Jennifer Love Hewitt

Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: “This is no longer my body”

FFN_g_51186595 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body"

On how being pregnant changes everything:

“You wake up in the morning and you go, “Wow, this is no longer my body. What’s going to happen today?” It teaches you to not be in control and I’ve been a control freak for a long time.”

On her cravings:

“I like cake all of the sudden. I never was a cake person.”

… says 34 year-old Jennifer, who is 6 months pregnant with her first child.

P.S.: How do you like her new, shorter and darker do?

FFN_g_51187594 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body"

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FFN_g_51186592 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body"  FFN_g_51186603 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body" FFN_g_51187287 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body" FFN_g_51187294 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body"  FFN_g_51187598 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body" FFN_g_51193946 - Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is no longer my body"


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  • Deli

    The hair looks nice but the makeup no-no!

  • JaneParker

    Aww she looks cute. And happy. I thought her thighs would turn massive since they’re her problem area but she still looks ok. I bet that she’s super careful with what she eats because she has a bit of a tendency to gain weight and she hasn’t gained all that much.

  • Ky

    Pregnancy suits her tremendously. To me, she looks better than ever.
    Great hair color and style for her too, I’m impressed.

    • b

      I completely agree! She looks better than ever! I really thought she’d blow up. Good for her.

    • wonderwoman21

      Agree. Pregnancy looks great on her.

  • CK

    smth i personally see rarely – pregnancy suits her, she looks good with that bump and her having big boobs&hips makes her body look balanced. And i do agree with her, pregnancy does seem to be smth you can’t control, more like it controls you, it seems really exhausting even for those who have a nice one, imo its worth it only if you really want&are ready to raise a soul.
    As for hair, not sure bout the haircut but the color makes her look much older in the face and the make up in pics in black dress is hideous.

  • Helen

    I love her. But what is wrong with her taste in shoes?

    • Nene

      Don’t know about her shoe tastes but that shoe is all the craze now and honestly i don’t know why cos it’s unflattering on most people.It has the wedge ones-wedge sneakers- which i think is better.

  • Jui’

    Just one of the reasons I never want kids. Not my ideal body but she looks good here, and I absolutely love her personality, so happy and attractive and confident.

  • Pixie

    Luv her hair! And I completely agree with her comment. Your body just does strange things when you’re pregnant, you have no control over most of it.

  • Jui’

    Also think her husband has a great physique.

  • silvy

    she used to be too skinny (all I can think of is her legs on the bed on that Enrique video) Now she looks like a healthy pregnant lady

  • Jui’

    Oh didnt notice the hair. I dont think she has the body to pull it off, shorter hairstyles emphasize a bigger bottom, and I dont think it was a wise choice.

  • swissmiss

    I can’t really relate to her quote, since for me pregnancy was and is a gradual physical change and nothing that happens overnight. It’s not like you wake up in the morning and look like a whale.

    Also, as I stated before, you still have control over your body to a certain degree and the decisions towards food and exercise WILL reflect on your appearance. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and yes I have a big round belly (like I swallowed a huge pumpkin) but my legs, arms and face look almost the same as ever (sure, I got some celullitis here and some little bumps there but overall speaking I guess I gained only like 2 kg in fat max.).
    Maybe I’m just lucky, but I saw it with a lot of friends too. Wise decisions foodwise will always be visible, even when you are pregnant….

  • Nene

    She looks so good pregnant!
    It’s believed by old folks here that if a woman looks pretty when preggie,she’d have a girl and on the contrary,a boy.I don’t really know about that,but most times it’s true.
    And man-oh-man her partner is one hot dude,his body is da ish.

    • Ceren

      How interesting; we have the exact apposite belief, it’s said that the girl takes the mom’s beauty to herself during pregnancy. Anyway I think she looks great, I was afraid that she would be huge but she looks healthy and glowing.

    • mary

      I think you have it the other way around…the old wives tale is that a boy makes you glow and become more beautiful, and a girl sucks away your beauty, causes more morning sickness, and unpleasant pregnancy overall. Either way they are both ridiculous. I know women who went through hell while carrying a son and vice versa. Just depends on the pregnancy.

