Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Is-Pretty-in-Pink - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted at Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, where she wore a hot pink summer dress and a big smile.

How do you like her here?

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Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Is-Pretty-in-Pink-2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Is-Pretty-in-Pink-3 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Is-Pretty-in-Pink-4 - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pretty in Pink

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  • A

    Not her best look. Her calves look really chunky and her hair is kind of a mess.

    • thebestguest

      She just looks chubby. Now it’s obvious her latest bikini pictures in I think ‘People’ were altered sooo much. She had a hot body like ten years ago, she needs to just let that go! It’s probably never going to look like that again. So, do something that doesn’t rely on your body so much, I don’t know, become a ‘producer’ like all the other washed up actresses..?!

      • Jade

        LMAO!!!!!!! Who The Hell Are You To Give This Advise, Oh Yeah NOBODY LOLLLLLLLLLLL!! We Need All Kind Of Body And Personnality To Do A World. Thing Would Be So Boring If We Were All The Same, So Just Beat It Mr Or Mrs I Have The Pretention To Call Myself thebestguest 🙂

  • Asia

    I don’t find her body attractive at all, not trying to be mean but her legs look very chubby and her face is plain jane, very average. I’m surprised she even made a career in Hollywood looking like this, since there are so many better looking ppl all around us.

    • Ara

      She doesn’t look all that bad, just very curvy. She’s pretty short as well so of course she’s not going to have stick-thin legs. That being said, Hollywood is also about talent and I believe she has lots.

      • Amanda

        Since when does being short mean you have chunky legs?

        • Its harder for short people to loose weight as it doesn’t distribute as well and its easier for them to put on weight. This is a fact. No, I’m not short – nor am I tall – in between (5’5″) but usually taller girls stay skinnier longest.

          • thebestguest

            Yeah, that’s mostly true. I’m 5’10” and it takes a lot of extra calories for me to gain weight anywhere.

          • You’re height has nothing to do with weight distribution.

            Simply, being short, weight gain will be more noticeable to the eye and visa-versa for tall people.

        • Ella

          I agree. Almost every woman in my family is 5’4″ and below and only some on the Caucasian side have thick legs. Almost all the ones on the Asian side have slim legs. Height does NOT dictate weight distribution or proportions, but body type does.

          • amazon

            completely agree!!! what a silly thing to say, height has nothing to do with weight- have you been to asia?? my mum has the skiniest legs i have ever seen, and she is 5 foot. She never puts weight on there ever.

          • Ella

            ^ I hear so many of these stupid stereotypes about short people all having chunky sausage limbs, being fat, having no waist, having no boobs, having no bums, having long torsos… It really makes me wonder if they ever actually saw a short person in their life or if they are all tall, never look down and a short person is like some mythical creature: everyone claims to know what they look like, but they haven’t actually seen one (or paid attention to one). And all of these ridiculous stereotypes come from the fashion world, which refuses to make clothing for these ‘hideous’ short people.

        • Ara

          You’re right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that when you’re short you have chunky legs, but with the exact same body type, weight distribution etc, the tall person will seem thinner. I know far more short girls with chunky legs than I know tall girls with a chunky legs.. so that’s what I’m basing my opinion on.

          • height doesn’t cause people to weigh more or less but if you look at a 120 pound woman who is 5’2″ and a 120 pound woman who is 5’9″ obviously the taller one will seem way slimmer.

          • Ara

            I mean with an equal bmi etc. Not an equal weight.

      • Hazal

        Um, Eva Longoria, Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis??? Ever heard of being petite (short & thin)?

        • thebestguest

          Besides Mila, you named two pear-shaped bodies, which is exactly what the original poster was referring to. A lot of short women are pear-shaped, therefore they have more fat distributed to their thighs. Most tall women (5’8″+), (look around when you go out), have slimmer legs.

          • kate

            I’m a short pear, but absolutely no way is this limited to only short women. They can be ANY body shape. Eva Longoria is rectangle, Hayden Panettiere is an inverted T, Selma Hayek is an hourglass, etc.

      • Kelly

        shorter people have slower bmrs so it is easier for them to put on weight

        • kate

          BMR depends on lean mass and activity level, not all short people have lower BMR’s….mine is approx 2000 calories at 5ft2 and 115lb. I know taller people who maintain their weight on less calories than me.

          • Ella

            Wanted to add that, even if it is low for shorter people, who says it is more likely that short people eat more than their body burns? After all, that is the conclusion you would need in order to come up with the idea that it is easier for short people to gain weight.

          • It is easier to see weight gain on someone who’s 5’2 as opposed to a girl who’s 5’10 – right? I think this is common knowledge. Sure we have some short people here arguing that there are petite types – but these days petite types aren’t as common. Asians – yes pretty much all short and little so – genetics does play a part – but I was thinking more about the Caucasian population when I mentioned this… not many short American’s are that slim these days… especially after 40.

          • Ella

            Nobody said we were only talking about white American women.

          • Aims

            Whatever I say on here (whether true or not) people are so bored they will try and argue with me. Forget it.

