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Tara Lynn and Crystal Renn Share “Plus-Size” Thoughts and Pose in Bikinis (Video)

d-magazine-plus-model-tara-lynn - Tara Lynn and Crystal Renn Share "Plus-Size" Thoughts and Pose in Bikinis (Video)

Times Online has this long, descriptive story on plus-size models and the man who made them famous – read it here entirely!… and the ladies in the spotlight are no other than Crystal Renn and Tara Lynn. Here are some interesting parts of this article:

Lynn (size 18 UK), a curvaceous yet surprisingly dainty woman, is here today, teetering on high-heeled sandals, looking fabulous in a pink one-piece. On her modelling card her measurements are 38-34-46in. A male make-up artist rubs body lotion into her ample thighs. She dwarfs him.

What Gary Dakin (the man who runs the plus-size division of Ford Models) says:

In one shoot in the same magazine Crystal Renn was photographed opposite the size 4 model Jacquelyn Jablonski in exactly the same clothes. “Renn wiped the floor with her,” says Dakin.

… hmm… remember that shoot?

What Tara says:

“I would like to say that I like my body as much as I ever did. But all the publicity has made it easier. I’m being celebrated now.”
“I spend half my life walking around in clothes with my bottom hanging out. All these gorgeous clothes and nothing fits me. No wonder they always shoot me naked.”

What Crystal says:

“We are all models. Beautiful girls are beautiful girls. Size should not matter. Look in the street and there are all kinds of shapes and sizes. Why are we here? To get people to shop and feel good about themselves. Somehow that has been forgotten. Just because a girl is bigger, she can’t be inspiring? What kind of message is that? And it’s not even true.”

Tara does look plus-sized, but once again, Crystal’s weight loss is quite visible… and they both look beautiful!

Check out the video and share your thoughts!

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  • MNG

    I don’t like the plus size models’ bodies except for Crystals, but she’s not the standard plus size (but she looks best
    thy all have gorgeous faces!
    and I think Jacquelyn Jablonski did way better on that shoot, ’cause her poses and facial expressions were better

  • AlexD

    wow tara lynn is so beautiful with that face her body will be forelooked by almost anyone. i dont know what else to say besides the usual “where are the 4-8 size girls” but i guess for heavy girls these two are gorgeous

    • b

      AMEN. I support Crystal Renn and I think her body type is urgently needed in the industry. It’s natural, it’s healthy, and it doesn’t require starvation. Tara I don’t support at all. She’s huge. There’s no way she (unless she’s one of the rare few with a real thyroid problem) is eating a balanced calorie diet and working out. I think that size is a product of laziness. There, I said it. I work my butt off and am mindful not to eat all bad food all of the time. I’m not a stick model–I don’t restrict myself because that’s not my goal. But I think people like me ought to be represented in magazines. I’m not shoving fat down anyone’s throat, I”m just a hard-working woman who wants to be appreciated for my 30-25-36, toned body!!!! ARGH!

  • Natasha

    I wouldnt say Crystal wiped the floor with her but she held her own and I think she could probably do more than just that with alot of models today plus size or thin. Also god bless alot of models hearts if Tara ever! gets to Crystals weight cause its a WRAP for alot of their careers she is stunning to say the least. Overall I’m really a fan of the overall tone of the article because once again it pins thin girls vs curvier girls. Plus I’m no oracle but can deff see the forthcoming arguments waiting to happen on this post lol. However I am a fan of Ford Models and their Plus division so its cool.

    • Natasha

      *I’m not a fan*

  • snoops

    @ AlexD – actually, crystal isnt even what I’d call heavy anymore, im kind of shocked, she’s lost a lot of weight and now she looks like a typical healthy size, more like a model from a couple decades ago when the models were a bit bigger and more muscular and curvaceous.

    Wow, what a hypocrite – after everything she has said she goes and loses all this weight? I’m not overweight but what about all the “big” girls she was suppossed to be inspiring to feel good about their bodies as they are? This just proves that being “plus size” is not so desirable after all, since even crystal renn is no longer a big girl.

    • nhana

      Totally agree! Is she even a plus size any more?

