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“I never drank or smoked, and it’s really paying off now because my skin is still really good with moisturizing and getting good sleep… I’ve never had Botox or any of those things. But when I need to, maybe I will.”

… says 43 year-old Jennifer.

More pics of her next!


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  • nina

    yeah, right. she never drank … I don’t believe this. by the way: the last two pictures are freaking me out. the same hair, make-up, pose … different clothes.

    • Sandy

      I thought the same thing about those last two pictures! I had to look at them twice. I read somewhere that she always wears wigs and that isn’t her real hair. The wraps that she always wears at the beach make me think it might be true.

      First, she is beautiful and her skin looks great.

      Second, she may not have had botox, but I’m sure she spends a lot of money to look as great as she does. She looks better now than she did in her twenties! Hollywood money really makes a difference 😉

      • Meena

        Most women in Hollywood wear wigs/weaves/extensions, so it’s really not that uncommon. Maybe she just likes wearing the hair wrap?

      • Inanna

        I’m sorry, I just don’t believe she hasn’t had any botox or fillers of any kind. Come on a 43 year old woman in Hollywood!!

        • Clarence Beeks

          She may be honest about Botox and fillers, but she has had about 3 nose jobs, and who know what else. Her face is completely different from when she first got famous. It is great work, and was subtly done over the years, but she has had a ton of work done or face.

    • Casey

      I think when people say they don’t drink, they usually mean they don’t drink regularly/heavily, not that they don’t have a drink or two at a party occasionally.

      Having a few drinks sparingly isn’t going to make you age. Binge drinking, heavy drinking, regularly drinking…that might.

      • Zoe

        Really? When I say I don’t drink, I mean I don’t drink at all and I assumed that’s what other people meant too! 😮 I have to say, I find it a bit annoying/confusing when people say things like that, and mean something else; for example, when I’ve heard people say things like “I’m veggie but I sometimes eat chicken!?” In my opinion, you’re either veggie or you’re not, you either drink or you don’t- not that there’s anything wrong with drinking but I’d rather people just made it clear and said something like “I drink very rarely or something”- that way, it saves a lot of confusion and would seems less contradictory. 🙂

      • Meena

        I agree. I’m almost certain that’s what she meant. I don’t say that I don’t drink; I generally say that I don’t *really* drink, meaning that I’ll have some wine or socially drink every couple of months, but it’s by no means a regular, damaging activity. I can’t imagine her having never had a drink, but I can completely believe her not drinking.

      • haha

        She may not drink nor smoke, but I am pretty sure she exposes herself to the sun, and that is much worse for the skin…

  • Tinkerbell

    Her style is HORRENDOUS! I just can’t get past the last outfit, wasn’t that pic actually taken like… at least 10 years ago?
    Oh well, that outfit would have been a fashion disaster even in the 90’s.

    • R Rich

      Anyone who can wear dead animals (40 to make a fur coat sometimes out of cat and dog(on her self and in her fashion line and be proud of it is not someone I care to support.

      • veeeeev

        What about faux fur!?

  • guru

    jlo beyonce mariah and kim are just those women who never get it right, they always go overboard and think that more bling = better. maybe it’s part of who they are but they cant do subtle and they cant do natural. and jlo has good skin mainly because of her latina heritage.

    • Natalia

      Plus I think that these styles suit them, I’m not a fan of JLO or Beyonce or any of them, but they’re styles are right and appropriate for them, I mean, haute couture, even couture, it’s not really meant for them, they have more of a culture that their clothing represents, not Armani for them, but something that goes w/ their faces, their bodies

  • Kylie

    Time to get a new makeup regimene. The more she ages, the worse that “Jlo makeup” is going to look.

  • Mishael

    Lol, people are so negative. I think she looks good. Her skin is in good condition. She can’t dress herself right but it is true to so many other celebs.
    And it’s possible that she never drank though seems unbelievable. May be she meant that she never drank regularly.

    • Debbs

      I’m sure that’s what she meant. I don’t think she is saying that she’s never tasted liquor before. Also, I agree with your comment.

