Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Hot Models

Victoria’s Secret Hotties at “FOX & Friends”

victorias-secret-092410-22 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at “FOX & Friends”

The pretty and leggy bunch made of Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge,  Candice Swanepoel and  Adriana Lima was spotted at ‘Fox & Friends’ yesterday afternoon – and they all showed off their high-paid model figures in short and tight dresses.

How do you like the girls here?

See some more!

victorias-secret-092410-17 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at “FOX & Friends”

victorias-secret-092410-18 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at “FOX & Friends”

victorias-secret-092410-21 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at “FOX & Friends”

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  • Amy


  • maddie

    i like the girl in the brown dress best…adriana just doesnt have a good body imo

    • marina

      isn’t Adriana the girl in the brown dress?

      • HeyDiana

        No that’s lily.

      • Brittany

        Adriana is is purple.

    • elena


      • maddie

        its my opinion ….i think her body doesn’t look good ever since she had a baby….her waist is far too wide now…im just saying if i had to pick obviously candice has a way better body

    • alana

      What are you talking about? None of them are wearing a brown dress. It’s hard to look at who you’re talking about when you’re stating incorrect facts.

      • maddie

        i’m sorry was i meant to say beige? …get over yourself

      • Mello

        I call the colour of the dress that the girl or the left of the screen is wearing brown, personally. Saying a colour is purple rather than violet isn’t wrong. It’s just more general. And I agree with the statement, that girl manages to stand out for looks when she’s standing with some near perfect looking women….that’s super impresive. Plus, I think the model is pretty laid back and fun in real life, which just makes her all the better 🙂

        • EllaLaLa

          I also think it should be taken into account that not everybody posting on here is from an English speaking country. One can’t expect them to know when to call something ‘chartreuse’, ‘aubergine’ or ‘fuchsia’ no matter if one thinks those are the most appropriate words to describe a colour. They shouldn’t be chastised for referring to those colours as ‘yellow’, ‘purple’ and ‘pink’.

  • layla

    beautiful! lily has an amazing body, adriana is perfection and candice is beautiful

  • I wish the lighting wasn’t so dark. They all look so beautiful! Adriana is SUCH a hot mamaaa<3

    • Charlotte

      I agree that the lighting is definitely different from other shoots I’ve seen them in, but I actually like it – it looks more realistic (I can imagine seeing them at a party or something normal people do haha) and I think it makes them look thinner…

  • HeyDiana

    Yay Adriana has her dark again.

    • EllaLaLa

      She looks so much better with dark brown hair.

    • lc

      I know, LOVE the darker hair on her. She’s such a natural beauty.

  • Victoria

    They’re too skinny lmao…I see them and I want to feed em’ a burger! Pretty faces though…

  • Lisa

    Love their bodies! Skinny little legs.

  • Gigi

    Ok, Adriana. I get it. You want me to elevate you to my number one girl crush. Fine. You got it. Only because you asked so nicely.

  • MaryBeth

    I always wonder if these chicks really like eachother.

    • Mello

      I know right? You always hear stories about how competitive and bitchy women in modeling or the entertainment industry are, it feels hard to believe all the super successful VS models are all great and love each other behind the camera.

  • Stephers

    I looooove Adriana Lima. She is just gorgeous! Most beautiful woman alive!

  • Kimberly

    Adrianna is looking better and better.

  • tina

    Candace has lost so much weight! I don’t like it. Where have her hips gone?

    • Casey

      Her hips are still there. It’s just the angle.

      She’s not a person who has big hips, but rather, a person who has a very tiny waist and normal hips.

      And yeah, she has lost weight. When she became an “Angel” she hired a personal trainer to get toned. She probably shed a few pounds from working out. But I don’t think it’s a drastic change.

      • size0??

        Oh my. I bet Gretchen the Fox news woman feels like a big cow next to all these tall skinny models!!

        • mel

          Haha I would too even though I’m not short and I’m pretty skinny!

