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Victoria’s Secret’s Secret Swim Commercial (Video)

Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin and Karlie Kloss are among the many beauties that are featured (in their bikinis, of course) in a new Victoria’s Secret commercial, this time for the brand’s 2013 Secret Swim collection.

Enjoy the video and share your thoughts!

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  • misscheeks

    woah cringe alert haha!

    • Raquel100

      I was totally cringing – them lip syncing & the lyrics are embarrassingly cheesy!! Barbara Palvin is my new fav – she is absolutely stunning, exotic, and has that “star” quality. I hope she doesn’t lose a pound and become a rail thin, overly muscular skeleton like so many models do. Her body is perfect. Candice is beautiful but she annoys me – seems so conceited and into herself all the time.

    • Emmy

      LOL awkward. It pisses me that they only use the same models in every single commercial! I want to see more Behati (which I think I spot her at 1:47) If I were her I would go back to high fashion. Anyone knows if she’s still dating Adam Levine?

  • ok

    hahahahahahahaha! When they started lip syncing….wow…

    • lola

      that arched back! :O

    • Nobsnob

      I know right? You see Barbara being all seductive and then a man voice as lip-sincing….(btn I find Adam’s voice ridiculous don’t ask me why). x)

  • Casey

    Barbara Palvin looks gorgeous in this. Candice looks good too but I just can’t get over how much she got rid of her curves, which made her special.

    I actually like this commercial…the imagery was nice and I like the song. Although the models lip syncing almost ruined it.

    • ary

      Candice doesn’t look less curvy to me, compared to the last 2 years i think she actually gained a tiny bit of curve on her legs this winter. But i may be wrong, not a huge fan of her, i wish they could show more of the other girls lol 😛 More of palvin sexy thighs and more of karlie naughty eyes!

    • annabanana

      barbara also stood out to me in this – her face. is . just. stunning.
      And candice’s body is too thin for me now, I don’t think its that hot anymore, she just looks sort of sinewy. But it is so obvious they are focusing on Barbara’s face and Candice;s body for the whole thing…. at least TRY to show all the models equally jeezum.

  • Eline

    Im sorry, but Im getting a little tired of Candice… Its Candice everywhere!

    • lizzy

      i agree, it’s always all about her. i would have liked to have seen the other models featured more.

  • Casey

    Btw is this now coming up as an attack page for anyone else?

    • cinnamon

      Yep, for me too. But only via Google.

      Hmm the more i see from candice the more attractive i find her to be. But she seems like such an unlikeable person
      Who’se the third girl (brown hair) she is really gorgeous!

      • linda

        It does for me too.

    • Zoe

      Yeah- it comes up as an attack page for me as well! 🙁

    • Stephanie

      Attack page for me too 🙁

    • Kelly-Ann

      Yup, ´fraid so.

    • happygolucky

      Yeah, I was getting a malware alert that stopped me, but now I get through.
      @Versus, is it possible for you to confirm that the site is clean?

      • Versus

        Sure, it was just a coding error, not a virus – nothing to worry about, it is perfectly safe.

        • happygolucky

          Awesome! many thanks! 🙂

    • Raquel100

      Yes! And so are other sites that I usually have no problem going on!

    • artemis

      for me too :))

  • Henny

    didn’t one of them date Adam Levine? I’m sure that was awkward when they found out what song they picked for the commercial.

    And honestly, I found these video incredibly boring!! None of the girls stood out in my mind.

    • Nobsnob

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence, it’s because he dated two VS girls (Anne V. and Behati) and already collaborated with them for the VS show that they used his song.

  • Tala

    Self esteem=potato.

    • Aafje


  • Ysatis

    Why did they hire Karlie Kloss? In the video they blatantly avoid any clear shot of her body.

    • Alexandra

      Ysatis, I’ve been wondering the same thing! They hired her and use her a lot, but when they do, it’s like they go out of their way to avoid showing a full shot of her body. They even disguise her height in ads featuring her and the other models.
      So weird!

