Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Goes Naked Too… for GQ

jennifer-aniston-goes-naked-tooe280a6-for-gq - Jennifer Aniston Goes Naked Too… for GQ

Jennifer Aniston Goes Naked Too… for GQ

While Khloe decided to remove her clothes for PETA – see the previous post – Jennifer did it just to show us that she’s in amazingly fit and toned shape (like we didn’t know this already).

Of course, the arms, hands, legs and tie are all placed strategically.

Don’t think that much Photoshop was needed, since we’ve all admired (maybe envied?) Jennifer in a bikini on previous occasions.

The cover picture is after the jump!


jennifer-aniston-goes-naked-tooe280a6-for-gq-2 - Jennifer Aniston Goes Naked Too… for GQ

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • anya

    I am sorry, but she her face looks weird. I saw her yesterday, and I am 99 % sure she got her faced pumped with botox.

  • susan

    What an amazing body, I would show it off too if I looked like that.

  • she is hot! i love her!:D

  • stella

    Is it just me, or does she look like she had fun doing this photo shoot?:P

    As a side note, is she really 39 years old? Wow, hope I age that well:P

  • stella

    Errm, yea, just realized how that comment looks:P Not saying she’s old, didn’t mean it that way, actually meant that she looks like the type of woman that is going to age gracefully, and I hope I’m like that.

  • Suzie

    For some reason I’ve never found her even remotely attractive.

  • Laurie

    butter face. great body but not an attractive face, and not a very good actress either

    • jamie

      butter face? wow…bi**h seriously? my god girls like you are f***ing annoying. im sure she looks 100 times better than you ever could! i dont even know you but i do know your beyond help!

  • zoe

    she has such an amazing body, and has aged amazingly well. regardless of her acting ability, as if you wouldn’t want a body like that.

  • Shannon

    How is this not like playboy oh well she has a great gody so why not flaunt it while she can

  • Shannon


  • ilovesugar

    she has a GREAT toight body like a tiger!
    unattractive face shape!

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  • tell

    there’s a little thing called photoshop.
    it was used in this photo.

    her boobs aren’t that big, let’s be realistic.

  • i agree. lot’s of phtoshop in these pictures. i think angelina jolie gets more photoshopped though. her body is sick i think she is so pretty and she is not boring looking facially. she reminds me of reese witherspoon face wise.

  • jamie

    what the f*** who do you think you are!? seriously. her face is beautiful just like the rest of her your just jealous b***hes who sit around on your fat asses all day and degrade the beautiful women around you who you are so obviously jealous of! get a life! put that in your juice box and suck it b****es!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Jennifer is a cute girl but she’s gotten too skinny. YES, you can be too thin! When she was younger and even when she was part of “Friends” she looked amazing. In one episode they really showed off that beautiful rear end of hers. Now she barely has one. She would look better with 10 more lbs on her. She’s a beautiful curvaceous Greek woman and she shouldn’t listen to the idiots out there telling her to loose weight.

  • BS

    Its photoshopped losers ! She said that in an interview. Probably she wasn’t really naked during the shoot.