Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Little White Dress

jennifer-love-hewitt-in-a-little-white-dress-01 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Little White Dress

On a lazy Saturday, here’s a happy and pretty-looking Jennifer Love walking around in a cute white dress and matching flip-flops.

Looking nice, good weight for her!

How do you like Jennifer here?

There’s one more after the jump!

jennifer-love-hewitt-in-a-little-white-dress-02 - Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Little White Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • princess_x

    She always looks so cute, such a beautiful face

    • Kristy

      I agree, she looks really cute and happy. Even when she was heavier, she still looked lovely.

  • Elena

    I totally agree! She’s so sweet! And she looks extremely short. Is she?

    • anya

      I’m pretty sure she is only 5 feet tall.

    • extremely short ! I don’t think so … she looks great very natural very beautiful she is really flawless everybody likes her in my country .

      • anya

        Yes she is very short.

        • Leanna

          She’s 5ft2 I believe so short, but not THAT short.

          Remember average height for a female is 5ft5.

          • anya

            Okay I’m not saying she’s a midget but 5 feet or 5´2 is short.

      • Elena

        I just said she seems extremely short as a fact. I like short women. They seem so cute. It was nothing offensive in my comment.

  • mjb352

    she’s really pretty and has a nice body, but i hate the way she dresses! she always look so frumpy instead of showing off her tiny waist. i’d also like to see her in some real shoes for once, not just flip flops..they are really bad for your feet.

  • DT

    She has a very sweet smile, but that dress fits like it is from a thrift shop. She also need to tone up more.

    • Kristy

      I think her arms in the second pic look quite toned and shapely?

      • DT

        I think you are right.

        • DT

          But… look how her bag cuts into her arm… skin overflowing. I think she need toning up there too.

          • KillMilla

            Even the skinniest person in the world would get “skin overflow” lfrom carrying the bag like Jennifer does. Especially if the bag is heavy.

          • DT

            You are right !!! but her entire look shows she’s got the puffy out of shape blues … no tone anywhere 🙁

  • Leanna

    Very cutesy, I really like this look. And she looks really happy and relaxed which is great.

  • sassy

    She looks really cute! Glad she gave the usual sloppy sweats and jeans with running shoes a rest!

  • Claudia

    emagod is it just me or are her feet horendous!

    • DT

      You are right !

  • Carrie

    Her face doesn´t seem to age, she looks very cute and youthful

  • kb

    so weird. we have the exact same legs, i think. i have thicker knees and wear flip flops all the time, so my calves look thicker, too. i kinda like this! i kinda like her now. we also both have skinnier faces. wow, she’s kinda like my celeb twin.

  • Kae

    She looks cute, love her bag.

  • andnobody

    wow dress,cute, ewww toes!!

  • Sophie

    Jennifer is one of those lucky ladies who looks good no matter what weight she is. I have a strict margin for how big I can get before I start to look like a beached whale in photos but Jennifer has a strong face and great jawline which excess weight doesn’t make her look podgy. I’d hate her if I didn’t like her so much :-). She looks lovely here, very natural.

    If any of you have seen Heartbreakers… How skinny was she in that but still had enourmous boobs!! She’s a stunner no matter how much she weighs. Jealous!

  • Sammie


    • Versus

      It’s hard to say, because she looks different in different outfits and here she is only revealing her bottom half (her bigger part, since she’s a pear shape) – she can look quite skinny in some dresses and she recently looked really thin in a pair of jeans – check out the pics here:
      She is only 5’2”, so my guess is that she is now around 118-123 lbs, I’m estimating that she’s somewhere in the middle of the healthy BMI range. She is not very toned, so that should be taken in consideration.

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  • Joss09

    I think she is stunning!!! She looks great and I bet she is more like 110lbs it’s so hard to look thin in pictures when your short plus, being curvy on top of that. She is smaller then she appears…I’m 5’3 at 115lbs and I know I look bigger then her…so seriously she’s got to be pretty small.