Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Out, Around and About

jennifer-love-hewitt-out-around-and-about - Jennifer Love Hewitt Out, Around and About

A few remarks:

1. Nice to see that she’s smiling, considering all the gossip and speculation going on around her right now.

2. It looks like she’s maintaining both her weight and her Christmas spirit, a month after the holidays… cause that would explain her vivid red coat and green bag combo.

How do you like Jen here?


jennifer-love-hewitt-out-around-and-about-2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Out, Around and About

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website

    FIRST of all:P running shoes with a trench?
    *6.6 exgarated gasp*
    NEVER! thats a fashion crime! Hasn’t cahritable & educational shows, like tlc’s what not wear, taught you that you could be comfarble and stylish when running errands? so that is no excuse, jennifer!the fashion police should press charges!

    fun and jokes aside, she loks good. but what gossip and speculation is going around about her?

    • Versus

      Well, there were the initial reports that said that she and her fiancé Ross McCall broke up during the holidays.
      Then, a tabloid cover claimed that the reasons they broke up were: 1.Jennifer was clingy and needy and 2. She was insecure about her body (and they brought up the old size 2 event AGAIN, poor Jen).
      Thirdly, Ross said that they didn’t separate and that they were working things out.
      Lastly, one of her old boyfriends just came out yesterday with a “tell all” story and he is saying that Jennifer cheated on him.
      It’s a lot of gossip to handle in just a few days, so I was happy that she was smiling.

    • K.J.

      GAH! The shoes!! I know!!

      • runner_girl

        Yeah, she needs some cute flats. Running shoes are all she ever wears. Or how about at least some cute trainers like Converse all stars or pumas or something.

  • Elena

    She looks so nice with that hat on. And that smile makes her stunning!

  • change.

    very avg and quite boring. i do lik the fact that shes not dressed like a hoochie mama and exposing her beautiful curves (like with skin tight tights and a small shirt EWW) but she deff needs to upgrade to some sort of glamour. i noe she has the money =]

  • CountryGal777

    Its great to see that she is in good spirits…. she needs to have more confidence about her body and stop wearing clothes that makes her look bigger than she really is!! She is beautiful and needs to realize that!

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  • Ella

    She looks good, but I agree about the shoes. If she wanted flat shoes ballet flats or boots would have looked much better with that coat. Though if it were me I would be putting on some heels (I find low heels more comfortable than trainers/sneakers myself).

  • Carmen

    Ella I´m just curious, how can you be more comfortable in heels than in sneakers?you must be a superwoman 🙂
    I think she looks gorgeous, even if she might be sad because of breaking up with his fiancee that smile makes her glow!

    • Ella

      It’s all about finding the perfect fit! You have to search long and hard for a shoe that really hugs your foot and does not slip at all. Make sure the arch is following your foot and that there is no gap. If there are any lumps or bumps that you feel in the sole, you shouldn’t buy it. It also helps if, with boots and pumps, you choose an almond- or round-toe instead of a pointed one because with pointed you are cramming your toes into a tiny space with every step. The most comfortable heel height is 2-3 inches. I can walk all day in those with no problem! With trainers/sneakers I always get blisters on the back of my heel and I don’t get that with heels unless I’m wearing a heeled sandal. Wow, I’ve typed such a long off-topic post here! LOL

  • pOtAtO

    she’s shopping… on a a casual day… why would she need to be in heels??

    she’s relax and looking good! but the coat is maybe not the best option for her curves it makes her looks heavier than she really is

    • Ella

      Who said she has to be in heels? All I said in reference to Jennifer was that ballet flats or flat boots would look better with the coat if she wanted to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  • missy

    Personally, Carmen, I think sneakers make me look pudgy & unkempt- being comfortable has to have more stylish options! Lol.

    She looks adorable! She looks to be losing more weight as well… Maybe the extra weight wasn’t her thighs, but in the man she just got rid of? It must suck to have to go through such a thing so publicly.

  • e

    She looks happy and healthy, but that coat only emphasizes the hips we know are under there…somewhere.