  • aline

    One thing I like about her is her hubby.the end

    • YOLI

      that is one sexy looking man! 😛 so much better than that idiot who made fun of her “pear ass”


  • Lau

    She actually doesn’t look that bad here. This is the best I’ve seen her look in a very long time. Pretty nice. I kinda envy her, can’t wait to have my own kids. Hehe. 🙂

  • SA girl

    Very nice guy! The baby’s going to be gorgeous with parents like these. Jennifer’s a stunner, loved her portrayal of Audrey Hepburn. I think that was her most admired role. Her other roles were interesting, but definitely not on the same calibre as that of playing Audrey.

  • clea

    She looks a lot heavier in the first two pictures; they’re either later on in the pregnancy or that dress is just awfully unflattering. She looks good, hasn’t put on a ton of weight.

    I haven’t decided if I want kids yet or not, but I am dreading pregnancy already… I am a control freak and would hate to feel like my body is at the mercy of someone/thing else.

    • mary

      I felt the same, but its really not that bad. I still have 10 weeks to go of course, but if you take care of yourself and stay active you don’t get huge or look bad, and will bounce back quickly. I’m more terrified for labor and delivery than the weight gain at this point…

      • serena

        I have never been pregnant, but from what I hear, the last few weeks are pretty uncomfortable (you gain a lot) and in the end women say they can’t wait to push the darn thing out lol! 🙂 It sounds like you’re very healthy and smart about pregnancy Mary, I hope you have an easy stress-free delivery.

    • snoops

      You’d be surprised how quickly you stop even caring about your physique when you are pregnant, all that matters is having a healthy baby and that desire is so strong it totally over powers everything else. I have a bump, not that big a bump but an obviously preggo one, bigger boobs and thats it. I havent been watching my calories or anything I eat quite a lot more than pre-pregnancy but the body uses all of those cals to make a baby it seems!

      @ Mary I get scared now and then too but mostly just cant wait for my due date 🙂 dont worry it will be totally fine nature will take over and do it things. Also google raspberry leaf tea, apparantly it really does work for making active labour shorter!

  • mary

    I think she looks remarkably good for being 6 months along. Definitely thought she would gain a ton of weight and go the KK or JS route…she does have the body type that can pull off of pregnancy weight gain nicely. Of course she still has 3 more months and that’s when I hear you gain the most…

  • Lillaliket

    She almost looks slimmer six months pregnant than she did like a year ago, good for her! I, like many others, thought that she would gain like crazy. I’m not sure how much of a control freak she is though, her weight has been yo-yo ing quite a bit which for me is like the opposite of control.

  • lila

    Now this is what I think a healthy pregnant woman looks.
    Not everyone can stay stick thin like all the super models and I doubt that that’s healthy for the kid. And on the other hand she admits that she’s craving cake now, yet she did NOT balloon like Kim or Jessica and use the pregnancy as a dumb excuse.

  • Mia

    She looks adorable, and I can’t believe how massive her breasts have gotten! She is a lucky pear.

  • talia

    why can’t they were flowy stuff pregnant people are supposed to wear! All that tight clothing looks so uncomfortable.

    • sample

      actually all of the “tight” stuff she has on looks like comfy fabrics…it’s not like she’s wearing leather…and really the flowy stuff works early in the pregnancy when you’re still in the “is she pregnant or not?” stage…after that even the flowy stuff is somehow form fitting too haha

      • Tst

        Are you wonderwoman21?

        • wonderwoman21

          Tst – I realize the anonymity of the internet allows you to express your sad, bitter, ugliness but on this site it’s not common for posters to stalk and harass others, even if they disagree at one point or another. Your comments to others in attempt to continually offend, insult, and harass are truly bizarre. I realize you just want a rise out of me or to somehow upset me because in your sad life that gets you off. But realize that you’re an anonymous poster on the internet, your comments have no affect.I know you so desperately crave attention but I will not ever respond again on this forum: sorry, I don’t feed trolls.

