Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman

Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala

170470222_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala

Uma Thurman (43), Gabourey Sidibe (30), Jennifer Lopez (43) and Carly Rae Jepsen (27)all dolled up and attended the 4th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York City last night.

170470112_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala

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170470080_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala   170470113_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala   170470424_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala 170470506_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala 170490890_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala 170490893_10 - Celebs and Dresses at amfAR Inspiration Gala


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  • vintagevs

    Uma is 20 years older than me, yet I’d kill to have such good skin. Oh well

    • HB

      I could not get over her skin! She looks amazing here, definitely my favorite of the bunch.

      • dutchie

        I love how she just hella owns it. She looks amazing, not just because she’s got great genes, but also because she has so much confidence and poise.

    • Mew

      You don’t need to kill anyone to get similar skin, just get botox etc.

    • Alyssa

      but her right boob makes me say “ouch! no more smooshy!”

    • lampshade

      a friend of mine worked on the set of a movie Uma was in quite recently, and said that Uma was very botoxed and very arrogant… 🙁

  • ayu

    Uma and Carly look gorgeous!

  • JaneParker

    Uma looks really good for her age but the dress makes her body look distorted in that pic, it’s probably just the pic but it’s weird.
    Gabourey, that’s the girl from Precious right? All I can think is that when people on this site call women (who are not even overweight, just not stick thin) obese, I wonder what they’ll call this girl. She’s definitely morbidly obese. Her upper arms are bigger than my thighs, and I’m not skinny. Sometimes people feign concern as an insult, as a way to bash people for being fat, when they’re not even that fat. I feel genuinely worried about this girl, looking at her makes me feel like even breathing is hard for her. It makes me sad.
    Carly looks the best here, I love the dress. Only thing I don’t like are the bangs, I’ve come to dislike bangs that cover people’s eyebrows. Eyebrows are what makes a face expressive so it looks sort of weird when they’re covered.
    Jennifer Lopez is a pretty woman but she always dresses the same way for events: hair painfully pulled back, outfit too tight, too bright, too sparkly.

    • kia

      I’m really worried about gabourney too.. it must be terribly hard to do things in that so uncomfortable body,and I guess you end up loosing hope in the efficacy of the effort,since you need to put efforts for a long time to see a normal functioning body starting from that point. it must be a nightmare,like living in a heavy jail that hurts when you try to excape,and that will let you free after a long time if you go on making efforts. her body is not beautiful,not all. but it is not even “disgusting” because she is a person and there is always some kind of pleasant beauty in a nice person. she is making a good choice in being in public and dressing up instead of staying at home or hide in the office all day trapped in her illness scared and close minded. but for the rest,i just hope all the people actually living in a body they ruined for any reason,will not give up. there are people who had made it,and i remember also an actor saying,after he had gained for a role, that loosing weight back had been the most difficult thing in his life. ok, I don’t think loosing weight iis the most difficult thing in life,but when you are in a gabourney-situation it can be. hopeing the best for them,even if my hope is not enough.

      • artemis

        I agree about her…I’d get a bypass if I were her.

      • Ash

        I don’t know if you’re being genuine in your concern, or if you’re being facetious. If you’re being funny you need a hug and need to stop being so mean, If you are concerned you need to change your delivery, it probably will come across bitchy if you say what you typed to someone’s face.

  • Ysatis

    I bet Gabourey Sibide has no clue what her face really looks like, how she would look if she wasn’t obese. Some people that are obese still look like themselves – just bigger. But I am sure that if Gabourey’d lose 150 lbs she would become unrecognisable because at the moment her face is totally hidden under a layer of fat.

  • kat

    carly rae is so cute lol

  • kia

    carly rae jepsen looks stunning! the dress is soo beautiful and her colors are just from dreamland..the reddish hair perfectly match the tone of her skin,that is also exalted by that delicate ANGEL. all the colors and the features toghether are working greatly

  • Jenny

    Can’t understand why Gabourey won’t loose weight. Not just because she would look prettier.. But for her health! That’s awful. I hope nothing will happen to her… Her body can’t feel very good.. And her makeup here is awful too. The eyeshadow and blush looks way too much!

  • Nyn

    I used to make corsets and I have to say whoever made Uma’s should be shot. Its a total mess over the boobs, it doesn’t fit properly at the bottom hem, and I’m not entirely sure what its trying to do at her waist but the bones should never stick in like that. the whole thing’s a MESS. it’s a nice color at least :/
    the second girl… i’m not even going to go there. other commentors here will do it for me.
    the redhead I have no idea who she is but her dress suits her well.
    and j’lo’s her usual tacky self. the color looks great on her but the design of the dress is much more video awards than right for this event

  • mary

    Uma! Damn woman. she looks great. the remaining women I cannot find attractive

  • Hazal

    J.Lo looks the best imo. What a beautiful woman!

