Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner Responds to Weight Criticism

Jennifer-Garner-Responds-to-Weight-Criticism - Jennifer Garner Responds to Weight Criticism

After being cataloged as “a size 0” just a short while back (see the complete article HERE!), Jennifer Garner, who gave birth 13 months ago, has something to say about the reason why she lost so much weight:

“I’m nursing. As soon as I’m done I’ll puff right back up.”

We’ll have to wait and see!

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  • mEEE

    I’m gonna assume that she began nursing a while ago, so her excuse is quite goofy; she was up until not too long ago still more “meaty”. Why cant these idiots just say “Hey, I had to lose the weight to promote my crappy new movie/song/show/etc”? Or why even respond at all?

    • liz

      “Why cant these idiots just say “Hey, I had to lose the weight to promote my crappy new movie/song/show/etc”?
      HAHA, so true!

  • angelwing_0486

    Once again a mom gets criticized for her weight. I got at my smallest 6 months after my second child, so I kinda’ get it. It happens, and she shouldn’t get so much heat, in my opinion…

    • CéliAmbre

      okay, maybee…but is it normal to nurse 13 months after giving birth? a serious question, btw.

      • suzushii

        Yes it’s normal and a good thing. The more you nurse, the healthier it is for the baby. I think WHO recommend at least 1,5 years.

        • erin

          I agree with you completely.

          • Hellonhighheels

            Yup, GOOD FOR HER! I love seeing celebrity moms, and hell ANY mom who proudly advocates BF’ing. World health organization (WHO) recommends nursing for the first 2 years of life. That is about the time most children will begin to wean naturally as well.. Though it does depend on the child (and if the mother can hang that long.)

            And yes, you can slim down quite a bit after nursing.. I lost all 40+ lbs with my first baby w/in 2-3 months while nursing on demand (lots of water retention there too btw) and by 7 months i was down 10 lbs from my pre-preg weight even though i ate like a horse. So maybe her fat stores have finally been utilized efficiently. lol

            Definitely planning on doing it again with this next one!

  • Natasha O

    Don’t believe even though when you do nurse you lose weight but come on now not that much she has protruding bones I agree with mEEE please just come out and say it award season and I have a new movie coming out that’s why I “toned up” or whatever stars say when they want to shrug off their excessive weight loss!

  • monica

    What a load of bs. First of all, she’s been nursing all this time and looked about the same weight wise then randomly dropped a ton of weight and now she looks gaunt. Even if it is from nursing, she needs to eat more so she gains a little weight. Second of all, this woman does not “puff” unless she is pregnant. I’m sure she will stay this weight or drop more in the future. It’s disgusting and a bad example for her children. Nobody wants a bony lap to sit on.

  • Alias

    Dear Jen,

    I love you, ever since Alias. Please don’t lie about your new body. It looks wonderful and I like that you are super lean, it’s okay to admit you work hard for it. So please, don’t be another one of those celebs who lie, we have enough of those.

    forever your fan,

    • Dr. Truth

      Thank YOU! Just what I was thinking. First she comes out saying she stopped “stuffing her face” and started working out, now she’s making nursing excuses?? Why?

      • Casey

        Because if she admits that she is working out, people will attack her for being too concerned about her apperance, or being selfish or self absorbed. And then there’s always allusions to ED’s. If I were her, I’d think I’d just not talk about it too.

        • Alias

          Very true Casey, I did think about this in the back of my mind. Ehh I hate how people jump all over celebs because they lean out or whatever. I always forget that the general consensus views this as a “bad” thing. I agree with you though, if it were me I would probably choose to make up some phony excuse rather than get ragged on! Dang it I wish they would be able to speak the truth without getting a barrage of crap for it, because I really enjoy hearing about their hard work. What can you do…

          • Casey

            Sometimes I wish that they could too.

            I like to hear a variety of experiences about what life is like after giving birth, because I myself plan on having children, and I don’t believe one has to “sacrifice” their looks or their body to have a child. I want to experience the miracle of bringing a child into the world, but I also don’t want to let myself go…I’d still be young and would want to enjoy what youth has to offer.

            I’ve seen numerous cases where women look just as good and even better than before, and I’d like to know exactly how they did it so that I can take some tips and pointers. 🙂

          • Hellonhighheels

            Casey- you better believe you have to sacrifice your body to have a child. It is going to do things you have NO control over. If you think you will look exactly the same as you did pre-preg, that’s a pipe dream. You can look damned good, or even better (possibly with some looser skin, stretch marks, etc) However, for all of the discomforts (most temporary) it is so worth it.

            If someone’s biggest concern about having a kid is their personal appearance, they shouldn’t have one, period.

            And back to topic, that is true that recently she said she was dieting…so hmmm…which is it?

