Jessica Alba Brings the Quote of the Day


I originally put this one in a Friday Link, but since some of you got interested in the topic, here’s the whole paragraph – Jessica Alba on her daughter’s restrictive diet:

“She doesn’t have sugar at all; she doesn’t even have fruit juice. She has, like, three-quarters celery or cucumber juice with a little bit of apple juice – that’s the most sugar she’s ever had. I know it’s crazy but… she doesn’t know. She’s like, ‘Cucumber juice – awesome!’

Hmm… What do you guys think about this?

One pic of Jessica with her dautgher after the jump!



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  1. That’s sad. Because of the mothers like that, daughters have self esteem issues. I mean, I’m all for giving your child a healthy diet, but once in a while, they can have a treat…they’re KIDS. She shouldn’t restrict her daughter from having sweet foods, just because she wants to restrict herself from having them.

    • Actually, Jessica is doing her daughter a favour by not letting her have sugar. Did you know that cancer cells feed off of sugar? And that sugar impairs your immune system? The human body is not meant to have more than a little teensy bit of sugar-if any at all. Sugar consumption is one of the reasons why we have so many health issues and diseases like cancer running rampant. When cancer patients are first diagnosed, sugar is one of the first things they are told to eliminate from their diet. For more information check out this website:

      • Cancer cells are human cells and in the human body starch is broken down to monosacharides (sugars) to be used as energy. So cancer cells could just as easily “feed off” any carbohydrate. You shouldn’t post things you don’t fully understand on the internet.

        Natural sugars are perfectly harmless in small amounts! milk, yougert, cheese, berries, fruit. ALL contain sugars and many other essential nutrients. The benefit of eating eating the foods above way out ways the benefit.

        Thats very extreme and when she is older she will have a complex or completely rebel. Its just ridiculous!

  2. This is VERY extreme! I limit my son’s sugar also, but he is a kid and they deserve to have a yummy dessert sometimes. This is a healthy balance. This will be hard for Jessica to control because Honor is growing and she will be around kids eating sweets. Honor is old enough to be socializing with other kids now, so I’m surprised there hasn’t been issues. I wonder how long she plans to control this….

  3. she’s such a crazy b—….that child is going to abuse sweets when she discovers them….just because of her stupid skinny obsessed mother….and then maybe she will be sick….develop an eating disorder and stuff…I used to like Jessica Alba…now i thinks she’s just another dumbass Hollywood stereotype….too bad…

  4. I just thought, is she excluding FRUIT too!!!! A “little bit of apple juice”????? A baby should be getting fruit!!!! Banana, pears, etc!!!!!!!!!! She is crazy if this is the case! Fruit has natural sugar, and it is healthy and necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • omg i thought the exact same please tellme the child is having ABLE TO EAT FRUIT….wtf!!!

      but if she is saying thats the most sugar she has had then yeah she prob doesnt give her fruit to eat either

      so sad

    • Apple juice is concentrated sugar. Fruit itself is much less concentrated and it doesn’t spike the blood sugar the way juice does.

      I doubt she has a problem with fruit.

      Personally, I think this is a smart idea. I’m disgusted by all the crap I see people feeding their kids these days. No wonder there’s a childhood (and adulthood) obesity epidemic.

  5. i understand her whole family is obese, and she’s become obsessed with being stick-thin, but the poor child deserves a little treat from time to time.

  6. Sounds extreme, but i bet she’s had sugar in it’s natural form. Jessica sounds to think she hasn’t had that either, b/c she’s limiting the juice intake too, but ao many natural products have at least some amount of sugar in them. But maybe that’s not what she meant. If she’s allowing her daughter to eat fruits, vegetables and a healthy amount of whatever carbonhydrates she feels comfortable with, i see no harm in what she’s doing. Little children don’t need candy, and they can indulge in semi-healthy stuff too, they don’t no anything else and it doesn’t hurt them. If Jessica just would be able to introduce all the cakes and goodies to her daughter in a sensible way once she’s at an age where she’s bound to become interested in such things, there should be no harm. I agree that if the daughter is forever to have a very stricted diet, she might just become a bit obsessed w/ sugary things at some point.

