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Miss USA Olivia Culpo – Miss Universe 2012

158577010_10 - Miss USA Olivia Culpo - Miss Universe 2012

20 year-old Miss USA Olivia Culpo took home the Miss Universe crown the other day during the 2012 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, where eighty nine beauties paraded on stage. Here is the brunette hottie in her low-cut red dress and in a bikini, looking pretty and smiley for the cameras and judges.

What do you think of their pick?

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  • rangoon

    She’s super pretty, but daaaaamn that’s an unflattering dress in the second pic.

  • Linda

    She’s cute, but thats about it.

  • Mia-Ciara


  • Lola

    Super artificial! And i don´t think she is that pretty for miss universe.

    • Nobsnob


  • Marisa

    She was my favourite and I am so glad she won 🙂 x

    • Versus

      Marisa, this is the last time I will ask you to kindly stop promoting other sites in your comments. I will no longer remove the link from your comments – I will simply delete your comments if you continue.

  • Andi

    i think she is BEAUTIFUL. i remember her watching Miss USA and i knew that she would win! shes cute, sexy, pretty, fit, everything. shes got it all.

  • thingsdontchange

    Super pretty. And she looks ethnic.

  • La la la la

    bad clothes. her face is pretty, but a little fake looking, her eyelashes and teeth whitening were overdone. body is fine but her chest is boooony. she looked much prettier in the toga than any of the other pics i think bc of overtanning. her stomach is crazy hard!

    • La la la la

      now that i notice, her legs look too soft imo and stomach too hard. weird

    • HB

      Yeah, the overtanning on her torso makes it look weird. Impressive, of course, but weird with the coloring.

  • Polly

    That peach fuzz on her makes me think she’s at a body weight too low, + she’s very skinny. She’s very pretty though, & looks like Rose Bryne.

    • serena

      She’s not that skinny, her body is like a lot of 20 year olds I see. Some girls just have peach fuzz. Her stomach does look really toned so I guess she works out a lot. The dresses are really tacky though; I don’t like pageants.

      • kay

        Serena – Uf you were educated enough, you would realize it has nothing to do with appearance…it has to do with body fat

        • serena

          Lol so if I disagree with you, then I am “uneducated”? This blog never fails to make me laugh 😀 In my opinion she is not too skinny at all. And as for “peach fuzz”, she looks to be of mediterranean or latin descent, and we tend to be fuzzier than some other people. I really doubt it is lanugo from anorexia.

          • Candy

            She said she was a chubby child so this could be an unhealthy weight for her. That being said its fine if she is just doing it for the competiion like many athletes do.

          • kay

            no, when your body fat goes too do grow body har. Agsin, educate yourself. It had nothing to do with’s fact. When a persons body fat gets too.low…that’s what happens

          • serena

            It’s funny how you keep mentioning education but can’t seem to read (or spell) at a 1st grade level: I already mentioned lanugo (fine downy hair) is a side effect of anorexia, so clearly I know what it is. If you think her body fat is too low that’s your opinion, but please stop trying to shove it down my throat.

          • snoops

            Kay – its clear that serena is pointing out that low body fat is not the ONLY cause of “peach fuzz”. Every man and woman is different when it comes to body hair, some people are just harier than others! This girl looks to have very thick hair and a dark complexion, she also does not appear underweight. Most likely she is just harier than you are due to genetics. She is beautiful, anyway.

          • kay

            Sarena – I don’t own a computer and have to tyoe on a tiny phone. My point what an average size woman can have very low body fat. I’m 5’5 125 lbs but have such low body fat that I have recently lost my period. You do nt have to be anorexic to show signs. Again, educate yourself on the fact that low body fat does not equal skinny all the time.

          • kay

            You must not know what you are talking about..your correlating symptoms that are connected to low body fat not low body weight. There is a difference

          • kay

            You can eat 2500 calories of pure egg whites, grillexd chicken, and kale and stll be the same weight with very low body fat thst you show symptoms of anorxia…now looks stupid serena

          • serena

            I made a comment saying “she doesn’t look too skinny” and said her pageant dresses are tacky. Your response was to write a half-dozen comments to me babbling about body fat and whining that you don’t menstruate anymore which has nothing to do with what anyone was talking about to begin with. I don’t know if you have Aspergers or are flat-out stupid, but for christ sake do stop addressing me because I couldn’t care less about you, your uterus, or your opinions.

          • serena

            Thanks snoop, that’s exactly what my point was 🙂 Idk why this troll keeps babbling to me on and on about her body issues, I guess i’m not “educated” enough to understand lol. I agree Olivia is beautiful, though she looks old for 20!

          • Casey

            kay, I really don’t think you should be calling other people uneducated, especially if what they are saying is reasonable.