  • Anni

    When I saw Gabourey I put away my ice cream instantly. I really wonder why she doesn’t lose any weight. She probably has to eat all day in order to stay like this. Nothing against bigger women but there is just no way she is healthy or feels good about her body.

  • snoops

    Uma – wonky boobs in that dress, alright otherwise
    Sidibe – sorry but she looks like she is always sweating buckets and struggling to breahe. I can’t get on board with morbid obeseity and celebrate it anymore than I can emaciation.
    Carly – Cute
    JLo – same as always, serious face, skintight weird dress. She loves them high collars!

    • 100% agree with every assessment you’ve made!

      I am not one to pass health judgements on someone’s size unless it’s at an extreme – and Gabourey is unquestionably at an extreme. She does look very uncomfortable and bigger than could possibly be healthy.

  • Snip

    Carly has such a pretty face; those bangs obscure it too much, I think. You can have bangs without doing a full Chrissy Amphlett/Chrissie Hynde.

    Oh my gosh, I completely agree about Uma Thurman’s skin. Geez! It is LOVELY.

    • dutchie

      Yes! What is with those bangs on Carly? She is such a cute girl, but they are not doing her face any favors. Does she wear them on the advice of her PR people or whoever’s responsible for trying to manage her image, in an effort to look, like, edgier (I hate that word) or something?

    • artemis

      I think she had botox. I mean, Minka Kelly had and she looks even more natural. Good doctors.

  • Amanda

    Uma: Her skin…amazing! That dress…ugh. It makes her boobs look crazy.
    Gabourey: I feel bad for her, it has got to be hard to breath. I looked at her photo and automatically felt claustrophobic. Her body gives me serious anxiety. I’m not trying to be mean, but getting up and getting dressed looks difficult. She really needs to get her shit together. I know she’s been like this her whole life and doesn’t know different and “it’s easier said than done”. Otherwise she might join Chris Farley in heaven. Your bones and organs can only take so much. Besides, it’s not like she’s lacking the money for a personal chef and a personal trainer. How about, The Biggest Loser…celebrity edition!
    Carly: Adorable. She looks happy and healthy and her dress is very flattering. I can’t believe she’s 27 though. She looks like she just graduated high school!
    JLo: Smile…you’re rich.

    • Emilie

      Chris Farley was fat, but he actually died from a drug overdose not from obesity complications

  • annemarie

    I’ve never heard about Carly before but she looks adorable and pretty. Her dress suits her well and her hair colour too. The bangs seem kind of too long but still look nice.

    Uma has great skin but what’s going on with her boobs in the first picture 0_o

  • Cathia

    I’ve never found Uma even remotely pretty.
    I see Jennifer is still making that face that she apparently thinks is sexy.

    • artemis

      Agree with everything :))

  • wb

    i feel bad saying this but gabourey needs to go on a diet she looks like she’s about to explode, and i’m not saying this to be mean, but it looks like one day her breathing will stop at this point. unrelated, i’ve also heard she’s a really mean person so it doesn’t really help me to like her.

  • retrobanana

    uma and jlo look unbelievable….i ussually dnt like uma lately i liked her about 10 years ago…recently…i find her unattractive but thats either a really good dress or i havent been paying attention! wham these too look H O T!

  • retrobanana

    and how can people not knopw who carley is…she only had the biggest one hit wonder song in the world…her dress is cute…but she should fade away

  • lc

    Uma and Carly look nice. Gabourey looks, idk uncomfortable. Jennifer looks lame as usual.

  • icg

    i don’t know but something tells me that Gabourey’s weight has other reasons than her stuffing her face on a regular basis. The weight is so weirdly distributed, look how her arms look even bigger than her legs! I strongly believe her obesity is due to a lipodystrophy than just to overeating.
    In my country, health insurance would cover a lipo.

  • Sanne

    Looking at Gabourey Sidibe makes me as uncomfortable as the Uma’s right boob must feel.

  • serena

    Wow I used to think Uma was gorgeous but here something is off! Her hair is slicked so tight the focus is on her bulbous nose and her face looks so odd all of a sudden. Her skin is still gorgeous though. Her figure is lovely but the dress fits awkwardly around her chest.

    Carly looks very nice here but I don’t like this hair on her. J.Lo’s dress is very tacky. As for Gabourey, I hate to sound mean, but clearly she is suffering from some sort of medical problem, looks extremely uncomfortable and I have never seen anyone with arms like hers.

