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Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal What They Ate the Day of the Show

FP_4052360_VictoriasSecret_ROC_111909 - Victoria's Secret Models Reveal What They Ate the Day of the Show

This should be interesting! Let’s hear them out:

Caroline Winberg: “I had yogurt, berries, and coffee. Then I had some steak, pasta, and chocolate cake! I don’t believe in not eating–I would get in a very bad mood if I don’t munch on something.”

Chanel Iman: “Last night, I’ve had a big feast. I always eat a lot, but I wanted to fill myself up and feel sexy next to these real women. Because sometimes I feel like I have a baby body! I think eating is sexy.”

Marisa Miller: “Bring me a cupcake as I’m running off the runway. Just throw it to me.”

Eniko Mihalik: “My breakfast consisted of fruits and cold medicine.”

Anja Rubik: “I’ve decided this will be my starving day today.” – hmm, that doesn’t sound too good.

Pictured:  Caroline (left) and Anja (right).

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  • lissa

    Those outfits are really ugly. I don’t think any amount of starving or gorging will change that.

    • Melissa

      Lol, half the stuff in the show is so ugly!!!

    • Juliette

      It really is. What person is seriously going to wear that net looking number on the left? She looks like a fisherman’s catch.

      • Lillian

        Yeah, but I guess all the decorations are just there to glitz up the actual lingerie a bit. I know even if they do look a bit ugly, I would choose the theatrics of those outfits over a model just walking out in bra and panties.

        Much more fun this way.

  • liza

    i heard that models dont eat the day before the show so they dont look bloated,and eat lightly in the weeks before a show..and i do like the shoes!

    • vogt

      i do agree on the shoes!

  • Mizzy

    I dont believe Caroline and Chanel Iman for a second. And why does the Chanel Iman quote sound like it came from a non-native English speaker: “Last night, I’ve had a big feast”, wasn’t she born and raised in Atlanta or something??

    • Natasha

      lol Mizzy she isn’t the brightest star in the sky

    • lissa

      lol i didn’t even notice that. Maybe she was food-drunk, you know when you get so tired from “having a big feast”? lol

    • I believe them, a lot of people are naturally thin, there is no reason why they shouldn’t eat the day of the show… I know that if I was on the show I would eat, and it wouldn’t show or anything. I don’t think I would stuff myself because then I would go into sleep mode, but I would have a healthy meal cause otherwise I wouldn’t have energy for the show, I would just look tired.

      I find it normal that some eat before the show and others don’t, according to their own metabolism and mentality. Chanel and Caroline can totally afford to eat before the show. Anja I believe is anorexic. And I don’t know who Eniko is but the cold medicine stuff is weird, unless she was sick or something…

      • Natasha

        I actually Caroline looks smaller than Anja and I believe Chanel I just think errrr she’s not the brightest bulb and is a tad narcissistic because she thinks shes the next tyra banks and shell never be. They said that about Jessica White and not gonna be the next Tyra either.

      • ladyredlocks

        Caroline didn’t say HOW MUCH she ate. She could have had just a few bites of each. I doubt she had a big plate of pasta.

        And Anja is DEFINITELY anorexic! The way she says “starving day” is how someone would talk about their cheat day! Messed up!

        • ha

          At least Anja is honest about it. Like Marissa Miller is eating cupcakes… Oh, and teensy tiny Chanel Iman definitely loves eating loads.

          I don’t have that much of a problem with anorexic girls (honestly, not that many “impressionable” teen girls get anorexia, not nearly on the scale of those who are obese), but I hate the ones who lie about it.

          • Ellie

            .. are you serious?

          • sarah

            I agree. I think anorexia is bad of course, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be eating much if I was about to walk down a runway on national tv. It always annoys me more when “models” say they eat anything. And especially when they say they are eating unhealthy things like steak and cupcakes, like that’s a good thing – when it’s not for anyone. I don’t buy it and I think it’s obnoxious.

