Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

She’s lost some weight in the past months and now she’s exhibiting the results and a lot of cleavage in Maxim Magazine!

Who? Slim & curvy girl Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Looking good!

How do you like Jennifer’s sexy spread?


jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim-2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

There’s more after the jump!


jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim-3 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim-4 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim-5 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

jennifer-love-hewitt-looks-super-hot-in-maxim-7 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Super Hot in Maxim

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  • anya

    She’s just trying to relight her career and she still unattractive.

    • anonymous

      How is she unattractive, just out of curiosity? The only feature of hers I find a little unappealing is the shape of her jaw and chin, but she can’t really do anything about that, not without drastic measures.

      IMO, I think she looked just as good with the extra weight, maybe a little better because the weight loss did age her face a bit. I think all she needed was a bit of toning up and maybe some skin firming treatment for her bum/thigh area(though I don’t think she had an unattractive amount of cellulite).

    • SammmieOne

      Your f***ed,
      stop being cruel and trying to make yourself feel better with pathetic comments. Clearly you have some unresolved issues with yourself if you can’t appreciate a beautiful woman.
      Get over it hun.

  • Ariel

    She is stunning, absolutely gorgeous face and beautiful body! I am glad she lost the weight, but she is only human and needed some time in the real world to be happy. I think she is drop dead gorgous…Wow I could stare at her all day!

  • Elena

    Beautiful pics! And she’s right, she’s really cute, adorable I’d say 😀

  • She is hot and sexy!!!

  • CountryGal777

    She is beautiful and she is truly happy now, which you can see from the inside- out. I’m happy for her.

  • anna

    cheeky! she looks good.

  • Elizabeth

    shes hot.. sorry haters.

  • britmel

    hmm, i thot i wud see a bit curve hugging clothes/lingerie. she has a great figure.. or maybe not anymore..? i rally havent seen much of her curves lately. she disguises em well.

  • britmel

    and i dont fidn this shoot “the sexiest ever”.. ive seen much sexier ones of herr

  • Denisa

    OMG…the pic where she lays her leg in the water……..that’s so faaaaaaaake. look at her foot :))) looks like plastic. BAAAAAAAD photoshop. I don’t even think she took the pics in those locations…maybe in a studio or something :))
    and the picture above that…what’s her expression…c’mon……
    take me home, I’m lonely ?????
    P’aaalllllllleeeeeease !

    • siobhan

      hahahahahaha, good one:p

    • ziggie

      TOTALLY agree the foot looks awful…couldnt they pay a pro to do it??

  • Denisa

    oh yea and I forgot. in the second pic ..her mouth corner…..looks like she’s been beaten ….or just been kissed by someone.

  • Emmy

    MAXIM can make my grandma look hot. Remember last summer’s bikini photos of her? She looked really fat.

  • millet

    it is utterly useless tocomment on obviously photoshopped magazine pics. waste of time.

  • Samantha

    She looks good but definitely looks photoshopped beyond belief. I would like to see candids of her in a bikini to see how much weight she really lost and what she REALLY looks like.

  • princess_x

    I think I’m on my own here…..but I think she looks amazing ! She has the prettiest face.

  • fickle

    Well, the photos don’t bring the best of her figure (hips, waist aren’t so visible).
    Her face looks kinda strange, especially on the second picture.
    But she still looks good, although photographer and graphic designer did such bad work.

    • Sierra

      Exactly what I was going to say!
      The “clothes” were good because they weren’t so tight around the mid-section. And they covered her stomach and showed her amazzzing thighs.
      But the make-up was awful!
      And some of the poses look a bit awful.
      And the beehive thing on her head on the cover…not cute!

      But that’s is her fault, of course. Blame Maxim!