Jessica Alba Indulges in Nondairy Frozen Fruit Ice Pops


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Jessica Alba lives a healthy and honest life — and she wants to tell her fans exactly how she does it. In her new book, The Honest Life, the sexy mom of two comes clean about her diet. From going organic and eating veggies to indulging just the right amount, the actress reveals how she got her fit body after pregnancy.

Green Does a Body Good
After gaining nearly 55 pounds with her first daughter, Honor, 4, Jessica lived on lean protein paired with mountains of unlimited salad. The high-fiber greens are very filling without all the calories.

Veggies are a Girl’s Best Friend
The beautiful starlet will never eat a meal without her vegetables. She also makes sure her girls Honor and Haven, 19 months, do the same. Fact: The body burns 16 percent more calories after a meal that’s mostly veggies than one without any produce.

Break Out the Blender
“Sipping on my green drink throughout the day helps fill you up,” says Jess, “and it’s packed with nutrients.” In her nutritional book, the Sin City star shares one of her favorite green drink recipes:
*1 whole cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped
*2 lemons, juiced
*2 apples, cored and seeded
*1 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely diced
*Frozen watermelon or a dash of the natural sugar substitutes stevia or Truvia for sweetness
What to do: Blend well; refrigerate what you don’t drink immediately (makes about 2 servings).

It’s Okay to Indulge
Jess says it’s important to treat yourself “so you don’t lose your mind.” She eats whatever she wants one day a week — even bacon! Other times, she allows herself nondairy frozen fruit or fudge ice pops, like organic Sweet Nothings. “The key is to have just one, not the entire box.”

Though she works hard to stay fit, the 31-year-old knows she won’t have the body she had before pregnancy. “I’ll never be the weight I was before I had my kiddos, but I’m cool with that,” she shares. “I love my body.”

Pictured: Jessica at Kids Choice Awards last week.

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69 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Indulges in Nondairy Frozen Fruit Ice Pops”

  1. Ahhmazing! INDULGING in a 50 calorie treat! Basically those ice pops are like fruit, water, a bit of sugar. Jeez, I indulge more with my morning coffee!

    • “Indulges on nondairy frozen fruit pops….”
      I think Jessica doesn’t understand the literal meaning of ‘indulge’… That, or her diet must be painfully restrictive.

  2. “Even bacon!!” I actually laughed out loud at that one. A slice of bacon has about 30 calories. You can have a few slices without the world ending.

      • I think it comes from the rest of her family being obese, I’m sure that fear of being like her family is always at the back of her mind.

        • Even though this is true, I have to wonder what does “obese” mean to Jessica Alba?

          She looked her best in dark angel season 1 to me, and her worst in Good luck chuck. She has to find her medium.

  3. She looks bad here imo. But then, I always fail to see the appeal in her anyway. And indulging in ice pops, well, it sounds like something she’s say, is all I can say.

  4. She used to be an absolute stunner at one point of time. I’m a bit tired of her present persona and her delusional relationship with food.

  5. She said she eats what she wants one day and the rest of them if she needs a treat she’ll have a substitute. I think this was taken out context. However how is bacon so bad, it’s just protein and a little fat. A slic has 30 calories that’s nothing and saturated fat with protein is super filling and energy giving.

  6. i think she is doing good in eating what she eats plus she is skinny enough, no need to regret the body before having kids 🙂
    The ice pops sounds good and i just read about some ice cream banana recipe with JUST frozen banana…eating healthy can be tasty 🙂 you all want honesty and when this girls speaks honest (she does not claim she doesnt care or that she is naturally skinny) call her obssesed..hmmm

  7. Well she says she never eats more than 1200 calories a day, so I think she has to be careful what she eats. Also she works out every day for at least 1 1/2 hours. I seriously don’t get why she doesn’t eat like 1500 calories a day cause the body already burns like 1200 calories a day (at least) just by ”being alive”…maybe her family has a slow metabolism…I think it’s amazing that she cares about her health. Does she still smoke? I think her eyebrows look more bushy lately but I like it. Makes her look young. What I don’t get is that she says that she will never have her prepregnancy weight again..i dont get it. Why not? I understand that she won’t have the same figure because the body changes but she can still have the sam weight..even less, though I think she should not become skinnier just fitter. She should do some weight training. Jessica, ditch the sissy weights and do some squats!! 😀