  • Jennie

    I feel bad saying this, but I cringed at each and every celeb on this post.
    Uma’s boobs look terrible, and her face has gotten manlier with age.
    Gabourey looks so uncomfortable – I don’t think she LIKES being this big, even if it seems to now be her trademark.
    JLo is just one of the celebs that always annoys me – she thinks she’s so hot, and to me, she’s not.
    And the girl with the bangs, don’t know who she is, but her hair is a hot mess for red carpet.

    • kia

      I think jlo is very hot,she has a Killer figure and so nice features

  • Amanda


  • sunshine

    Gabourey..go and get healthy!!
    Uma & JLo’ are glowing..specially for there age!

  • sunshine


  • roonie

    Don’t like what any of them are wearing. Can’t stand Carly or J-Lo.

  • Candy M.

    I mean this is what I’m talking about, it doesnt upset me as much as I just don’t understand it. There people are calling Karlie Kloss plain, and they’re calling Jlo and Carly ” STUNNING” and “GORGEOUS”. Forget about stunning, the only one who looks halfway decent here is Uma. I mean, do they really even mean what they say?

    • tr

      There’s something called difference of opinion. Ever heard about it? Not everyone has to like the same thing.

      • serena

        Exactly. I’m not enamored with the above women but I think Karlie looks mousy (like Taylor Swift). I think some people believe being extremely skinny and tall automatically equates to attractive regardless of how ugly the person actually is (not that Karlie is ugly by any means!). Big difference between being beautiful vs. the best walking hanger on the runway. I think Uma Thurman is far more beautiful than Karlie.

    • jenna

      Candy M – I am as underwhelmed by all of the ladies featured in this post as I am with Karlie. To me, none of them are gorgeous.
      But it doesn’t mean I cant accept that others might think any of them are gorgeous. We all find different things beautiful. We’re all just here stating our own opinions; nothing to worry over.

    • h

      J-Lo has strong bone structure and symmetrical features. She has clear skin and feminine proportions. She isn’t my favourite but it really isn’t that controversial or bizarre that people would call her ‘stunning’. Maybe you need to get out more.

  • seijidan

    gabourey alwayslooks like shes sweating buckets… jlo has nice features but the look on her face is stupid and nor sexy. uma look gorgeous but too tight of a dress.

  • Mel

    I never thought Uma was attractive. With the exception of the movie she did with Meryl Streep, she’s always just been odd looking to me. I think she is the type to age very well though. Huffington Post did a piece on how spectacular Jennifer’s dress was. I don’t know. To each his own. Again, overrated but I think she looks pretty. The ponytail is a little severe. Carly Rae… Eh. I don’t know what to say about Gabourey. I don’t think she has a medical condition. I just think she is a big girl who never made an effort to lose weight. And I have also seen women on this site called “chubby” who weren’t remotely overweight to me. I wonder what that makes her?

  • snugglepup

    After fresh, young Carly JLo looks like an old hag clinging desperately on her purse looking for someone to complain to about her joint pains.

  • snugglepup

    After fresh, young Carly JLo looks like an old hag clinging desperately on her purse looking for someone to complain to about her joint pains.

  • Lydia

    that woman needs to get a handle on her weight asap, for health reasons alone

  • artemis

    none of them look pretty. i usually like j lo, but not here…the rest: uma-never got her appeal, she looks odd at most and very plain with brown hair, carly might give the first impression of ‘oooh, so cute and innocent-hooot’ but i noticed her face is…off, she looks a lil like a pitbull here and that girl should looooooooooose weight because she’s huge and it must be hard to move for her. i can’t even see her eyes properly cause of the fat, she should get a bypass, imo. I would.

  • Marie

    They all look out of order for some reason

  • CK

    to me Uma is just ok, just averagely pretty in terms of appearance, but nice actress, here though she looks awful, don’t like the dress (and its color), haircut, make up, she can do so much better.
    Though Gabory is to MY eyes heavily overweight, the moment i saw this pic i thought “did she lose some weight?”, cos she looks bit slimmer to me here.
    Carly- don’t like her music but think she’s a pretty girl, doesn’t look 26 at all and unlike other younger popstars that instead of playing up their youthfulness& glow try to dress&make up as adult women and as a result look ridiculous lots of time, Carly actually looks fresh&glowing&naturally pretty though she’s wearing make up! Love her hair probably cos i love these kind of bangs and have the same myself.
    JLo – love the dress and though i think it “hugs” her body nicely smth is off, don’t know what, Jen just doesn’t pull off this dress.
    Also don’t know why everyone is raving bout Uma’s skin, in my opinion ALL of these ladies’ skin here looks great, i guess some just had a great make up artist while others both – great makeup artist and a good looking skin to start with.