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Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Lança Perfume Ads

supermodel-ana-beatriz-barros-in-lanca-perfume-ads - Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Lança Perfume Ads

Very hot treat coming from Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros!

Face + hair + body + skin = one flawless package.

If you’re curious to see Ana’s weight and measurements, click here!

More hot pictures on the second page!


supermodel-ana-beatriz-barros-in-lanca-perfume-ads-2 - Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Lança Perfume Ads

supermodel-ana-beatriz-barros-in-lanca-perfume-ads-3 - Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Lança Perfume Ads

supermodel-ana-beatriz-barros-in-lanca-perfume-ads-4 - Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros in Lança Perfume Ads

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • missy

    IMHO, she’s one of the most underrated models ever. She’s absolutely gorgeous and something about her makes you stare.
    Unfortunately, the year of the model has passed… glad to see her making money!

  • charlotte

    yeah i kind of agree with missy. I love ana she looks amazing here- body to die for!

  • dewi

    Her face has always photographed so beautifully. Her going the swimsuit/lingerie route was brilliant… she gets away with having a little more meat to her bones and makes more money 🙂

  • JustMe

    She has a beautiful face..

  • Instant

    I love her face, very good mix of pretty and sultry IMO. She’s slim, she looks good being slim, it looks like her natural type. And I agree with dewi, swimsuit/lingerie was definitely a good move for her, I think she would have lost that “something special” about her if she tried to be a high fashion model.

  • She looks amazing. So beautiful (^_^)


    one word : perfection. even more so than marissa miller

  • She looks so pretty. Her face is very natural

  • Elaine

    She is beautiful and sexy.

  • Agnes Benko

    Lust sells, doesn’t it? It made Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine a fortune publishing sensual poses of naked women. But most men don’t like looking up to a women towering over them in their 7″ hi-heels. At 1/2″ short of 6 feet tall she is a giant of a women and I know most men would just pass her up and look the other way. It’s amazing how cleverly photographed poses can twist the human mind toward thinking something that otherwise would be considered unattractive in a woman is now amazingly beautiful. I don’t doubt many a man has walked right past her on the street without giving her a second thought especially if she’s wearing those super hi-heels as seen in these photographs.

    Let’s face it girls we have been sold a lie by the modeling industry that these super tall thin girls are something that men would desire. Perhaps its her money they are more attracted to than her appearance once they find out she is a “Supermodel”. Because some men will do anything for money including dating giant underweight women.

    Hi-heels were made for petite women, not giants. And size 8 and under clothes were made again for petite women, not underweight tall gaunt looking broads. Whatever women see in magazines due to the glamour attached to fashion and photographs in a glossy sometimes are very misleading.

    I have read several articles by former skinny models and they confessed they couldn’t get dates, were miserable, depressed and their unhealthy life styles even lead to sickness, disease and for some early death. Skinny models are not naturally thin. They are urged by their agents to lose weight so they can “become famous” which has the lure of wealth attached to it. And then their short sickly lives are evidence of their foolish life styles which was spent lusting after money.

    • Natasha

      Jealous Much Even though I’m not a supermodel I’m tall and find your comment repulsive.HIGH HEELS ARE MADE FOREVER THE HELL WANT TO WEAR THEM. She’s not skinny she perfect.I don’t even know where to begin with the validity of your comment. THIS IS WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR LIFE HAS GONE TO SHIT !!!!!!!!

  • Karinka

    realii nice outfitsss mannn
    i want them too lolsss
    she is quite unique i would sayyy very nice bodyyy

  • shannon

    All the models from Brazil are crazy beautiful. I was in Rio 4ish years ago and saw Isabeli Fontana and met Alessandra Ambrosio like 2 years ago. They look like they are made of milk and honey. It was insane, neither had makeup on.

  • speechless…i fallin love with girls from brazil

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