Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

FP_4566292_Hewitt_Jennifer_Love_RIV_022110 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrated her 31st birthday this weekend and it looks like she had a lot of fun playing dress up!

Dressed in an 80s-inspired ensemble with fishnets, hot pink snickers and a ruffle overload-skirt, all paired with a Lady Gaga-like hair bow, Jennifer posed for the cameras in Toluca Lake, outside her theme party.

She looks happy and super cute!

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FP_4566403_Hewitt_Jennifer_Love_RIV_022110 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

FP_4566401_Hewitt_Jennifer_Love_RIV_022110 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

FP_4566299_Hewitt_Jennifer_Love_RIV_022110 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

FP_4566290_Hewitt_Jennifer_Love_RIV_022110 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Birthday Outfit Looks Like Fun

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  • Sady

    A lot of japanese girls dress like this (almost like this). It’s a style called Spank. It’s very childish-80’s-rock 🙂

    • artemis

      too bad i don’t like in japan 😀 that outfit is so funky

      id be looked at as crazy here 🙁

    • suzushii

      Spank does exist, but despite the apparent haphazard way of layering, they do COLOUR coordinate, and the ansamble looks cute and fashionable.

      JLH just looks like she’s an alien who tried to sneak into our planet by pretending to be a human by the rule “the more fads, the better”

      I mean: layered underskirts as a skirt, 80s workout tank, with tank undernieth, studs, M Jackson gloves, legwarmers, Gaga hairbow, net tights AND colourful retro Reebooks?

      Sorry, she looks ridiculous. And this is NOT spank.

  • Casey

    She seems like a really fun person to be around. Most women hate celebrating their birthdays past 30, but she seems to really enjoy it. I hope she had a fun time!

  • miaowface

    It looks like she’s having fun and she’s really cute. I like it.

  • terri

    wtf was she thinking.

  • Aryn

    I LOVE Jennifer Love Hewitt. She looks totally adorable and happy and cute and everything…but…those leg warmers make her look like she has the biggest damn cankles in the entire world. JUST SAYIN. She has a pear shaped body, and the fact that she already has a curvier booty and thicker legs and then with the addition of the leg warmers it is just a hot mess. Sorry. Just saying what everybody else is thinking.

    • Uma

      lmao; you are stating what YOU are thinking. I don’t even believe in politicians talking for me, let alone some random somebody on some random site. I think she looks fine. No cankles.

    • zozo

      Totally agree Aryn. I have legs a lot like hers (chunkier actually :P) and I would never dream of wearing leg warmers like that. Or that skirt, whether it’s fun or not. Her face looks cute though!

    • Hydrangea

      There’s so much going on in these pics and we’re talking about cankle-look? Um, ok. Whatever. ^_^ She kinda looks like a punked out Punky Brewster here. Love the skirt and the shoes.

  • artemis

    so pretty
    i love that outfit way cool

  • Hailey

    I have those shoes lmao.

  • Sidney

    I actually have a huge soft spot for sneakers and legwarmers (still i resist the temptation, no worries), and i love wearing huge furry boots and stuff like that, i think it only makes my upper legs look slimmer in comparison (shortens the legs though, and can be viewed as really tacky, hah..) I think Jennifer’s legs look really good, nicely toned, and the outfit is fun.

  • Beetle


  • Melina

    Crazy but cute

  • Natasha O

    She looks cute here! I like her alot!!

  • Freedom

    Her and her friend looks like minnie mouse. She is fun

  • Susan

    I think she has issues

  • Aims

    Wtf! LOL. I love the shoes – have the same ones except in purple and I wear em’ with skinny pants! They look cute. I have no idea what is going on with her outfit leg up…

  • padme

    Geez I hope it was a theme party. Not sure what the theme would even be though…

  • CoffeeGirl

    What I love about Jennifer Love Hewitt is that when she has fun, she seems to be really focused on fun and not on sexy/slutty look (as would many, many celebs here ).
    She is one of the few stars I would like to hang out with.

  • Anya

    Oh no.. I like JLH, but this outfit is just wrong.. it’s not even cute or funny, it just makes her look like a frumpy mess. sorry.

  • I absolutely LOVE HER! She is always adorable and super feminine.
    One of my favorite female celebrities.