Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba: “I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did”

alba-070916-_1 - Jessica Alba: "I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did"

On beauty:

“It’s so celebrated, but I don’t think you become the beauty that you truly are until you have lived life. It takes years to develop that sense of self. Years! I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did, certainly in my twenties. That should be something that we talk about more; that women get more beautiful as time goes on. As women, we know this. It’s pop culture that needs to catch up.”

… says Jessica.

Do you guys agree?


alba-070916-_2 - Jessica Alba: "I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did" alba-070916-_3 - Jessica Alba: "I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did" alba-070916-_4 - Jessica Alba: "I feel more beautiful now at 35 than I ever did"

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  • a

    It’s true that youth is way overrated in pop culture. I feel happier, prettier, and better about myself every year and never want to go back to being younger, ever. Being young is more stressful than it is glamorous the way its portrayed.

    • Hannah

      Good to know 🙂

    • Agatha

      I find it funny that there’s an user “a” and an user “A”. This time they had opposite opinions. Maybe it’s one person going full on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, haha.

    • Deborah G.

      Yes!! I am 33 and completely agree!

  • Hannah

    I thought she was older! She still looks younger than her age.

  • Panda

    I’ve always thought she was beautiful! I’m the same age as Jessica, and I agree. I worry more about aging and looking older, but at the same time I feel like I’m prettier now than I was in my 20’s. Maybe its because I have more confidence now, and a better sense of self. Maybe its because I now take better care of myself, and am healthier. Maybe its all the years of experimenting with fashion and makeup, and learning what looks best on me. In any case, I hope it continues as I get older! I think how you feel greatly affects how you look.

  • SophieAnne

    Didn’t she complained about lately she should have cherished that she didn’t have cellulite when she was younger?

  • Andi

    Apparently 30 is the new 20!! Makes me happy bc it takes the pressure off of aging haha

  • Alyona

    She looks amazing! Just as amazing as she did when she was younger.. and clearly now she has the confidence along with the beauty which is what makes her feel even more beautiful. Women who are secure with themselves radiate beauty.

  • A

    well youre not, i think you looked your subjective “hottest” during the years of that movie honey and the paul walker movie where you guys dive

    • Ux

      She’s speaking about how she feels

    • Bella

      I bet you’re flawless if you can criticize someone in such a vapid way. You’re about as deep as a puddle.

  • Bella

    It has always frustrated me that men are considered more attractive as they get older because they become more secure in themselves, confident, and accomplished. But women are still only valued by physical standards. As far as injustices go, it is a small one, but still unfairly skewed in favor of men.

    • A

      not true and stop peddeling this bullcrap. ppl say plenty of women are better older, hillary duff and helen mirren for example

      • Bella

        Uh…Hilary Duff is in her 20s?
        You’re a gem.

  • Katya

    I totally understand what she’s saying. Although I still have insecurities, I feel more attractive than I did when I was a teenager or in my early 20’s. Like a lot of other females, I made bad style and makeup choices when I was younger and it didn’t look good. I also eat better now and have more muscle tone.. If they take care of themselves properly, many women actually look better once they reach their late 20’s..and 30’s.

  • SONA

    i understand what she means. I’m 29 now and I feel and look much better than when I was 19. My skin is much better. I know what style works better for me. I know how to put on makeup and hair much better. Things that used to make me insecure are now silly. Even though I’m flawed, I love myself more. I wish someone told me 10 years ago that you become your self as you age and that I will be more beautiful the older I get, not the other way around. You get used to yourself and it’s a good thing.