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Victoria’s Secret Angels Wish You Happy Holidays (Video)

Supermodels Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellingson and Lily Aldridge gathered all for a very Christmasy promotional video that features, besides their modelling abilities and enviable figures, their sinigng talents!

Check it out and share your thoughts!

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  • Emma

    Wow xD
    The singing is terrible but that is what makes it so cute!
    Their bodies are flawless but there singing well …
    Doutzen was ok, haha

    • zz

      Hitting the Mute button is the way forwards. Terrible, hideous sounding ad.

  • Poo

    Haha, so cute.
    Their figures are perfect, and their singing is bad.
    But it’s cute, haha

  • killerqueen

    Omg Miranda’s goofy voice and Doutzen–English is def not her 1st language! I can see why they are models and not singers hehe, but they are so cute either way and this video is adorable!

  • misscheeks

    I guess I’m the only one so far who didn’t find this cute, whimsical or endearing, it felt very forced and made me cringe. The only one I liked was Doutzen…she seemed quite genuine struggling with the words aww she finally got there in the end haha!

    • moomuhmuh

      You took the words out of my mouth. It seemed awkward and forced and not endearing. Doutzen though was cute. She looked great and was really sweet and wasn’t trying too hard.

      • Emmy

        Miranda annoyed me a little bit

        • JN1976

          LOVED it! Found it totally funny, not forced at all! Annnnd THANK GD they cant sing…I feel like we should make them do some math too for a good ego-boost video. Doutzen is sofaking cute…gotta admit I’d play for the other team for her lol and I wish I had her lips.
          Didn’t find any of them forced but meh to Erin’s personality, HA to Alessandra’s nasal fa-la-la’s, and EW Miranda…you’re starting to bug me…didnt see/feel the arogance others have but am now (sadly) starting to…
          A great video to boost morale amidst the stuff on the news – I posted it to Facebook hahaha

          • serena

            Ehh it’s not much of an ego boost for me cause I can’t sing very well either but they still looked gorgeous and cute while attempting to, you know? 😀 And I agree Doutzen is the best, something about her is very likeable and charming.

        • Winnie

          SAME!!! And I couldn’t even tell you why lol

    • Casey

      I agree as well. I only found Doutzen cute in this video. Miranda was quite forced, imo.

    • Winnie

      i agree haha i love Doutzen even more now. i’m so glad Alessandra didn’t say much, because the moment she first spoke i was like O.o Miranda seemed annoying and fake, Candice looked like she gave no f*cks whatsoever, and Erin well…she just seemed kinda…dumb. and their voices are all terrible. they should have just made this a regular commercial

    • I agree I didn’t like this video much :/

  • FashionablyChique

    Haha I loved this! Very endearing and charming, and how comforting to know that despite being stunning they aren’t good at everything. Loved it though, their confidence made even their terrible singing seem almost pleasing!

  • Casey

    Kind of a cute video but a lot of the outtakes are obviously staged.

    • THIS ^ especially Miranda’s and Candice an Erin look like she didn’t even want to be there. VS really needs to brings some new angels in because the current are rather dull except for Doutzen and Adriana.

  • serena

    This is clearly contrived. They all look lovely though, especially Doutzen. Miranda looks older too (in a good way).

  • nina

    miranda has a very strange voice.

  • HB

    Let’s just say… good thing they’re pretty!!!

    I’m more and more wanting to be as skinny/toned as they are. It’s bugging me :/

    • HB

      Shocked by how unlikeable everyone’s usual favorites were (Miranda, Candice, and the Other Blonde, who really just seemed like she didn’t want to be there.

      • Nobsnob

        Lindsay or Erin? I used to mix them up too because they fill the same “case” of the tall generic blonde.

        • HB

          Haha, I have no idea. I thought it was only one of them. Perhaps both? Can’t tell them apart :p

    • mary

      lol agreed…lets just say they dont have a future outside of modeling.

  • ary

    jesus must be facepalming himself from his cloud right now…

    • Nobsnob

      Best comment of the post x)

    • Hazal

      Hahaha sooooo true!

