Body Comparisons, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Ripa

Opposite Body Types: Kelly Ripa Versus Jennifer Hudson!

opposite-body-types-kelly-ripa-versus-jennifer-hudson - Opposite Body Types: Kelly Ripa Versus Jennifer Hudson!

One tiny and petite, one curvy and somewhat thick.

One pink, one green.

Opposite Body Types: Kelly Ripa Versus Jennifer Hudson!

Which one do you prefer?

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  • Pid

    Honestly, i’d rather keep my body… Kelly Ripa disgusts me a bit (not to say a lot), she looks old and dry, and nothing womanly. Jennifer Hudson has no hips and she carries her weight on the top of her body, like men.
    I really prefer having a well proportionned body, not TOO muscular, not TOO fat but just right, with good breasts and good hips !

  • Adriana

    Pid, that is really hard to get. No one is perfect. Yes we would all love to be proportional but that isn’t all the case and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes kelly ripa is on the skinny side, and jennifer hudson is on the healthier side. But I don’t think Jennifer is fat. Look at her calves. Yes she has bigger arm and a bigger middle section, but she also has huge breasts. People who normally have big breasts like her aren’t ever going to be thin. I believe she is healthy and not “obese.” Yes she could lose some weight and be a little smaller, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with how she looks now. I love my body, and it was really hard for me to get to that happiness. I am 5’6” and wear a size 27 in jeans, -4 in dresses. I am also athletic, I have muscular legs from running and riding horses. But I don’t think I nor anyone should be ashamed of having muscular legs or bodies. It is healthy and there is nothing wrong with that. I use to be insecure about my legs because they aren’t skinny, they are definitely larger than the slim celebrities you see. However, I eat healthy, I work out 5 days a week on top on horse back riding. My body is what it is, I am in great shape, my boyfriend loves my body and he to is a health fanatic. Now as women, we just have to learn to love ourselves and be more accepting of other women of other shapes and sizes. Not be so quick to criticize when someone doesn’t fit the “norm” or what we think is a “perfect” body. What is perfect anyway? No one is perfect, and we forget that.

  • Amanda Pants

    I agree with everything you said Adriana, however I also agree with Pid.

    I’d rather keep my body too. Kelly Ripia is too thin, it’s very unnatural. And while some curves are great I’m more comfortable not being as curvy as Jennifer Hudsen.

  • Pid

    I’m not saying Jennifer Hudson is obese, but i just think my body type looks better… I’m sorry i was just answering the question.

    And i totally agree with Amanda. I also think Kelly has to exercise a lot to have that body, and it’s too bad because she probably doesn’t need too be that skinny and that muscular to look good.

  • maya

    Kelly Ripa definately. she must work hard. also i agree with adriana

  • Adriana

    I agree with what both you all are saying. Sorry pid my intentions were not to attack you. I have just been reading a lot of blogs lately at various websites and it is crazy how hard we (women) are on each other. I like my body to. I am more than happy with being a size 2/4. Some people would consider that small…maybe not in hollywood, small seems to be 0/2 which not everybody is capable of being. My comment was to say that we should accept peoples bodies for what they are. Some people would have said jennifer hudson is soooo fat and gross..etc. Just like when people say the same about kim kardashian, when yes her butt is big, but she isn’t fat. She to is beautiful. We all are. Cheesy but true. Society has this warped image of what a beautiful woman should be, and if they don’t match up to those standards they’re so cruel to them and call them fat and/or ugly. I get so upset when people say rihanna is fat, or mandy moore…jennifer love hewitt. She gained 10 lbs so what? She still looks great. I just think we all have the power to change the image of “super thin is the only thing that is pretty.” That’s all. And there is nothing wrong with liking your own body more than someone elses. We should all be so lucky to be confident in our own skin. I just hope it can start with us…and next time we think about making an ugly comment about someone (which you DID NOT ) we will refrain, and realize that we are just being ugly on the inside and not accepting. There is just soooo much pressure on us girls, it is time to make it stop. 🙂

    • nybeauty

      I personally do nto care what anyone else thinkgs. I excercize and eat well for me. I do nto fancy male attention( no I am not gay ..although I say to each his or her own), and am too busy to care about dating( I am super picky kind of guy barely exsists)..anyway..the point is if I was on an island all alone for the rest of my life I would still work my body to the max) I enjoy “perfection” There is no pressure on this girl ..I just love to look awesome for myself. I dress to the nines every day like the cover of Italian vogue,my hair is always natural but fantastic,and I wear only eyeliner artfully applied and adjusted depending on the outfit ( Way Bandy would be proud) Sometimes a lady just likes to look good. Not because we feel we have to for others but for ourselves ..for the sheer fun of it all!! GIRL POWER!!