  • Nicole

    the fact that she refers to getting healthy as “puffing back up” has me concerned…i didn’t know she was puffy to begin with…?

  • Milla

    my mom gave birth to 4 child, she was nursing too, and it was the same by her! Everytime she was getting thinner and thinner! and at the end, she was like….”give her something to eat” ^^

    And when I look at my moms pics and hers, they are equal!!! They look really the same!

    I bet my underpanties….she says the truth…^^..

    GO GIRL….nursing is the best! Its easy and you’ve got everything whats the baby needed!!!!

    Is it right, that it is a taboo in USA?? Because in Europe anyone cares, where/when you pop out your breast to feed your child and feed it…^^! or is this a stupid prejudice?!?!

    • Sam

      Granted its not a huge bet, but you’d bet your “underpanties” on some random person you don’t know?

    • Casey

      It is taboo in America. If a woman breast feeds in public, a lot of people think, “What is she doing?” like it’s something indecent. But there are also a lot of bathrooms designed with areas where women can go and breast feed their babies.

      • Milla

        really?!?! OMG!!! thats ridiculous!!!! Thats nothing sexual! Thats something enchanting! Don’t know how to complain it! We have to appreciate it, because its a wonder! Mothers are able to feed their children without anything! Its a deep connection and a important thing, because this love, this bound is a big influence in the child’s life! When something like that is overshadowed with shame and “make something bad out of it”….its…cruel!

        I’m shocked! I thought it was only a prejudice!

        Nursing is something special and ordinary at the same time….a miracle…its sad, that it is so outrageous….

        I don’t bet on the person, I bet on the situation, I’m adept with it, from my mother and from my education( registered nurse )! So yes, I bet my panties(don’t take it word-for-word)! *g* And we often say this in germany, i bet my panties, for this and that! *g* its colloquial language ^^

  • mermaid

    gross all around. lol. she looks too thin. and i think she is so masculine and homely even when she looks better. and i know nursing is natural, but i am not really sure it is appropriate public conversation…especially when using it as an excuse about her weight. i mean, i could see if she mentioned it to a mothers magazine…but this?

  • suzushii

    Even if she WAS losing too much weight due to nursing, there’s this trick you can do which is called :


    It’s actually quite dangerous to drop too many pounds, or too fast during nursing. The quality of the milk DROPS, the quantity, and the faster you lose, the more toxins you release in the milk (most enviromental toxins that you inhale, eat and permeate you end up stored in your fat cells, and are released once you lose weight).

    A nursing mother shouldn’t lose more then 1 pound a week TOPS otherwise it’s harmful for the baby.

    • gen

      Are you a nurse or something? You seem quite passionate and knowledgeable on the topic of weight gain/loss throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Just curious.

      That being said, I don’t really think she looks excessively thin. I thought this was what she always looked like (minus her Alias days when I didn’t pay attention to celebrity bodies). Am I wrong?

      • Alias

        No your not wrong, she leaned up a tiny bit – I have been a fan of her since her Alias days. So she leaned out a bit, and now the tabloids are screaming “size 0, size 0”, and everyone believes them and now they think she looks scary (which she doesn’t, at all.) It’s pretty funny, the girl looks fiiiiiinnne.

  • hypocrite

  • Aims

    She’s fine at the weight she is. She needs to ignore the critics and learn how to better dress herself. She should wear her hair down and focus on some good makeup skills…

  • Milla

    appropriate public concersation? are you serious?!?! people are allowed to care firearms and to talk about it its ordinary…its nothing special…no taboo?!?! am i wrong?!?!

    and you think its not appropriate to talk about nursing, and its effects, an ordinary thing, because thats what it is! YES artemis, you are completly right – !hypocrite!

    WTF!?!?! Shocked is understated!!! I love my mums breastfeeding pictures! They are all so peaceful! Beautiful! How can something like that be a taboo?!?!


  • Hellonhighheels

    What is disturbing is that someone would find anything inappropriate with nursing. Believe it or not, that is sole reason we have breasts. Not as silicone holders or fun pillows for our men, or to fill out that top for the club. It’s to feed our kids the absolute best thing in the world for them, hands down, on demand, when they need it and want it.

    • Milla

      exactly what i am thinking!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • FF

    Geez, I’m no fan of hers and it’s annoying how celebs get criticised if they gain or criticised if they lose. It’s getting ridiculous!

  • B.

    You really can’t win, can you? If she wasn’t thin they’d criticize her for being too lazy to lose the baby weight. It must have been hard work to lose the weight, and they still won’t leave her alone. I was under the impression that the media promoted thinness. Our society is horribly messed up. How are you supposed to look in order to NOT be criticized?

  • I don’t know if it’s true, but “puff back up” made me laugh!