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January Jones: ‘I wish more women would realise that (curves) is what men like’

article-1299304-0A9E9B14000005DC-811_468x553 - January Jones: 'I wish more women would realise that (curves) is what men like’

Even though she isn’t as voluptuous as her boobylicious colleague Christina Hendricks, Mad Men‘s January Jones is an advocate for curvy women, especially since the producers of the show encourage sustainable ‘meat and curves’ on their actresses’ bodies – more info via Daily Mail:

January Jones, who plays long-suffering housewife Betty Draper in the Emmy award-winning TV drama, says its creator Matthew Weiner agrees – telling female members of the cast to avoid strenuous exercise in order to maintain their curves and avoid muscle definition.

The 32-year-old actress says Weiner, anxious to echo the curvier silhouette of the show’s early Sixties era, is as demanding as any magazine editor or fashion designer  – but with a difference.

‘He would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women,’ she says.

The actress, whose looks are often compared to Grace Kelly’s, says she is pleased the show has brought back the idea that ‘it’s OK to have curves and be a woman. I wish more women would realise that’s what men like’.

She admits to loving ‘beer and carbs’ and says she is now quite taken with her curves after producers admonished her last year for being too thin.

In an interview with Tatler, January also confesses that she has learned to love the girdle she wears to help her achieve her hourglass looks.

‘It gives you such a nice shape,’ she says.

One more shot from Tatler Magazine after the jump!

article-1299304-0A9E9A17000005DC-145_468x435 - January Jones: 'I wish more women would realise that (curves) is what men like’

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  • Annie

    It’s a refreshing change from seeing stick-thin women with six pack abs and large bags of silicone sutured to their chest walls.

  • Susan

    Can you imagine a man saying “Women like X”… “Women like men over 6ft tall”? As if women all liked the same thing? That’s how silly she sounds.
    I like to be strong and fit and have lots of energy. Different strokes for different folks.

    • so true! i actually got quite upset by what she said. I’m naturally an hourglass and i have alot of curves and yeah, its great if men prefer that but what about the women who are naturally thin? or the women who like to work out alot and have alot of muscle definition? beauty is in the eye of the beholder and men prefer different things. there isnt a stereo type that men prefer they’re not robots!

      i personally think a woman is at her most beautiful when shes healthy, comfortable with her figure and generally happy with herself, be that tall, short, slim, curvy and body shape 🙂

      • *”any body shape” not “and body shape” lol sorry!

      • Adrienne

        Yes, I am the same as you. I’m curvy and I was a little like “oops that was a mistake” when she said that. But I don’t even think she meant you have to be “hourglassy-curvy” to have men like you. I think what she meant is more fleshy. Not all bone and/or muscle. All women, no matter your shape or size, (if they are healthy) have curves. There is no denying it. It’s because we as women have such a high percentage of body fat. Unless you work out to the extremes, you will be “curvy” with some “curves”. Maybe not Marilyn Monroe curvy, but if you’re a woman, you definitely have some soft, curvy bits. It’s just the way it is.

        But I totally get where you’re coming from, and that comment of hers was ignorant and can definitely be taken as rude, and beauty most definitely is in the eye of the beholder. My mom used to tell me that all the time, and it definitely stuck with me 🙂 I just think she meant “Don’t be stick-thin! Men don’t like bones, they like flesh!”

        • yeah i guess i might have taken what she was saying a bit to the extreme lol.

          i just want more girls to be comfortable with themselves! I was bullied badly cuz i looked nothing like the girls in my class as a teenager and i got huge boobs and lips when i was like 12 and it didnt fit with the rest of me. and also i was shorter than everyone else lol.

          my mom used to say that to me as well, thats where i got it from.
          its the one thing that helped me accept myself as i am, hourglass, curvy and short 🙂


          • Adrienne

            No worries, I totally understand.