  • Adriana

    P.S I’m not a woman activist or anything. I just truly believe in self empowerment. We all know that when girls are mean they are cruel. We need to check ourselves and stop treating each other this way. I figure if I put the message out there it can’t hurt. And hopefully you will pass it along to your friends, or stop them when they are saying something mean or cruel about someone else that is completely unnecessary. We have to start somewhere right? I hope you all understand where I am coming from and agree. 😉

  • zoe

    I like Kelly’s ‘look’ but I think she would look better with a little more weight. I’m sure she works hard to maintain her figure but she doesn’t look as feminine. I feel sexier and more comfortable in my skin when I have curves, and im an aus 8/us 4 and 112 lbs-im definetly not a stick figure but i like having a bit of a bust etc.

  • Caprice

    liking all adrian’s points. self empowerment and all that.
    i too am an aus 8/us 4. quite curvy.
    to be honest i think if i had to choose who is hotter i would say kelly. she could get away with having some extra weight but i would rather her frame than jennifer.

  • Pid

    Very well said, Adriana, I totally agree with you.

  • Freedom(yes my real name)

    kelly ,although i ahte herr in person
    and to adraina , yes you can havve big boobs or curves in a ceratin palce while be normal skinny.after all i ma, due to genetics. i agree with all the othger things you said though
    as for jenny, come on she could lose some from her midsection

  • Great points Adriana I totally agree.
    I feel really cruel when I say something critical so avoid saying something “mean” whenever possible and focus on the positive. However isn’t the purpose of this site is to be critical and judge…
    As for the question in the post, I’d rather have my own body of course as a few others have said too.
    Kelly Ripa is too skinny and muscular for my liking but very pretty.
    Jennifer Hudson is a too chubby for my liking. That being said, I am too chubby for my liking. *LoL* She has great boobs though which I’m sure guys love and I think she has great style for her body and great confidence in her looks and confidence is something I wish I had thus I envy her for having it.
    I believe “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” and that “Beauty isn’t only Skin Deep”. Everyone has different opinions on what beauty is and everyone is entitled to that but as Adriana said we should be more accepting of people’s looks and I think I am. Even if I criticize now and again, I can’t help but be honest and I’m sure that other people who comment on this site, comment because they can’t help but be honest too. As long it’s nothing too “cruel” then a little constructive criticism and honest opinions here and there aren’t that bad. Or am I talking crap? *hehe* x

  • Sue

    Definately Kelly! She is the ultimate thin fit hard body. She obviously works out like crazy and proves it exercise is worth every minute.

  • Emily

    Jennifer Hudson by a mile. There’s a point where you’ve worked out TOO much and Kelly defines it.

  • Matt

    jennifer has to lose weight. not really, just tone herself up. and kelly definatley has to get some protein in her diet to build up just a little more fat. she looks fine, but if she were to slip or fall, her bones would crack.

  • Barbie

    ofcourse ripa anyday

  • EmmSee

    I think somewhere in the middle would be ideal, but I think I would probably pick Jennifer’s body over Kelly’s.
    And I total agree with Adriana’s comments about horse riding giving you muscley legs. I have been riding my whole life and I have rather large thighs, where my quadriceps and hamstrings have built up.
    Not the look all guys go for, but hey, at least I’m strong (:

  • nybeauty

    I am with you pid. I am very tall and equally proportioned!! 38C-26-38 on the nose. I walk 20 miles per week , hit the swiss ball and eat well!! Kelly is too gaunt and Jennifer is liek a big breated robin or something. Not too attractive. kelly would be better and less haggy /brittle with 15 pounds added.

    Almost every women and man can achieve an optimal shape. It just takes some work if it is not natural for you. It is totally doable!!

    Kelly looks like she has taken it a bit too far…Not good!!!

  • Charlotte

    J-Hud. She’s much bigger than me but at least she looks like a woman.