Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba – Bob Do and White Dress

22 - Jessica Alba - Bob Do and White Dress

Jessica Alba looked pretty and smiley on the red carpet at the Little Frockers premiere last night, where she showed up with a new bob hairdo and a cleavagey fringe dress.

How do you like Jessica’s hair? And how about her entire look?

See two more pictures of Jessica after the jump!

13 - Jessica Alba - Bob Do and White Dress

34 - Jessica Alba - Bob Do and White Dress

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  • Biz

    she doesn’t look bad at all. but there is something i can’t put my finger on that I don’t like. dress? shoes? regardless, she is adorable and beautiful.

    • enlightened

      it’s her eyebrows!

  • Cristina

    oh wow, breathtaking; and she has the most adorable smile 🙂 looking pretty is what she is best at, really 😀

  • Chi

    mmm.. she is looking cute. is it just me or she gained just a little weight? it’s nice coz she’s been skinny always.

    • Leah

      i thought that too, especially in the 1st picture. just based on body alone, i like her better when she’s slimmer, but overall she looks so much prettier now

  • wow, she looks super cute and smart in that outfit. hair and dress are great.

  • Ariel

    Yes, I think you are right- she gained a little tiny bit I think…

  • i like those shoes!!!!!!!
    the hair should have a bit more volume but other than that she looks beautiful…
    btw check out my blog about models if u have time 🙂

  • vi

    so boring!

  • Ophelie

    I like the hair but not the outfit. I think the dress would have worked better with edgier shoes.

    • Agree would’ve looked good with some kind of chunky heels. The dress is really girly pretty in itself, so glitter shoes are a bit too much.

  • definitely gained weight… i’m surprised.

  • I just cut my hair and I’m happy to see her shorter do. I’m still getting used to short hair.

  • Polly

    She did gain a little weight but it looks great on her…maybe she’s pregnant? She looks lovely here.

  • Diana

    Hum.. I like it! She isn’t that amazing with this outfit, but she is always pretty, it’s ok! She can.

  • Vanessa

    She has definately gained some. I don’t like the hair on her. She looks better with less straightened, longer, waves.

  • Her body is completely amazing! Super skinny but still looks super healthy. Really toned, but not in a sinewy way like with some. And she’s always glowing somehow. But if what she tells is true, she is super healthy: workout everyday, organic greens, fish, etc, no smoking, alcohol etc.
    Well, thats me half the time 😉 But i think it would be boring all the time! But that’s a personal choice. And it definitely pays off, as u can see with her!

    Agree with @Biz : there’s something slightly wrong with the outfit/look i can’t quite put my finger on. Somehow looks really cute but somehow… dunno?

  • I like her better with a little more weight – she has great proportions and I like to see her fill them out a little more.
    This look is fun and cute – it’s good to see her change it up a bit.

  • seijidan

    the bows on the dress ruins it for me. She looks nice though. One of the celebrities who consistently looks good, fashion and body wise. I think she gained a few though. Her arms are not as lean, but she’s still gorgeous in every way and her body is enviable!

  • angie

    She definitely has gained–which is natural especially for mothers. But I think it suits her and she looks great. The only thing I never understood is that apparently she is about 5’7″ but she looks shorter in my opinion..even in this picture where she is wearing heals. I am 5’6″ and look taller than her. Maybe it’s because I have long legs and her legs are a little shorter?

    • Cristina

      I never bought the she’s 5’7 neither; i say 5’5 or maybe 5’6 but not more.

  • siennagold

    Hate the dress but love the shoes! Gorgeous as usual!

  • yeah what is going ON with her? whys she gaining so much weight? :/

    • Jamie

      :S I would hardly call the tinyest amount of weight, that she may or may not of put on ‘gaining so much’ I mean really, she could just be on her period, a bit puffy, it could be the dress, perhaps (oh horror of horrors….) she decided to actually take part in a bit of EATING for the holiday season! It could be all of those things combined. Or it could be just the photo, and we will see her next week in shorts and a tank top looking thinner then ever. At any rate…looking the slightest bit fuller, does worlds of good for her beauty! She could stand to fill out a bit more. It would only make her even more gorgeous. (and I am one who likes the thin look, but she would definately look just as beautiful, if not more so, AND still be a THIN, TINY girl, with another 10 lbs on her. In my opinion.

  • asdfkjh

    wow weight gain. and whats with that haircut…. it looks like dora the explorer

  • emma

    the haircut is ok, i’m not a fan of the styling/highlights though

  • Cecil

    she totally gained, it’s not bad… she has a beautiful shape so having more cushion is attractive… wish she wore a dress that was… less shaped

    i loooov the color on her though

  • Brittany

    how did she find the ONE dress on the planet that isn’t flattering on her almost perfect body?? and the hair is a downgrade.