  7. OMG PEOPLE! You cant seriously be this…dumb..? Just because society (and of course, the tastebuds of the general public) says that sugar = party and fun, it doesnt actually have to be that way! Of course, maybe Jessica Alba has some phsyciological issue with health becuase of her obese family- but, it doesnt matter. What she is doing doesnt harm Honor AT ALL! Its even, huh oh yes, considered healthy!! Im not saying sugar is bad for kids (or even adults), but its horrible to think people actually think sugar HAS to be a part of a persons diet – especielly a kid that has yet the actual ability to form real opinions of things and instead relies on tastebuds only! I mean come on! Honor is probably equally happy as all of her peers that eat sugar frosted flakes and drink pure apple juices are.

    • Good thing you are so intelligent. What are you doing over here with all these dumb people thinking fruits are healthy for you especially for your growing child? Indeed..

    • .. this comment must be someone trying to piss people off, you can’t really be this stupid. I mean, there are limits for stupidity, and this is faaar beyond.

      that woman sure does strive to ruin her kid’s life, huh. for once, i’m thrilled sugar is added to pretty much any product – makes the kid a bit less doomed. she probably can’t avoid the whole binge and purge-thing, not with that crazy cow for a mother.

      • I grew up eating nothing but fruit and I never craved or thought I was missing out for not eating junkfood and processed sugar. Your pallete only craves what it knows. If anything, all this processed crap messes with our taste buds.

      • We don’t need processed sugar but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with consuming it from time to time; there’s no reason people should fear sugar like it’s the devil.

        And yes, sugar/carbs are necessary for a healthy diet. Just because some unscholarly people in the 90’s decided it’s bad for you doesn’t make it so. Like most things, it’s bad for you if you have too much. But it is good for you if you have it in average quantities.

          • The same as any other sugar, including so-called “natural” sugar.

            Our body has this amazing ability to convert any type of sugar, fructose, lactose, sucrose…etc, into glucose for consumption. And it always requires conversion since we can’t ingest glucose directly unless through an IV, but the cells in our body can only consume glucose, not fructose, sucrose..etc.

            “Processed” sugar is no different than regular sugar except for the fact that it has been created to contain more glucose. So you moderate and eat less. Period.

    • Okay…chances are if you severely limit a child’s sugar or fat intake when they are young, whenever they are able to get a hold of sugar later on in life, they will go crazy and not be able to stop themselves as well as a child who has sugars healthily incorporated in their diet and are allowed to occasionally indulge in a sugary treat or two. Keeping Honor on such a strict diet is pretty much absurd, and I agree with everyone else; a child should be allowed to savor fruits and veggies…a balanced diet is essential for a growing child…

    • FYI smarty pants we need sugar for our brains. our body actually converts other foods into glucose for energy. the reason table sugar spikes your blood sugar is because it takes your body much less time to do so.

      but if you’re taking a final exam, nothing’s better than candy for the cramming process.

  8. I don’t think she’s wrong. When I was a kid my mother was kind of the same with me, and the result is that now I only like healthy things and never had any kind of health problems. Altough, I do think she could be less extreme, but I don’t think she’s doing any bad. And also, that’s much better than being one of those fat-crazy mothers, who take the kids to have breakfast at McDonald’s everyday.. I mean, is in the childhood that we build good habits.

  9. Well, if she doesn’t limit fruits, fine whatever. If she does, that is unhealthy. I grew up in the countryside, i had any fruit i wanted because the tree was right there and in the winter i had fruit gems – still love them – and i was never sick as a child. Up until today, my worst disease was a food poisoning i had last year… and as others have mentioned before, a good diet is a balanced diet.

    Just as an example, those of you condemning sweets like it is the worst possible thing ever, have you got any idea how many benefits there are in cocoa for example?

    • In fact, there are fruits that have high chances of causing alergies, like strawberry, if you ate them as a little kid. So not ALL fruits should be in her diet.