  • Casey

    I hated the hair color Adriana had last time because it didn’t emphasize her face enough, and I hate this hair color even more because it overpowers her face. She needs to go somewhere in between. Lily Aldridge has a nice body. Erin is a cutie, but I feel she’s too thin for her frame. Candice looking gorgeous as usual.I love the sweater dress she is wearing.

  • joku

    adriana looks too skinny it doesn’t suit her at all
    curvy she’s gorgeous

  • kayla

    Lily Aldridge looks ugly compared to the other models.

  • machmalow

    oh my … they’re so so beautiful, especially (um Candice I think?) the girl with the orange-pink dress 🙂

  • Cristina

    Candance lost weight. Quite a lot. I don’t believe it is toning, just by looking at her teeny tiny legs. Well, she’s a model and looking at other Angels – Alessandra or Miranda – it was only a matter of time before she would look like everyone else.

  • jules

    Erin is such a beautiful girl…I really love her cute and natural face – her hair is amazing too!

    BTW the other girls are gorgeous too

  • daamn! i love erin and candace, so pretty!

    i think lily and adriana should switch hair, it would suit them better 😉

    all their bodies looks great! envy…

  • Emy

    They are all gorgeous! My favourite is Erin.

  • leonore

    Never understood why everyone here finds adriana gorgeous. Candice, on the other hand, just looks perfect. Love everybody´s legs; so skinny and long.

  • MNG

    I’m glad adriana dyed her hair back to dark
    in the first pic, candice’s body looks disproportionate, but she’s still my favorite
    adriane is wearing the best dress imo!

    • MNG

      Oh and they’re ‘displaying’ lily more, often, maybe she’ll be an angel since doutzen and miranda are pregnant..?

  • NO debut all of them are very hot and sexy..i’m sure that everyone want that kind of friends for himself.

  • Beans

    Candice is perfection

  • size0??

    Candice is perfect. Gorgeous face and hair and perfect body.

  • Aryn

    Adriana is gorgeous regardless of her hair color. Candice is gorgeous. I would find Erin gorgeous if I saw her at a party or at my job etc, but next to these other women she’s very ho-hum to me. Lily I think has a very very unique face, that you either love or hate, personally I love it. Also, where is Marissa Miller? I haven’t seen her in ages…she’s still a VS correct?

  • Amy

    Wow, I am so jealous. Great bodies!

  • Priscila

    Gorgeous women and bodies 🙂
    Adriana looks adorable!

  • Serafiina

    I didn´t even recognize Candice at first. She has lost a lot of weight, and I don´t like it. All the girls are very pretty. Not the best pictures of Adriana, so I like Lily and Erin the best here. Candice just doesn´t do it for me, no matter how great her waist is.

  • They all look great but Erin is the standout here, she looks amazing. Her body is made for these dresses. Not loving Adri’s hair. :/

  • mel

    Erin and Candice are my favorites. I don’t really like Candice’s dress but Erin looks fantastic in hers. I like Lily’s outfit too but I don’t think she’s as beautiful as the other two. I’ve never gotten Adriana’s appeal – to me she always kind of looks trashy/mean – but she looks good here.

  • I’m disappointed that they’re supporting that garbage show.

  • why would anyone want to go on ‘fox and friends’? ugh

    • HeyDiana

      Haha I don’t like Fox either. I did watch the interview though. Adriana doesn’t seem really close to the other girls, which I completely understand since she belongs to the old generation of angels. I think she was close to Karolina and Alessandra.

  • lc

    Adriana is BEYOND beautiful!! She just looks better and better!!!!! My #1 fave. Angel!!!!

  • neonilla

    Adriana rules and will rule forever, she’s effortlessly radiant.
    I used to think Candice Swanepoel was one of the most beautiful girls in the world but next to Adriana she just looks like a bad copy. I know some people who like her might think i’m exagerating but it struck me here.