Isabel Lucas

Isabel Lucas – Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress

160414451_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress

28 year-old Isabel Lucas wore an interesting scarf-like / tablecover-like / dress at the opening of the Christan Dior Sydney store  yesterday in Australia and showed off her thin and tanned figure.

What do you think of Isabel’s look at this event?

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160414439_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress 160414441_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress  160414507_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress 160414638_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress 160415008_10 - Isabel Lucas - Thin & Tanned in an Interesting Dress

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  • Eline

    Who is she? Never heard of her!
    She seems sweet and lovely for some reason..
    Weird dress btw, but somehow she can pull it off!

    • Powwow

      She was in an Australian TV show called ‘Home & away’ and some movies and (the amazing) Ed Sheerans new video.
      Beautiful girl, gross dress! She’s lost too much weight lately IMO

    • artemis

      She was in Transformers 2 and Immortals.
      UGH, she lost too much weight again(she was at a normal weight one year ago, i think) and got that gross tan again. looks old

      • sofia


      • nicole

        I remember reading somewhere that she recently broke up with her boyfriend and she lost weight because of that. :/

      • annabanana

        i just googled her to look at other pics and her face is BEAUTIFUL when she isn’t so darn skinny! She looks glowing and just gorgeous when shes a bit fuller, like here:

      • HazeL

        Ohhh she’s only in the second Transformers? I always thought she was the blonde Australian in the first one (who I’ve just googled and found out is Rachael Taylor), so I was always comparing Isabel to Rachael, wondering how weight loss made such a difference to someones appearance LOL. Anyway, both are attractive, there is something off about Isabels tan which I just cant put my finger on. It’s like when I get a tan it just doesn’t look right on my face?? Hard to explain.

  • linda

    She’s supercute, but the way she dresses…eh, its interesting, I guess.

  • Sanne

    She looks pretty, but sooooooo unhappy!

    • Sanne

      Google shows me she’s also a lot thinner than back in the days.

      • Sanne

        Okay, more images from this website. Conclusion: the girl is a strange jojo who was suuuuuuuuperskinny (anorexic looking) to healthy size, skinny again, etc.

        • k

          I don’t know what a “jojo” is but yeah, she is very up and down weight-wise. I would guess by 25 – 35 lbs even. I hope she’s okay :s

          • Aafje

            jojo is probably like yoyo, as in yoyo diet/weight

  • Aafje

    It looks like a lifesaver candy wrapper

    • PS

      My thoughts exactly plus I can’t get over the fact that it looks as if she has to hold her arms close to her body to keep it from falling down.

      • Ginx

        Haha, that’s exactly what it looks like!

    • Neri

      Exactly…! I do not understand this dress at all..! I mean… Perhaps the fabric/cloth is beautiful… For a piece of candy that needs wrapping…! NOT as a dress!

  • Magda

    Really like the colors, but not the pattern.
    Nice tan, nice face and I like the color of her hair.

  • lillaliket

    legs look great, the rest looks not so great. she used to look so much better when she had a few more pounds on!

  • Nobsnob

    I like her but I prefer when she’s not tanned she looks much more beautiful. To the people who don’t know her, you can check the video clip of the beautiful song Give Me Love from Ed Sheeran.

  • Mia

    I normally like the natural look, but she literally looks like she just rolled out of bed and went to this fancy party…not fitting for the occasion.

  • Jenn

    Usually I think she is striking, but here, not so much. Looks worn out, and her hair seems really dry and limp.

  • lc

    Pretty and has a pretty nice figure, but she is too orange lol. And that hairdo and dress are not working lol.

    • HH

      Agreed. Also her hair color washes her out.

  • wonderwoman21

    Ugh she looks awful; like a greasy over tanned socialite who has nothing better to do than tan and starve herself. Idk who she is.

  • PinkLadi

    she looks kind of homely in these photos to me. like she walked out of district 12 and stole some clothes from the capitol. sorry for the hunger games reference.

    • violet

      thats funny!

  • HB

    Too skinny, frail. Sorry. She could be super pretty though, she has a lovely face.

  • Pixie

    I’ve never heard of her before…but that dress is fugly, and her hair looks dull and skin is greasy looking. Ugh! 🙁

  • retrobanana

    she came out (at least for me) around when megan fox was everywhere and i thought this girl is going to break out big and get uber sexed up…and get recognized and then it kind of fizzled out…I see her at a lot of fashion events..but her skin seems quite sun damaged and her boho style is old news for me…I don’t know expected much more from this one…She irks me everytime I see her now..she looks dirty….I actualy like the dress..

    • lc

      Yeah, I mean, it’s not a bad dress, i just think it’s too wrinkly I guess.

  • Emeline

    Don’t like the dress and the tan

  • Ana

    I think she has a pretty amazing figure but the outfit is hideous.

  • Sienna

    Her face is super hot usually, she looks bad here.

  • Chelsea

    Her face is gorgeous, but the hair and the outfit are terrible!

  • vanessa

    I saw her a couple of years ago in Melbourne – she is really tiny in real life and very pretty too although in a very understated kind of way.

    • Lux

      I also saw her a few years ago at Spike TVs Scream Awards and she’s absolutely stunning in person. I looked at photos from the event after and she didn’t look as good in the photos as in real life. I feel like her face looks a bit masculine in photos for some reason.

