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Video Interview with Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn

Tara_Lynn_by_Solve_Sundsbo - Video Interview with Plus-Size Model Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn is the plus-sized beauty that was featured on the cover of Elle France a short while back – click here to see the very popular post! Tara appeared in a wide range of photo-spreads in various magazines these past months and quite frequently, she lacked clothes (above pic taken from V magazine’s plus-size issue).

Watch this video of Tara (where the reporter mentions she’s a size 12) and tell us what you think!

P.S.: More Tara Lynn coming your way later this week!

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  • jellyfish

    shes quite cool. i ddnt like the questions from the reprter though. sumtimes i think the LESS of a deal you make of plus size models the more theyl fit into the norm. hope we l see em more often =)

  • Eve

    Wow. She is stunning! What a face, hair, skin, even body is nice though I am never a big fan of “bigger” girls, but as I understand now most so-called big girls you see are lacking confidence. But when “bigger” girl is comfortable in her skin and taking care of herself…that is very sexy and attractive. There is no way to say she is unhealthy. She is glowing!

  • AlexD

    although its hard for me to believe that regular exercise is still keeping her at this weight, i do think shes absolutely gorgeous. her face is amazing. i do think if she lost some weight and went down to crystal renns current size she would be so beautiful

    • jo

      It’s all intake-output and whatever the body is used to.

      • L

        She’s gorgeous but I highly doubt she exercises regularly. And when they said a size 8 was an unhealthy weight for her I had to laugh, aesthetically she looks good at 12 but being an 8 is definitely healthier.

        • SG

          It’s totally illogical to say size 8 is healthier because it’s smaller than size 12. What are your qualifications to say that? A lady in my workout class was told (20 years ago) to lost 20 pounds (to fit into the height/weight charts) and she did, going from 135 lbs to 115 lbs. She maintained that over the years and is now suffering from bone loss which her current doctor says is most likely because she weighs so little. Is she healthier because she’s smaller? NOT!! A woman I worked with was almost as slender but had extremely high cholesterol because of her eating habits. Is she healthier because she’s smaller? NOPE!! I have a muscular nephew who lives on fast food, ramen noodles and pot. Is he healthier because he is more muscular and works out regularly? NOT even close!! I’d never eat like him. I’m assuming she is eating fairly healthy with detours and falling off like most of use (except for you as I’m sure you’re perfect.) She is being paid for her size and beauty, show me your magazine spreads (although I’m sure your personality is just wonderful, as judgmental as you sound here.) Everyone has different body shapes and genetics certainly factor into everything. She’s gorgeous and sexy and healthy and obviously works to be that way.

  • kate

    I’ve read she’s 5ft9, 176lb and her measurements are 40-33-44. That is a UK size 16 (US 12-14).

    • J

      That’s ridiculously low. I believe she is almost 200 lbs. Sorry, she is not just “slightly overweight”. Plus, she was asked in an interview to give her exact weight and she refused.

      • kate

        Well she may have a higher percentage of body fat which makes her appear ‘heavier’ than she actually is. This is usually due to lack of lean mass and low bone density.

        But who knows, everyone carries their weight differently.

      • laura

        That’s great to not believe she is 176, but you have no idea. I have a friend that is 175 and 5’7 and she looks a little bigger than this model, especially in pictures, so it’s totally reasonable that she is 176. Haven’t you ever heard that the camera adds 10 lbs? Each body carries weight so differently and with a video camera involved you can’t really tell exact numbers.

      • Morgan

        Her not giving her weight has nothing to do with your point at all. ONe, if we’re going with the idea that she’d be embarrassed because it’s high, which I think your implying, I could be wrong, then she could still be lighter than 200, but still be seen as really heavy, if that mattered to her. Two, many women, no matter their size, don’t like their weight to be known and don’t share it.

    • Allie

      176 lbs. is 50 pounds more than I weigh at that height!

      What do you think of ME?