    • I agree! It annoys me how she says she will never have the same body as well. Fairly sure she is extremely skinny and in my opinion she looks exactly the same! there were times before babies that she was way too thin and if she is comparing her body to that, then it is unhealthy and she is delusional. She really needs to stop going around saying that she will never have the same body again because she is tiny and looks amazing and despite what she thinks, what she is saying is not a good influence on other people! I love J alba normally and think she is gorgeous but i’m getting a bit sick of hearing that statement. Also, unless her body has an extremely slow metabolism I don’t get why she thinks those things are indulgences. Why would she need to work out that much as well? I can stay pretty skinny from only 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week…1.5 hours seems rather excessive!

  8. Ugh I hate all this “allows herself” this and “I sip my smoothie to fill me up throughout the day” and “a meal with veggies means you burn more calories” stuff. I know she is an actress so her looks matter, but it is still an unhealthy attitude. If you eat to nourish your body first and and stop eating when full then you will be fine and combined with exercise will look great and good enough imo to be an actress. I think even “normal sized” actresses go on about their diet as if they are hungry all the time – its the way they talk about food they just come across as always hungry lif that makes sense! .Focusing on it all the time will make you have issues and even feel hungry when you don’t require food for any reason other than psychological.

    • I completely agree with you snoops.

      I think a lot of people overeat, but I think on the opposite end a lot of people also have an unhealthy and borderline neurotic relationship with food. I know a lot of people who are on restrictive diets when they don’t need to be, whether it’s low fat, low sodium, gluten-free, or sugar free.

      The truth is, most people don’t have to super restrict or go on these crazy diets. For 90% of people, it really is just about making sure to get enough activity and eating normal portions. There are some people who obviously have a tendency to gain weight, but those people are not overly common, just like naturally thin people are not super common.

      I don’t know her natural body, but it just seems so unnecessary. I think she could ease up on her diet and still look like an actress. Maybe she would be 10 pounds heavier but is that really THAT much? I’d personally rather be 10 pounds heavier than to have to sip green smoothies to curb starvation…that sounds horrible.

      • I agree with you Casey, I would much prefer to be 10 lbs heavier than have such a bad relationship with food. My attitude is, as long as it is healthy, move a bit throughout the day and yes you eat normal size portions, than you are doing the right thing. Err sounds horrible and necessary to me.

      • I know, it s ridiculous that people cut things out they aren’t even sure are bad, and sometimes are even beneficial. The big fad now is being vegan because celebrities do it, not realizing that they;re doing themselves harm by consuming minuscule protein and good fat along with B vitamins. Dairy is problematic for some people, but if you get tested and you’re fine theres no need to cut it out. A little sugar won’t kill you though a lot of the time its unessescarily added. The only things I could understand cutting out are things like artificial sweeteners or artificial trans fats or anything along those lines because they just aren’t needed. And the people I know like this are either all or nothing, if they consume just one bite of a “forbidden” food all hell breaks loose and the binge cycle begins. Before you know it you’re heavier than when you started.

        • Candy, please don’t rag on veganism for its lack or protein. It’s a well-known fact that Americans and most people in industrialized nations OVEREAT protein and have too much in their diet. You are correct about B vitamins, but that’s essentially only B12. Which all good, healthy vegans are completely aware that they need to supplement.
          There is a lot of hate thrown around about being vegan by the meat-eating community, but if you look into the benefits of being vegan, you cannot just cast it off as a fad diet.
          I’ve been a vegan for over 13 years (way before it was a fad diet followed by celebs), and I’m a super healthy person who feels way better abstaining from meat and dairy than my first 18 years of my life where I felt heavy, constipated, got sick often, and had migraine headaches.

      • I completly agree with you Casey! And I think that a lot of overweight people need to realize this! This talk of only eating salads and indulging in 50 calorie snacks just makes overweight people feel like they need to only eat that to lose weight.

        I’m from Europe but have lived in the States for a year as an exchange student and my host family was really overweight. They decided to go on a diet one day and only ate salad, chicken, veggies and fruit. They sticked to that for not even 2 weeks and went back to their old ways. I tried to tell them that they don’t need to take such extreme measures in order to lose weight but somehow they didn’t get it. I think people are being manipulated by the weight loss industry in thinking weight loss is super hard. Especially when you are very overweight, you can simply eat normal portions and go for some walks and lose tons of weight! I actually made them stop buying sugary drinks and they already lost a lot of weight just from this small step!