  • annemarie

    She’s beautiful but this tan makes her skin look dirty, and the dress(if it really is a dress) is horrible.

  • Inanna

    I think she looks great at this weight!

  • jemima

    Horrible dress aside, she needs to lose the tan and dye her hair darker. This color does nothing for her complexion.

  • Natalia

    idk who she is, she is tan but not that thin, good eyebrows, stringy hair, short-ish height, terrible dress, could be a model if taller, even though, would look better minus the tan, different dress, hair off the face, which is actually pretty.

    • tr

      Not that thin? She barely has any muscle or fat on her and is all skin and bones@

  • ary

    i like the dress, but not on her.

  • Tea

    Well, I guess I’m in the minority but I think she’s super pretty and not too thin from what I can see of her here. I mean she is very thin but not alarmingly so. I kind of like her au naturel hair, I don’t even find the tan that bad here (although I’ve seen other pics of her where her tan looks terrible). And I don’t even see the sun damage people are talking about, I think she looks really fresh and young. Compare her face to say Julianne Hough or Brooklyn Decker who are years younger.

    • Liz

      Wow I didn’t scroll up and check her age until I read your comment. I assumed she was some 18 yro with a WB show or something. Add Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Megan Fox to that list. If you gave that girl a better hairstyle, something to blot her forehead with and dressed her in something more chic than a glorified ribbon she would be stunning.

  • Emma

    This dress is hideous, and she is way too thin. Hideous.

  • li

    saw her in real life once and she looked like the prettiest little thing. she was definitely sticking out from the rest of the people (in a good way) but very skinny indeed!

  • D

    Oompa loompa, greasy skin, limp hair… and i dont even need to say anything about what shes wearing

  • Liz

    Cute girl, unfortunate choices.

  • HeatherE.

    Considering she has little or no make-up on, I think she looks fantastic! The dress is a little odd though.

  • isabel

    I believe she’s so beautiful, but I like her more when she’s pale and a little bit thicker. I’m not a fan of the skinny tanned blonde look.

  • alaska

    i think isabel is beautiful. she’s stunning in the ed sheeran-give me love video.
    however i don’t like the dress she’s wearing in these photos and i think she looks prettier with less/no tan. like an ethereal fairy.

  • Isabel is very beautiful, but I definitely think she’s too thin. She has yo-yo’d a lot over the years and that’s never a healthy sign. Her skin is also way too orange, as many others have pointed out – and she looks uncomfortable and unhappy. The dress reminds me of one I made out of coloured cellophane when I was a child! It’s fun – but doesn’t work here.

  • cass

    Is she the girl who was in the one Transformers movie? Who tried to seduce Shia’s character but was really a robot thing? If so, she had a few more lb’s on her then and looked beyond stunning.

    • artemis

      she had a gross tan there too. i don’t get why she wears her eyebrows sooo dark, it looks bad on her

  • Ginx


  • Gosh, I find her to be so, so, so stunning. I have no clue why since I don’t really like anything about her in particular, but I’d love to look like her. I also -suprisingly- really like the dress… but maybe thats just because I have a soft spot for her. 🙂

  • nat shermans

    She looks half ready. Maybe a striking updo (at least get those stragglers out of your face) or unique eye makeup….I dont know, something is missing for me. She’s needs more than shoes that blend into the floor. A. Dress like that deserves a bit more…show.

  • liss

    I was shocked about her being 28:O I would have guessed 22

  • Ophelie

    I prefer her less tanned but she’s very pretty and that Dior dress is lovely.

  • serena

    Wearing light, natural makeup and having natural eyebrows helps her look so much younger! Hair is limp but otherwise she is quite pretty, nice and slim.

    • lc

      Totally agree on the hair and makeup, she must have done it herself! Changing it up a bit would do wonders for her.

      • serena

        Yep she has a lot of potential to be a beauty. Her hair is so stringy and limp, but if it were a different color and fuller, the focus would be on her facial features which are quite nice. The dress is wrinkled and doesn’t show off her figure. Different styling and she’d be a knockout!

        • Natalia


  • Jacky Daniels

    lollipop head. she looks like a little girl. pretty face though.

  • Adriana

    She doesn’t look too thin to me. Just thin.
    She does look young to me though, like a young surfer chick.
    The dress is horrible though, looks like some sort of candy raper I have seen in the shop and the back part of the dress looks like a cape.
    Also I don’t mind the color of her hair but if it were my hair I would deffinitely get some style cut into it.

  • Tinkerbell

    she has an insanely beautiful face… a few lbs & a different hair color would do her wonders but to be honest I find her striking this way too.. weight guesses? my body looks quite similar 🙂

  • papayaraya

    She looks nice and somehow interesting in this dress. However I would suggest that a facial and brow plugging would improve her appearance.

  • nessa

    she’s pretty, but too skinny. thing about being skinny is your body might be great but it takes a tole on your face. makes you look older.

  • anonymous

    She has a beautiful face, but would look better without the tan and with more weight on.

  • Nikki

    She’s soo naturally beautiful, and with a figure like that she could pull off anything…the exception to the rule being that monstrosity of a dress.

  • loos

    Three words – skin and bones. She looks unhealthy here- it’s written all over her face. She’s a gorgeous looking woman but she looks so much better with more weight on her (and with a better outfit…..)