      Um, anyway I hate plus-size models. She’s pretty, but they aren’t good to show the clothes, and if you want to have curves, that’s cool, have them, but go to real life, not the modelling industry.

      • arejay

        That’s extremely rude… but ANYWAY, If the average woman is a size (which is what they say), why would wouldn’t a a size 12 women best represent how women will look in the clothing. The modeling industry needs to be a bit more grounded in “real life.”
        oh, and nobody cares how much you weigh, you aren’t on the cover of French VOGUE.

        • Heather

          THere’s a lot of not-too-bright comments here from not-too-seasoned young women, to be sure. They say women are the ones who force each other into the thin paradigm. I think most men would take a woman like Tara Lynn any day over some emaciated wet rag. It’s just not sensual. In any event, lots of snarky nasty comments. Makes you wonder why they came to THIS page.

          • Taiju

            Here here! You voiced my thoughts more eloquently than I would have 🙂

      • L

        I’m the same height but 12 pounds less than you and I still think that plus sized models are sexy. Just because you’re thinner then the norm doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude.

        • Ellen

          L for the win!

    • If we believe that she’s 5’9 and 176 lbs, that makes her BMI 26, otherwise known as “without a doubt overweight.” If we assume she’s lying and peg her at 200, her BMI is 29.5 – borderline obese.

      Neither is acceptable and neither should be celebrated or encouraged.

  • Mary

    I was a size 10/12 working out -solid as can be, but still big. We are talking running 5 miles a day and doing 40 minutes of yoga afterwards. I was doing Weight Watchers closely. I got skinny not working out(size 6) and eating the same , but it wasn’t firm. At 5′ 10″ my body starts maintaining the same size if I do too much exercise. I could see her working out a lot and still being big.

  • Sidney

    I do believe she exercises, even if she went to the gym every day, she might be burning like an extra 400 kcal a day (if it was mainly cardio, and i don’t think she works out every day), and so maybe she could eat up to a 2500 kcal a day or so without losing weight, if she’s the type of person who indulges in desserts and goodies every now, she wouldn’t need to be gorging on food. But that’s just a whole lotta assumptions from my side. Anyways i think she’s absolutely beautiful, and though her size might limit the clothing options, she has a nice, proportional body which with her face makes her a great plus size model (in my book she would be plus sized, even outside the modeling industry)

    • Sidney

      *every now and then

  • Princess

    Her face is so beautiful

    • Léa

      Yes she is !

      She has one of the most gorgeous face I have ever seen in my whole life ! She is second to Angelina Jolie in my head !

      Seriously, I’m not sure that I’ll be fine with her body if it was mine, I like it a bit smaller (I’m a eu 38 -40) but still, her face is wonderful. I want it !

      I feel so ugly now !

      • laura

        Don’t feel ugly! Didn’t you take away anything from the video?

        • Léa

          I could watch 10 millions videos about self confidence and still dont have any

          Does that sentence sounds correct ?

  • Janie

    She is a beautiful woman. I am so sick of the phrase, “comfortable in my own skin” though. I’m starting to throw up in my mouth a little every time I hear it

  • Amy

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • lowa

    her face is beautiful and eyes are stunning

  • Lisa

    Size 12 IS big. Blah blah to all the it’s the norm crap. I’m not going to sit here and mouth off about the supposed obesity crisis, but to act as if it’s a small size? No.

    • kate

      Depends how the person carries it. Not every size 12 looks the same. Some will carry excess fat and others will just be more muscular or broad framed.

      Just have a look at this link:

      The models are all UK size 14/16 (US 12) and many of them look great.

      • Allie

        *cough* fat *cough*

        • kate

          grow up child.

        • kitty

          thats pathetic. haha you’re not the one on the cover of a popular magazine, showing off a normal body . not some twig that has no body whatsoever, and tries to bash on bigger people that have curves, to hide your insecurities.
          you are indeed, a child.