            First off, the “peach fuzz” you’re referring to looks nothing like lanugo, it looks like body hair.

            Second of all, it only happens in cases of extreme prolonged malnutrition, and even then, not every time. Olivia may have lower body fat than maybe she should, but it is simply not low enough for the development of lanugo.

            Third of all, her body fat is not even that low. It looks like it beacuse of her abs, but what I’m guessing that is, is this method that body builders do to a week prior to competitions, which basically dehydrates your muscles and makes them look super chisled. Some models/beauty pagent contestants do it (Adriana Lima does it for VS).

          • HB

            Serena, I don’t give a flying you know what about your opinion of this girl, but the Asperger comment was SERIOUSLY unmerited, and the number one reason why I *now* think you’re uneducated.

          • M

            The Aspergercomment was ignorant!

          • M

            The Asperger comment was not ok.

    • Te

      Her background is italian- you really expect her NOT to have peach fuzz?

  • kay

    eww…Last night I felt like I was watching a bunch of tranvetites in heals….I had to change the channel…I’m not dure if it was the makeup or what but it was bad

  • ri

    she deserves it!

  • Mariah

    I have finally found my hand twin!!
    As strange as that sounds, I noticed that her hands are fairly tendon-y and her knuckles are quite bony, but it makes me feel better because that’s how my hands are, and considering that she is the miss universe winner, well it just goes to show that they aren’t as bad as I feel like mine are.

    • Christina

      Haha, this reminds me of the friends episode, where joey found his hand twin..:D

  • Nobsnob

    Bleh. She’s too skinny !! Would be way prettier to more weight. She’s bony in the chest and the arms, her legs look fine though. She might be a pear?
    Her face is nothing special, conventional yet boring pretty.

    • HB

      I think she looks pear shaped too, but that could be because she’s built a good bit of muscle on her lower half.

  • حنان aka hanan

    do they lie @ beauty pagents ?? she doesn’t look 20 , 28 maybe .

    • HB

      They all look older than they say!! Definitely older than I am, and I’m 22… I think it’s just all the makeup and stuff.

    • Tea

      Agree, she’s either much older than 20 or the makeup is making her look older.

  • Jamie

    Miss Venezuela was way more gorgeous than Miss USA.. Anywho, congratulations to her!

    • nicole

      I agree! but she butchered her chances of winning because of her answer to the question 🙁

  • Jay

    beautiful face and great hair, but im not a fan of the flat ass or bony back/chest (and the camera ADDS weight, so imagine it in person)… im more envious of girls i see at the gym than this girl any day of the week

  • Anastasia.

    She was the prettiest contestant? Really? I can’t believe she won Miss USA, let alone Miss Universe. In her defense though, there were hardly any real stunners from what I’ve seen. Take away the extensions, and most of them looked painfully average. Olivia has a weird midsection, and looks older than 20 imo.

    • REV

      wow stop your nonsense comment.

      • lc

        What was weird and nonsensical about it?

    • neutra

      “Take away the extensions, and most of them looked painfully average.” I thought that was just the standard pageant girl look. That overdone look they all go for is as dull as dull can be.

  • Cocco

    too short, good body??? ethnic?? as in… anyone in this world that has an ethnicity (aka all of us) looks ethnik. anyway, the contest is suspected to have been arranged so… ( still, not saying she is not beautiful, because she is)

    • Cocco

      Sorry, the part after good body was supposed to be !!! instead of ??? :s

  • Candy

    I though miss Japan was the prettiest.

  • Stephanie

    The whole styling pageants use is awfully tacky D: But she is soooo beautiful. I’m glad they picked a dark eyed contestant ^_^

    • Christina

      Yes, I am glad she is dark eyed, too.

      I am so annoyed that every winning girl has to look a certain way.people are not satisfied as long as the girl has blue eyes and looks like Adriana Lima or Doutzen Kroes.

      • Stephanie

        Completely agree! There’s more ways to be considered stunning other than being exotic as hell like Adriana! 🙂

  • nat shermans

    She doesn’t look like a miss world. Beautiful, yes. She could be a macys model…

  • heathers

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper pretty but holy crap she’s scrawny!

  • lc

    Wow, we never win lol. She has a nice figure.

  • carrie

    wow great body.maybe 5;5 110 lbs?lots of muscle too.

  • Aafje

    hrmm she is pretty but I don’t think she was the prettiest out of all of them.

    I liked Miss Angola

    • Vera

      She looks like Rose Byrne!!! But I really think Miss Philippines should’ve won coz she has the best answer among the 4 other contestants on the question and answer portion.

      • HB

        Yeah, but that’s just filler to see if there’s anything outrageous to detract from beauty.
        It’s simply a beauty contest.

  • mary

    nice legs. she is pretty, but super made up and looks more like 27 or 28. pretty eyes and eyebrows…wonder what her background is.