            I feel the same way. I am only 5’3”, but have big boobs and am fuller through the hips, thighs and bum (not overweight though,. I don’t know how much I weigh, because I hate scales, but my guess is about 115 lbs, since I was 108 almost a year ago, and have filled out a lot since then) I have an hourglass, like you, which I’ve always been proud of. But I used to be very insecure about my height, because I am shorter than most. So I totally, completely and utterly understand the insecurity thing, and wholeheartedly agree with you! She should have thought her comments through more!

    • Rachel

      Agree! I hate reading statements like ‘Men prefer _____ women’- I am pretty sure men are similar to women in that they have varying tastes. If I think about a group of 5 of my friends we probably all have different tastes when it comes to men, so I think it’s very silly to claim that men (as a whole) prefer a certain body type.

      • monkey

        and seriously? now we are gonna measure ourselves with what MEN want? women should be happy with their bodies, if men like it or not, is their problem

        • susie q

          Where’s the like button?

          • Essence

            Ummm, this isnt facebook lol. We should have thumbs up and thumbs down buttons though. I’d have soooo many thumbs downs lol

    • BRE

      I agree. I am short, skinny and compact (not sickly thin though). I don’t have curves, even it I gain weight, it just goes to my stomach or boobs. I will never have hips or an hour-glass shape. Does that mean any man I’ve dated didn’t find me attractive?

      • I’m the same way – can’t even fill an A cup, no J.Lo rear end, none of the “sexy” features. Clearly we’re destined to be spinsters. My engagement to a wonderful man is just a fantasy because nobody could ever possibly find me attractive. We should start adopting cats soon so that we have some company when we start aging in solitude.

        • fl4isa

          Don’t say stuff like that about yourself!! Each one of us is beautiful in our own way,and trust me,when a man truly loves a woman,it’s not because of her curvy or non curvy body! For god’s sake ,it’s about a woman herself!! I’m getting sick of all this media crap,about how woman should look like,and then exposing celebrities and their bodies,and with every new type of body being in,telling us we are supposed to look JUST LIKE THAT IN ORDER TO BE ATTRACTIVE!? That’s a bull!

          • Rowen

            I think Alexa was using sarcasm to make her statement. 🙂

  • Ana

    I actually know a lot of guys who prefer skinnier girls. I think that the “men likes curves” thing is true in some cases but we cant generalize.

    • Emy

      I agree. Actually lately more and more guys prefer skinny girls

      • kate1st

        I think the real truth is men all prefer a variety of body types and always have. It’s just more documented these days because of the internet….you have guys lusting after skinny girls, curvy girls, big girls, athletic girls, etc. There is no universal standard and the preferences are just as much socially ingrained as biologically.

        • Ellen

          I agree kate1st. You can’t generalize what all men like. January may have been wrong in what she said, but there’s no evidence to support your claim either, Emy.

          • Chrissy

            You can’t even generalize for one man. I’ve totally been the “only short girl,” or “the flattest chested girl” or the “only white girl” even, that guys have dated. There’s no standard MUST for anyone, I don’t think. Even if you have a preference of a body type, that’s not gonna matter once you’re out of bed and have to talk.

      • Adrienne

        That’s an opinion. And I hate to say it, but you seem to be taking her comments and twisting them around and you are now insulting curvy girls.

        Lets just accept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we’re all beautiful!

      • Cathy

        That would be another one of these broad genralizations.

        I once had a male friend of mine say that men are able to appreciate a huge diversity of female shapes after he heard a girl harp on about her small breast. And that in fact they just like to look at women. Period.
        Sure they the majority probably doesn’t lust after morbidly obese women or girls that are truly only consisting of skin and bones but everything in between is fine with most men. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folkes.

    • JenP

      I agree. My weight has fluctuated throughout my life. I’ve always been an hourglass but at different weights. Men liked me the most when I was thin (under 110 lbs at 5’4″). I think men just want someone who is physically fit. It seems like if a girl has a flat stomach, guys fall all over themselves for her. If she has a gut she gets a lot less attentions. Boobs a butts can sway a guy but they always want a thin midsection no matter what.