      • Kaelyn

        Fantastic link and fantastic models. And I believe most of them are of size stated there. I am very tall, very skinny but with broad frame and I range from UK size 10-12.

      • Lisa

        They’ve all been photoshopped.

    • laura

      Yeah, just look at these particular pictures:

      Size 14:

      Size 14-16:

      Size 14-16:

      Size 14:

      Those girls are size 14s and 16s and they definitely would fit into the “normal” range. So, you really can’t say that a “size 12 IS big” and obese.

      I’m what I’d call (and my BMI and doctors call) a healthy “norm” right now and I am a size 12, but the way my bone structure is and how I carry weight, even when I was very thin while I was on the track team, I couldn’t get below a size 6/8, and I weighed 118lbs and was 5’4. So some people just don’t get down to size 2s and 4s! I have a decent sized chest and my hips are wide so even when I am thin, those measurements hold me back from a lower size. In other words, don’t say someone is fat/obese/unhealthy just based on a size! (unless of course it’s size 30)

      • BlackEssence

        Great post

        People act simple sometimes….like to act like they know, but they have no idea.

  • Naomi

    Her face is very pretty.
    I’ll be happy when it’s normal to see women of all sizes appear on the covers of magazines.

    And she made a good point actually.
    No-one questions when a skinny girl, who does nothing, stays skinny (although it provokes envy),
    yet a bigger girl like herself actually does work out.

  • Sharen

    She’s beautiful, imo this is how a plus model should look, not just anyone who is big.

    But I have to say that she is not only big in the modeling industry, she’s fat in the “real world” too, even if it suits her.

  • Kat

    She only looks this good because her skin has been smoothed via Photoshop. If slim and fit models like Doutzen Kroes have cellulite (a tiny bit and I’m not bashing Doutzen, she looks amazing), then someone with this bodyfat % must have a heck of a lot more. And I’m my eyes, she does not seem healthy, she seems quite overweight.

    • SpecialSundae

      Size and cellulite don’t necessarily correlate. I’m only slightly slimmer than her and haven’t got a jot of cellulite.

  • Her face is lovely. Her body, well, I’m not sure if it (removed by admin) or go running. There is no excuse for that. It is not “curvy.” It is not “healthy.” It is fat.

  • Jill

    She’s fat… I don’t get what the fuss is, or why ANYONE wants to see that on a magazine. It is by no means a healthy image to project to anyone.

    • Audrey

      well said!

      but it’s because shes fat, so that makes other fat women (AKA the majority of America, sadly) feel better about themselves, instead of seeing the usual pretty, slim, healthy girls who work out and eat well.

  • laura

    she has a really pretty face but i dont understand why theres either skinny modles or over weight models wheres the healthy medium.
    it doesnt matter if she exercises she oobvioulsy doesnt eat the right foods to get that big vegtables and lean meats dont make you over weight.
    i think even tho shes a normal size in the real world doesnt make it a healthy size.
    its not that hard to eat 3 healthy meals a day and exercise there should be a healthy meduim neither over weight (plus size or under weight models healthy.

  • mash

    She has a pretty, alright face although I find her body a tad.. gross.She isn’t curvy or any thing she is simple fat, people seem to forgot there is a differece between curvy and fat..
    Thats just my opinion.

    • Nkeon

      yes, curvy and fat are different things and can be simultaneous.

      Curves are about shape; hips, waist and butt.
      Just like you can be skinn and curvy ala Halle Berry you can be fat and curvy ala Tara Lynn.

      Tara Lynn has an hourglass figure and that’s what makes her curvy not her size

      • kate

        Think she is more of a pear shape but still has an ok waist/hip ratio.

      • Jill

        I think she’s more of a “blob”-shape than an hourglass. What makes her “curvy” are the massive rolls of fat curving around.

        • mash

          Lol! Jill. Couldn’t agree more!

        • Nkeon

          Take a look at the post of her photo shoot in Elle magazine. You can see that she distinctly has a smaller waist in proportion to her hips, curby hips, a round butt and boobs.