      • Well, milk can cause allergy; dairy actually. As well as eggs. Or cocoa. Or fruits. Should we leave out all of these just because they might cause allergies? And let’s take it further: dust, flowers, plants, cats, dogs, almost anything in the environment can cause an allergy. Children need to meat all these from quite a young age, when their immunity is getting strong and varied. Keep them away and you’ll have one weak adult, that gets sick just like that…

        • I don’t agree. I think we should keep kids younger than 3 years old away from milk, strawberry and eggs. After that, they can eat them. Also, There are other foods that can give the same thing that they give and not forget that, until the mother has her own milk, the child doesn’t have to drink any other tipo of milk. (I’m not saying that every mother should have milk until their child is 3 years old, I’m just saying that this might happen.)
          I do not believe that keeping kids away from what causes alergies turns them into weak childs. I believe that if the person got sick a lot during the childhood is more probable that they became a weak adult.

        • I agree with you Uma.

          Proof: Germophobes tend to get sick more than the average person when exposed to germs, and their sickness has worse symptoms and lasts longer. Their antiseptic lifestyle limits the growth of their immune system.

          Also, giving your kid milk doesn’t develop a milk allergy. Allergies result from malfunctioning of the immune system. Some people develop allergies before ever being exposed to the allergens (e.g. penicillin allergy).

          To avoid giving your kids items such as milk and strawberries because they might develop allergies is silly.

  10. I think its fine. Lets face it some foods just shouldnt be eaten. I dont think twinkies or little debbies in moderation are ever good. Do you know the kind of chemicals that are in these foods? Good for her standing up for what she believes. Although im all for fruit.

    Sugar is in everthing….from bread,crackers, tomatoe sauce you name it. its so not needed.

      • While it’s true that sugar is in everything, most people don’t consume massive amounts of sugar daily (I’m not talking about those 15,000 cals a day shows).

      • Other Casey,

        the sugar found in most items like tomato sauce is pretty negligible. most people can cosume all those things, eat fruits, and still be below the sugar cut off per day. It’s when you get into drinking soda, eating cake…etc when your sugar intake gets too high.

        But even a can of soda once in a while isn’t going to kill you. The body is flexible like that.

    • I remember when I first went to live in North America. There was so much sugar in the bread, crackers, bacon, etc.! It was disgusting. I don’t want to have the overwhelming taste of sugar when I’m eating a ham sandwich!

  11. This poor child. Children learn how to eat and how to love (or hate) themselves by their parents’ example. This bimbo is going to wreck this poor child.

  12. I wish my mother did the same with me. It took me forever to break the habit of eating and drinking all of those sugars. I could have easily avoided this struggle if I had no introduction to them from the start.

    & plus, she’s her child. I’m certain the mothers in here do not give a hoot about another woman’s opinion on her parenting.

  13. I think it’s good for parents to teach their kids good dietary habits, but when the kid is old enough to make her own decisions, she deserves a treat every now and then. No fruit is pretty extreme. I can understand no sugery process sweets most of the time, but fruits are essential.

  14. I get what she’s trying to do, and I want to give her major props. But at the same time I’m like… just no. It is apparent that she wants her daughter to grow up healthy, dare I even say “natural”. But in today’s day and age, when we are surrounded by so many junk-sugar-transfat-fried-fatty grossness, it is not possible.

    Learn to enjoy the crap food in moderation, otherwise it is possible to cause very serious psychological issues regarding food (temptation to eat the so-called forbidden foods).

  15. I’ll be doing the same with my children. I plan on limiting their sugar intake, such as candy and cake. No juice nor chocolate milk. I give kudos to Jessica, she’s being a good mother. Her daughter will thank her when she’s older.

    • Denise I totally agree with you. My brother and me always talk about when we have kids of our own we are going to have them on a clean, whole foods only diet – no sugar, no processed crap! Jessica is smart for starting early, her daughter is going to have amazing skin just like her beautiful mother without all that sugar!

  16. That’s a bit insane or at least sounds too extreme. Yes, restricting sugar is recommended but not to this extent. A small amount of sugar is also needed, she’s still growing and she needs all sorts of food! Something sweet once in a while won’t do any harm to her. Why not give her some juice? I think it’s kinda ridiculous.
    If Jessica doesn’t consume any sweet stuff, this doesn’t mean her little kid has to suffer her mother’s diet too.

    I’m almost sure that when Honor finds out what sweets taste like, she’ll eat them even more than other children.