      • Haylee

        They also blatantly avoided any full body shots of Barbara Palvin just for the record. I’m surprised no one else noticed that. I presume it is because she is softer than the ideal they are wanting to portray maybe? The only body shots of hers are of her in a crouched position where you can’t see her stomach or body in general really clearly.

        • artemis

          i think you’re right

    • Anastasia.

      Agree, she’s like Chanel Imam, always shot from the neck up. What’s the point? I think they’ll get rid of her eventually just like they did with Chanel. Karlie is a high fashion model, she doesn’t suit VS.

  • Stephanie

    Barbara Palvin is so gorgeous, it’s unfair! Haha

  • Pixie

    Barbara and Candice are just too beautiful and have amazing bodies!! LOL at karlie trying to be sexy…the girl has zero sex appeal. 🙁

    • ary

      imo she has much more than Barbara. You don’t need a curvy body to be sexy

      • Pixie

        I never said one needs a curvy body to be sexy. I find Candice to have sex appeal and she’s not curvy, imo. I just don’t find anything appealing or sexy about karlie, has nothing to do with weight, it’s just MY opinion. That’s it, that’s all.

        • serena

          I agree Pix, to me she is really androgynous and that takes away the sex appeal – an odd choice for VS. But Karlie looked better in this commercial than I expect. She has super long legs and they can show those off lol.

    • Nobsnob

      I don’t know, she can be gorgeous and sexy face-wise but yeah she doesn’t have the body for it. No matter how hard they push her she’s not going to make it really big with VS. She’s not enough of a conventional beauty and that’s what VS needs, classical beauties and blatant sexiness.

    • Candy

      Oh give me a break, maybe she’s not sexy doing VS, but thats because nobody is sexy with those stupid kissy faces and idiotic posing. Her high fashion shoots and videos are hot and show more mature sexuality than tacky VS. So I guess she isn’t fit for it.

      • medo

        AMEN to that. I really don’t get the whole girly glossy long haired tanned barbie image. it just looks plain and boring.

      • ary

        LIKE! she has sex appeal to me. She kills the runway, i think have a true girl-crush on her 😛

    • artemis

      i don’t like her body but karlie somehow is hotter than barbara. barbara looks like a kid facially

    • La la la la

      i agree, i don’t think KK has any sex appeal. i don’t think she’s ever really wanted to be “the sexy one”. being sexy isn’t great for HF since most designers are looking for androgyny. she also was in high school until recently (still is? i don’t know) and lived with her parents. she has a reputation for baking treats for everyone & she comes off as very Suzie Homemaker in interviews. She seems really very ‘cute’ but never sexy.

  • Sienna

    Amazing… Must be so awesome to have such beautiful footage of yourself. I mean they are beautiful women, but not many beautiful women get the chance to work with top photographers and directors and receive such gorgeous images of themselves.

  • Ana

    BARBARA, BARBARA, BARBARA!! Ugh, that girl is so gorgeous, its so unfair. I want to see a commercial like this with only Adriana and Barbara in it, that would be heaven!

    • Sheza

      Hahahahahaha I know right? Adriana, Doutzen and Barbara are my favourites!

    • Indigo Lace

      That would be great Ana !

  • serena

    At 1:20 Barbara’s eyes are such a gorgeous bright blue! All the girls look lovely as always. The only one whose body I don’t like is Karlie but even she looks good here. The lip syncing was so cheesy though lol…Erin Heatherton looked like she wasn’t into it.

    • Nobsnob

      Lol Erin is NEVER into it. She always seems bored and so faking. x)

      • serena

        Haha yeah I get a vibe from Erin that she’s cringing inside because of the cheesy VS stuff sometimes – like the boxing shoot with Adriana Lima. But she’s a model so it’s her job to grin and bear it (and bare it).

        • KC

          Haha that’s the impression I get from Erin too. But for some reason that makes me like her. Like I can imagine her thinking, “This is so stupid, but I guess it’s better than sitting behind a desk for 8-9 hour days.”

        • Nina

          Lol, I get the same vibe too! That’s why Erin is my favorite model personality wise. She seems smart and down to earth.

