Jennifer Lopez, Photoshop Job

Photoshopped Image of the Week: Jennifer Lopez in Russian Tatler

Jennifer Lopez in Russian Tatler

The Russian editors of Tatler magazine take home the title: ‘Most photoshopped image of the week’, for transforming hot and curvy Jennifer Lopez into a bobble-head with a missing hip and a reduced thigh circumference.

Besides being weirdly photoshopped, the image may very well be be old and recycled.

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  • arabella

    Omg – looks like they have just photoshopped her head on someone else’s body!

    • missy

      Agreed. I’d be pissed if I were JLo.. not good.

    • eik

      exactly! and her body is so much better than this one! at least compared to her head which looks gigantic on this picture compared to the body it is attached to!

  • that’s horrible. and her legs look so shiny! lol

  • salma’ben

    at least they kept her amazing hair 🙂

  • LaCandy

    OMG it looks like they have photo-shopped victoria Beckham’s legs on her! gross! Love her natural body!

    • chechebelle

      what’s weird about that is a while ago… v.beckham claimed that she and j.lo wear the same size… in a land called freaky hollywood smoke and mirrors.

      it’s sooo weird! i don’t understand why curvy people insist that their curves have no effect on their weight and/or size. (Kim K. anyone?) i personally just gained 15 pounds in muscle and i’m super proud.

      • asdfkjh

        seriously! like kim K you are a size two…plus 6!

        • Leah

          to be fair, kim is short, and was at the skinniest i’ve ever seen her when she said that. maybe she wasn’t a 2, but i’d definitely believe she was a 4. but it is ridiculous how people think they’re fooling anyone by lying about their size

  • Ashley

    The photo is from her Glamour Magazine spread this past summer (sept maybe). Its very strange looking!

  • luis

    ridiculous haha. come on…

  • allNEw

    the photoshopped thighs are just ridiculous as she is (only) famous for her curves. however, i think it’s even more annoying that they made her face look like 28. she’s aged, she does not look like this anymore.

    • Debbie

      RE Edit that post

      That is untrue.
      Are you talking about Kim Kardashian are JLO?
      She has sold 35 million Albums and has had 4 us Billboard number ones with 9 dance number one singles and countless other number one singles all over the world.

      She is the only person to have had a number one film at the us box office and a number Album in the same week.

      3/4 of billion box sales in 20 movies

      So she is only famous for her curves??

      • rick

        No offense but let’s be real, if she was at the top of the food chain she probably wouldn’t be hosting a reality show that’s on it’s last legs. And Prince was actually the first (Purple Rain) TRUE artists to have the #1 film and album.

        • solaxia

          true. But hey, what’s so bad about being famous for your curves! Man, she has the curves!

  • Agatha

    Looks SO unpropportionate. Her arm is bigger than her leg, comme on, you guys!

  • Melanie

    Much prefer the real Jennifer – every bit of her- although the pose is cute with the noodles.

  • Stephers

    This is just wrong. We all know that this is not Jennifer at all. This is just sad. Magazines are getting more pathetic by the week!

  • Tracey

    anyone else notice the spots on the chair look pulled towards her????

    • Yes! I noticed it. That’s an obvious sign of photshopping. How ridiculous.

    • sara

      ahah totally!! it’s SO evident they reduced the image there..i can’t understand how they let it be published!

      • Casey

        Me either sara. I can’t believe someone okay’d this to be published. Photoshopping is one thing. Photoshopping and winding up with a completely deformed and ridiculous looking body is another.

    • Nicole

      omg, they didn’t photoshop the image – there is just a black hole in the chair sucking in her ass!

      • solaxia

        ha ha ha! Nicole! that made me laugh. All jokes aside though…I think you may be right! I hope she survived the photoshoot!

    • RAchel

      yuh-uh xD

  • Rayne

    Lopez’s thighs weren’t that small when she was in high school. I saw a pic of her from behind recently in a pair of skinny jeans and it wasn’t pretty. ;-( the terms sloppy and wide comes to mind. Yikes.