    • Neri

      Yes, people are SO negative and harsh?! I think she looks incredible for age! The woman is 43 years old! And she barely have any wrinkles – they’re more like fine lines.

      Booze and ciggers… Why, it’s just a perfect combination though! (So I’m guessing I won’t look like her when I turn 43… -_- )

      • lol

        Well she shouldn’t have wrinkles at 43. I don’t believe she has had no work done, her face looks frozen in the top pic.

    • Agreed, she does look great! Her style is questionable, but she is ageing well. With drinking, I also think she means she never drank to excess or every day, etc – not that she’s never had a glass or two of wine! Drinking occasionally may actually have some health benefits – especially red wine – but binge drinking is terrible and that’s probably what she means. Not smoking goes without saying if you want good skin – or good health!

    • lola

      I totally agree! People on this site are extremly harsh. I think it’s because a lot of people on here only like one certain type of body/face and get very passionate in arguing over it. I think it’s quite imature actually…

    • caroline

      i agree, why all the negativity!!??

      i think jlo looks great for her age..most people don’t look half as good as her.
      The reason is because she’s always been very health cautious since the beginning of her career and its paying off.
      i dont think it takes a rich person to look this good. its about taking care of yourself. any one could get a trainer and put on make up and clothes and look young…
      i know plenty of people who look amazing for their age and are not rich.

      jlo’s transformation is due to her consistent body. she never yoyo diets. dieting tells on your skin and body overtime. she always exercises. and she gets skin treatments like facials etc.

      also a great hair color change, going blonde has made her look younger in my opinion.

      its obvious she hasnt had botox or all those wrinkles wouldn’t be there. crows feet and forehead.

      the only bad thing is shes already proven herself to be a decent actress, a designer, model, singer, dancer… why this need to dress like shes 20 yrs old.
      at this point in her life she shouldnt have to put it all out on the table for ppl to notice her. or be with a guy whose young enough to be her son.

  • Crissy

    Wow harsh guys! I think this woman looks freaking phenomenal! Her style make-up and hair HOT! I hope I can keep it going like that in my 40’s

  • Mia

    Personally, I think she looks her age. She has nice skin and very few wrinkles, but something about her features gives away her age. At the end of the day though it doesn’t really matter, because she obviously likes the way she looks and is proud of it, so good for her. I can understand that, because I really like myself as well, even though I know I’m not perfect. Having confidence is all about accepting your flaws and recognizing your strengths.

    • Indigo Lace

      “. Having confidence is all about accepting your flaws and recognizing your strengths.”

      Well said Mia.

  • Debbs

    I don’t like her style or persona but I do think she is a gorgeous woman. I love her body too.

  • Hazal

    She’s such a pretty woman.
    Concerning her style: true, in these pictures her outfits are horrible but sometimes she wears beautiful stuff. My favourite Oscar outfit of alltime for example is this one (worn by J.Lo):

  • MissMarilyn

    I lik her 🙂 I think she is gorgeous, and I love her hair and I think her makeup looks good.

    The only thing I don’t like is the way she dresses.

    • Zoe

      Agreed- beautiful lady, not so nice style sometimes but oh well. 🙂

  • Naressa Khan

    J Lo. Too beautiful. Love her. I currently work in the entertainment industry in Malaysia, and when she came down for her concert here not so long ago, oh my… imagine our surprise when she was actually super nice backstage, despite her tech rider being so so detailed and obviously thick in volume.

  • Jacky Daniels

    make up overload.

  • heathers

    She has always been sober and you could tell on American Idol she has never had botox as her face and up wrinkles were very predominant. I find her to be absolutely STUNNING and I adore her personality. 🙂

  • Ash

    She looks good but I really think she is lying about the botox!

  • jelena

    i want to see all of you negative nancys looking this good at that age. or any age lol. until then, kindly stfu. god people are so judgemental these days.

