Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Looking SLIM(MER)

jennifer-love-hewitt-is-looking-slimmer - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Looking SLIM(MER)

2 variants:

1. Jennifer has lost some weight.

2. Jennifer has finally traded her baggy pants, oversized tops and sport shoes (or flats) for some flattering jeans and heels and she decided to mark her small waist with a belt… and the result is super flattering. Plus, her thickest part aka her curvy hips are strategically cropped in the first photo.

Your thoughts?

One more from the side after the jump!


jennifer-love-hewitt-is-looking-slimmer-2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Looking SLIM(MER)

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  • Zuccini_Zest

    She looks amazing in the picture on the right, but in the other two she looks very old facewise. Might be the hair, which seems to have a grayish tint. Mayb the lighting is bad.

    Either way, bodywise she looks good and picked flattering clothes. I just dont think that type of shirt really fits with a cinched waist belt.

  • she looks great. she looks a lot better in heels, they make a world of difference on her.

  • Kitty

    Wow, I’m impressed. She’s gorgeous! Her body looks great and I really do like her outfit!

  • She looks great.. I’m loving the 2nd photo (right), check out that tiny waist and thankfully she still has an ass.. its not flat (although bottom heavy people hardly ever have flat asses so its probs thanks to her body shape) so its all good. Plus I agree.. its a very flattering outfit.

    • Leanna

      Oh they can if they lose too much weight, but the hips never go away lol.

  • Anya

    You can just tell how hard she’s trying to become really famous. Not working sweetheart.

    • ME

      watta bitch!!

  • jennah

    she looks a lot bettere but her face in a close-up is looking old

  • salma’ben

    she is just lovely the smille the body and the soul (i guess )

  • CountryGal777

    Yay!! She looks beautiful here! Love the belt… makes her look tiny in the waist area 🙂

  • Elena

    I love her smile. But yes, indeed. She finally managed to dress properly.

  • e

    Well, she looks totally fab, but I call it the usual Breakup10lbs and think she’ll pack it back on soon.

  • Ramie

    I think it’s the shoes, the jeans, and the angles. But she looks very nice. 🙂

  • Freedom

    She looks good…

  • K.J.

    she looks great!

  • brittany

    maybe its her makeup or the WL but she looks odd in the face, to thin.

  • Ariel

    She looks beautiful!

  • sandra

    am i the only one who thinks she looks gaunt-tish in the face. im not liking, she looked better curvier.

    • VK

      I totally agree. She looks old, tired and gaunt facially, which I reckon means she’s lost too much weight. Although her body looks really good here I think she also looked good when she was bigger because all her fat went to the right places and she had a more youthfull face.

      • Leanna

        This is the ‘curse’ of being pear shaped lol. IF you want to be thin on the hips and thighs you end up being flat chested and gaunt faced. It’s a major tradeoff.

        I just accepted I have to have big hips if I want some boobs and facial fullness. The most important thing is just to keep in shape rather than worrying about being a size 2 instead of a size 6.

  • pOtAtO

    she looks good! perfect weight for her

  • HippoBanana

    She looks great, always looked pretty good in my opinion.
    Finally she is showing of her tiny waist and bug butt, yay.

  • Ella

    I can’t really judge her top half because of the baggy top. I can say her bottom half looks good, but I agree with others that she looks rather tired and aged. I think perhaps it could be due to the stress of breaking up. That could also account for the weight loss too.

    Her outfit looks all right, but the T-shirt seems a little out of place with this ensemble.

  • princess_x

    She looks great…..she was hardly big before she started to lose weight !

  • Sarah

    Her face looks to have aged many, many years, but her body looks great!

  • Jadey

    looking good much better slimmer!

  • nybeauty

    She has definately slimmed down a lot!!! She looks good here but a tad haggered facially. Hope it’s just the picture and nothing more permenant!!

  • ME


  • Leanna

    The fact that she is only 5ft2 but looks more like 5ft8 tells me she may be verging on become too thin, I sure hope she doesn’t lose any more. In fact she could probably do with gaining some muscle now.

    Short people tend to be petite-stocky and tall people tend to be slender-big.

  • Joss09

    I think she looks beautiful!! I love her pants they look AWESOME on her!!

  • I thought she looked beautiful the way she was. Her face looks much too gaunt. I can’t understand why a size 4 is considered fat. It’s so sad that so much pressure is put on us as females. A woman has curves!!! Deal with it!!