      • Chrissy

        nah, my bf used to like my pooch when I was younger, then he liked my flat belly when I started working out. Granted a pooch and a “gut” are drastically different in my opinion.

        They just kinda like YOU, if they’re hanging around.

  • Sidney

    Well i would like to have a more womanly body, an hourglass is the most liked body generally i think. But the fact is, ok, men might prefer slightly more meat on the bones than women themselves like, but it’s not like every skinny woman would look hugely better if they gained. All in all i don’t think she’s saying anything i wouldn’t have heard before. But i agree with Susan, maybe women stress about looking good on average a bit more than men, but meh… I for one prefer tall-ish and semi-muscular men, the pretty common type to like, but it’s not like i choose my men mainly based on the bodytype, gosh.

    • RAchel

      That is not a fact. Unless you’ve questioned every men on earth and 99,99% of them prefers women with more meat 🙂

      Some men like really skinny women, alot of men actually like skinnier girls, atleast the majority of men i know. Some men like girls with no meat and only skin. Some like a bit of meat some like alot of meat. Each their own, you can’t generalize.

      • Adrienne

        Yes, but as per female attraction, a low WHP, and thus curves, is generally more attractive to men. But you’re right, not all men can be said to like the same thing. For sure!

        • hm

          It’s been scientifically proven, men prefer women with curves. not necessarily fat over skinny, just curvy in the traditional sense over ruler-like.

          There will always be a few men who like straight up and down girls and curvy looking ones, but the majority prefer curves.Remember, I mean the shape, not the size

          • Chillwaves

            Ya I think I read about that somewhere too. Most men do like curvy women, but not all. Just as most women like men over 6 ft tall who are of average build. Again not all women do, but i d say i would be hard pressed for a woman who would prefer a short man over a tall man. Looks aside tho, I agree that there are other things that are obviously more important….but just talking about physical appearance, most men would prefer their girls with a little bit of boobs, hips and a small waist. Just sayin…

          • Adrienne

            Yes, true.

            But just accept your bodies, girls. You’re beautiful, even if the bloody “stats” say otherwise.

          • snoops

            I really dont take seriously these “scientificly proven” facts about what is conisdered most attractive. How can you genuinely “scientificly prove” something like that? Its statistics, and statistics are HUGELY unrelaible.

            Someone mentioned men and height, I disagree with that also, most women I know prefer a man who is not as tall as 6ft, but obviously most of the women this poster knows feel differently – it just goes to show, you really can’t pin down what men or women “prefer” the truth is its much more fluid than any set of rules can every determine.

          • Chrissy

            I read it too, but (I think) I also read that it’s completely subconscious, so I don’t think they even know that they’re noticing this stuff.

        • JenP

          Men like a flatter stomach on a woman. It’s always curvy (but with a thin stomach) or athletic (with flat abs). Men differ on hip and bust size but they almost always prefer the flat tummy.

          • Moi

            Not necessarily true; generalizing again. Probably certain men have certain WHRs they prefer. I’ve heard men talking about how sexy they find slightly curvier bellies, though. So it’s all up to an individual preferance.

  • Léa

    I think smart men love woman who have confidence. And I know a man who is sooooooooo handsome and he is with a girl who is considered as “ugly”. Men love different things I guess, even though I’d dare to say that I reckon men love a bit of meat instead of extremely skinny. But I don’t know.

    I know for sure is that I would die to be a hourglass rather than a “apple shape hourglass” and I would die to have more curves à la Kim K, but that’s just my opinion for myself, I’m not sure all the men would love Kim’s ass.

    Christina Hendrcks has a really good body though !

  • Minnie

    Wait…January gained weight?
    Because to me she looks the same.

  • Elles

    She doesn’t have meat on her! All her curves come from her boobs and hips, she doesn’t have a ‘bit of meat to hold onto’. She’s slim and beautiful, of course she can say this.