          • serena

            Nina I agree! I watched a behind-the-scenes video of the VS Valentine’s Day shoot. They were asked what a boy should buy his girl for Valentine’s day – Erin was the only one who said “something thoughtful she will really like”. The others suggested going to VS to get something sexy. Which I get is there job, but it made me like Erin more lol.

  • Ozzgee

    Ohh, I think they are all drop dead gorgeus! Of course I can find fault in all of them but overall I think these are bunch of hot hoot girls!
    I think most striking would be Candice in real life but we are so used to her face so I think I will pass! My next choice is Barbara. Though I don’t know if she will hold this beauty for some years or is it a beauty only related to youth.
    Karlie on the other hand would always be pretty, she has something I cannot put my finger on, she has real sex appeal imho. Unless she lose her mystery by being around too much (uhmm Candice)!

  • Grace

    I was sad to see they only put like 1 sec of footage of Sara Sampaio. She’s so gorgeous.

  • jay-lisa

    I’m confused, is it a commercial selling models or swimsuits? Because I didn’t really pay attention to the swimsuits but I will like to buy one of the model’s body please…

    • serena

      Yes I imagine Leo DiCaprio is watching it at home, picking out his new girlfriend lol 😀

      • Nobsnob

        Hahaha spot on!!

      • jay-lisa

        OMG hahahahahahahaha so true!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure he does watch every new VS videos “hmmm, she is gorgeous and 20 years younger than me, I’ll take this one!”

      • artemis

        lol yes :))

    • ramona

      Or Adam Levine! 😀

  • happygolucky

    The black model has the most beautiful face, by far.

  • Natalia

    as usual, beautiful models doing the best they can to make that cheap Victoria’s Secret stuff look presentalble, they all look great, notice they didn’t let Barbara lst name? out of the water much, which is odd, why pick a full figure model if you don’t show her… some of vs’s stuff is actually descent, like the cotton underwear which is 100% Egytian cotton.

  • Nicole

    I love the song for the video but not the lip syncing…just looked stupid. Onto the models!
    Candice- Always beautiful to me. I would like her with a little more weight but she still pulls off being skinny very well. Major sex appeal. She knows how to use her body and face.
    Erin- Next
    Lindsay- Please go away
    Barbara- Lovely addition. I love seeing a fuller woman and she has a unique and different look but I feel she doesn’t know how to use her body. She’s very young and seems inexperienced maybe?
    Karlie- wtf was VS thinking? She knows how to model, for sure but she just doesn’t do it for me. Way to thin for VS, IMO.
    Lais- So beautiful!! I wish they’d use her more.
    I think that’s all of them? I saw Sara in there but eh…she just looks too young for me.

    • Polska Blondynka

      I wish they’d use Lais more too! She is absolutely stunning!

    • serena

      Lol I didn’t even know Lindsay was in it – I mix her up with Erin sometimes. Suggestion for VS: replace Karlie with Adriana in the next video.

  • Bella

    Most boring commercial ever. I think for swimsuit and lingerie the models should be a little bit heavier, like Bar Refaeli or Tyra Banks. I These girls are all gorgeous but I think they would be so much hotter if they all gained a good 5kg. They’d still be very slim looking, just not so sinewy looking.

  • annemarie

    Barbara, Lindsay and Erin look gorgeous here and they stood out to me the most.

    And wow, that lip-sync looked awkward, and I didn’t like this singer’s voice, it’s too squeaky.

  • Sidney

    Boring as F. Pretty girls, ok song. I couldn’t even get through the whole commercial. Same old, same old. Slow walking, sexy looks blah blah. If this was targeted for women, well they didn’t get me. I don’t even remember a single swimsuit any of them had on. And it’s not a testimony to how hot the women are, but for how boring the ad is. A good model in a working ad will sell the garments no matter how hot they look, usually it helps rather than hinders. But this is not the first time VS has had problems with that as far as I am concerned. Maybe i’m just not their audience.