      • she has really lost weight! but she’s a pear, her upper body was tiny but you could see her legs and thighs weren’t “model skinny”. she looks good though:) tara lynn is really beautiful, but i actually think that’s not a “healthy” size. you don’t get that big by eating healthy and moderatly working out… im petite, 5,3, and weigh 110 pounds. i eat pretty healthy with some treats now and then and the only exercise i get is riding my bike to uni for 15 min every day and some powerwalks now and then, and i have THE worst metabolism. i would seriously have to double my daily intake of food to be that big. maybe she eats healthy, but extreme portions, but it’s just weird..

        • Eve

          Exactly my thought! Really, if this becomes the new ideal thing one day, it will be unachievable to me because I nave never been bigger than size 2 and I am not restricting myself and not trying to be small size. And to get bigger…I will have to overeat, which I hate, so just impossible. I cannot push myself here.
          But those girls are gorgeous! I am really admiring their faces and bodies. Confidence is the key to being pretty. Maybe they have very very slow metabolism (they do look like they work out, not like crazy, but they do have toned bodies). So, in any event, this new trend def rocks!

          • Mary

            Just because you have never been overweight and you’re so lucky that you have been blessed with good genetics, it doesn’t mean everyone else is exactly the same. Just because you have to stuff yourself to get over a size 2, it doesn’t mean everyone does. Look, I have exactly the opposite genetics. I have to work my ASS off to maintain my size 6 figure. I want to lose more weight, but it’s terribly difficult considering I eat only 1200 calories a day and work out 1-2 hours EVERY DAY. And I’m not talking about the kind of “working out” that some people do when they half ass it at the gym. I work my ass off, sometimes to the point of throwing up.

            I am a recovering anorexic and even when I was in the lowest low of my disorder, eating 200-500 calories a day and working out literally until I threw up, I could fit into a size 2. I’ve battled this for 7 years now and it’s people like you who make it so hard for me to try to stay eating a healthy amount of calories and not restrict again. It’s so upsetting.

          • Mary

            couldn’t fit into a size 2*

        • apricotmuffins

          tara is not you, though, is she? I wish people wouldnt say ‘if this is how it is for me, this is how it must be for everyone else’ Its a total farce and quite ignorant.

          • Morgan

            I totally agree. I have a friend who weighs around 160 lbs, I’m 240. I work out 4 times a week 30 min. (it’s a class), she hardly ever does. And we eat around the same amount. Yet I still weigh more, some people just work differently and what works for some people may not work for others.

          • b

            @ Morgan: Because weight loss comes from burning a certain amount of calories more than what you take in. If you’re not meeting that threshold, you’ll maintain forever. This is absolutely a bitchy comment, but 30 min/4x a week is nothing.

        • Hayley

          Lovisa, I highly doubt you have ‘THE worst’ metabolism. Your BMI (which measures a healthy weight range for height and weight) is 19.1, most sites suggest a healthy bmi is between 20 – 25.

          • Hayley

            but I do agree that while lynn is very beautiful she is overweight, and it is great that the fashion industry embraces her for who she is but from a nutritional point of view – it is no so great for her and can carry huge health risks.

          • yeah, but i have the tiniest bone structure ever. i have size US 4, EU 34 in shoes, i can only wear childrens gloves, my ears are so tiny that they are hardly visible, when i go to the dentist to make a cast for my splint they use a medium size childrens mold, my thumb overlaps my pinky when i wrap my hand around my wrist. i wear a size xs (eu 34, us 2-4), size 25-26 in jeans, but i do carry some extra weight and i have a pouchy stomach. i have to weigh around 100 pounds to be slim and to look my best. my mum and my sister are the same 🙂

          • ps. you gain easily when you’re so petite 🙂 my friends can eat crap 24/7 but i have to weigh everything just so i don’t exceed my daily intake of calories which is 1300-1400. it sucks! 🙂

    • Morgan

      Or she could just have lost weight because it’s healthier for her. People change as time goes on.

      • Ella

        I agree. Maybe she just got the opportunity to live even healthier than she was living before.

        Just as I don’t think it’s right for slim models to be criticised so heavily for gaining a little weight, I don’t think it’s right for plus size models to be criticised for losing a bit. As long as they are still healthy and well themselves, it shouldn’t matter. We can’t be selfish and demand they stay the size we want them to be or stay the size that is most similar to one of us. One person can’t represent everyone.