  • Becky

    I can appreciate that January Jones is trying to make a empowering statement, but the problem with a comment like this is that, ultimately, it entails valuing your appearance based on whether OTHER people (in this case, men) find you attractive.

    Like I said, I appreciate the good intent. I just personally find it problematic.

  • anabel

    “‘He would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women,’ she says.”
    WTF…how does that make you look healthy, now that’s almost as much of a warped view as the skinny craze.
    I am all for eating well, too, also as in not restricting and caring about calories all the time but I think it also means eating healthily and caring about your body’s needs while still enjoying your food. And as for not exercising, that’s the part I totally dislike!! How does it make you more attractive to not exercise? Unhealthy habits simply aren’t attractive or “womanly” or whatever. Personally, I think my body looks way nicer when I exercise regularly – more defined but not less feminine at all. But that’s not even the main reason why I do it, it’s mostly to feel energetic and strong and because it’s my hobby and my way to unwind after a stressful day. I also like being in nature and not spending my whole day inside the house.
    And as other ppl have said, the whole “men like this, men like that” is super annoying. Do we need to care so much what men like?!
    Oh and it’s not all that cool to love beer and carbs – while it’s fine to state this, because it’s not like beer and carbs are a sin…it’s something different in this context, it sounds like it’s cool to say you love unhealthy stuff (not saying carbs are the devil, but u get my gist I think). I personally don’t drink alcohol or overindulge in sweets or anything but I don’t feel deprived at all.

    • nicely said!
      you projected your opinion way better than i did in my earlier comment and i completly agree with you.
      why on earth would it not be healthy to work out? it just kind of seems like shes trying really hard to please other ppl by saying the “right things” without thoroughly thinking what shes actually saying and perhaps even not agreeing with her own statements.

      aaah us women! we should just learn to love ourselves haha

    • RAchel

      I agree! especially with the ‘men liking’ comment. Women shouldn’t workout just because a men likes a certain body type! Lame and repetitive as this sounds but if you’re going on a diet and working out you should do it because it makes you feel good and you will be healthier. January has easy talking, she’s skinny and fake and likes the attention from men.

    • I wouldn’t equate watching your calorie intake with not enjoying your food. I’ve been eating very well for the past year while keeping a close eye on my calories, thank you very much! People need to stop assuming that “counting calories” means eating nothing but celery and carrots.
      /off to eat some chicken parmesan (yes, with cheese) for about 600 calories

  • RAchel

    First of all, she doesn’t even know what curvy means. Does she honestly think she’s curvy? Wrong. Second who is she to say what men like? Some men like skinny women, some like fat women and some like curvy women. At the end of the day let’s assume that men like women for their personality and who they are rather than how much layers of fat she’s got. Only shallow people like her would make a statement like that.

  • Mark

    Who is she kidding?
    She’s stick thin

    • suzushii

      This. I’ve seen recent pics of her, and wow, they sure use every trick in the book to make her look soft, because she is very very very skinny. Like, Olivia Palermo looks softer then her.

  • leonore

    Oh, God! i´m so sick of celebrities trying to convinces they´re just like you and me and have to deal with the same insecurities and flaws. She´s thin and she knows it.

  • maria

    What a stupid thing to say! And coming from her…
    Each man is different! And what about personality? Yes a man could fall for your boobs and your nicely toned buttocks but not really!
    I think he would most likely love your smile or something else that makes you… you!

  • Jenna

    She’s often compared to Grace Kelly? Umm by who? Sorry but she couldn’t hold a candle to Grace.

  • snoops

    OMG girls, we must lock ourselves indoors, in the kitchen preferably, we must be fragile little things who never exercise or break a sweat and wear girdles to fake an hourglass shape, so as to be as womanly and attractive as possible to our men!

    *rolls eyes*

    • hahaha. you had me cracking up but i agree.