            Oh and I wanted to add – I am thin, but I do eat healthy, and stay active, and if I’m going somewhere special, a wedding or something, I will probably eat less the day of, or before.

          • Chloe

            well, marisa said she had been eating healthily all along for the show. she told the interviewer that she asked her friend to “throw [her] a cupcake” once she got off the runway. i know because i saw it in that short interview of her. i felt a teensy bit of hope that she too had to eat healthy (not all boiling down to good genes – e.g. chanel iman still gets to enjoy her huge feast the night before?!)

  • Anja is such a pretty girl but she would look so much better with some weight on her.

    I believe the comments. The meals sound like something I would expect models to eat…fruits and protein. And Marisa has always been thin so she can probably eat things like cupcakes without worrying about it.

    • Bri

      Oh yeah Anja is gorgeous, but I looked at the comment first before the picture. It shows how skinny Anja is…her cheeks are sunkin in, and…oh dear I hope she won’t fall into anorexia.She’s too pretty for that.

  • Katie

    It’s kind of stupid, I model locally (I’m in Cleveland, Ohio) and I do print and commercial modeling- not the same but still. I can eat whatever and not really watch it or exercise and I still stay very skinny (5’7″ 103 pounds), HOWEVER, I don’t go around acting like I eat a ton, I eat moderatly. And typically before a shoot or a show I usually skip out eating that day until it’s done with, just becuase you don’t want to look bloated and also I get nervous and get nauseated. But it’s stupid to act like you PIG on food when you model.

    • TJ

      Whoa! Not trying to sound hurtful at all, but 5’7″ and 103lbs? I know that BMI is a ballpark thing to take into consideration, but I am also 5’7″ and Im pretty sure that 118-120 is the lowest weight for females at our height. 103 is close to 20lbs less than the recommendation. It would make your BMI barely 16….

      • Katie

        Yeah I know but like I said, I’m naturally skinny. I mean my feet are only like a size 5 and my ring size is a 4, I’ve got little bones lol. But what I mean was, even for me being so skinny, I eat moderatly what I want but I don’t act like I gorge on stuff like what these women are claiming. The cupcake one I can see though.

        • TJ

          Ok, glad you didn’t take offense. 🙂 I agree with you. I respect celebrities/models who actually admit that it takes a lot of pain and suffering for them (sometimes) to lose weight or maintain such low body weight. That’s Hollywood – and their choice to work in that business. I personally would NEVER want my weight to be such a big part of my own career. How miserable would it be to constantly have to critique the way you look to make sure that you can pay your bills or put food on the table? (put food on the table just made me LOL a little) 😉 But you know what I mean.

          With that said, I think that there ARE definitely a VERY small group of men and women who really do eat whatever they want and will always be super thin. People are all different. Just as some people gain weight very quickly with whatever they eat, there are people who have a hard time putting weight on or maintaining the weight they are at. My older sister can literally sit and eat a whole birthday cake and not gain half a pound…me on the other hand, I look at cake and get cellulite. Lol.

          I think that so many people these days are enamored with celebrities and look up to celebrities. It’s part of our culture right now. Celebrities are role models. They are in magazines, advertisements, movies. We are constantly subjected to their images. Because of their jobs and the money they make, they are wealthy, beautiful, fashionable, etc. Fashion models and actresses KNOW that they have many young girls who look up to them. They should be more responsible with what they tell the public. Telling people (esp. young impressionable people!) who look up to you that you have a “starvation day” or that “being thin is better than any food tastes” is so incredibly irresponsible.

          • cc

            I’m 5 foot 7 and 90lbs. 118lbs is the lowest weight I should be? I don’t believe that.

          • TJ

            cc – I would reply to you specifically, but comments on your post have been turned off.