  • We very proud of Palvin Barbara. She is Hungarian like me :):)

    • Anna

      and me. shes beautiful! hajrá magyarok 🙂

  • Barbara-looked the best by far imho she has an amazing, natural curvy body with such a pretty face
    Lindsay-she is usually boring to me & I have never been a fan of her body but she looked pretty good in this
    Lais-looked nice
    Erin-looked good but at the same time bored and awkward
    Karlie-was surprisingly pretty nice here for me
    Candice-looked mad sexy but tries WAY to hard with all the faces and extreme poses

  • k

    Watching this makes me not want to wear a bikini, ever let alone go buy one from VS.

  • pula

    Very Boring ad.
    Barbara does not look sexy, but ridiculously. Because we can see that she is trying too hard. In conjunction with her ​​very young age, came out ridiculously.
    The rest of the models, “sang” and behave more natural.
    Karlie also is very young, but she performed better. Although, Karlie does not fit the VS, she’s too , too skinny.

  • KC

    Normally I never bother watching the commercials, but I’m glad I watched this one. The lip-synching literally had me laughing out loud.

  • Anastasia.

    Barbara looks the best, but honestly nothing about any of these girls, except maybe Candice is memorable/wow. All kind of boring. Heather, Lindsey, those two are interchangeable, they look like the same person. Karlie is not cut for VS, and Candice needs to stop with the ridiculous back arching.

  • A.R.

    They are stunning!

  • Tia

    this commercial was 2m19 s too long!! Sooo cheesy!!

    I remember how I used to be so impressed by the vs models as a teen, now I’m like -_-
    Barbara Pavlin is gorgeous she has a vulnerable sexiness to her and I appreciate her for being less in-your-face than Candice. I wish they had shown the black model more (don’t know her name…jus to show how underused she is!)

  • Candy

    Could you imagine any VS girls doing a video like this? She may not have your favorite body, but she has a more dominatrix, sexy side while most the angels are just cute and fun and girly, not really sexy to me. There all gorgeous, just think VS has become so tacky and overrated. Why do they get so much attention while the more unique models are never in the media. Im sick oh hearing VS this, VS that. Have you seen the Daily Mail? It should be called the daily Miranda. Kerr literally has at least two posts a day, just for leaving her home.

    • serena

      They’re cute and fun because VS appeals to younger women. There are some sexy, sultry models like Adriana Lima but they need cute younger ones like Barbara or Elsa for the Pink line. The quality of VS is not great – if you’re 14 and looking for a pushup bra you’ll outgrow in a year, it’s fine, but I rarely see 30+ women shopping there. Plus keep in mind their consumers are women, not men, so they don’t need to be super sexy.

      • Candy

        They actually use to be a decent brand, they’ve really gone downhill imo. They use to cater to all women, now its just teenagers.

      • HB

        You think this was cute and young??? With the music, the slow mo, the angles, and the fact that the bikinis were hardly the spotlight… it’s just softcore, with the models literally just as objects, sitting there to be stared at, arching their backs beyond recognition.

  • Candy

    Ive seen a lot of these girls in real life. Candice is beyond stunning, Erin is teeny tiny in person and tall, tall, tall. Karlie as expected is thin but athletic looking too, her face is even better in person. Barbra looks very average in person, I didn’t even notice her in the crowd, she looked about 5’6, her face is pretty but nothing great.

  • Winnie

    for everyone commenting on the black model: her name is Lais Ribeiro. she is either 20 or 21 (not too sure, her birthdate is obscure). she has a son, and looks like THAT. she really stands out in this video (and in every one she’s in IMO, her face and body are phenomenal). she’s stunning. oh, and in VS tradition, she is Brazilian lol

    the focus on Candice and her ultra-arched back is starting to get old and annoying. they’ve really been trying to make her “happen” since Rosie left. Barbara looked great on the other hand. everyone else was kind of just scenery, no one really stood out.

  • Doctorpurple

    wow barbara palvin is gorgeous. love her face and I love her slim but curvy not to skinny body.

  • Beans

    unrelated – but the ad that came up before the video featured three of my friends! cool! (I am an actor lol)

    as for the video, I had a nice little laugh at the maroon 5/soft porn combo. You’d think an ad directed at women would look a bit less like it was targered for men.