        • AlexD


  • Nkeon

    Whether you want to lose weight; gain weight; maintain weight, doctors will recommend the gym as your first point of call.
    Don’t be fooled that only lean toned people work out. There are different levels of exercise in any case so she may not be benching up a sweat but she’s still doing something.

  • katie

    I always find larger models to be like a million times more gorgeous facially. They never seem to have that androgynous look to there face like regular models often do.

  • snoops

    She has a beautiful face – I’d love to have her face. But her body, I just dont like it. And it has nothing to do with “health” – its none of my or anyone elses business how healthy someone else is or isnt. People on this site are so quick to judge overweight people and make silly moralist comments about what they should be eating/how much they should be exercising – well get real! Turn the gaze inwards and look at yourself – because you are the only person who’s body you have any right to dictate over.

    Its HER body and HER life.

    And also – being on a magazine cover and modeling is not about sending the message “hey, you should weigh exactly what I do I’m the epitome of health” – its about advertising clothes and creating a pretty picture. Not everyone may find this woman a pretty picture but tastes are DIFFERENT!

    • I can’t speak for everybody here, but I at least am not saying that she’s not allowed to be as fat and disgusting as she wants to be. I am saying that she should not be held up as the “real” healthy in backlash against anorexic models. She should not be treated as if her size is healthy or reasonable. It’s irresponsible to tell your magazine readership that having fat rolls all over your body is good.

      • snoops

        my old roommate had a body like this and she ate less than me (I have a BMI of around 18) – and we worked together also and hung out together in all our spare time, and we went to school together when we were younger, so I know what she ate and she didn’t over eat – there is the rare person who’s body just does not allow them to be thin without going on an extreme diet and obsessing over food – having looked at your blog I see food is a huge part of your life – not every body wants to count every calorie, if you are happy that way then thats fine but your attitude towards people who are overweight I find really sad and very ugly.

        Oh an by the way – this roomie got a LOT of male attention so despite the fact that you find her body disgusting and makes you feel like you need to vomit – most people do not have this reaction.

  • sandy

    i think she is beautiful!!! but i do not believe she goes to the gym a lot, i just can not believe it, i do think that it is possible though that this is her ideal weight, some people are bigger than ” normal”.

  • Kt

    Is she actually a 12, she has been refferred to as a 16 before? I’m not saying that she’s not, but I wonder if the reporter got it wrong in this article.

    I know that we are all different in our bone/muscle make up, so no two people with the same heights and weights look the same, and I’m not saying that her weight is incorrect, but i’m slightly shorter and heavier than her recorded stats, wear a UK16 and she seems quite a bit bigger, although I know they sometimes try make plus size girls look bigger in magazines. So thats why I wonder if the reporter got her size wrong.

    I do think she is beautiful though & seems down to earth in the interview

    It is nice to see diversity, but seeing plus size models does not inspire me to be “comfortable in my own skin” & stay the same size, its the fit healthy models like around the US 4-8 mark i.e. Doutzen, Bar, Chrystal Renn at current weight, that inspire me to actually keep at a weight loss program.

    • kate

      I think she is a UK size 16 (US size 12/14) Her measurements are 40-33-44.

    • Do

      second that! Exactly what I was thinking about Doutzen and all the plus size trend.

    • SpecialSundae

      High street sizes and designer sizes are a world apart. I measure up as a size 16 (size 18 on the bust) and yet I’m comfortable in a size 12-14. It’s also about how you carry it.

      If you’re an hourglass then you can often wear a smaller size on the waist but have to go up on the hips and bust; conversely, if you’re an apple then you’ll probably be able to squeeze yourself into smaller sizes on the hips and bust and just ignore the muffin top and rolls in between.

  • Cecily

    Not only is her face drop dead stunning, but I think her body is so sexy. It might be hard to dress/difficult to look fashion forward, but when she’s nekkid I imagine her boyfriend must looooooooove going crazy on her.