            Believe what you may, personally, I like to do research on anything I “believe” before I announce my opinion on a topic. I encourage you to Google search BMIs – in fact, Google search several different BMI calculators. Having been to a nutritionist for years, something about weight I have been told pretty regularly by various health care professionals is that a good basic rule for the AVERAGE weight requirement by height is 100 lbs for 5 feet and then 5 pounds per inch past that.

            5 feet = 100 lbs, 7 inches =35 = 135lbs – So 135 is the middle-weight for a person of that height. Yours is 45lbs below. I would guess that about 105 is on the LOOOOOW end for those who may have extremely small bone structures, fast metabolisms, etc.

            Im not a health care professional, but I don’t “believe” that 90 lbs is healthy for a person 67″ tall.

        • vianne

          to cc, 90 lbs is very very low at 5’7 i would urge you to see a doctor in the nicest way possible maybe your thyroid is playing up or something? my dad is a doctor and they can be very understanding about stuff, i am also currently studying medicine and would be concerned about your internal organs at such a low weight, please don’ take offense i mean well.

          • sarah

            Holy crap -that’s too skinny!!

  • yoosahasa

    They’re all full of it….and I don’t mean food (ohhhhhh….haha)

  • ali

    I dont beleive that some of the girls gorged themselves. there going out to make the clothes look good who in their right mind would eat their own body weight before they walked out in practically nothing. its their job to look good i would prolly not eat the day of that show either.

    • yeaitsme

      exactly. even a thin person will not gorge themselves if they are about to go on tv modelling lingerie. it will make you feel fat, sluggish and bloated. no one would do that

      • ali


  • Monica

    At least Anja is the only one being honest! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL@ Chanel. That is definitely meant to be satirical.

  • machmalow

    that’s bulsh*t …

  • yeaitsme

    eh…why would you need to say ‘ gimme a cupcake!’ ‘gimme a chocolate cake! or steak!’ ‘ooo eating is sooo sexy!’ my god can you get anymore fake! i mean, i am sure some of them may eat that day?! well i originally thought so…but some of those comments sound so fake its like ‘what are you trying to hide then?’ if they did eat couldnt they just be like ‘we are models and need to look after the way we look, that means food intake too…i will eat salads and yoghurt and lean meat on the day, to avoid bloating’ etc. but CUPCAKE! ugh! why?! why say that!? at least the last chick is honest…

    • sarah

      yeah – acting like they eat crap like that gives them away. it’s just dumb.

  • essss

    i don´t believe any word of chanel. Omg eating is sexy?! shut up. really.

  • CJ

    im sorry, i know some people are naturally thin, but their legs are awfull….urghhh

  • nessa

    umm anyone notice those horrid sunken in cheeks on that one chick..and not to mention the toothpick thighs? this is the supposed standard of beauty? no thanks i prefer some meat on my bones

    • belle

      I agree. I thought that was makeup on her face or she had high cheekbones, but her cheeks are that sunken, that’s not good. I don’t think she’s pretty period. I don’t see model. I wonder if she’s that Anja girl.

  • Melissa

    Since when do models speak? I prefer to just look at them… when they speak it ruins their appeal!

    • Pseudonym

      lmao! So true. I think that’s why nobody likes Tyra now. Models are better off silent. Hush, ladies.

      • sky

        Actually, nobody likes Tyra because of TYRA.

  • vivi

    I believe some of them, I’ve seen Marisa eating a donut during her make-up at backstage of VS fashion show (in VS fashion show video). She also admits that she eats very healthy everyday. When people eat very healthy everyday, I don’t think a donut or a cupcake would do anything to their body.

    • jhjh

      agreed! one snack or meal isn’t going to do ANYTHING especiallly when you workout everyday and eat healthy 90% of the time, like she says she does

    • Padme

      As I recall they showed her holding a doughnut. That scene was so staged it was pathetic, just like these fake comments about how they eat cake and pasta the day of a runway show. They are liars.

