Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes Will Wear the Fantasy Bra This Year


25 year-old Victoria’s Secret beauty Jasmine Tookes will be the very happy wearer of the brand’s $3 million Fantasy Bra at their runway show in December.

Her thoughts on being selected to wear the Fantasy Bra:

I had no idea that I was going to be chosen to wear the Bright Night Fantasy Bra. It was such a surprise to me. I don’t know how they chose, but I am so honored to have this opportunity, and be able to walk down the runway with this beautiful thing.

I have known for five months, and I literally had to keep my mouth taped shut. I mean the only girls that knew were Taylor [Hill], Romee [Strijd], and Josephine Skriver because they were there the day of the surprise. I think it was the hardest for Taylor to keep her mouth shut because she is like a wild child.

… says Jasmine.

Check out her reaction at finding the news!

More pictures of stunning Jasmine and the equally stunning fantasy bra next!


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20 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes Will Wear the Fantasy Bra This Year”

  1. Honored…lol
    Does anyone care for this show anyway? I just sometimes look at the pictures and their costumes are so tacky and ridiculous (not in a good way). Fake smiles and kisses…meh

    • I watched it last year or the year before and most of them were just mimicking what Adriana did a while back, drawing hearts in the air and blowing kisses, it looked really silly…. and it made them look even more like failed copies

  2. This is getting real old, can VS as a whole just dissapper? I guess they cater to the American aesthetic, tacky cheap and commercial. This “fashion show” is always a huge eye sore.

  3. i think i hate that silly canned “sparkling, inspirational” music they put int the video more than anything else. They always use that for commercials like this. Its like they tried it out on a focus group of 45-year old Oprah viewers

    • right?! those squeals of joy…how sad is it that women take so much pride in objectifying themselves (in a very expensive, frivolous way). i imagine she’s excited at the idea that her paycheck will be bigger than any other VS angel…the highest paid eye candy. *le sigh*

  4. That video was hilarious. I guess they want the public to think the fantasy bra is such a big deal. Stop trying to make fetch happen!

  5. ‘I had to keep my mouth shut for five months.’ Much like winning the Nobel Peace Prize, eh? Must’ve been horrendous. Lol. Get dressed and do something with all the time you have on your hands. Perhaps aspire to something more?
    She is very pretty, though.

    • Haha, I loved your comment!.
      They make like the ultimate goal for women is to walk the runway in underwear and be praised for our bodies……

  6. yep, they look incredibly silly and try hard on that runway. It all seems so fake to me, that’s why this show rubs me the wrong way

  7. The show of 2010 was the last best show they produced. The best in history were 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. The show of 2012 had a few impressive segments, but in general the quality of the show really went downhill. I don’t even bother to watch it anymore.
    Also I don’t understand their choice of model to wear the fantasy bra. Wouldn’t a model who has worked longer for them be more obvious.
    Anyway I’ll just keep on watching the older shows on youtube.

  8. omg kill me now, those girls squawking all at once was legit the most annoying thing iVe seen all day. geeez calm down its just a dang bra.

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