    • Skirmute, you are totally wrong. It has been proven again and again that adults stick to eating what they were taught to enjoy as children. I grew up on natural foods, with a strict diet of NO soda or processed foods, and to this day, I can only eat those in moderation.
      I’m in great shape and grew up tall and strong, and was NEVER obese.
      Jessica is doing a great service to her child, and other parents would do well to follow her example. The United States is drowning in Coke-drinking, Big-Mac eating lard-asses. I want to see more Jessica Albas walking down the street, not Rosie O’Donnells.

  17. So why is it absolutely necessary to give into the trend of preserved, high fat, zero nutrient, fake foods? They’re obviously impossibly integrated into the media – because we’re exposed to food as a product every five seconds, and into the general population if “giving in” is necessary to being a “normal” person. Why? I think the only thing that’s necessary is education – learning what a healthy diet is, what food’s purpose is, and how that can become part of a balanced lifestyle. A treat can be healthy, and natural. Ugh. You can treat a kid without ever giving them fruit roll ups or cake or other processed s— that should never be consumed by anyone under any circumstances.

  18. ITS SO FUNNY!!! YOU, americans, are so fat and ridiculous and are trying to say to her how she should create her own daughter!! LIKE, you are so obese!!! ITS FUNNY, CAUSE YOUR ARGUMENTS FAIL SO BADLY!!!!

    • What’s hilarious is your comment!! LOL!! It’s so ridiculous!
      How can someone sound so ignorant???

      You have no idea if these people are obese, or even american!

        • That wasn’t funny at all. It sounded ignorant and immature. We’re all obese?? Why, Miss Jessica Alba herself is almost underweight, so, yes, shockingly, there are thin people over here. Wow. If you think that was funny, find a more stimulating way to get your kicks.

        • I repeat, “If you think that was funny, find a more stimulating way to get your kicks.”
          And no, sorry, it was not funny. If all Americans are obese, everyone where you come from must be really, really stupid =)

    • Lucinda, I hate to say it but I agree with you. I have read that Jessica will have fruits with NATURAL sugar like apples and stuff like that, but no processed sugar. When I am older I definitely plan on moving out of the U.S., it’s really embarrassing how high our obesity rates are. Sad.

      • you plan on moving just because other people are obese? they embarrass you that much? I’ve lived in Europe and the US, and there is definitely more variety in US supermarkets. The Mediterranean diet is healthier, but there is nothing that you can’t make also in America buying the ingredients. Plus you have supermarkets specialized in healthy food. In Europe there are specialized stores too but they are much smaller and with less variety. I have noticed a difference between different US cities though.

    • wth u cant call all of Americans fat. im american and i have anorexia and bulimia cuz im scared as hell of ever becoming one of those “fat americans”. if u lived in america u would see not everyone is fat idiot. its like saying people in england which im assuming ur from all have gross yellow teeth ewww. grow up ur not funny

      • While the person above could have gone about her post in a more polite way and maybe used fact to back up her claims, you cannot deny the fact that America has an extremely large overweight population.

        Fact: American’s, according to Forbes, are ranked # 9 as the world’s fattest country. 75% of it’s population is overweight. That is way above 50%.

        In the entire world, America, who has enough money and research to promote good health, has 75% of it’s population overweight. This is not healthy.

        Fact: According to NationMaster, America is ranked #1 as the largest obesity population in the world, with 31% of it’s population being obese.

        just saying.

        • Well, everywhere else there are fat people, so I mean, it’s not a huge deal. There are overweight people pretty much EVERYwhere. She is very ignorant, the person who made that first comment.

  19. No sugar at all, even in natural fruits?? Hm, I don’t know, but if she plans for her to have NONE, and there is some small trace of sugar in most foods, then what does she (Honor) eat?

  20. I surprisingly don’t see this as so bad.

    With the parents out there that are stuffing and sugar and fat down their kids throats or not feeding them at all, at least this ludicrously restriction in sugar is done out of her child’s best interests.

    All she’s said here is that she doesn’t give her baby sugar; there are, i’m sure, other parents that may not want a todler to have sweets. I was allowed sugar as a baby but not that much. As a kid we had sweet day one day a week and £1 was enough to buy a pack of skittles for me and my two sisters! Good old 90s.

    For all we know she may up her Honor’s sugar intake as she gets older; she may just be taking care now that she doesn’t get too used to sugar. Then is the possibility that she goes binge cray once she starts getting sweets sneaked to her from friends in school!