      • vivi

        Why is eating a doughnut pathetic? if you keep eating healthy all the time, you will have a fit body and eating cakes and pastas for a day right before runway won’t matter at all. in the show, Marisa was eating a doughnut and she said it helped her release the stress before going on the run way. The topic is about what they ate on the day of the show, not what they always eat. Marisa doesn’t lie about her diet and fitness if you have seen her interviews, she worked out very hard and eat healthy most of the time to get that beautiful body.

  • Emmy

    Some days ago Marisa was saying that she eats only rice and potatoes, when it comes to carbs. So what is this cupcake? A potato cupcake? 🙂

    • …………………………………………………………………..

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • Chloe

      she told her friend to throw her a cupcake when she gets OFF the runway, because she had been on a healthy diet for the show. i watched that in her interview.

    • vivi

      when she said she only ate rice and potatoes, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat junk food at all, she probably eats cupcakes once in a while and there is nothing to be surprised of. she’s a professional model, keeping fit is her job, and she did a great job.

  • cinderella

    i think there’s a difference between having one piece of cake or cupcake and eating healthy/working out the rest of the time compared to eating junk food and fast food 24/7… marissa miller and some of the other models might do that, but that being said, i really doubt that ANY of the models had cake the day before they were expected to be half naked in front of millions…

    i think its sad that anja ate nothing at all.. and im surprised shes not exaggerating her food consumption to appear “normal” or “naturally” thin

    whats with the cough medicine comment? thats a little weird..

    • belle

      I think it may depend on how she said the cough medicine thing. i think she may have been just joking.
      I think that cake comment was really weird. the cupcake one. It sounds like she’s been not eating if she’s that ravenous about a cupcake. but maybe she too was just joking.

      • SZE

        The cupcake comment cake sounds weird to me too. I think what she was trying to say is not that she stuffs her mouth with cupcakes all the time, but that she is sooo careful about what she eats the weeks before the fashion show, that she just can’t wait for it to be over and finally have a cupcake!!

    • et moi

      There was more to the cold medicine quote than was posted on here. In the original interview she went on and said,

      “I was afraid of having no energy in the morning because of my sickness, but how can you not wake up for this”

  • A

    If you’ve got a healthy metabolism and a healthy diet, your body will burn the calories you put into it. Not eating can actually make you more bloated- ever seen photos of starving children? Their bellies look like watermelons.
    Also, when you deprive yourself of the necessary amount of calories, your body begins to retain whatever fat it has, which makes you actually look worse than if you did eat. In the long run, yes, you’d lose weight, but it would be nearly impossible to keep it off.
    I am a part-time model in NY, and I make a point of eating a big, healthy breakfast every morning (especially when I have a job), and sometimes I’ll even pig out at dinner.

    I believe all of the models, and I don’t blame them for putting emphasis on the
    fact that they do eat, considering the attacks the industry has been getting recently.
    I do wish Anja would just eat, though.

    • cinderella

      i dont think its the point that they eat, but more the point of WHAT they eat.. you can eat a big hearty healthy meal, but cupcakes and cake? come on

      • ohwowlovely

        your average sized cupcake is only 250 calories and a small bite of cake is only 50. trust me, a thin girl can definitely eat those foods. just in moderation.

  • awau

    EWWWW, that girl on the right looks horrific- she looks like an AIDS victim or something. I thought VS girls were supposed to be voluptuous? This super skinny crap is getting out of control.

    Being naturally skinny is one thing but some of these girls look like they have no muscle mass whatsoever, like their body is eating itself to stay alive. Nasty.

  • H

    I really don’t like the newer VS models.
    I actually admire Anjas honesty

  • Mauge

    “Then I had some steak, pasta, and chocolate cake!”
    Yeah, right!!!!!!!!!

  • …………………………………………………………………..

    Well, I only believe Anja

  • …………………………………………………………………..

    Well, I only believe Anja.
    I mean come on cupcake and steak (blah blah blah)
    Oh, and Iman feels like a baby, yeah right, as if they’re all big women.

