Jennifer Love Hewitt, Then and Now

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3349521_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

Bikini treat number 2 ready to be served!

Who’s wearing the black little number this time?

Since we all admired a skinny model in the previous post, now we’ve got slim & curvy girl Jennifer Love Hewitt! If you want to see Jennifer in another black bikini (with a little extra meat on her) 2 years ago, here she is:

jennifer-love-hewitt-in-a-bikini - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

Of course there’s more after the jump!

fp_3349524_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3349849_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3349850_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3349979_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3350060_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

fp_3350061_hewitt_jenniferlove_lac_080109 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Black Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • april

    wow! that’s a progress! she looks great!

    why is she playing basketball in bikini btw??? is this probably sort of representation of her new look?!

  • samba

    she looks much better and also happier…i like her shape…though i have to say it…she is just so untoned! she would be an absolute fox if she just exercised a bit and toned up …just a little bit! i hate it when women just cut down on food and dont exercise enough!!! you can a difference! are u listening jennifer? katy?! lol but she does have a lovely little bod and great face

  • pia

    Woow she looks amazing! i totally hate her but i have to admit that she looks much better 🙂 but it’s wierd that from the back she appears to have a big butt, but form the side she’s kind of flat :S
    anyway she looks great, good for her 🙂

    • Rima

      This is called (wide hips)

      I suffer from that!


      • layla

        same here

  • Maryna

    She looks much better!

  • Rose

    wow she looks amazing. much better.

  • beam

    She looks beautiful.
    I love these 2 as a couple.
    But, Sambas comment?
    Sucks! So now we have
    to watch what we eat and
    exercise? Its hard to
    be a woman nowadays .

    • CM

      Doubt Samba was meaning it in a horrible way, just in a ‘to get the best results and make your body look its best’ you need to watch what you eat and exercise so that you keep good muscle tone. Anyway, I totally agree with healthy eating + exercise = good body…..

      • Uma

        Well, not only good body, but healthy body. I’ve said it in the J. Alba post as well, you don’t need to overdo it, but you will never be truly healthy and happy without exercise. Physical activity makes you happy. That’s science, not b/s.

    • Elizabeth

      Lol, it sounds like it’s the first time you hear of the concept of eating right AND exercising.. Not a great sign..

  • Emmily

    My God, i didn’t know she used to be that fat..! :O
    Well, she looks gorgeous now! 🙂

  • Stacy

    wow she looks great, i love her body. 🙂

    does anyone watch ghost whisperer? coz that guy that she is dancing with looks like Eli from the show.

    i dont know, maybe it isnt???

    she looks great anyway 😀

  • Serafiina

    I can´t believe one male blogger said she is still fat when he posted these pictures.. To me she looks really nice and slim.

  • Ramie

    not a huge change…

  • jennifer

    The guy is Jamie Kennedy…..he is on the show with her….but I don’t watch so no idea his character

  • this woman is beautiful she is not perfect and not every girl would envy her for her body but she has a pretty face and she looks happy .

  • Meg

    She looks slim and healthy, definitely lost a lot of weight. But I wonder, if she was a size 2 back then (like she claimed) wouldn´t that make her a 0 now? I doubt that.

  • Kae

    She looks a lot better but I’m not a fan of her body type. She looks pretty pear shaped to me. Her bottom looks as if it belonged on another girl. But I also know that she can’t help it so…

  • subpop

    … mabye you just shouldn’t bring it up?

  • Susan

    She is pear shaped but with big boobs

  • shell

    She looks good with the weight on or off – feminine because of her good WHR, and healthy. Even when she was a little heavier, she was still a healthy weight. Jennifer has never been overweight; any doctor would tell you that.

    Jennifer looks much better than skinny hipped, tanned, huge (often fake) boobed Hollywood celebrities like Audrina Partridge.