  21. ummmm in case you all didn’t know… one of the reasons kids are so fat is because they are fed crap from the day they are born. everything is processed and has so much sugar. no one cooks anymore. everything has sugar in it. if you fed another child cucumber juice they would hate it because their taste buds aren’t used to it.

    • Exactly. Why do you think most kids hate vegetables? Cause they’re used to eating salty, sugary foods that completely change their palate. I think it’s great what she’s doing although she shouldn’t restrict the apple juice as long as it’s organic and 100 percent pure.

  22. for all of you who are saying that at least she’s not stuffing her child with junk food – that is not what the people who are against her are saying. feeding your child isn’t black or white – it isnt restricting all sugars or feeding him/her all sugars. jeez! we’re not saying that she should feed her baby junk food and fatty foods, we’re just saying that she shouldn’t deprive her child. like i agree, eating McDonald’s for lunch everyday is very, very bad. but jess says she wont even give honor fruit. like come one, that’s ridiculous.

  23. she is being extremely restrictive! i am all for healthy eating, in fact, in my fridge we don’t have fruit juices or sodas at all. in my pantry, you will not find cookies or chips or pretzels. but really if you are so restrictive on your child, she COULD (im not saying she definitely will!) develop an eating disorder or some sort of obsession with food- i have seen it. jessica was always open about how her whole family was overweight, i think she is scared and doesn’t want her daughter to follow those habits, so she is taking it to the extreme.

  24. She’s wealthy and from that picture, it looks like she really loves her daughter. So, yea, there is absolutely nothing to worry about the parenting of that child. She’ll be just fine. There are way worse things that a mother can do to a daughter.

  25. People might think what she’s doing is crazy but in all honesty, every parent has their own way of raising their child. Look at this current generation of children. They are severely obese due to our parents laziness, looking for a quick solution to feed the kids (aka drive thru).

    Madonna won’t let her kids watch TV. Do you think that’s crazy? Probably.

    But every parent has their thing.

    Most just choose the Mc Donalds thing and think that’s acceptable because probably 90% of the world does it…when in all reality…it’s not healthy or normal.

    So in the end, we’re all gonna end up fat and obese if we stop thinking that food is a reward or a treat or something to do because we are bored. If anything, food is just supposed to be enough to live.

    You people suck because you’re probably fat.

    Merry Christmas.

      • No it is very probable. It is also very highly probable that we are all jealous hags as well.

        Like MM, I studied probability… thats how I know this.

      • Plus, you can’t be seriious that this is just the first generation of parents that want a ‘quick solution to feed the kids’. People have been lazy since the beginning of time, it’s just that they didn’t have McDonald’s in the 15th century.

    • Fat? No, I think some of us are just reasonable.

      Yes, we have a huge obesity problem. But you don’t solve a problem with another problem. Raising your children like Jessica will certainly eliminate the obesity problem, but will bring about problems that result from restrictive dieting.

      All these celebrities that go to extremes, Jessica, Madonna, Tom Cruz…etc, are people who have read or heard something, took it for 100% truth (e.g. sugar is bad, TV is bad, non-scientology is bad), and have imposed their unhealthy views on their children.

      • i just called everyone fat just because i get a kick out of it because people do get a bit defensive over this.

        as for food being here to enjoy, it is meant to be enjoyed but for me i dont eat to enjoy it. there herein lies the problem. americans eat to enjoy instead of eat to live.

  26. I’m pretty sure Jessica allows Honor to have sweets. I just think she doesn’t want to give her any extra, unnecessary sugars if possible. Fruit juice typically has a LOT of sugar, and we don’t need to put that in our bodies. Vegetable juice is much more nutritious and I personally enjoy it myself. I’m sure Jessica just wants to make sure Honor is as healthy a baby as possible, not restrict her… Honor looks healthy! I wish my parents cared a bit more about nutrition when I was growing up. I practically lived on a diet of Burger King, sweets, and ramen noodles -_-

  27. Wow, looks like a great start to a binge eating disorder for her daughter in the future! Not to mention stunted brain development..

  28. Maybe this interview was edited…why can she have apple juice but not watermelon juice, orange juice? It doesn’t make sense…unless she means processed apple juice…so this makes lots of sense.