    • I agree with Snoops, Renn is a hypocrite, she’s living off of the whole plus size thing and she’s not even plus size anymore. When the skinny models get fat they don’t get hired, so I don’t see why Renn is still the big plus size icon.

      And I remember the shoot with the size 4 model, and Renn did NOT wipe the floor with her.

  • hannah

    I think that crystal renn is definetly not in the plus sized catagorie anymore ( whatever that is now a days anyways). Don’t get me wrong, she is gorgeous and looks athletic , strong and healthy, but she definetly has lost a tone of weight!

  • jenny

    Crystal Renn.. she might have a hotter body (now) than Tara..
    but Tara Lynn, has one of the most gorgeous faces I’ve ever seen, and that to me, makes her more beautiful.

    I’ve never found Crystal attractive, fat or not 😉

  • awau

    I love the idea that differnt sizes are being shown but ugggh, I am so sick of Crystal Renn.

  • Chelsea

    Crystal Renn is not plus sized. I know girls her size that are in 8’s or 9’s maybe a 10 at the most. I do not care if she is a size 0 or a size 20 just be honest.

  • crystal is perfect! her body is in an amazing shape. she is not plus size anymore, she is an average size and good for her- she is incredibly hot!
    tara has goddamned beautiful face, but…. well when she says that women should take care of them selves and be active and work out- I cannot make myself believe her.. she just does not look that she is eating well and exercise regullary.. she may do, but when I look at her I do not believe a word. I cannot help my self, but it seems impossible to me, that she really does live active and eat healthy food and so on and still look so … well, huge.. and not good.. but dont get me wrong- I get it- variety thing, bigger women deserv to wear nice clothes etc.. but it seems ridiculous to hear about active and healty life style from a person who carries this much unneeded fat. if crystal said it- well ok, but more believable from tyra´s mouth would be something like- “so I like chocolate and when I want some, I have some. I refuse to torture my self with starving” or something… but – it is only my opinion 🙂

    • i totally so agree. check out my comment above yours.. 🙂

    • b

      Agree. I hope Crystal doesn’t lose anymore weight. This, to me, is the best of both worlds. A really healthy-looking woman who obviously doesn’t (at least for the time being) subsist on cabbage soup.

  • Lalaloo

    Um, I wouldn’t say that Crystal wiped the floor with Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn is one of the number one up and coming models in the industry and she can hold her own against anyone. Hate to break it to you but just because Crystal filled out the clothes more does not equal her being a better model, sorry!

    • madison

      Thank God you said that. When I read that all I thought was “How arrogant is Gary and by association Crystal, for even saying something like that?” Are they saying that “We just want to help women feel good about themselves no matter what size.” only to put down any model that dares get in the same room with Crystal? I agree with the people who are saying they are over crystal. Beautiful or not on the outside, there is a bit of ugly going on in the inside to even make comments like that.

  • laura

    she has a really pretty face but she is not at a healthy weight ifshe was size 14 uk size i think she’d look a lot better and she’d be more healthy.
    i say over and over again wy is it either skinny under weight models or over weight (plus size) neither are healthy or attractive id like to see more size 8-14 uk size.

  • Kristin

    hmm…I’m wondering if Crystal Renn is maybe relapsing a bit…maybe that would explain the “hypocritical” weight loss.

  • illy

    I thik plus size models are disgusting, sure they have alright faces but their bodies are simply fat and gross. Curvy is a body shape not a size and roles of fat does not count as a curve.. its simply fat. They look un healthy. I’m not saying the super sinny models are healthy either but they look 100x better than these.. I feel the Victoria secrets models (especially Doutzen) are the healthy models out there and have the perfect look (apart from the new models.. they seem to be getting boring)

    • saby

      well i am sorry for you, there is nothing wrong with curves aka fat

  • Ana

    Don’t get me wrong but, if I had face like Tara, shit I’d be fat too

    • gordi

      I ♥ this comment!