  • Juliette

    I think there’s something fishy about Anja’s comment. Usually someone who actually has an ED is secretive about it and certainly would comment about it to a reporter who would then share it, internationally, with millions of people.

    I believe she was either kidding (something that doesn’t tend to come across in print), she’s looking for attention, or she’s just plain dense and wasn’t thinking about what she said.

    • Juliette


  • Polly

    How can Anja even be in a VS show? She is so skinny and her quote made me sick. Although, I’m sure she has good reason, if she had a sandwhich you could probably see the outline of it in her “stomach”. HA.

  • Hydrangea

    Because of the whole skinny-obsession going on right now, I think we have to be careful not to forget that many girls actually do subscribe naturally to a tiny size, and therefore shouldn’t be crucified for it. Often times their weight is lower than the scientific BMI and their bodies are just fine with that. They eat what they want and their bodies and metabolisms put them at whatever weight it sees fit. At least that’s what my body does. I don’t personally know if that’s the case for Chanel and these ladies, but I can relate to being called too skinny whether or not you eat like a horse. ^_^ A few may be telling some white lies though, or they probably didn’t even finish their cupcakes. Either way, that stuff’s bad for you anyway lol

    • TJ

      Ohhhhh, how I agree with you!

      I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum…I’ve been bigger (after having babies), and I have looked pretty skinny (after losing my baby weight)! I will tell you that people, specifically women, are pretty cruel no matter what size you are. When I weighed more, people would hardly look at me when I spoke to them. Really, people don’t give you the time of day when you appear overweight. I think they look at you like you are fat because you sit around all day being lazy and eating too much. However, when you are thinner, people look at you like you must be conceited, and/or have an ED.

      Whenever I lose weight, I have people crack jokes at me ALL the time about starving myself, having an eating disorder, etc. I am a grown, married woman with three young children – and my own mother made me get on the bathroom scale at Thanksgiving to see if I was lying about my weight. 😮 You think anyone would have made me get on a scale when I weighed more to see if I was telling the truth? NO!

      Someone has said it before on here, as women, we really are very cruel to ourselves and to one another. We really should just start being friendly with one another. It might help the horrible body image disorder epidemic we have going on.

      • Casey

        I agree with both of you.

        I also want to add that if you happen to be a thin person, and you are constantly bombared with accusations of not eating, restrictive dieting, or having anorexia, eventually you do start to sort of “exaggerate” what you eat when telling others so that they’ll leave you alone.

        I think most of these girls eat normally or slightly below normal (1800 calories), especially on the day of a fashion show. But I think they act like they ate 3000 calories because people are always calling them anorexic.

      • Jo

        I completely agree. I’m underweight (95 lbs) although I eat regularly and healthily and I always feel hurt whenever people call me ‘malnourished’ or ‘stick monster’ and whenever my brother publicly cracks jokes about me being bulimic, especially since I was once anorexic and had trusted my only brother with my condition, not even my parents. He thinks it’s okay to joke about bulimia because 1) I’m not bulimic and 2) by ridiculing eating disorders I would be shamed into ‘fixing’ my own. I can’t ever trust my brother again.

        • cinderella

          sorry to hear about the lack of support you’ve received from your brother.. i hope you’ve found the support and encouragement you need to form a healthy relationship with food with someone else good luck 🙂

  • b

    i think it’s clear that marisa didn’t eat before…she ate the cupcakes after…i don’t believe the two who said they ate a lot before. b.s.!

  • Ava

    That Anja girl must be anorexic. I’ve never seen a healthy, skinny woman with such sunken in cheeks.

  • alisa

    anja is the only one being honest. they might be naturally skinny but even skinny people get a belly bulge from eating a lot and there’s noooo waaaay girls modeling little outfits eat a lot beforehand. ughhh is it cool for skinny girls to say they eat a lot or something? i’m thin and i don’t lie and say i pig out all the time… i pig out once in awhile and then eat healthy the rest of the time. stupid girls…..