  • jane

    The real reason her skin looks that great at 43 is because she’s hispanic. Hispanic people age much better than white people. So do Indian people, Asian people, black people…pretty much everybody except for white people, in fact. I think it’s not even about the wrinkles: it’s about the elasticity and texture of your skin. Nicole Kidman has no wrinkles (thanks to Botox), but she’s not fooling anyone. Whereas JLo, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, etc all look amazing, regardless of their youthful indiscretions. Life’s not fair when it comes to aging genes!

    • Jello

      While that’s true most of the time, but not always. I’m white, almost all of my friends are of color and I look younger than all of them. I’ve worn Sunblock everyday since I was a teenager, never smoked, and only drink occasionally. I think making those choices can drastically slow the aging process for anybody no matter what color you.

      • Clarence Beeks

        I am 42, white and have sat out in the sun my whole life, However, I get plenty of sleep- always have, which had kept me looking young. I get mistaken for late 20’s all the time.

        • Snip

          Oh no, this is the point where a few middle aged women come out of the woodwork to talk about how they “get carded.” The next time you’re out buying booze, actually pay attention to the people in line ahead of you: they all “get carded,” too. It isn’t that all of you born in the ’60s & ’70s look like teenagers. The call to ID isn’t discretionary; on the contrary, it’s indiscriminate. It’s just policy. They card everyone.

          I’ll say it again. Everyone gets carded.

          The last time I was carded, I was too smart to take it to heart. Instead I asked the cashier if older ladies get WAY too excited when he asks to see their ID & say things like, “Happens to me all the time!” “Everyone thinks I’m 10!” etc. He just smiled. 😉

          • Nina

            I don’t agree. My parents never get carded because they look at least mid 40s. People usually ask anyone that looks under 30 for an id. They don’t usual;y ask 40+ year olds. I’m 22 and of course I get carded, but other obviously older people in line in front of me don’t.

    • Lala

      I could be wrong, but I think its because white skin shows imperfections more, kind if like white fabric. You really need to take care of your skin, because sun damage is more likely with light skin, and what not. White women who take care of their skin age well as well.

      I don’t think someone as botoxed as Nicole is a good example, especially when compared to someone who hasn’t had any work done. Check out the 90s white models, they look great.

    • h

      I agree overall, there are of course exceptions like the ageless rachel weisz and marioon cotillard. I might be naive but I don’t think they’ve had work done.

      • h

        I’m really talking more about colouring then race.

    • MissMarilyn

      That might be more common with celebrities… but I think it varies more when you are with other people. I used to live in Mexico and the woman I lived with looked to be around 35-40… turns out she was 28.

      This was common where I was living, the women began to age really really early on. They all had MUCH less money than JLO though…. that probably had more to do with it than race.

    • It actually comes down to thickness of the skin, how well you’ve taken care of it and how much buccal fat you’ve got.

      Im Swedish with finnish and some russian in me and I have a really thick skin and much buccal fat which made me more prone to acne when I was younger but now at 24 I don’t have a single line or wrinkle.
      I’ve always taken good care of my skin with cosmeceuticals and stayed out of the sun.

      Black, asian, and hispanic people etc can age badly too if they happen to have thinner skin with less buccal fat. White people aren’t the only ones 😛

      • nope

        24? Gosh. I’m not entirely sure that’s something to be particularly proud of as most 24 year olds should have smooth youthful skin. The exception being those with very, very premature aging. Wait until you are in your late 30s or early 40s, when most people are wrinkling and showing signs of aging.

        • nadine

          actually that is not true. lots of young women around the age of 20 already have wrinkles. we talk about fine lines and also wrinkles, which will get deeper and more prominent over time. I am a beauty professional and it scares me to see 22 year old women with really deep lines in their faces. and I do see that way too often. that means if you’re 24 and wrinkle free, this really is an exception!

          • Nina

            I’m 22 and have a lot of friends between 19-27 and none of the females have wrinkles. Some of the males that are 24-27 do have some forehead lines however.

            I also think J.lo is lying about the plastic surgery.

          • Liv

            By deep lines do you include lines when laughing or in general?