      I think that when people want to lose weight, a large part of the appeal for them is being more accepted and approved of by society at large, fitting into this idea of what being attractive is (because we’ve been spoon-fed it by the media all our lives), and one of the appeals of modelling for many people is the ‘approval’ you get, that the way you look is good enough/worthy enough that people will pay you to front their campaigns and shows and use your image as the face of their product or concept or what have you…

      If I were a plus-size model and someone was willing to pay me, to give me this approval I just mentioned, I wouldn’t care about being pudgy – I’d get the recognition as an attractive person and the approval I’d want, as well as a well paid job, and I’d be able to eat what I want and not be worried about my weight all the time!

      I think Tara Lynn is gorgeous, and I say good on her.

  • érica

    OMG! Tara’s face is stunning! she would beat Gisele if she were a skinny model! gorgeous, but I do agree with you people, she does not look healthy at her size, when I look at her i definately don’t see the healthy lifestyle she claims here. Crystal is a pretty girl.

    • saby

      i believe her. i have a pretty healthy lifestyle and still a size uk 14 ! it happens

  • RAchel

    size 18 isn’t plus size, it’s fat.. when are they gonna get it right? Size 14 is normal/plus size

    • kate

      Plus size is UK 16+

  • érica

    why can’t we see tara’s face when she’s speaking?? Only the interviwer? annoying.

  • formerly Sam

    It’s almost as if Crystal should start feeling ashamed of being called plus-size, since she’s now at the very low end of what can be called that!
    And the way she acts on the video, it seems like she’s super proud of her weightloss and can’t pull off the “plus-size act” too well anymore. Like she has to fake it because what she really wants is to lose more weight.

  • Kristin

    anyone know how old tara lynn is?

  • size0??

    Oh Tara has a beatiful face indeed. But she is just down right fat no curviness about her at all just obese. Curvy and fat are not related. I am tired of people calling fat women curvy.

    • Morgan

      There are fat women who are also curvy.

  • Lisa

    lol @ the Dakin comment. Another classic case of shooting one down to elevate the other.

  • Polly

    Crystal wow, I don’t know if it was because she was next to a bigger model but she looks so slim. Definitely not plus size, probably a US 6-8 from this video.

    • Mimi

      I am a US 4 and her body is not that different from mine! I bet she’s a 6 nowadays.

  • violet

    yeah agree with crystal not being plus size but i don’t think she ever really was. i know in the old skinny vs plus size shoot they mention it says she’s a 12 but to my eyes she only looks about an 8 and shes smaller now.

  • violet

    wow tara lynn looks so different in the video compared to her photos. she looks much thinner and prettier in the video i think

  • ellie

    I’m going to echo everyone else and say WOW! Good night, Tara Lynn has a beautiful face. I probably wouldn’t feel good about myself at that weight, but good for her for being confident. If she, like she says she does, eats healthfully and exercises, then who are we to tell her she’s unhealthy or needs to lose weight? Crystal looks beautiful as well. Nice to see a medium size in the public eye, though I don’t know that I’d classify her as plus-size anymore.

  • Clare

    Wow!! Tara is sooooo beautiful, I can see the guys going gaga for her!! Why do women think that they are more attractive when they are skin and bones-just look at Posh, I don’t know one guy who finds her sexy. Starving yourself to be a size 0 or 2 or any size actually, is just nuts!! Enjoy food and life, your only here once!!

    • well not all women starve themselves to become skinny and most women try to get surgery just to achieve that voluptuous figure. and some women can’t help that they are skinny. won’t stop them from getting a man. lol.

  • Aims

    These woman aren’t as big as I’m used to seeing…

  • saby

    i used to be normal size, 6 to 8 , i ballooned up to a 16 thanks to a thyroid condition, but i so love it ! meanwhile i got down to a 10, and still losing thanks to armour, no diet 😀 anyway, i love being bigger , it really looks good on me ! i think tara is stunning

  • krystal

    tara has to have one of the most beautiful faces i have ever seen!

  • Kt

    Chrystal as she is now is somewhere in between plus size and runway size, I think her figure now is fantastic, would be nice to see her around this size. She’s good body inspiration for me.
    Tara is beautiful, big yes, but somehow she still looks good in a swimsuit. I’m smaller and i don’t look that good in a swimsuit!