    • exactly. We’re going off on a very tiny bit of information. I don’t think she restricts her daughter from fruits, i think she just meant processed sugars. If that is the case, I am for Jessica on this. Children do not need to be treated or rewarded with sweets, even if in moderation they are not bad for us. We don’t NEED to treat them with junk food to make them treats. Healthy foods can be just as much of a reward/treat. Heck, you don’t even need to use food. You can do something else.

  29. it doesnt matter if this kind of diet is “healthier” or not, the fact that she’s purposely restricting her daughter-her own daughter-is absolutely aweful.

  30. I think she means on a daily basis or just drinks. I’m pretty sure she’s had cake and other baked goods.

    I hate it when I see people drinking soda all the time. Does no good for their body.

  31. I think I’m in the majority here – I feel that what Alba is doing is WAY in the extreme. I’m all for eating healthy, and I know that if my parents had impressed those values on me more I wouldn’t have such a hard time giving up my sweet treats, but fruit is part of a daily diet. It has important nutrients – I’m sure she’s getting supplemental vitamins, but that’s what they are. They’re supplements; they’re meant to be taken with natural forms of the vitamin, not in place of.

    I’m all for eating healthy – if you put cucumbers and raw string beans in front of me I’d choose that over chocolate ice cream – but to seriously restrict your child’s diet like that could have the reverse effect later in life when she’s out with her friends and tastes ice cream for the first time. Better to teach moderation, no?

    • Agree that moderation is key.

      I don’t believe each post needs a ‘GUESS WAT GUISE APPELS TAST BETTER THAN CHOC LOLOLOL APPL A DAY U NOE’ or statement confirming that one is super healthy/grew up on ___ and is ____ because of it. It isn’t the point. Anecdotal evidence, sure. Relevant to the discussion. Saying one would prefer celery broth than pancakes is holier-than-thou and gives no more credibility to an argument.

  32. I love Jessica Alba but that is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, mothers should teach healthy eating habits to their kids, but this goes beyond that.

    No kid should be allowed to eat whatever they want, but one sugar item a day isn’t going to kill them. Even if that sugar isn’t, “natural.” A cupcake, a few tabs of chocolate, one soda. Honor is a little kid for God’s sake. As long as it’s moderation, there’s no harm to be expected. Diabetes happens when parents don’t monitor their kids and their kids drink 2 L of soda..etc. One cupcake a day isn’t going to give your kid diabetes, especially if you make sure your kid stays active.

    Jessica to me sounds like a mom who has been brainwashed by diet fads, has her own issues with dieting, and is projecting onto her kid. I feel sorry for Honor.

  33. I admire this woman for many many things, but this time she’s acting like a total selfish person. Every child needs sugar !! It’s like she wants to make her little girl a mini Jessica Alba. I know parents have to make choice for their children, but here she’s going too far. If she wants to be hard on herself to keep hyper thin and fit, that’s her problem, but please she’ can’t impose that to her daughter.

  34. Kids need sugar more than adults do, that’s why they crave for something sweet all the time. Is she talking about home made fruit juice? cuz if she does than someone else should feed her child…

    • No they don’t. They crave what they know. I didn’t have a craving for chips or candy growing up, because I was never GIVEN those stuff.

      Fact: Salt and sugar have addictive qualities.

      Fact: Children crave these things because most of the foods they are brought up with contain the addictive qualities, which make their food palette less varied and more focused on salty and sweet things.

      Fact: the majority of the American diet contains more salt, sugar, and processed and chemical induced products then most countries, which is why the majority are so unhealthy.

      fact: Most juices, if not all= higher concentration of sugar, even regular natural juice.

      fact: Most of the nutrients that you get from a fruit comes from the fruit itself, and not the juice.

      Fiction: Children need sugar more then adults, and that’s why they crave them. Read above, and actually research this claim.

  35. Rewarding your kids with sugar ladden junk food is what causes an eating disorder, not elminiating processed foods (includign sugar). What kind of relationship with food are they going to have if they think that junk food is a reward. Food is for energy, not rewards. Junk food has no nutritional value so contrary to what many people here claim, YOU DON’T NEED IT.