    I mean, she has such a fleshy glowy softness, you should want to grab her!

    • Lisa

      That’s the photoshop giving off that glow. That,or she swallowed some radium.

  • i love curvy women 🙂

  • madeleine

    i know she says she does but i just find it so hard to believe that she works hard for her body…maybe her standards for a hard work out are a lot different to mine.
    her body is gross to me…but i respect that she has confidence
    she also has nice skin
    soooooo over plus sized models being in the limelight though…its never going to be fully ok to have a model of her size…even crystal lost weight and now is relitavely around normal

  • anon

    I interviewed Tara Lynn for a local magazine recently. She was so chatty and personable, and totally at ease.

    She told me she was a size 10-14 depending on the brand. Usually size 10 in the waist, and 14 for pants. She was absolutely sweet, charming, and beautiful. I didn’t think she looked “big” and she was much shorter than I imagined her to be–maybe 5’7″ in person. (We were both wearing flats, and she was a few inches taller than me.)

    • Ella

      Thank you for sharing your interview with us, anon. I think that, not only is Tara Lynn beautiful, she also sounds like a kind, compassionate and intelligent person. I’m very interested in how she almost ended up taking classes in Arabic!

      I especially liked her answer to the last question: instead of saying all slim models are starving themselves, she acknowledges that some are indeed naturally that size, just as she is naturally her size. She also doesn’t deny the fact that they also get a lot of criticism. I think this shows how confident she is because she clearly doesn’t feel the need to put down those who are different from her.

  • Morgan

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous in all ways, shape, body, confidence. She rocks, to me.

    • Morgan

      oh yeah, and Face too!

  • She is sooooo beautiful. and she sounds clever, too.
    but as for her body.. well, she is big. the first thing that came to my mind was- how much does she actually has to eat, to maintain body like this, when she exercises so much and so often..??? but maybe she was born like that, with such metabolism and this is her naturall weight. but I cannot help, but think she is a little behind the line and such a big body ( i do not refer to her bone structure or muscles, but after looking at the picture of her lying naked it is obvious that she has a lot of fat) cannot be natural to anyone.

  • federica


  • Cecily

    Yuck? My boyfriend (who is super picky as to girls he classifies as hot) took one look at the picture on top of the page and said “that’s hot” and kept staring until I had to shoo him away.

    She looks grabbable. Or maybe grabworthy is a better word.

    I’m not african american, but i’ve got a feeling african american men (and maybe women too) would appreciate the sexiness in Tara Lynn’s fleshy, soft curvy body. I know she is a big girl, but she has a good hip waist ratio and lucsious skin.

    i think caucasion americans generally prefer the skinny yet sexless look- the girls who look good in clothes but not so good naked.

    • Nkeon

      Well, i’m not African-American but I am Anglo-Nigerian and though I agree that African, African American and Caribbean cultures generally perfer curvier women women (thick women) they do not necessarily prefer women that are big in size; this is a common misconception.

      There are other women like Megan Good, Melyssa Ford, Beyonce, J Lo, Kim K and Kim Walsh that are also curvy without being big that men go crazy for.

  • Serenee

    There’s no denying she’s got a very attractive face, but at the same time there’s no denying she’s fat.

  • Xena

    I am so sorry, but I just think the should not take their clothes up. For me its disgusting seeing them “naked”

    • federica

      totally agree. that’s the meaning of my post “yuck”.

    • Xena

      Oh I´ve made mistakes.
      I meant: they should not take thir clothes off.

      • SpecialSundae

        I’d far rather see a plus size girl with curves naked than someone whose ribs you can count.

  • Mia

    some of the comments on this site are really offensive IMO. She is a beautiful woman and I bet you 9 guys out of 10 would stare at her on the street because of her beauty. As for her exercise habits, I have no doubt she is telling the truth. I go to the gym every day and see super skinny girls who look thin and toned but can barely run a mile without passing out! People are under the mistaken impression that being fit is something that can be seen on the outside, but the truth is that it’s not. I ran track in college (division III) and there were plenty of girls on my team who did not look athletic at all, but ran 70 – 80 miles a week.