  • viktoria

    I find Crystals figure great now, she looks a healthy size, has a normal female body with beautiful curves, but not fat at all!
    I think Crystal is so much more attractive than Tara… even her face seems more interesting and more beautiful to me

  • candyshop

    wow crystal looks amazing!! deff not plus size at all, also the other girl was beautiful

  • madeleine

    tara’s big body cancels her goregous face….she is too fat….not a fan of girls this size……….crystal is looking better though

  • 🙁 I AM SO JEALOUS OF TARA…I was quite into Crystal at first and then Tara came along and pretty much wiped the floor!She is STUNNING,and has a very slim face and upper body…compared to her stomach and below…BUT who cares!Lifes to short!
    On the subject of Crystals weight loss,I don’t think its too much off an issue,tbh shes had a lot of work on her all off a sudden it could be natural,or maybe because off the situation she’s in now its easier for her to lose weight.God knows if I had the money I wouldn’t mind going to nice gyms 24/7 and eating very good quality healthy food!I just hope its not a relapse for her,tbh still for someone whose been anorexic in the past should she even be in the Modeling industry?Wheres the pastoral care?

  • Nkeon

    I can only assume that Crystal Renn is still referred to as ‘plus size’ out of habit and because there is no other category to put her in.

    Her size represents a similar medium that Tyra Bank’s did in her later career before retiring.

    Anyway, I think they both look great but I agree with a previous comment about the article being the same monotonous views about ‘skinny v curvy’

  • slashdot

    ok, my problem is with this skinny/curvy parting. It’s as if you can only be a size 0-2 or 12-14-16 etc to appear in the magazines or to do fashion shoots. I think it’s quite absurd and also believe most of the women are in between these 2 categories. What about portraying normal size women (6,8,10) in the magazines, women with a rather normal amount of fat, with curves, with the few roll here and there?
    I feel like everything has to be sooo extreme!

  • asjsk

    i thought crystal was happy stayin “plus size”?

  • Minnie

    Crystal just gets smaller and smaller.
    I remember a time when I thought that she was huge.
    In every picture/video I see of her she’s smaller than the last.

  • Erica

    Crystal’s body, Tara’s face.

  • TJ

    I don’t think there should be seperate catergories. What’s wrong with being in the middle? Does she have to be overweight to make everyone happy. She looks good. She’s not anorexic anymore and she found a stable weight that works. Why does everyone have to be fat or skinny? Most of us are a regular size, being represented by two extremes that have nothing to do with us. Maybe she realized that she could be that person in the middle. I like it.

  • Risssa

    I am getting tired of the “hypocrite” comments about Renn and the unhealthy comments about Lynn.

    I think the main message, for me, is to respect your body no matter what. If you are naturally a size 2, great! If you are naturally a size 12, great!

    For someone who is tipping the scales at 200 and is a size 16, and who love being active and working out, I will be the first to admit that my body size is not an “ideal” body size from a healthy perspective. But what is most important to be is loving myself no matter what and taking the steps to consistently lead a healthy lifestyle: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Well I feel better, from a medical persepctive once I lose two inches off my waist and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle: yes. Well I still feel pressure to lose weight for superficial reasons to fit into the cute clothes I love because they may not make it in size 10 or 12, probably use. But will I continue to feel unbelieveable with every run I do and every strenght training session I do and every swim I do no matter what my clothing size knowing I am doing something healthy for myself: yes.

    And, contemporary medical research shows that waist circumference is a better indication of health (do to the fact that abdominal fat around your ograns secretes horomones) over BMI. BMI is good, but body composition is more telling.

    Lets focus on accepting our bodies first, and accepting other people as they are, second.

    We are all on a journey on self-improvement and we are adults who make our own decisions.

  • These two models are beautiful. Everyone has their own healthy weight that their bodies are comfortable being. Some woman are comfortable at a size 2 others at a size 12. I am a plus model and a size 12. It took me a VERY long time to accept my body, but life is much easier when you embrace what you have been given. I am comfortable saying that I weigh 175 lbs, I don’t try to hide it and I’m not ashamed. I love my body! At, we discuss body image, plus modeling, and we promote healthy body image. Visit our blog and let us know what you think!