    • lc


  • Mel

    Sorry, not a fan. These singing videos make them appear so dumb…. I dont find it cute when grown up women pretend to be all naive, stupid and act like little girls. Some of the vs models are quite smart and interesting which i totally forget when I watch stuff like this. Its just such a klischee…

    • lc


      • Mel

        sorry I’m German and I accidently wrote it the German way 😀

    • Anastasia.

      So true

    • Anastasia.

      Opps meant to reply to Mel.

    • Chloe

      WORD to that Mel!

      I absolutely HATE it how these women are portrayed like dumb little girls. And we are all supposed to want to be like that. Ugh.

    • loos

      Totally agree – so pathetic how these girls play the dumb bimbo role because they think men like that. Couldn’t possibly come across as intelligent – how unattractive and unsexy is that?? I know there are lots of men that like their women to just sit there and look pretty but frankly who wants to appeal to those sorts of men?

  • DKross

    “Let’s deck em with honey!” Doutzen was too cute. The rest of them couldn’t sing to save their lives.

    • ary

      Doutzen couldn’t either. My ears are still bleeding…

    • Eline

      I agree, too cute! Love Doutzen!!

  • Pixie

    So cute! Except for Ale, sorry I just don’t find her as pretty in the face compared to the rest of them.

  • Aafje

    I think they are all aware they can’t sing and thats why they all looked uncomfortable trying lol.

  • Nobsnob

    I’ve got this “full of herself” vibe from Miranda once again.
    Doutzen is cute, Erin is faking as usual and I miss Adriana 🙁

    • Winnie

      I think what did it for me was the “okay, let’s get back to work” comment. like, k boss…

  • Olivia

    Come on guys. They are all faking it. It’s a million dollar contract. Of course you’ll put on lingerie and prance in the snow if necessary. The reason why this is so annoying for some of you is because apart from Doutzen and Alessandra who are being professional with this brand, the rest are trying very hard to make it believable. Like they genuinely are these bubbly and happy angels. Actually Lily is pretty cool. She’s very down to earth in real life. Both her and her sister.

    • Winnie

      i actually like Lilly too. she has a very pretty face, doe eyes, and a nice (albeit overly fake tanned) body. she’s taking over Alessandra’s spot as the hot brown-eyed brunette in my books

    • Mel

      of course they are faking it. like I said, some of them are pretty funny and smart but these commercials ruin it. I wonder if they wanted to do it or if they tried to refuse…

    • Nobsnob

      “”Come on guys. They are all faking it.””
      This sentence out of its context tells another story. ^^’

  • Anastasia.

    So cheesy, I’m actually embarrassed for them.

    • Mel

      me 2!!!!! I mean what does this have to do with professional modeling? nothing.

  • lc

    Well, Miranda, Doutzen, Candice, and Alessandra looked pretty. Erin and Lily’s looks are flat out boring/plain imo.

  • Mariah

    I don’t think I’ll be able to take their commercials seriously after this. It’ll be like, *wow* they look stunning, then their singing will play back in my mind ):

  • Cristina

    LOL at my Miranda’s voice

  • silvy

    *cringe* just confirms my belief that modals should be seen and not heard XD

  • Sheri

    I think this ad is so freakin’ cute! They all look gorgeous 🙂

  • Sheza

    WHY IS ADRIANA NOT HERE? I saw a commercial like this they did before n she was so sweet and genuine. She came across as a very nice down-to-earth person.
    Anyway, Doutzen looks cute here, the rest are a bit forced.

  • Lu

    Oh my god. This is the most horrible thing ever. The models basically live up to their “dumb” reputation, they sound horrendous and NOT in a omg they’re so cute because they can’t sing kind of way.

    I just can’t believe they would put this out???!!! It’s just shocking. It makes te brand look like a complete joke.

    It’s so desperate to be funny but it’s just so not!!

  • pressplay

    Lily’s voice hurts my ears

  • urss

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