    • Janie

      amazing point. I was also a college athlete. Thin does not a healthy woman make

  • jenny

    she is so freaking beautiful.
    She would be a knock-out if she lost weight..
    like, not a lot jut.. idk Kim Kardashian size? ;b

    • jenny


  • curvy but not healthy

  • artemis


  • BlackEssence

    People act like children on this site…

    Size looks different on everyone. True, she is a bit larger then most plus size models, there is beauty in her shape (any larger and I may have something else to say, but she’s not bad at all).

    I workout 5-6 days a week…I’m 5’10 – 175lbs…solid as a rock. I have a lot of muscle, but I maintain my curves. I like it this way and perfer not to lose weight…I’ve been smaller (150lbs) and I don’t like how it looks on me, I look gaunt. I love my thighs and booty and I have ample breasts.

    I will agree with the poster that it’s culture/race has it’s influence…studies have suggested that black and latino men prefer a woman with curves, not obesity or grossly over-weight, but nice curves. While the white population seem to take to MUCH skinnier. Nothing is absolute though, people like what they like.

    • BlackEssence

      Oh…and my workouts consist of weight lifting 3x week, interval training 2x and yoga 2x. I started running, but lift heavier so that I don’t lose any muscle mass.

      I’m vegetarian (though I will eat fish) and I eat clean.

      • Kristin

        THANK YOU for this comment — some of these comments are RIDICULOUS!

        Tara Lynn looks absolutely beautiful and I don’t doubt that she works out as much as she does! My roommate was a size 10 at 5;5″ and she worked out every day (swimming, running, weight lifting) and was an instructor for a “deep water fitness” class AND ate really healthy (salads, grilled chicken, yogurt) and that was just her NATURAL size. I know a couple girls like that — and as for me, I’m 5’7″ and 138 pounds. i know that isn’t a lot BUT the way all of the others are commenting with the amount that I workout (5/6 days a week: walk at least 5 miles a day, do the stairmaster at least 3 days a week, AND lift weights) I should be 120 pounds!!!! But even when I watch my diet CLOSELY and eat super healthy the most I can lose is a pound or two of probably water weight! Not everyone can work out and watch every calorie they eat and be itty-bitty!

        It really makes me sad. I really wish people could just accept their NATURAL size and not fight with themselves to try and get to an unnaturally skinny size. Just feel good with what ya got! It’s so hard! I struggled with it for a long time — but let me tell ya, I feel so…free now!! 🙂

        • BlackEssence

          I know what you mean by free. I feel sorry for these people that live by numbers.

          I work out to enjoy life and eat well to live life.

          I can buy a pair of size 12 that fit perfect and then buy a pair of size 8 that look hot. I can put on another pair of size 12 and it’s HUGE and can barely pull a size 8 up my thights. I mean really! That mess can drive a sane girl crazy. I cut off the tag and move on with my day…8-10-12 whatever, it looks good. lol

  • érica

    she is a pretty girl, but I wouldn’t feel good at this size, I’m smaller and yet don’t feel good. Her face is gorgeous, but she would look better little lighter.

  • Niknikniken

    Stunning face but think she’d better with clothes on lol

  • Eliza B

    I’m sorry, I’m glad that she feels comfortable and confident…but this does not look healthy on her frame to me. I think she’s absolutely beautiful, and has a nice natural figure, but I think she’s carrying too much weight, I’m not saying she has to be a size 2, but I think, purely for health reasons she needs to lose some weight.

