Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan in a Bikini!

Jenna-Dewan-in-a-Bikini - Jenna Dewan in a Bikini!

One hot couple after another!

Jenna Dewan and her hubby Channing Tatum were spotted while relaxing in Italy today…

… and Jenna (who is a slim V-shaped girl), looked nice and fit in a pink bikini.

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Jenna-Dewan-in-a-Bikini-2 - Jenna Dewan in a Bikini!

Jenna-Dewan-in-a-Bikini-31 - Jenna Dewan in a Bikini!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Wow! Nice. I bet she works hard. Her skin looks gorgeous, too.

  • really long legs with a short little top half. kind of strange..she doesn’t look bad though!

    • thebestguest

      Well, a lot of women on here don’t like the ‘v-shape’, but I think she looks fine, and it seems like those guy in the 3rd picture do, too!

  • Natasha

    Her skin is literally glowing but if I woke up next to Channing Tatum mines would be too I think both of them are adorable…she’s a tiny little thing

  • CK

    her body type is not my cup of tea, but she is in great shape

  • Chrissy

    awww!!! he’s checkin out her butt in the last pic, so cute!!!!

  • Mizzy

    she looks nice, not too skinny with good definition. But I am more worried about Channing’s body, what happened to him? he used to be ripped and now he looks like a total blob! I think we need more male posts on this site 🙂

    • Leah

      ahh i was waiting for someone to comment on channing, i was so dissapointed

      • artemis

        tho he;s still cute

  • mimi

    No hips, no waist, not my cup of tea, she looks pretty fit and toned tho. But tbh I automatically hate her coz I am in love with her husband hahaha

  • shell

    She looks good – she’s healthy, toned but not too muscular, nice skin, slim…. You can look good whatever your body shape. However personally i’m not keen on her shape. She has no waist, no butt and large shoulders. It’s not that any of these attributes are “bad”, it’s simply that they’re not to my preference.

  • woooo

    no waist, shoulders much bigger than hips, not so pretty

    • thebestguest

      hips bigger than the shoulders is unattractive. her shoulders don’t look like Tea Leoni’s (a few posts back)!

      • artemis

        who said that? 🙂

  • O

    i like her body! its not usually something i would like but she definitely works for it and she looks great

  • not the figure I would want, but she works for it and it paid off!! waking up with Channing everyday!!

  • too bad we can’t see her face, cause she is gorgeous!

  • Such a pretty girl……and in great shape!!

  • kate

    Don’t normally like this type of figure, i.e. broad ribcage, narrow hips and little waist definition BUT her body is so fit and lean, I actually think she looks mega HOT.

    Great legs too!

    • artemis


    • Kimberly

      Agreed. She is definitely making the most of her body type and she is very fit. Good for her.

  • Golden Girl

    her body is so weird… And I find her face so weird too… Like, she’s pretty with her mouth closed but her smile is kinda… ugly. I don’t like the fact that she looks UGLIER when she’s smiling, because usually people look prettier when smiling, but her smile is different and it’s not nice to look at. She kind of reminds me of Mila Kunis, too…
    Like, she’s the ugly version of Mila Kunis LOL

  • Priscila

    Gorgeous body!

  • thebestguest

    oh, yeah, she has an amazing booty! and, really smooth legs from the back, which is rare on this site!

  • neutra

    Her body is pretty much as perfect as it can be for her body type. Whilst I wouldn’t want this shape for myself, she makes the most of what she has and the girl looks amazing for it.

    As for Channing- see ladies, this is a perfect example of how people are attracted to different things. People on here seem to be gobsmacked by the idea that some ‘hot pin-up girlz’ are deemed as ‘unattractive’ and they’re just jealous “cos every guy would kill to be with her”.
    Well, just as you all seem to think Channing is a god, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. I think he is hideous. Horrible face, horrible body. I actually don’t have any female (or male) friends who think much of him at all. Guys that look like him make our skin crawl!

    • May

      I think she looks just perfect, and he’s the lucky one for being with her, ’cause man… he’s hideous.

  • Sheridan

    Great body! Wish he was mu hubby

  • Sheridan

    * my

  • chechebell

    umm.. wtf.

    is there some kind of conspiracy on here? a lot of y’all are saying really negative things about this girl’s body… and i don’t think i’m looking at the right photos because what i see is a very fit, toned, and gorgeous girl. she DEFINITELY has a butt, so i don’t know what that comment is about, and her legs aren’t so garishly long as someone suggested.. she’s pretty much perfect.

    i just don’t get how this is deemed so weird but we can totally accept whitney port’s daddy long legs.

    • Haha

      I suppose it IS a site about body shapes, but I agree, the people on here are ridiculously critical. They comment on these women’s bodies as if they have a right to judge them for the shape they were born with. ‘Oh, she looks okay. But I think personally that her body shape is ugly…’ or ‘Oh, she’s alright for her shape. But mine’s better!’ Lol it’s pathetic. You know what they sound like? The wannarexic’s on my ED support forum that make fun of anyone they think is ‘fat’. I bet most of these ‘women’ are in highschool, or they’re highly immature and just come here to rip on others to feel good about themselves. Patheeeetiiiiic!

      I hope I don’t offend Versus though. I actually like coming to this site a lot. I just don’t like the catty losers.

      And for a V-shape, this girl looks awesome! =D

    • agree! i think she looks super hot!

  • SZE

    I don’t understand why so many people “complain” about her shoulders being bigger than her hips when loads of other celebrities/models whose bodies people absolutely love and admire have got shoulders larger than their hips as well, ie: Candice Swanepoel, Brooklyn Decker,Giselle Bundchen, Paris Hilton, Keira Knightely, Juliet henderson, Kate Bosworth, Irina Sheik… I understand her lack of waist could bother you, but the width of her shoulders…?

  • Eve

    I hate her body, that is soooo ugly….
    LOOOL. I just love Channing, though he seems to gain a lot and is out of shape compared what he used to look.
    Truly, she is pretty girl. I men are unlikely to care so much about lack of waist or boobs. They see the overall picture so I bet most find her very hot.

  • Dave

    Great looking girl – not overly curvy but slim and toned.

  • artemis

    she’s pretty

  • patricia

    I hate when people critiscize a womans natural shape so waht if she is v or pear or whatever. she looks fit and healthy and great!!!

  • cus

    i like her legs a lot!!!

  • Jemima98

    She looks good, but Channing is letting himself go. haha

  • Nadine

    Oh my, I can’t believe that people are so negative about her body, she has a stunning body, no matter what shape it is. People really need to be a bit less critical, she has no cellulite, great muscle tone, she is a healthy young woman, isn’t that beautiful in itself?

    • patricia

      I completely agree with you. I think she looks healthy and fit. I admire her for embracing her natural shape. Good for her. She’s an inspiration.

  • she looks superfit, hot and cute! what’s up with all the hate?

  • kissy

    I hate the person that talks badly about others to make their ugly self feel better. Jenna has a perfect body and there is nothing wrong with her whatsoever.