  • Chelsea

    I didn’t think any of the girls had pretty faces at the Miss Universe pageant, but they all had banging bodies.

  • Katie

    She looks like a mix of Maria Menounos and Rose Byrne. She’s too done up in my opinion, I’d like to see her without the slap and styling.

    • Observer

      I agree. Most pageant people are overly done and tacky looking.

    • silvy

      i was thinking rose byrne when i saw these pics too

  • Winnie

    i was really surprised to hear she had won. i wasn’t that impressed with her when she was featured on this site a few months ago, and i didn’t think she had a chance, but i didn’t watch the pageant or see the other contestants so i can’t really judge. still can’t believe we’re the same age though. she looks so much older than 20 o.O

  • Observer

    These pageants have and always will be a bad joke and an affront to females. The ladies usually have generic pretty faces and are bland to the core. The rules are sexist and stupid, and some people actually think it means something significant about their race/nation. I remember an Indian woman boasting how many times India had won titles in a discussion on state of women in the world. I had to remind her exactly what women in India face, and that it was on the UN’s list of most dangerous places for females.

    If she looks like this at 20 I wonder what she’ll look like at 30. Maybe she looks better without the tan, tons of makeup etc.
    For some reason her body looks forced to me but she’s fit.
    Dresses are all ridiculous but that’s pageants for you. I wish these stupid things would stop already. I think most people tune in to make fun of and judge the a very negative manner. So much for respect for women.

    • serena

      One of my roommates used to participate in pageants and won a ton of money in scholarships! So yeah they’re tacky and kind of a joke but if you play your cards right you can win money and endorsements.

    • jenna

      i agree Observer. even when i was a kid, i used to get angry about pageants thinking “why are these women parading around in all this makeup, heels, bathing suits and being judged? why don’t they do this to men?”

  • carrie

    weight /stats guess?5’5 110-115 lbs?

    • Bryony

      That seems like a good estimate. I would say she weighs slightly less; probably around 106 -108.

  • Bryony

    I think she is pretty, but there were contestants, notably Australia, Brazil, and Philippines, who were better looking. Also, her response was “meh” and lackluster.

    • Mafe

      That is exactly the same thing that I thought!

  • Kayla

    The reddish/purplish color of her hands is a little worrisome, imo. I noticed it on the TV, too.

  • In the ivory dress she looks beautiful – her face reminds me of Rose Byrne, and I’ve always thought she was gorgeous. Like Rose Byrne, she’s a bit too thin for my taste – but still very pretty. In the pageant shots it’s a different story though. She looks very fake – tan, make-up, etc – it’s just overdone – and she looks a lot older. But all pageant models are like that – they never really look stunning to me.

  • Casey

    I’ve seen other photos of her, she is actually really pretty.

    However, the excessively chisled abs are a bit scary. And the wrong colored foundation is not doing her any favors.

    Overall, I think she is naturally pretty which is a change from most of the other beauty pagent contestants nowadays.

  • JaneParker

    She’s really pretty, but not Miss Universe pretty IMHO. But then again, who is? These contests are always unfair, there’s always going to be someone prettier, somehow, somewhere. And beauty is subjective. so… Not a terrible choice, but still. If I saw her walking down the street I would def. give her a second look, but I’ve seen better.

  • binks

    Meh… she is average looking to me.

  • Rosie

    She’s very pretty. But she’s too tan. Hopefully it’s spray or she’ll look like leather when she reaches 40.

  • Omi

    I watched it live, she really is beautiful. But it would be so much better to know that her age is 24 or 25.

  • Sienna

    Hey body has good proportions, as in: long legs/short torso, small ribcage, defined waist. But if I were her I’d change something in my exercise/diet regimen, because her stomach and chest area look too bony. A fat % a tiny bit higher would benefit her. I don’t think she over-exercises, it’s just the body fat. As for her face, it’s pretty but does not blow my mind at all. Faces like Emily Didonato, Adriana Lima, Doutzen,… are worthy of a title like Miss Universe.

    Then again: only a certain type of girl enters these pageants. Honestly, I myself and many other “regularly pretty” girls I know are “pageant material”, face and body wise, we just don’t care for the pageant culture or that title.
    Great beauty’s like the models mentioned above don’t need pageants either, hence: Olivia Culpo is the type of girl that wins Miss Universe: pretty and most likely vapid.

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme

      I agree on the short torso/long legs proportions, and she has a small body frame too, but defined waist?? The indentation is so slight, its barely there. Even if she wouldn’t have such hard abs, there is no way I would ever say she has a waist.

    • jIFFY


      • misscheeks

        I have the same long legs/short torso body too Jiffy! *high five* 😀

  • Ali

    I don’t see her appeal. She’s beautiful but I know many girls muc more beautiful.