  • Cecily

    Yep, just to clarify: those extracted from an african american or afro-caribbean or latino heritage tend to appreciate women who have breasts, hips and a.s.s. NOT fat, unhealthy women, but rather women who look loaded with estrogen- i.e, good hip waist ratios.

    estrogen after all is what gives a woman the breasts, hops and a.s.s. Caucasion women seem to have an obsession with making hips,butts go away, but this masculinizes the figure so i never understood that.

    one can be skinny and still have awesome curves, and one can be toned and still have an amazing hip waist ratio. i just think those bodies with hips/butt/boobs tend to be far more the ideal in black and brown communities, and this is a GOOD thing.

    • Ella

      I find that, in black communities, while more boobs, hips, bum and thicker legs are adored, they also prefer a tiny waist in comparison. The models I see who are idolised are women like Melyssa Ford, Lola Luv, Esther Baxter, Ki Toy Johnson, Vida Guerra (also by women as what they would like their bodies to look like)… and while they do have more curves, their waists often aren’t that much bigger than the women that fit the ‘slim’ ideal for most of the white population. I think that this ideal is just as difficult to achieve, if not MORE difficult to achieve, than just being slim because one can’t change body shape. If you don’t have the genes to be an hourglass, it won’t matter how much weight you lose: you aren’t going to get a defined waist.

  • padme

    There is no way she is a 12. More like a 14/16. She looks fine, but I don’t think it’s right to claim she is smaller than she really is. Now girls who actually wear size 12 will look at her and think they are way bigger than they actually are. Size 12s are much smaller than that.

    • nope

      THANK YOU! I was reading through all of the comments to see if anyone else thought maybe the size 12 was a bit off. I’m not saying she’s not healthy, or beautiful, or can run 100 miles — I’m just saying she does not look like a standard, American size 12. Maybe she’s a size 12 with vanity sizing?

  • Lola

    Okay, I kind of disagree with some people.
    Yes, “too skinny” is definitely not a good look. But there is a big difference between “curvy” and “fat”
    Although women like Tara Lynn/Crystal Renn might have *MORE* curvier shapes, they still carry a substantial amount of fat/body mass. I’m not saying they are TOO fat, but the “plus size” look can create an image in people’s minds which may encourage them to gain weight in order to have a “curvy” shape. This can potentially lead to overweight problems.
    Curvy has previously been (and still should be) seen as larger in the breast/butt/thighs and an hourglass or pear-shape.
    Excess amount of body mass around the midriff can lead to heart problems and other linking health related illnesses.
    (Please don’t take this in offense, I am just giving my opinion)

  • Cecily

    Yeah, I don’t think that fat = curvy, or that overweight people should necessarily say “I’m curvy!”

    But what I think makes someone fat is belly fat, or fat on the midsection. This is also the place where fat accumulation is bad for your health, and I don’t think ANY guy, black brown white or whatever, would idealise that.

    But you DO get some women who are sze 12 or 14, but with defined waists and big hips and butts. They might still have softness in the belly, but they have a curvy shape, i.e a very visible and defined hip waist ratio. Christina Hendricks is a perfect example. She is probably a size 8 or 10- definitely not ‘slender’- but extremely curvy.

    I have seen far more young, fit black men with maybe size 12 or 14 women who would be considered ‘fat’ by caucasions, but who have good hip waist ratios and not much belly fat. To the black man, she has meat on her and is a real woman. I tend to agree. And this is coming from a girl who is 5’3 and size 6.

  • Vee

    I’m a 5 ft 7 size 12 and I’m just beginning to accept my body (very curvy). I have a thinner stomach but ample hips, thighs and curvy shoulders kind of like this girl. Also, I work out 4 times a week and am vegetarian, with extreme dieting I can become size 10. I know this site is not so healthy for me but I had to click because this girl is just gorgeous 🙂 I’m glad plus size models like her are getting attention. She’s so beautiful that it makes it easier to accept myself more 🙂
    Yes, girls. Some of us are bigger than size 8 and some of us can even be much healthier than thinner girls!