    • Ellen

      I mean, she’s in a show set in the 60’s. I don’t think she was trying to encourage all of us to wear girdles, it was just something she mentioned that she wears for part of her costume.

    • anabel

      Yeh, my thoughts too. Well said.

  • seriously what she said was garbage. plain and simple. why should any woman need curves for a man to appreciate them? yes there are some men who adore women with a hourglass shape but don’t stereotype all men and has she forgotten that there are women who aren’t curvy will probably take offense to this? if it was the other way around, it would cause a war on this site. it’s like she’s say men only prefer women with curves and women who don’t have it aren’t attractive. if a man can’t accept me for who i am and only go for my body then that’s his problem, not me. i know i’m healthy and look good and i don’t need curves to feel good about myself.

  • Brittany

    I don’t think she’s being negative or “bashing” naturally thin women.

    I think she said this because now-a-days women are so obsessed on losing weight and being thin and skinny opposed to working their natural frame. It’s ridiculas.

    I think she’s saying that it’s okay not to be “ultra skinny” and waif like (if it’s not your build).

    Men, they like women in general, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate a woman that loves her body, even if there are some things she might like to change about it.

    • in a way she does come off saying this is what men like and women should accept that. who is anyone tell women that a man will like her just for our bodies? there is nothing with being physical attracted to someone because i’m physically attracted to men who are in shape but if they have nothing besides good looks then what relationship can we build? just as much you have women constantly exercising or starving themselves, you also have women being addicted to surgery in order to achieve that so-called beauty standard. even if she didn’t mean it in a bad way, i don’t like it.

    • JenP

      In the USA there is almost no issues with too many thin women. Almost everyone is overweight with a midsection that goes as far out (or even farther) than their boobs. I don’t understand why she thinks everyone is starving themselves.

  • Mizzy

    some women are just naturally athletic and really enjoy working out. I have been fairly mascular since I was very young (like 12 or 13), so I don’t need her telling me that is unattractive.
    I think women should do whatever they feel most comfortable with and no let men or other women determine what is considered beautiful or attractive. If a woman wants to work out and be muscular she should, and if she wants to be curvier she should have the freedom to do that as well.

  • nannou

    I don’t like curves on me or in anybody else lol FTW

  • shell

    I hate it when people say that, “Men like this”, or “Men like that”, because it always makes the women who don’t fit into that profile feel unattractive and undesirable. Also, the word “curvy” has multiple meanings, which aren’t really it’s dictionary definition. ‘Curvy’ is a shape, a low waist hip ratio, it isn’t a certain size; you can be skinny in body size, yet have a curved body shape with a small waist in comparison to your hips. ‘Curvy’ is often used to mean larger built (not fat, a healthy weight, just a bigger frame and meatier build) women, like Christina Hendricks and Beyonce, although Christina and B do have low WHRs as well. Curvy is often used as a euphanism for overweight, because it’s a way of skirting around things. How many times is Nicky Blonksy referred to as “curvy”? The fact is that she’s morbidly obese, and the word “curvy” doesn’t really describe the size of her does it? Curvy is, like i’ve said, a shape and NOT a size, but it’s never used to mean what it really does.

    Back to the subject in question though….
    If you look at the different celebrity figures who men like, you see that they all like something different – Jessica Alba is slim, toned and athletic, she doesn’t have a waist, yet lots of men love her body. Cameron Diaz is curve less, but has great legs, and lots of men like her too. All men have their own “type”, and i bet some don’t have a type and like a mixture.

    • suzushii

      And to add even more to those examples, there are men out there drooling over Susan Sarandon, despite her age.

      Or over Michelle Rodriguez, who always projects a tough, tomboy image.

      Or Uma Thurman, who’s tall, and lanky looking.

      Or Sandra Bullock, which personally I’ve always found plain and average, but I can’t count how many guys I’ve met who would cut off their right hand to go on a date with her.

      etc etc etc

      Basically, be yourself, there’s a guy out there who finds your flaws the HOTTEST thing since solar explosions.

