January Jones: ‘I wish more women would realise that (curves) is what men like’

August 1, 2010 in Celebrity Quotes, January Jones by Versus

Even though she isn’t as voluptuous as her boobylicious colleague Christina Hendricks, Mad Men‘s January Jones is an advocate for curvy women, especially since the producers of the show encourage sustainable ‘meat and curves’ on their actresses’ bodies – more info via Daily Mail:

January Jones, who plays long-suffering housewife Betty Draper in the Emmy award-winning TV drama, says its creator Matthew Weiner agrees – telling female members of the cast to avoid strenuous exercise in order to maintain their curves and avoid muscle definition.

The 32-year-old actress says Weiner, anxious to echo the curvier silhouette of the show’s early Sixties era, is as demanding as any magazine editor or fashion designer  – but with a difference.

‘He would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women,’ she says.

The actress, whose looks are often compared to Grace Kelly’s, says she is pleased the show has brought back the idea that ‘it’s OK to have curves and be a woman. I wish more women would realise that’s what men like’.

She admits to loving ‘beer and carbs’ and says she is now quite taken with her curves after producers admonished her last year for being too thin.

In an interview with Tatler, January also confesses that she has learned to love the girdle she wears to help her achieve her hourglass looks.

‘It gives you such a nice shape,’ she says.

One more shot from Tatler Magazine after the jump!

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