  • Rebecca

    hahaha i think they just copied and pasted legs onto her

  • O_o


  • Aarika

    Lol I don’t deserve to take credit but I did a shout out to Versus a few months ago about this picture and several others Fromm glamour mag of jlo! Thanks for taking the suggestion!

  • Melania

    They look like mannequin legs! So creepy.

  • Casey

    Photoshopped or not, that is one freaky looking body.

    Although the bottom part of JLO’s legs are quite thin and may be realistically represented by the above photo, her hips are NOT. JLO has what I call juicy hips (a good thing). The woman in the above photo has had her hips surgically removed, as she is torso and legs only.

    • solaxia

      I like the way you say “the woman in the photo” like it’s not Jen (because clearly it’s not!)…but maybe it should have been rephrased to “the plastic doll in the photo” ha ha

    • I agree Casey – it’s really quite freaky! I don’t know whether to laugh at it or cringe in fear! It’s kind of nauseating!

  • pixie

    The picture looks ridiculous. They took away her beautiful curves. That pic just looks like another skinny, boring model.

    • ladyb0sss

      sadly because how ridiculous this picture is . i dont even think its a body of another skinny model. just because they made it so retarded her upper half is the same but her bottom half is photoshopped. like wtfrick.

  • Kimberly

    They make her look really narrow hipped here. Her hips should be celebrated!

  • ladyb0sss

    LOL. this picture is just hilarious. they clearly overphotoshopped the hips not to the point to make her look “skinnier” but just plain freaky. its like she literally dont have hips.

    HILARIOUS. did this actually get published?

  • girlygirl

    Bizarre-o photographic retooling aside, is it just me, or are there an inordinate number of fashion magazines featuring photo shoots with women eating fatty foods??!!! What is it with haute couturiers and obesity? They seem to have a weird fetish with it. Just an observation.

    • You’re right! They seem to want to show thin women pigging out on junk food – it’s really kind of gross! I don’t think anyone eating junk food is sexy – just gluttonous!

      I’m not sure if noodles qualify as junk food though?! Depends where they come from, I guess!

  • mel

    Is it bad that I like the photoshopped body? Haha. But it doesn’t look right with JLo’s face – it’s like her head is too big.

  • Cherrypie

    lol, creepy !! What a shame, she is bootylicioussss.

  • does not even look normal … huge head, shiny sticks … nimporte quoi

  • riotgrrrrl12

    most ridic photoshopped picture eveerr!! i think this is more ridiculous than rihanna’s picture…like wtf. do people who buy this image in a magazine really think this is J.Lo’s body?? woww

  • Princess

    I agree with you Debbie 100%,this woman is not only famous for her curves but cos she`s a very talented woman.
    I admire her alot!

  • Eve

    Real JLo is so much hotter. She has amazing hips , super sexy bum plus very fit shapely legs and I really would love to see those instead of again stick thin someone else’s body. I am too tired of skinny girls. I am not saying they are not pretty, it just got so boring lately. and I love Jen she is gorgeous at any age.

  • Sanne

    It’s like they have put Victoria Beckham’s legs under J. Lo’s torso. Haha, stupid.

  • Issa

    Like she needs to be photoshopped!!

  • Meko

    wow this looks terrible. that may be part of Jlos face but that aint hardly her body

  • Vicky

    Kinda looks like they put her head on Eva Longoria’s petite body

  • lp23

    Bloody hell!

    JLO has one of the best celeb bodies around.

    That has to be the best photoshop yet.
    It looks like they have put Victoria Beckham’s body on to hers lol.

    You should do a photoshop of the week section Versus lol!

  • asdfkjh

    the media is getting so carried away with photoshop. personally i think they should ban it. they ban photoshop for photojournalism competitions because otherwise it just becomes an photoshop competition. they need to do the same with fashion magazines…already these models and actresses with superhuman bodies are being glorified (which is fine….it’s the whole obsession with celebrity). but to take those already incredibly beautiful images of these people and to morph them into something else, i think is despicable.

  • yikes. the upper half of her body and the lower half are two very different bodies.

  • uh. yea, that isn’t quite her these days.

  • flossy

    Oh my god! It must be awful sometimes being a Hollywood actress because of all the pressure they undergo trying to look good made worse by bloody photoshopping.

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