alana

    Wow I’ve stunned – can they really be over 50?! Gorgeous women. Something to aspire to!

  • Wow, wow, wow! 55??!! Her skin looks fabulous!