          • Agree, I’ve seen a lot of people in my age and younger that has fine lines and wrinkles already. But that just motivates me even more to take care of my skin. My whole family has great skin, my uncle who is 72 looks like he is 55 and my mother who turns 60 this week looks like she’s in her late 40s. So I hope I will age just a great as they have 🙂

          • Snip

            On the internet, everybody’s elderly family members look decades younger.

      • Ysatis

        It’s because of the melanin in the skin. e.g. people with medium to dark skin have in average a natural SPF of 15. The sun is the main cause of skin aging.

    • Mia

      Considering the fact that people who identify as Hispanic encompass individuals from ALL racial backgrounds, I don’t see how this could possibly be true. Have you been to Argentina? There are SO many people of European descent, and that is true in Latin American countries as well, but slightly less so in terms of raw numbers. Shit, my family is Jewish AND Hispanic. Who woudda thunk it?

    • Julieta

      Let me blow your mind.There are people who are white and hispanic at the same time,like me.

      • Mia

        mind = blown 🙂
        A lot of people don’t realize that Alexis Bledel is Hispanic. Both her parents immigrated from Latin America, and she didn’t speak English until she went to grade school.

    • misscheeks

      You do realise that Hispanic isn’t a race right? And that you can be white and Hispanic? Just look at the singer Pitbull, Eva Mendes and Gina Torres…they’re all Hispanic (specifically Cuban) but they aren’t the same race are they?

      • PinkLadi

        oooh I love Gina Torres on the show Suits!

        • misscheeks

          Me too PinkLadi! I don’t watch it regularly but when I do I always fall in love with Jessica’s outfits plus she’s so fierce and beautiful.

          • PinkLadi

            exactly! i wanna be like her when i grow up 😉

    • binks

      Good point, though you might want to expand your definition of Hispanic because as mention Hispanic is an ethnicity not a race. But people of color do tend to age more slowly or aged doesn’t quickly show on their face/body due to collagen and melanin production. You can’t really look at women of Hollywood as a prime examples because it is so filled with smoke and mirrors you can’t tell who’s lying or had what “minimal” procedures. Sure there are exceptions to the rule but on average it does seems that way. Plus, there is a deviant on the definition of “what does it mean to look great for your age?”

    • Salve

      You are right, Jane, I am Asian (Filipino) I look after myself, in terms of diet, exercise and night face cream routine, and at 56 years old, they say I look like I am only in my thirties. No wrinkles yet. 🙂

  • at first picture her eyes look like contacts… weird..

  • Jlo is really pretty with gorgeous cat like eyes. But her makeup started to look worse around the Marc Anthony-era when she fired Scott Barnes as her makeup artist.

    She needs to tone it down and not have so much contouring going on

  • jenna

    She does look good for 43, but so do most celebs. Look at Jennifer Aniston. She’s the same age. Look at Halle Barry, Julia Roberts, and the list goes on. It’s not so hard to be beautiful if you have millions in the bank to pamper yourself, get plastic surgery or fillers when you need it, have the best treatments at the best salons and spas, have personal trainers and personal chefs making sure you’re body looks good. J Lo isn’t anything special imo.

    • Lauren Carter

      +1. They don’t impress me. Sure. You look great for your age, etc. but you’re wealthy and have everything you need to halt the aging process. The women who impress me are the women like us! The ones who may haveinited budgets, limited time…. and yet still find away to eat healthy, workout, and take pamper ourselves! I’ve seen plenty of non-celebrity women in the morning, at Target (or wherever) in their Nike gear,
      No makeup and looking flawless! THAT impresses me. Not JHo, not Kim K, or Jen A, or Halle B. those bitches don’t have anything on real-life Fitblrs!!! Lol

      • Lauren Carter

        *have limited
        * a way

  • seijidan

    She looked gorgeous in GMA. She has amazing skin but at the same time visible lines and wrinkles. I don’t think she drinks but she did say she takes sips when it comes to some occassion for respect. So technically she doesn’t really “drink”

  • Brenda

    she is beautiful and has flawless skin! i’d say a big part of that is genetics, but good for her eating healthy and getting enough sleep to go along with it!

  • siennagold

    She looks great and takes good care of herself.