  • Laura

    I don’t think she deserved to win Miss Universe. She is pretty, but that’s all. She doesn’t look powerful or diva-like, she is SHORT…Philippines, Australia, Venezuela and Brazil looked SO much more like divas!

  • Lana

    She is stunning, no question about that!

    However, anyone who watched the pageant knows that it was definitely rigged (most likely by Mr. Tump?!). She was average at best: in swim suit (she started her walk too early before Miss India was even finished and before her name was called), she tripped in evening gown (can happen to anyone, I know) and her answer to the question about her biggest regret in life was “picking on my siblings”!!! I mean, come on! What a silly pageant…

  • snugglepup

    From all the stunning beauties, she won?! 😀 she has a very pretty face, but that’s about all. The woman’s silhouette behind her in the first pic is stunning tho. Culpo looks bodywise very similiar to the last winner, thin pear. But yeah… ok judges ok.

  • snugglepup

    Japan’s, Italy’s and Angola’s pageants were the most beautiful imo

  • bretzel

    She’s pretty but I already forgot her face by the time I scrolled down in the comments section…
    Talking about beauty contests, I really like the last Elite Model Look winner Marilhéa Peillard :

    I think and hope we’re gonna see more and more of her, she’s so classy and charming !

    • HB

      Looks bland in color to me, but I guess that’s what designers want– lackluster so the clothes get the focus.

    • pressplay

      she is beautiful

    • Emilie

      Ooh I’m glad you’re talking about Marilhéa! She’s gorgeous, and I’m happy a French girl won the Elite Model Look Contest haha. A friend of mine knows her, and she’s really nice too

  • Mel

    She’s Miss Universe…like seriously ?? Miss Germany, Belgium and Suisse were way better than she ! But actually what am I talking about that ? It’s sad that girls still feel the need of being electected prettiest of the city, country, world and even the universe !

  • carrie

    weights/stats guesses?i think she is 5’5

  • Lisa

    THAT TORSO. WASSUP. I hate her fake “who me?” pose in that one picture. haha. So cliched.

  • lili

    I am sorry but she looks latina not 100% american at all you know blue eyes, blonde hair? and yes miss venezuela is way prettier!

    • Kate

      This comment is so ignorant. 1. She’s of Italian descent 2. There are other races in this country and last time I checked not all white people have blonde hair and blue eyes. 3. If you have a problem with latinos you should move out because the latino population will cause the minorities in America to be the majority by 2050.

  • Polska Blondynka

    Miss Australia was beautiful. I definitely think she should have won.

    Miss USA had the stupidest response to her question. “I regret picking on my siblings… but I don’t regret it.”


  • blair

    She is miss world!?? Speechless.

  • I think her body is almost perfect, a bit too hard but I would love looking like that. Her face and hair is really pretty too!

  • loos

    I can’t stand beauty pageants – tacky, sexist and outdated in my opinion. Why on earth would you put yourself out there to be judged solely on your looks?? And seeing as she’s asking to be judged, here’s my two cents worth – gorgeous face but her body is very average. Nothing stands out about her body. I think it’s because she’s too thin.

  • seijidan

    Miss Philippines clearly shouldve won.

    • saya

      I agree.

  • erin

    Wow!!! No implants!

  • evie

    I think the Polish girl was the prettiest, but Olivia is amazing too.

  • anonymous

    Miss Russia and Miss Australia were the prettiest to me personally. However I dont watch these shows coz beauty pageant chicks do nothing for me. Sure they’re pretty, but they look so artifical. The amount of makeup and spray tans is like paint! Under all of it, all those girls would either look average, ordinary, or just like a cute girl next door. Thats it. I think these shows are rigged half the time anyway… But whatever.

  • Annette

    Well dayamm, I think she has a pretty much perfect body – tiny and delicate yet curvy and sexy at the same time. I realize plenty will say her chest and hands are too bony, but that is really nitpicking if you ask me – she has a killer waist to hip ratio, great proportions and a low bodyfat but not dangerously so. She also has class and poise which I like to see. Congrats Olivia, ignore the haters.

  • dzhii

    she’s really pretty and was definitely one of my favorites from the beginning

  • natalia

    I don’t even know why these women are in this site, pageants have always been substandard compred to models, don’t get it.

  • JGraves

    Okay everybody…tell the truth and shame the Devil, she is hands down undisputedly beautiful. I see a lot of nickel and diming here on her flaws. Really and truly, I would, and some of the nitpickers on this thread, would pay cash money to look that good.

    Always remember this…don’t hate the player, hate the game

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  • bill harvell

    All these critiques from what I’m sure is a herd of swamp donkeys are laughable and pathetic! The girl is drop dead Gorgeous. Period.