  • AlexD

    You guys said it all. Some guys like tall pale blue eye blonde girls and some like short and curvy girls like kim k. it really depends. im healthy and in good weight for my body but i wanna weight less because i find any extra fat to be annoying and unneded and unflatering, specially in miami where i need to wear a bikini year round.. oh and i rather have a nice shape without any help than be chubby and wear a girdle or spanx to fake my figure.

  • suzushii

    Here – wow, she is SO embracing not being the Hollywood rail thin….NOT


  • Oh, here we go… another occasion to have an argument over the stigma of the skinny girl and the stigma of the curvy girl, and how the one who says something shouldn’t say it…. oh, I’m just sick of body talk, really. Maybe I should stop commenting he he.

    • fl4isa

      haha exactly!!! you don’t know what to say anymore,whatever you say,it’s taken in a wrong way!!! but hey i think no one should get offended,these sites are here for a reason! to commnet,discuss,argue and what not! nothing wrong with that! 🙂

    • well this is a web site that deals with body image and type so……

      • Cathy

        I guess she just means that there are a lot of posts dedicated to body image recently. Usually there were some fashion posts or campaigns thrown into the mix to lighten it up a little.

        I kind of miss ,the fashion talk actually ^^

  • Erica

    Advocate for curvy bodies? Yeah. Advocate for curvy women? Not so much.

    I don’t see how you can possibly be a women’s advocate when you’re telling women to stop exercising and wear girdles. You’re not advocating for women. You’re advocating for a certain kind of objectification of women, and trying to claim that one type of objectification is better than another.

    The fact of the matter is, all kinds of objectification are harmful to the party being objectified. Telling women they need to exercise less to be attractive is just as harmful as telling women they need to eat less to be attractive.

    Honestly, I don’t understand how Mad Men seems to be getting a reputation for being pro-women. The entire premise of the show to portray the world of white male dominated 1950’s capitalism. The only women in it are secretaries and housewives. Just … WTF. How could anything about this show be construed as pro-women?

    • Mirabela

      I leave a comment right behind yours. After that i see what you writen. And i’m agree with you.

    • Amelie

      wow perfectly said i’ve always thought the exact same things.

  • Priscila

    So? I will not change my body/weight to satisfy what *supposedly* men prefer.
    I find it very annoying when women try to base they decisions/self-steem on what men like the most.

    • fl4isa

      yes!!! that;s what i was thinking about all this time!! isn’t taht ridiculous and kinda sad!!? to fit your body into men preferences!! uggghhh! it makes me sick!! it used to be a decade of big boobs,every woman went to get breast implants!!! then after that,j. lo promoted her ass,it was decade of an ass,women hurried to surgeons to get ass implants!! now it’s becoming in to be chubby,thick,with a lotta curves or whatever it is,now women gotta start stuffing themselves with junk food!!!i mean what’s next? all that, ’cause men like it!?! who cares about their preferences anyway,we gonna keep our bodies the way we want to,and as long as it’s healthy ,it doesn’t matter what size it is and what it looks like!!! well how about this then,women got one preference too!!! WE ALL WANT EVERY MAN TO BE BLESSED WITH NICE PACKAGE IN HIS PANTS!! now how about them going and getting them enlarged!!! lol

      • Priscila

        lo about men getting enlarged! 😉

        • Priscila


          • fl4isa

            😉 …….

  • Mirabela

    You know what?!
    It isn’t right!!!
    Now, all will be backward. Know the new slogan is … don’t exercise and eat what ever you want and obtain curves (aaaaand!!! all this for mens). Tin woman will change her (frecvently natural) look because of a NEW era, new fashion.
    Ok! I’m to for the curves. But, it is a wrong thing to tell some women for not do exercise just to have curves (more weigt – it is de correct term)
    You don’t have curves if you eat much (and unhealty) and not exercises.
    You have curves if you born with a genetic predisposition or you make some typical exercises or sport that developed some muscular groups and give you the desired shape of your body.