      • ^^

        yup hollywood is about the talent … not face and body ..

        • ally

          if you truly believe that then you are seriously naive, most actress’s and actors are attractive, and those who are not talented (i.e megan fox) are incredibly attractive

    • Jade

      With Stupid People Thinking Like You Nothing Is Going To Change At All. What Is The Perfect Body For You (Slim And Tall With Big Boobs I Guess) Well Shes Not Like, And Even So She looks Beautiful And She Got Talents, Can You Say The Same Thing About You?!? I Mean Jeez, Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes, Would You Like Someboby To Talk Like This About You!

  • Amanda

    Way too much pink! And I agree her legs are too chunky!

  • Jaisah

    She seems to be photographed quite a bit. Outfit would be cuter if it was a maxi dress. Her Nails look awful.

    • Susan

      Ew! Yeah – I didn’t even notice her nails. funky bad.

  • Miriam

    seems like she is not aware of her body type. She would look way better in a different dress shape. And what’s up with the make-up? Her face skin tone does not match her body skin tone at all

  • She looks okay – not horrible as some people are saying! I think she may have gained again though.

  • She’s very beautiful, especially for her age she looks attractive, but her legs in here looks, i dare to say, ugly!

  • She is a pear so no matter how much weight she loses she will always be bottom heavy.

    I am just amazed by the fact that she was photographed just a few weeks ago in an equally short dress and her legs looked sooo much better! So what is it? Did she gain again? Is it nutrition? Lighting?

    All in all not her best look.

    • kate

      Probably bad lighting.

    • amazon

      shoes with ankle straps are very unflattering, make your legs look shorter and fatter.
      I don’t like the hair, which looks recently died too dark, and the shoes I think she looks okay. she is a very pretty girl and has great curves, but I understand why she doesn’t always want to have to wear tight slinky dresses. this is softer and sweeter and if she changed the shoes, would look great.

    • Cathy

      You actually can change your body shape to some extend but not by dieting and doing cardio alone. Weight training is key, it did it for me – I went from looking pretty pearish to being more hourglassy.

      She doesn’t look like she has much muscle at all. Oh and I agree about the ankle straps , very unflattering.

  • kate

    She just looks like an average woman in her (early) 30’s. Nothing wrong with that… shows even celebrities are human after all *gasp*

  • shantal

    shes just fat.

    • Ash

      I don’t think it’s fair to call her fat. She looks like she gained weight but she’s definitely not fat and although I know looking at someone isn’t the sole indicator of their health, she looks healthy.

  • lc

    She gained again?

  • paulethe

    she is just fat, I’m sorry…
    and by the way, what is she doing nowadays? movies, TV??
    it is so stupid to give this girl this much attention…

    • RAchel

      Fat? You think that is fat? Looks like someone has a distorted vision of fat and thin…

      She’s definitely not thin but she’s not fat either, she’s as people say ‘curvy’ ‘a little extra’ ‘chunnky’ and ‘chubby’, but she’s not fat.

      As for giving her attention, i don’t mind, she’s a decent actress and a decent person, sure as hell rather give her attention than kim kardashia or paris hilton, who actually do nothing.

      • Cathy

        Agree whole heartedly.

    • artemis

      u ppl r fkn siiiiiiick

  • Dave

    Big legs, a dress that looks like a sack, hair in need of attention. Just one more word: frumpy.

  • I thought she was trying to lose weight for that Wonder Woman movie she wanted to be cast in…I guess she isn’t anymore.

    • justme

      Oh mercy, I’d rather see Megan Fox as Wonder Woman… And I don’t want to see Megan as WW unless she puts on 15 pounds of solid muscle, ages 10 years and learns how to act. =P

  • suzushii

    I’m not going to comment on her weight, but…could she pick a worse outfit for her body type?

    Ugly dress – Shapeless, bulgy in the waist section (hiding her thinnest feature) and pretty much like a bag from the waist down.

    Bad shoes – ankle straps should be reserved for tall people with pin legs and very defined ankles. On the rest of us, they make the leg look shorter, stumpier, and with cankles.

  • RAchel

    I think she’s gained weight, her legs and arms look a lot more chubby than before.

  • Chillwaves

    dress although not figure flattering, would look much better without those shoes…maybe just more neutral or darker brown heels sans ankle straps…her sunglasses are nice at least. *shrugs*

  • shell

    I’ve always liked JLH’s body – she’s very feminine – but this dress is awful. It just hides her figure, and she has a great WHR she could be showing off! Silhouettes are very womanly and beautiful, IMO. They’re the one thing that seperates women from men. Fat men can get boobs, because boobs are mainly body fat, but no man can ever have little shoulders, a tiny waist and curved hips.

    On the plus side, her make up is nice and natural, the shoes are classically cute.

  • Rachel

    I think she has a really nice figure, but she doesn’t know how to dress for it. She is tiny on top and her upper body is really thin and a lovely shape, but her legs- in the nicest way possible- look like they belong to someone else in this picture. However.. I think her body shape and weight distribution is enviable- I think a small waist and chunkier legs is much nicer than being round on top with skinny little legs.