  • Sheza

    Wish Adriana and Doutzen were in it …

  • Faidy

    These girls are perfect. And I miss summer!!!

  • Jacky Daniels

    so stupid..atleast they get good money for this stupidity.

  • CK

    i get it they’re sexy girls and VS is about lingerie AND their models i.e. but i still think there are creative ways to show their sexy angels AND their swimsuits, aka the thing they’re literally selling. the video is just toooo tacky and boring and even worse is the lip syncing, and i mean it’s a shame a company with such a name and money can’t even find a director to film smth really creative and sexy in different way or manage to give the same old vid some freshness, or maybe they don’t care cos sex sells anyway, no matter the “wrapping”…the only girl that really gave me a more naturally sexy/beautiful vibe here was Barbara Palvin, I mean she’s pretty in pics but she never had any “wow” for me, well on camera she seemed to give me that, or maybe its just also the right make up. also the fact that i didn’t even remember karlie (was she really there?) just proves the same i felt about her on VS runway, she just doesn’t fit with VS AT ALL, i’ve heard she’s very successful in HF why the heck would she herself even go for VS? some models can be HF and commercial but some of them fit only one niche, that’s what i feel bout Karlie, HF only.
    and on a side note i do like some of Maroon 5 songs (not this one though) but OMG Adam Levine had recently became soooo fame-wh0ringly annoying, now he’s here too?!?! it’s like he’s dating not one of their models but all at once…

  • artemis

    meh fest

  • HB

    Do they realize that this commercial is NOT selling bikinis?

    • serena

      VS is selling a sexy image – the message of their ads is if you shop here, you can look like this too. I’m a swimmer and would never buy one of their suits lol. They’re for lounging by the pool and looking sexy – not for swimming!

      • HB

        Ugh yeah, that’s true.
        I just wish they’d work harder to make women feel good about themselves, AND make quality products that don’t fall apart even in a bag on delicates cycle in the wash. It’d be pretty easy to target the female audience, especially those old enough to buy more of your product instead of 14 year olds whose moms buy them lots of VS undies, or instead of men.

  • clara

    barbara is the best!

  • lucy

    Ok, so who was actually looking at the swimwear?.. yeah, didn’t think so…


  • La la la la

    more barbara please! a full body shot of would have been beautiful and i don’t see why they didn’t go for that. they always do full body shots of candice writhing around. girl looks great but she definitely exaggerates every movement so much that it’s a little old. i think she looks better just walking and posing normally than her over the top contorting. i really like erin too. the rest are fine. where is behati? was she in this? she’s really pretty as well

  • Dawn

    Barbara is absolutely stunning. Her face is exquisite. I love Candice, she somehow manages to be sexy, cute and beautiful at the same time. Apart from that, that commercial was way too conventional, and quite boring.

  • aalyceh

    omg would they stop trying to make barbara happen so hard it makes my eyeballs bleed!!!

    She’ll happen but she’ll lose 15 pounds in the process. ergh. VS lost it for me when they hired Kloss. Totally inappropriate. Watching her body her first catwalk was horrifying. VS portrays an image that yeah, is unattainable, but had natural “born this way vibe”. Kloss is HF and her bones….well, we know whats types bones appeal to.

  • aalyceh

    and blondie on a rock looks awkward as all hell. she knew this was cringeeeeeeee-worthy.

  • lc

    Candice looks nice, but I didn’t watch the whole thing.

    • Junior

      I couldn’t watch the whole thing! lol It was sooo boring :/

  • Debbs

    Off to the gym I go!

  • Ellie

    This porno has good music

  • marah

    sighh…candice…PLEAZE STOP TWISTING AND TURNING…stand still for once..i want to see a picture of her standing straight on….soo annoying…you are not in the circus!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Oh my…Barbara is so gorgeous. Wow!

  • Nikki

    I don’t find this cheesy at all, it comes off just as sexy as all the other VS ads, even with the lip syncing. I suppose to me VS can do no wrong.

  • Sofia

    Its a wonder that none of them put their back out sticking their asses out like that.