          • Shelly

            Isnt it a bit cruel to call someone ugly? Even if they trying to find out if you have different persona, I wont call them ugly. I was teased and bullied in school, now I am 5ft11, and I model. dont call people ugly, its awful.

          • Shelly

            Poor Sample, she can at least reply for herself, you don’t have to stand up for her. The whole thing’s very petty and dumb (sorry to say, childish on Tst and yourself) anyways, with potential war on the way, with syrian ‘crisis’. Human life is more important to discuss, but this post is a nice form of escapism.

        • Shelly

          Tst, you just as cruel as wonderwoman. Women can be so terrible to each other sometimes. You both should be ashamed of yourselves.

          • wonderwoman21

            Actually Shelly you have no idea whats going on. Tst has been following both Sample and I (we are seperate commentors) insinuating that we are the same person ever since a couple weeks back when i defended Sample against tst’s barrage of insults that called Sample stupid and a caveman. Since then tst has regularly followed us both, leaving comments that intend to be personally insulting. Check out their comment down below on my comment. To tst ugly is pretty accurate.

          • Tst

            But you just did what wonderwoman did. defend someone else or in wonders case, her alter ego sample, LOL. as you can see, I am quite capable of fighting my own battles. people need to mind their own business. IRONIC.

  • lc

    She looks matronly here, that cut is no good imo.

    • La la la la

      agree, she’s frowning in most of her candids, she doesn’t look happy except in the forced poses. great that everyone is so encouraging but i don’t think she looks good and those black shoes are terribly unflattering

  • S

    wow she looks fantastic. best she’s looked in years.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t really like her haircut but body wise, she looks fantastic! Good for her!

  • Eve

    I expected her to gain a lot, my bad. I would like to look like her when pregnant.

  • k

    umm…her man’s HOT

    • Winnie

      He’s a hunk!

  • wonderwoman21

    I agree and disagree to her statement. There’s a lot of things that are out of control during pregnancy, which is scary, but there’s a lot you can control too. I do feel as if my body has been taken over but at the same time I definitely feel like it is still mine. 11 more weeks to go!!

    • Tst

      You are Sample! Cos Sample never replies me, only you do! I feel sorry for the man that knocked you up, poor sob must have been drunk. Who calls themselves wonderwoman? A proud, self righteous, thinks she knows it all girl. No one else on this site thinks much of themselves as you do. You need a serious wake up call, drop your pride, you not very likeable, and I am sure, you the troll.

  • xcheshirecat

    I’m pretty sure she just stopped wearing extensions

  • Heather

    I think she’s adorable as usual. While I normally love a much more slender shape, I love this girl. I think she’s cute yet sexy. And normally I don’t love bigger breasts, on her, they look amazing. Lol. Girl crush. I can’t see how this baby won’t be beautiful. Look at the parents!!

  • coldnipz

    her chest looks very sun damaged in the black dress photo.

    slip.slop.slap.wrap (as they say)

    hasn’t blown up yet. we shall see……its amazing what can happen in the last month.

  • solaxia

    Her man is sexy! She looks gorgeous too, best she has looked in ages. I love her hair, but not the makeup. She is dressing her bump well too. I like it.

  • kat

    jenn i feel the same way

  • mikemoair2

    if she is producing milk, id like a drink, ohhhhh the humanity

  • mikemoair2

    she has always had fantastic breast, and now the dairy is full and producing!!! but where are the stories on that?

  • mikemoair2

    where are stories on the brunette from robin thicke’s blurred lines vid? she is sexy, miley is a skank….

  • mikemoair2

    most pictures she looks stoned? her eyes say yes I am, she has a great smile

  • mikemoair2

    she IS the vajazzle goddess…meow!!!! when she came out about vajazzle, I had to wonder what guy would break up with her? sexy, rich, famous and frisky sexy cute?

  • mikemoair2

    she has always been adorable…..certainly a favorite…..she would not get boring!!!! a keeper!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    and she is a texas gal!!!!! that’s a plus right there…..she would say yes, let’s go to lajitas/terlingua