  • lc

    Looks “great”? Eh. My mom looks better and she’s 52. I NEVER saw J.Lo as some great beauty, and I dislike her style and makeup. Her personality irks me as well.

    • maureen

      I agree, I never got the hype. Even post-plastic surgery she’s not that beautiful. But she does look good for her age.

  • Pixie

    She’s beautiful. Her skin looks amazing! She obviously takes good care of herself!!

  • jamie

    I dont find her face (or body) attractive…idk why but facially looks very masculine to me

  • Nobsnob

    Am I the only one to find her bronzer to be very badly applied? Bronzer is quite tricky as you can easily look dirty with it which imo is the case here.
    Also wtf, does she have it on the tip of her nose too?

    • Ysatis

      She has too much bronzer on her forehead. That said the first picture is really unflattering, I thinnk it’s mode due to the camera than the makeup. HD cameras can be a b*tch.

  • Adriana

    I think it comes down to skin type, skin thickness and sun exposure.
    As for drinking & smoking well I know 3 older woman who smoke & out of those 3 woman 2 drink heavily.
    1 is my mum, 1 her best friend & 1 is my neighbour, all of whom are between 46-53 & they ALL have really good skin lol.
    My mum who smokes & drinks has always avoided sun exposeure to her face & has quite oily skin.
    Her best friend who just smokes but smokes ALOT has thick, oily skin & has always avoided sun exposure to her face.
    My neighbour who smokes & drinks about 2 bottles of red wine a night has the best skin & a great figure for her age (she had kids like, all 3 woman did), she use to model & at 46 still has the same measurments & frequently passes for being in her late 30’s. She has thick skin & has always avoided sun expose to her face.
    So yeah, im not promoting drinking in excess & im definitely not promoting smoking, both these things have probably done alot of damage to the insides of the woman I spoke about, also even though these woman have great skin & range from sizes 4-6 it’s through diet. None are extremely physically fit. I know for a fact that a 20min casual walk is breath taking for all of these woman.
    To my point, I think smoking & drinking plays a SMALL part in determining how someone’s skin will age but for the most part but IMO it’s moslty skin type, skin thickness & sun expose.

  • vanessa

    she’s such a liar. Please you can afford the best skin care, the best plastic surgery or botox. I get that her skin might be better than others who don’t smoke, but yeah right.

  • Alex

    I know this may sound like a stupid thing to rant about but I will anyways. I HATEEE when people say x or y is beautiful/thin/in-shape/looks good for there age because of money. NO! The main reason x or y is that way is genetics and taking care of themselves! Plain and simple! Look at Oprah! She’s one of the richest women to ever live and she has struggled with her weight forever. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely made easier by having lots of money but I know plenty of old, beautiful, thin, and POOR people! It comes down to knowing how to work what you got, I just think that credit should be given to people like J. Aniston, Halle Berry, J. lo, etc. They look amazing even regarding their circumstances!

  • Tia

    She has aged really well.I am sure that some form of plastic surgery was involved because she does look prettier every year. Her skin also look very good. I just wish she would lay down the contouring/highlighting of her face because it looks very fake. You can tell she makes use of her money to take care of herself. I may not be a super fan of hers but she does seem like a hard worker.
    As for her style, I wish that her clothing choices would reflect her age more…I have to admit that sometimes she does get it right!!

  • Anastasia.

    No way she’s never had botox, most likely she just didn’t go overboard with it, and has a skilled doctor. Her nose is noticeably slimmer now, and don’t give me that “it’s just contouring” BS.

  • Amerie

    she looks great for her age, dammit she looks good for any age. jlo rocks!

  • janice

    I guess I’m the only one here not drinking the kool aid, her skin looks like leather. Look up a pick of say Thandie Newton who is also 40 you’ll see the difference.

    • Natalia

      i wanted to say that too, awful leather like quaity…

  • Loos

    Such a joke – she does so get botox or some other type of filler – her face looks frozen! You don’t fool me JLo.

  • anonymous

    Too much eye makeup and bronzer, but she is a beautiful woman.