Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt… Almost in a Bikini

jennifer-love-hewitt-almost-in-a-bikini - Jennifer Love Hewitt... Almost in a Bikini

This could have been some amazing bikini shots, if only Jennifer removed that white thingy and got up. But we’ll take what we get!

And another related thing – Star Magazine has a story about how Jennifer’s new boyfriend likes her curves:

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a lucky woman: Her new boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, adores plumping her up with yummy, calorie-packed eats!

Jennifer, who split from fiance Ross McCallin December, has previously blasted criticism of her supposedly too-curvy-for-Hollywood bod.

“She’s had weight issues too for years and was self-conscious to the point that it affected her relationships with men,” an insider tells Star. “Jamie prefers women who have a bit of meat on their bones. He makes her feel comfortable in her skin.”

On March 13, days after Star broke the news that the Ghost Whisperer costars were dating, Jamie confirmed the love affair on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and raved, “It’s like ‘Wow, you are so hot…and wow, you can cook pasta fagioli too!’”

For a typical date night, says the insider, “they love to have homemade dinners or go out to fast-food places like Taco Bell,” where they were seen on March 15. “The only thing Jennifer has to worry about with Jamie,” adds the insider, “is getting too skinny!”

OK, very nice of him for making her feel comfortable in her skin… but facts are that she is much thinner now than she was here:

new-1 - Jennifer Love Hewitt... Almost in a Bikini


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • e

    Quite obviously a dramatic change. I do think she had too much extra weight before and she seems to have found a good weight for her body type. She still looks curvy and feminine, but much more streamlined and fit. Good for her, all woman and so sexy!

  • rachael

    I think the magazine is making a big deal about some obvious statements….. Everybody knows that men prefer (some) curves over (too many) bones!!!
    Anyway her new bod looks amazing and I envy her for having a bf who cooks dinner for her!!!!

  • anonymous

    I think I’m in the majority that doesn’t think she had too much extra weight. IMO, if she had been wearing a different bikini, she wouldn’t have looked “big”. She just looked like someone that took a break from exercising, I don’t think she need to shrink as much as she did 🙁

    • anonymous

      Errrm, MINORITY, not MAJORITY 😛

  • pOtAtO

    she’s healthier now, it’s a good weight for her 🙂

  • aimee

    gorgeous at any size!

  • Elena

    “too-curvy-for-Hollywood bod”?? Come on, she became famous being skinny! Remember I know what you did last summer or Enrique’s Hero? I always though she’s anorexic. However, she looks good now. And those photos look a bit photoshoped to me, I can’t belive she was so chubby. She can’t be due to her constitution!(and I don’t say ‘chubby’ as a bad thing)

  • salma’ben

    she is perfect she had a nice personality I love her style her smille everything she is just JENNIFER LOVE HEWIT to me !

  • britmel

    ewwww. she looks really odd in the blaclk bikini. =/ def a bad angle for that, and also, she wasnt posing for it. i can understand why she hid her body this time

  • Jadey

    well nt trying to be nasty but in tht black biniki she is fat :z
    now she looks at a healthy weight looks way better well done on ur

  • dont be silly

    That picture of her from behind is clearly stretched! Ha ha, you lot are lunatics, you’re loosing touch with reality. Look how wide her head is for gods sake

    • Versus

      I can assure you that we did not edit that picture. It’s all around the web.

  • J

    i love that she seems so much happier now. she’s seems like such a good person overall. and i heard that interview Jamie had with Ryan and he’s totally in love with her regardless of what her weight is. I think she’s def in a good place. Btw she looks fabulous.

  • Zoe

    Listen I’m only 15 and my weight is 180 and its not good for my health or height and lay off my fave Ghost Whisperer. plus she was small and skinny along time ago dont hold that against her i mean nobody’s perfect so drop it and all u haters !!!!!!!!! DON”T HATE APPRECIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire

    Wow, she needs a visit from the fat camp advisor.
    Stop eating you fatty.

    • tulona

      That’s an extreme statement. She does look bigger than ususal in the black bikini but that doesn’t mean she needs to go to a fat camp. Some exercising got her toned and she looks fabulous now.