  • beckers!

    Yeah they had pizza back stage and were actually mid way through a sub sandwich as they stepped on the runway, when they’d finished there fat asses were carted off to maccy D’s where they always always super size.
    Shut up, because your givin the rest of us false hope.

  • Andy

    I could floss my teeth with Anja

  • candyshop

    thats so rediculous. i literally laughed out loud when i read that. at least anja is being honest

  • athena

    looks to me that anja has a few starving days.

  • Amarige

    Maybe if they were not asked such stupid questions, they would not have to invent stupid answers.

    Asking models (UNDERWEAR models at that) what they ate the night before the show that MILLIONS of people watched/scrutinized is incredibly sardonic.

    The nature of the question is meant to be rhetorical, as any answer they give will sound ridiculous and invite commentary.

    • neutra


  • I think some of them may have been joking around with the media. I guess it would be a pretty funny thing to say if you had “Anorexic” posted beside your name in the media every day. But yeah I agree with the majority here, the last girl was honest. Although, even if I was a model I would still eat maybe a little that morning… like some cereal at least and coffee of course. I wouldn’t eat nothing cause I would be afraid my sugar would be really low and I’d pass out on the runway. I would eat less the days leading up to the show of course! I mean, you have to look good in the clothes!!!
    A typical daily meal for me if I were a model would be:
    – Coffee (with splenda)
    – A good full bowl of Bran cereal (like sheddies)
    – A light salad with dressing & fruits for lunch
    – Lots of no-cal juice and water and tea
    – Lots of sushi for dinner!
    – Maybe some gummy candy for snacks!

  • Dear Anja Rubik: I’m pretty sure every day is your starving day! LOL. You’ve got the legs to show it but the cheek bones are way too excessive. Eat a little sushi!

  • Jaz

    The first 3 are liars..

  • gigit

    Caroline: could be telling the truth if she is saying she basically at breakfast and one or two bites each of those other foods; that would not make anyone too bloated, just a couple bites.

    Chanel: sounds like she’s lying because she doesn’t say anything specific.

    Marisa: is referring to AFTER the show? meaning she doesn’t eat much before (again, could be lying because she’s not being specific).

    Eniko: I’m thinking she was sick that day with a cold or something.

    Anja: probably telling the truth. I think she is too skinny for VS.

  • ann

    The Fourth Estate-What a gag! To think people actually get paid to find out models eat. I don’t bash people for watching these shows, looking at the models etc but interviews with the clothing hangers about what they eat? I worked in radio journalism for a year and a half. I ended up quitting because they wanted me to report on silly garbage like this.

    And I must say, I’ve never understood why Victoria’s Secret is considered the pinnacle of sexiness. It’s the Wal-Mart of Sexy. Made by sweatshop workers in the far east who live in shanty towns. Modeled by a never ending series of blondes with open mouth, frail expressions and wavy extensions. Worn by middle class women who will assimilate into the new collective. Tt all just screams “Conform”. I’ve shopped there before when i’ve gotten a coupon since I’m a poor woman but no more. I’ll never buy a thing there again. I’m well aware what i do means little in the grand scheme of things but damn…I just wanted to rant.

  • doris

    i don’t really trust wt they said, cupcake, chocolate cake, steak, pasta ?! come on, don’t fool us!!

  • bia

    If I was a Victoria’s Secret model I think I would definitely eat on the day of a big show because I actually tend to get a really bloated stomach on days where I don’t eat or eat hardly anything! I’d just eat really safe foods and like small portions at a time and stuff so I didn’t bloat my belly.