    • you like a confident woman with self-esteem 🙂 it is good to hear (or read) that even not super skinny women can still love themselves despite this horrible bones-loving world.
      i used to be almost size zero and have depressions alost everyday- i constantly felt pressure to be more and more perfect and thought I dont deserve anything good until I am flawless. luckily, I got older and understood that I can screw the people telling me how i should or shouldnt look, because the purpose of living is something soooo very different 🙂
      I only want to say, thank you for your comment, I dont even know why, but it lightened my day 🙂

  • Cecily

    Vee, your body sounds hot 🙂

  • Jenna118

    I usually like curves, but this one is kinda lumpy…. sit ups can build up that stomach to be stronger….

  • SilentKnight65

    I love this! My wife is a size 12 too, and she is HOT HOT HOT!!! Curves are beautiful if the woman is in shape!

    • Audrey

      ….curves mean the women IS in shape (it means having a curve in your waist -_-). she isn’t.

  • She has an absolutely beautiful face but her body is not very attractive.

  • Chloe

    she can be on a michelin ad with that first picture. why are we celebrating plus sizes? why can’t we get things right for once, and simply celebrate healthy sizes.

    • nope

      Agreed. They should institute something like the army weight standards. If you’re over weight, you need a body fat percentage analysis — nothing over 25-30% body fat. If you’re underweight, you need a medical waiver to prove you are a healthy weight. I want to see women who are running 5k races and who can do 50 un-modified pushups. Something to aspire to.

      I can’t aspire to a pretty face, but I can aspire to a healthier body. I don’t find this woman inspiring. Congratulations, you accepted your body. Fantastic. As a society, our priorities are all funny. We idolize women who are great at… nothing but looking nice. We should be celebrating the women who are SMART, HEALTHY, and CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY.

  • MarHin

    i think its good cuz the point of all this its that all women should be proud of their bodies as it is , in my opinion she looks healthy and beautiful

  • GLinelli

    I think we should try to eat healthy, balanced, not under eat or overeat, not deprive ourselves but not abuse the sweets and hydrogenated oil stuff that is bad for our bodies, exercise, it’s good for the heart, sleep well, take care of your body, love it, the same way you wouldn’t let your little girl just be in the house inactive making 8 trips to the fridge. Whatever weight results of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, THAT IS OUR IDEAL WEIGHT. We’re letting the media dictate what’s right for our bodies instead of DOING what’s right for our bodies. We need to do whats right for our body,healthwise, not try to look like someone else. Nature is pretty amazing, stick close to it and you’ll be your true self, you won’t need to identify with any one else.

  • Jacqueline

    She’s so beautiful. This is incredible. I don’t know why 8,10,and 12 are considered plus sized.Usually it’s 14and 16 up.

  • scotty

    What a woman. I wish more woman her size had such confident in their own skin.

  • uh…ew..

    • luigi

      i know you :S

  • Audrey

    Oh boy, someone else to worsen the “I’m not fat/obese, I’m CURVY/FLUFFY!” and pretend that fat rolls and large boobs are curves. I love how defensive big/fat girls are when they see someone like this. No one even needs to mention slim girls and they’ll go “OMMGG IM LIKE SO HAPPEH DAT THEIR SHOWIN TEH REEL WOMEN ON TEH MAGAZINES NAO AND NOT SKINNY HOARS, CUZ SINCE IM OVERWEIGHT AND DAT MODEL IS IT MAKES MEH FEEL GOOD BOUT MYSELF!1!11 ” I’ll take *naturally* pretty, healthy, fit women like Jennifer Garner, Grace Kelly, and Milla Jovovich plz!

    • Jess

      I think it is sad that in todays society size is so important to so many people.
      There are so many things you could argue that makes a person better or worse and I can’t believe how shallow some of the people on this website… and no I’m not a big/fat person.

      Who is to say whether women should be skinny or curvy or bigger? It can be a personal choice which you can chose if you want but it can also be medical and unavoidable just like anorexia.

      If you go into any gallery/museum with old paintings, women are all bigger than what is seen in the media today and they are all beautiful.