Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Curviness Decreased

jennifer-love-hewitts-curviness-decreased - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Curviness Decreased

Well well well… Someone decided it was time to finally show the exact results of her weight loss.

No more confusing boyfriend jeans, no more baggy, puffy dresses (that by the way and for the millionth time, don’t work on full boobs) and not more oversize t-shirts.

What do we get in return? A top that reveals slimmed down and toned up arms and a pair of pants that finally embrace Jennifer’s recently reduced curves.

And, for maximum effect and impact, make the outfit all black and add heels to have them all shouting “OMG, she’s so skinny now!!!”.

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • e

    It’s not as dramatic as previously claimed, but I never believed that hype anyway. I think she looks great here, yay no poofy dress.

  • sunny

    woah did she have a baby or something? how do u get hips like that?!

    and she looks odd. shes skinny but with huge hips.. doesnt look right.

  • Winsome Audrey

    Her breasts have decreased with weight loss, which is terribly sad.

  • Don

    Ugh! She needs to put the weight back on.

  • Jay

    Wow, she did lose quite a bit of weight, but still remained pear shaped. She looks really good though.

  • zoe

    she’s pear shaped, thats why she has hips. i dont think she looks odd, i think she looks feminine. not every woman in the world will be straight up and down, everyone has different body types and jennifer has bigger hips than some women, no big deal. i think she looks great.

  • freedom

    well she was an hourglass before

  • MizAmeena

    She’s still an hourglass.. Look at the width of her shoulders compared to her hips – Almost perfectly aligned.