  • kk

    I don’t think this dress does her justice, but I think she looks supes cute (disregarding the terrible extensions).

    I think if we saw her in person she would look quite fit. Nice nails!

  • Ikram

    Ouch ! her legs…

  • Casey

    Wow at the fat comments. She’s not thin, and she doesn’t have slim thighs, but she’s definetly not fat either.

    I think she would look better if she was 10-15 pounds lower weight-wise, simply because I believe it would balance out her pear figure a little. But whatever. I think she actually looks pretty good here. Her legs don’t look as bad as people are raving.

    The only thing that bothers me is her makeup. She always seems to wear makeup that is too light for her skin tone. She can afford to buy a different shade, so there is no excuse.

  • Elvis

    She’s got chunkier, noticed it earlier in the week though lol

  • nannou

    “chunky” seems to be the general consensus..LOL looks like she has macaroni under her nails

  • Polly

    A Belvedere event? Chelsea Handler must of been there…somewhere.

    • hahaha true that!!! she’s hiding…

  • zrinka

    it’s also a shame she dyed her hair.. she could be a cast member of jersey shore in that outfit.

  • Erika

    It seems like people are jealous. She is definitely not fat. She looks fine!

  • She is goorgeous from the waist up. Waist down- eeehhhh.

  • And on the up side, she’s not wearing a bandage dress!

  • truthies

    What bothers me the most is her makeup. Her face looks so pale compared to her neck and body. The coloring of her lipstick, blush, and eye makeup makes her look way older too. And that dress and shoes are horrible for her body shape.

  • Princess

    The dress looks cheap…

  • Idara

    as a pear shape myself, i totally love her outfit…a couple of still photos cannot possible determine how this dress flows around her body when she walks, to reveal her figure.

  • effy


  • Trisia

    Is it REALLY necessary to match the heels exactly to the dress? Her figure looks fine, very normal IMO

  • i like the pink color on her even if its super bright. not many people can carry it off well

  • Chrissy

    I think she looks pretty good, she looks comfy and fun

  • chechebelle

    got a tampon, ladies? thought i’d ask. seems like you’re all pluggin’.

    i definitely feel for this woman. our skeletons probably look exactly the same (except maybe my head’s smaller.) i too have a hard time keeping the weight off of my short legs. i’m an athlete, so they’re muscular, but it’s really hard to kick the fat (esp on the inside of my knees, like JLH has). any tips from non-delusional people?

  • Versus, could you please remove this nonsense?

  • She looks a lil’ bit like Mariah Carey.
    Look at those legs!!

  • Meh

    one of the most overrated women in hollywood 😉

  • Meh

    its not all nonsense!! This is peoples opinions. We are all here to voice our opinions. so versus, Don’t remove the comments, unless they are really offensive!!

    • There is a big difference between voicing an opinion, praise or criticism, and throwing aimless insults; that comment was the latter.

      • Meh

        Yah, but i believe that she is over rated. i actually believe hollywood is over rated. So many girls look up to these women and believe that this is how we should be.
        Jennifer stood up for her “size 2” body shape (yeah right she was a size 2) when she was a little curvier, she told all the women with boobs hips and a waist to put on their bikinis and stay strong. And then she lost all the weight, showing that she was really embarrised about being “normal” with that little hint of cellulite and untoned. Then she told everyone when she lost the weight that she was really unhealthy curvier blah blah blah. i looked up to her because I thought that she was NOT ashamed for sticking up for people who are not a size 0, because we don’t need to be super skinny to be beautiful. She proved that she is like all the other clones in hollywood. she IS over rated to me, my opinion 🙂 doesn’t have to be yours 🙂

  • Deon

    She has a beautiful shape!

  • Anon

    she has a fabulous figure, but this outfit is all wrong.

    tacky dress, bad shoes, not to mention the manicure…


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    y o u m u s t no t m i s s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aj

    I hate this woman, everything about her. Her self absorbed attitude and broadcasts to the world on how her lame diet is going, and her clothing. Just hate her and why does she even get any attention nowadays her career has been dead for a long time.

  • Ivory

    I’ve always been a fan of her and her acting. I love the colour of her dress and that she’s always smilling, she looks great!!

  • so gorgeous always has a smile on her face, i am not a fan of her hair thou it’s to blaahhh and dead looking i think she needs some length cut off to show off some of her facial features or maybe some layering around her face!!

    other then that shes gorgeous 🙂

  • lISA

    I was an extra in a movie that Jennifer is filming here in my home town and spent all day looking at her yesterday. She is absolutley gorgeous. Yes, she is not your average stick thin model type but I can’t think of one man I know that would say anything bad about her body. She has curves in all the right places. She is not fat at all!! All us curvy girls need to stand up and be proud of the body that God gave us. One size does not fit all. Enough said.

  • Tyler

    She is one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. she has an adorable face and attractive body.