  • t

    Christina Hendricks has a horrible figure. I can’t believe how overrated this woman is. She looks very martonly.

  • amazon

    i hate when anyone tells everyone what they should, especially when what they are themselves flies in the face of what they are saying. I don’t think anyone would describe her as curvy. as for what she is saying, i think they hand out ‘what a good celebrity should say regarding body shape and weight’ sheets. its so, yawn, repetitive, and just doesn’t come across as her genuine opinion.

  • n

    It’s stupid that the producer is telling them to not exercise. Exercise is good.

  • Uneedtoknow

    what a wrong thing to say?what about the girls(like me)who are naturally skinny,I have alot of bones here & there,and that how my body is,i eat a whole zoo & im still like this,and there’s this woman out there tryna say men dont like curves? _|_

  • I love being informed that since I do not have “curves,” (by which she means big boobs and butt) I am unattractive. Thanks, January Jones!

  • madeleine

    i absolutely love your site, i find it refreshing to find a site more directed to women that isn’t littered with comments by men saying things like “man, i would do things to her” etc. keep up the great work

    after reading all these comments though i don’t think i’ll be inclined to come back. I find that once i visit a site like this i obsess over my body, everyone on here giving opinions about what is the best body type makes me feel insecure. i normally am happy with my body until i look on the internet and read so and so is too fat or too skinny.
    any way your site is great but i wont be visiting anymore.
    to the commenters on here id like to say i hope you dont take this too seriously because there is no point obsessing over your body..be happy with yourselves.

    • Cathy

      If you like the site don’t stop visiting girl. Just enjoy the articles without reading the commentary – problem solved ! 😉

      No need to lose a good thing. ^^

  • i’ve never heard of January Jones, or Mad Men…..maybe i’m out of the “loop”. But imo, she doesn’t look curvy. And, like everyone else is saying, men have different tastes…..slim, curvy, big, whatever. Being healthy is what’s important.

  • Erin

    Some guys like hipbones, some like hips. Some don’t know the difference.

    The girdle thing pisses me off. Like spanx, it gives an unrealistic idea of the outline of the body and is almost as bad as overly skinny actresses.

  • Idara

    All she said is ‘it’s OK to have curves and be a woman. I wish more women would realise that’s what men like’…she didn’t say ‘all’ women have to have curves for men to like them or that ‘all’ men like curves…it’s simple English.

    If you don’t have curves it’s OK, if you don’t it’s OK too cos there are men too that like that.

  • Daniel

    Some men like curves, I do. A lot. I go crazy when I see a woman with curves. And by curves, I mean, boobs, thighs and bum, but I don’t care about a little tummy, that’s cute too. I really don’t like skinny girls, especially if they always diet and feel bad abut themselves. A unconfident woman is truly ugly, period, curves or not. I mean, if a skinny girl ( I prefer slim over skinny, of course…) feels good about that , ok. But I’d never drool at a skinny girl. No way. I want curves. But that’s just me… And seriously, the men I know too… We always talk about women ( sex with women, you know…well…) and one thing always comes in the conversation: good curves at the right places. Like Christina Hendricks, Kardashian sisters, Beyonce, JLo, Sara Ramirez, we even think those supposed plus-size models are freaking hot. But you know, that’s me and about ten other men. Not the whole world. And it’s probably different in other countries too… I got a eutopean friend who prefers thin woman… But he’s the only one I know…. And January Jones is nowhere near curvy!

    • Priscila

      I dont get the dislike for unsecure girls. I don’t belive insecurity is worst than being vindictive, jealous, mean,cheater, selfish,etc.
      Everytime someone says things likes “especially if they always diet and feel bad abut themselves” appears to me that this man has no compassion, could you be more understanding with those girls? * I’m not saying you have to like them or feel sexually attracted to them*, but everybody has insecurities and it seems to me, that when men say things like that, they are actually saying “look, I dont want to make an effort to cheer you up, ou help you to feel confident,or deal with your feelings ,etc…”.