    Maybe she’s preggers!

  • Hazal

    Jessica Alba is the most stylish celebrity IMO. I love her style. Her hair and outfits are always great. Nevertheless, I think darker hair suits her better.

  • Jay-lisa

    I think she looks slightly thinner on those pictures I have no idea why! The angle? don’t know!

  • She is beautiful but has definitely gained. Maybe pregnant??

  • Ellen

    I’m actually kind of shocked at how many people think her weight gain doesn’t look good. I think she looks great here, honestly.

    • flossy

      I agree I can’t even see where she’s gained this “tiny” amount of weight.

    • I don’t think anyone said it didn’t look good, quite the contrary. I’m surprised at how much people are noticing it. Didn’t notice it at first, just thought she looked amazing. But i can see it now, she had gotten a bit too skinne before, her body looks better than ever!
      Would kill for those legs!!! They are perfect 🙂

  • That dress is so unflattering. It’s as if she’s trying to hide her weight gain with it but it seems to accentuate it.

  • seijidan

    The weight gain is clearly obvious in her arms. Her arms aren’t that “thick” and that’s an overstatement. She looks skinnier on other pictures of the premiere though. It’s only her arms where she looks like she gained. Still very pretty though.

  • mel

    Wow she really did put on weight! Not saying she looked bad, but I think she looked more beautiful slimmer. It’s not even so much her body, but her face looks slightly rounder, which makes her look more “cute” than “beautiful.” I also much preferred her legs and arms a couple of months ago. Back then I was extremely envious of her figure! Something is really off about this dress and her look here. Maybe it’s the frosted makeup, but usually she makes edgier choices. If I didn’t know this picture was recent, I’d think it was from at least five or six years ago. This weight makes her look a bit shorter and less modelesque than she used to. She looked so elegant and willowy when she was thinner!

  • ChelBell

    me no likey

  • solaxia

    I usually dont like her AT ALL. I usually find her very boring…though i liked her in her bigger days of idle hands and dark angel. BUT i think she looks great here! she suits the shorter hair and she looks sooo much better with a bit of weight on her. Her legs have never been her best asset…however the dress looks adorable on her and i LOVE the shoes

  • Nessa

    don’t like her hair. it’s kind of boring. she looks better with soft wavy hair.

  • Princess

    Perfection! looking stunning,elegant and sexy!

  • Sophie


  • apricotmuffins

    I would very much like her weight gain to be entirely down to her being more comfortable and happy with herself – she does look amazing here! happy, healthy…

    but i think she’s pregnant. Its the dress. It makes me think she’s hiding the baby bump a weeny bit. if so, whee! congratulations! and if not, well, bad dress choice but she otherwise looks really beautiful.

    • Serafiina

      I hate these kind of speculations but I also have a feeling she is pregnant. But if not, I really like the weight gain, this dress just doesn´t do any favours for it. Her face always looks the best when it´s little fuller. Here however, something looks little off. I don´t like the hair on her.

  • alana

    I kind of wonder if she’s pregnant again. She just has that look and looks not bigger but just kind of puffy like she’s preggers. Her boobs look bigger.

  • kiki

    she looks amazing at this weight 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like her hair an her shoes. The dress is okay.
    I’m so glad to see her looking healthy again! She was stick-thin for a while before. When she was really skinny (too skinny), it made her look unhealthy, starved and older than she is. Now she has feminine curves and she looks more like a woman. She also looks younger. Hope she stays like this and doesn’t decide to lose weight again.

  • Jay

    She looks so much better here. She only looks like she gains a little bit of weight, but it’s suits her. She looks younger and healthier. She looks much better at this weight than her skinny-weight. She was too skinny before. She actually has boobs now! Women look better with more curves.

  • Hm.

    She doesn’t look pregnant, she just looks healthier. She looks like she gained her female curves back. This is a much better weight for her.

  • Ema

    She looks cute with that hair. I like her with bob cuts. And she looks better with more curves. This weight is more flattering to her. She was too thin before. She looks better now.

  • Kat

    I hate the hair. How can anyone like it? It looks thin and stringy. It reminds me of my 7th grade math teacher. The length is all wrong for her face shape. She is beautiful, and this cut makes her look completely boring. She should have gone with something a little more stylish.

  • captaincarolina

    I don’t think she’s gained weight, she’s just got a bit softer. Muscle actually weighs more than fat and my guess is she hasn’t been hitting the gym as much. She is a gorgeous woman either way but as a guy, my preference is the more toned, harder look. I miss her six pack abs and and her more muscular arms and legs from her Dark Angel days, where she looked like she could wrestle you down in bed and have her way with you. Nothing sexier to me than a toned athletic woman – much more so than either a waify look.

  • padme

    I don’t like this at all. She reminds of a kid going to junior prom or something. She just kind of looks ridiculous.