    I don’t understand why people are saying she’s eliminating fruits. She’s talking about juices which are more sugar than actual fruit juice. People need to get a grip. It’s this kind of ignorance about nutrition which causes us to end up with a high obeseity rate.

    For those who say she’ll end up binging on sweets…. I don’t think so! If you’re taste buds aren’t used to tasting crap, then not only will you not enjoy puting s–t in your mouth, but you won’t crave it either.

    • Agreed. We didn’t have many sugary or processed foods in my house growing up. (natural peanut butter – not Jiffy, homemade bread – not store bought with high fructose corn syrup). To this day, I don’t like sugary sweet stuff. Sugar really is addictive. The more you avoid it, the better off you and your immune system will be.

  36. As for those of you saying “ohhh my god, she’s restricting her daughter’s diet blah blah blah”…Really????? Parents set limits and teach their kids right from wrong. No good parent lets their kids run around like wild animals without any limits.

  37. I never really had sweets or sugary stuff when growing up and as a result I can’t stand things with too much sugar in now as I’m not used to it.
    Assuming she’s allowed fruit/natural sugars then I don’t see what the problem is.

  38. If Jessica Alba trains her daughter to eat and excersise like her, she has a chance of growing up to have the same body as her mom. What a terrible thing to have a body ranked sexiest in the world multiple times. The horror. *insert eye-roll here*

  39. One word : Stupid.

    When I remember my childhood I think candies, colors….

    I mean it’s part of it. Now I am an adult I don’t want candy anymore and no I’m not obese.
    It’s too much.
    Sooo no birthday cake???

  40. It’s her kid, not yours. Being restrictive on diet isn’t particularly harmful. I’m much more concerned about all the kids out there being raised on homophobic and racist belief systems. Those are FAR scarier, and much more detrimental than keeping a kid away from sugar.

  41. This woman is being such a crazy b—!! Every kid needs sugar and a little bit of junkie food (lets say, twice a week) won’t hurt anyone!! She’s raising her daughter with so many wrong values. Poor girl.

    • “wrong values”= relative. No, not every child NEEDS processed sugar and a bit of junk food. Twice a week is what YOU think is appropriate. A child can be quite fine without processed sugars and junk food, if anything, it’s BETTER for them. Fruits and vegetables have enough natural sugars to keep a person healthy and content. The extra processed sugar added into every bit of food in our lives is not needed. It only makes the instant s— we buy taste better. It is not essential for life because the essentials are already in nature. And no, i’m not some food naturalist, raw foodist, vegan, or vegetarian (nothing wrong with any of these) that is making me say this, i’m just pointing out facts against biased claims.

  42. I don’t get the upset. She just said the kid has a little bit of apple juice with her vegetable juice.

    Have you ever had celery, cucumber and fruit juice – you can still taste the sugar it’s just far less processed and concentrated than store bought juice. And you definitely don’t want more juice twenty minutes later.

    Given the amount of sugar in some store bought juices I think she’s giving her kid at least a fighting chance of acquiring a healthy palate. As her daughter gets older she’ll definitely find her way to processed sugar – but in the early years it’s good to get used to fresh fruit and vegetables – esp. in juices. It didn’t do me any harm as kid, it probably allowed me to concentrate better without having sugar highs and crashes.

    In fact, in my childhood I didn’t like sweets or soft drinks generally because they were too sweet.

    • thank you for speaking some sense! People are freaking out because she isn’t being raised with all the processed sugar in her diet. Do they not realize that fruits and vegetables ALSO contain sugars, and enough to keep the body in good health? The extra processed sugar is unnecessary and not at all beneficial, if anything, slightly detrimental to our overall health. The baby years are the most crucial years in developing the brain and the body. Not giving her daughter processed foods and processed sugar is HELPING her daughter, not destroying her, not causing her to gain an eating disorder, and not ruining her childhood. Why is going back to a more natural state of eating so wrong? Have we been brainwashed by the system so much that we believe that by not giving children sugary-“goods” to eat is being a bad parent? It’s ridiculous.

  43. this is actually a good thing
    if America woke up and realized how they’re eating and what they’re giving kids, obsesity wouldn’t be a killer. But her kid will grow up on a healthy diet, there will be no junk food addiction which to me sounds lucky.

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