  • Zoi

    Weight and fat are simply the result of how many calories you receive and how many calories you burn. You can have a cake or pasta and still be thin, as long as you don’t exceed the calories you burn. Of course for a healthy diet, we also have to eat salads and fruits, not just cake and pasta 🙂

  • It’s totally believable they ate normally on the day of the show. But they definitely didn’t pig out.
    You can still be slim even if you eat cupcakes and pasta. That’s exactly my case. I eat whatever (but I try to eat healthy most of the time); I have to eat something sweet every single day because my organism is simply demanding sugar. I just don’t eat like a pig. Moderation is the key.
    So I believe they really do eat, even junk food. Eating properly most of the time gives you a right to give yourself a treat without heart pain.

  • sanna

    I don’t understand some commenters fussing about anja’s comment. I mean they are models, the earn a huge amount of money, looking perfect is their job, that’s what they are paid for! I think it’s absolutely logical, that many models, including anja (I’m sure that all the others quoted in this post are lying), are NOT eating the day of the show or even the night before to look perfect on the runway! It’s not even about putting on weight because of the eating, it’s just a fact, that after a big meal your belly (especially when you are semi-naked like those girls!) looks more or less bloated! And I do agree, that Anja – judging from the way she looks – is not eating healthy. But in general, if you have a balanced diet and eat healthy, which also means eating regularly, it’s no big deal not to eat for one day. It’s probably not the best feeling, but it doesn’t harm your body if you do it once in a while, so I really don’t understand some of these “omg how unhealthy this is!” comments.

  • Sorry but some of the comments here are stupid, just because some people can’t eat and stay thin doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone.

    While Chanel might have exaggerated the “feast”, I don’t see why eating a lot the night before would make you look bloated all next day. And Caroline said she ate “some” steak, pasta…

    I’m sure a lot of the VS models eat the day of the show, otherwise half of them would be dragging themselves down the runway. Not everybody can smile and walk energetically while they are starving.

  • lauren

    I was watching the VS show and Caroline.. the girl in fishnet
    SHE IS SO SKINNY most of the girls on the show looks so curvy , but her? her bust line is …… and her booty.. and hips……….
    how is she a vs model ? coudn’t cast as a normal model?>

  • Cheryl

    Models are paid to be skinny regardless of whether or not they are are blessed with fast metabolisms. I don’t think a lot of them can be honest about what they eat. If they say they eat big feasts or tons of carbs it sounds like a lie, or admission of bulimia. If they say they don’t eat, it sounds like an admission of anorexia. They are damned if they eat and damned if they don’t, so why bother asking them? Kate Moss got in trouble for saying “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” she was attacked for promoting eating disorders. I thought she was being honest. Like she’s skinny and she diets to stay skinny, that sounds way more plausible than a super thin model bragging how she feasts on a steady diet of carbs or something. Why bother asking them when everyone expects them to lie?

  • I think Marisa’s comment was a joke., its good she has a sense of humor. 🙂

    And I agree with whoever said chanel iman thinks she’s the next tyra banks. I’m aleady sick of her, and I think her name sounds really fake.

  • Laura

    models are so averated,….and c´mon….They are such a liars…they´re all so anorexic

  • SophiaAthena

    If you look at Caroline, she looks very slim but she doesn’t look like she starves herself so I believe that she eats whats she says in moderation. Anja clearly looks too thin. Her face is so gaunt and the fact that she says she eats nothing at all some days means she is likely to have an eating disorder. At the age of 24 you are no longer growing so there’s no reason a woman would EVER look THAT thin naturally if she was eating properly. Marisa’s cupcake comment is likely to be true because she says she eats it “after” the show, therefore no harm there. She prob doesn’t eat anything else b4 that so needs the energy. Even if she did, one cupcake is not going to make a person fat! I believe that Chanel eats to try to gain weight but probably can’t gain very easily. She has a teeeeeny bone structure if you look at her.She has a childlike body naturally, so she will never, ever be fat. She looks like a child next to the other VS models so I’m sure she really does try to put on weight, but just can’t gain any. She probably doesn’t have a huge apetite either so a “feast” to her is like a small meal to many other people! Haha!