  • size0??

    Well I agree with one point Daniel made. Confidence in yourself makes you the most attractive no matter what your body shape!!

  • i agree with Daniel also. All of my male friends say there is nothing more unattractive than an insecure woman. Confidence is the most attractive trait a woman can have.

    • The problems with insecure people is that they do not talk about themselves easily, which does get in the way of getting to know them.
      It’s hard to love somebody that you know nothing about.

      Men like different sizes and shapes simply because men are not all cut from the same cloth, men vary in height, personality, shape, wit, values, intelligence, etc
      Just as much as women do.
      Why do women feel the need to be perfect when the men surrounding them in the real world are not all perfect.

  • lizzy

    who cares what men really want? feel good with yourself and the right man will want you no matter what your appearance.

    men are idiots anyway 🙂

    • fl4isa

      LOL!! I agree! 😉

  • well i do agree with one comment daniel made. if a woman is confident in herself, regardless of what size, any man will see that and find her attractive. someone who is confident is sexy.

  • Tracy

    All she is saying is that men don’t like rail thin women. They like women who look like they eat a healthy diet, and don’t lift heavy weights. Women are naturally meant to have more body fat that men because we are shaped differently. I don’t think she said anything too outrageous here.

  • Elizabeth

    This is absurd! All “men” think differently and have different opinions about body type. I have no curves… I mean I didn’t really have a choice in the matter… hello genetics! If all “men” preferred curvy women… where would that leave me?! As it so happens I am married to a man that does not like curvy woman… he likes me… just the way I am… curve-less.

  • Essence

    She just want publicity.

  • pinacolada

    i think she still looks great though long legs a nice curvy bun and boobs her face is kinda blah to me though

  • Mikki

    Yeah, curves not fat. Fat chicks who try and tag themselves as ‘curvy’ are giving a bad name to curvy girls.

  • Ana V.

    Men like women. Okay, in some cases they don’t, which is perfectly valid! However, a woman is a woman, regardless of height, weight, hair colour, eye colour… she’s a woman. As such, she should be treated as a woman and loved for being who she is. Curvy? Skinny? They are all beautiful. So long as they’re healthy. I think the real issue is when women won’t accept their bodies and make the most of them.

    We’ve all gone through a moment of “ugh, I wish I had less curves” or “ugh, I wish I had more curves”, amongst other “ugh” comments! I know I have! 😉 Still, I think we all have things (body-wise) that make us unique and beautiful. That’s why I don’t feel I can agree with Mrs. Jones! Men like women. Dot.

    In the end beauty fades away. It’s the inside that remains all your life. I think we should all aim to be healthy and fit, regardless of our bone and muscle structure (being a pear, hourglass, apple, etc), just for the sake of enjoying life to it’s fullest! 🙂

    • Ana V.

      PS I agree with all of you saying that we shouldn’t measure ourselves based on what men want. We should all aim to make the best of ourselves, and rely on what WE want in our life, be it body-wise, career-wise, etc. 🙂

    • fl4isa

      The best and smartest comment ever!!! 🙂 Thank you!

    • Kimberly

      Absolutely! This is probably best comment I’ve read on here so far!

  • sparkle

    i dont give a damn what men like, but i am generally far more afraid of what women expect from each other and themselves..

    • Essence

      Are you being sarcastic?? Lol I hope so. Worrying about what women think about your body is even worse than worrying about what men think.

    • Kimberly

      Don’t worry about what women think. Honestly, women are more critical than men and you will drive yourself mad if you worry about what we think…:)

  • aj

    Men can be weird. I’m always working out and dieting to create a nice hourglass and fit figure, and now I’m looking pretty darn good.. still got dumped. Whatever:\ just be healthy and good.