        Of course if you’re already slim and want to be super skinny you’re gonna have to take more drastic measures… But to give out advice on how to that (what jessica alba tends to) is really not what the world needs imo.

  9. Pretty sure most people already realize that vegetables and exercise are good for us, so why should we buy a book to hear some vapid starlet gush about her organic kale farts? With all her money and time (she is a multi-millionaire housewife these days) surely she could do something beneficial for the world, maybe start a program in a local public school to teach kids better nutrition – that would be worth reading about. I mean there’s no denying Jessica looks good but what incentive do I have to buy her book? None.

  10. good lord, she must be the most boring celebrity alive. She looks good obviously, but seriously her whole persona couldn’t be less sexy.

  11. To be honest, I don’t think her attitude seems that unhealthy. Eating tons of veggies and cutting out most unhealthy foods doesn’t sound bad. “Unhealthy” would be eating 1200 cals per day of doughnuts; I have a friend who although never diets, eats probs 2 slices of pizza per day and nothing else because she’s full. She’s probably getting all her nutrients because below 900 calories is “starvation” and is extremely difficult to get enough vitamins/micro/macros, but 1200 is definitely not a problem if you’re being healthy with it. I used to have an eating disorder and still struggle with a milder case of one, and her plan really doesn’t sound that far off from the majority of traditional diet plans out there. Please don’t judge her relationship with food unless you know her personally and super well. Magazines constantly interview her about food/diet because a lot of women want to look like her (I know some might not, but there’s a reason she’s famous.)

  12. First of all I think she is still stunning (even if I like her more with her natural hair color) and I actually like her.

    Well, I have to say that with 1200 Kcal a day and 1 hour and a half of exercise everyday I’d expect to have the flawless body. Hers is really fine, nothing to say, but it doesn’t looks like the result of such a terrible regime.

    Same thing I think about Gwyneth Paltrow.

    I really prefer Kate Beckinsale’s body (if I have to compare Jessica to another woman with kids), who doesn’t write sad books about dieting and working out.

  13. Where does she say she only eats 1200 cals? I’m tiny, lean & eat 1900… I don’t even eat less than 1400 to lose weight. It’s a shame women are told to eat less than their BMR, all it does is slow your metabolism. Terrible trap to get stuck into.

    Anyway, she looks great. I love that dress & hairstyle.

  14. she is so beautiful but she can be so irritating. seriously her definition of indulging is someone else’s idea of a diet. also I am not liking her hair colour. She should go back to her dark brown hair. and when she talks about her before body and her body after having kids I see no difference she is still as skinny as she has ever been.

  15. I never liked her…I thought she was bland (even her bum wasn’t the best – I mean, not bad but I see better bums in the gym)…but now…she is just thin imo. There is nothing exceptional about her, though actually I do really like her skin tone…she looks too thin for her at the moment, almost sickly. That’s not the right word, I know – but…just not glowy or healthy imo.

  16. She has always come across as smug to me – rather like Gwyneth – and now that she’s started with all the banal diet ‘advice’ I like her even less. She has nothing interesting or new to add and her diet is also much more restrictive than it needs to be for her to be healthy and still maintain a good, slim figure.

    All I can think when I hear actresses talk like this about food, is that they’re all underweight and that our concept of what a slim woman should look like is sort of skewed by that. She is skinny – very few people could be anything but skinnier than ‘normal’ when they eat so little and work out a lot. 1200 calories a day is not much – especially for a very active person. It’s not necessary or natural to restrict so heavily or be so food-obsessed and trying to make it sound like she is so healthy and well-balanced is sending the wrong message to a lot of women who will read her book and take it as gospel. And then she talks as if she’s so much heavier than she used to be and that she has to accept that horrible truth – she’s probably restricting more than ever, 5 lbs heavier than she was at her thinnest and she’s still unhappy with her body. I think that’s a messed up attitude to have.

  17. Sometimes I wonder whether celebrities diet and workout because they want to be ” fit ” or simply because they want to be skinny.
    We all have a certain weight where were not exactly skinny, but were in the healthy range and were also eating right and exercising. If being thin is all about staying healthy I wonder why these celebs literally freak out when they gain 5 pounds extra. If your aim is to stay healthy, 5 pounds isnt really a big deal right?

    Maybe fit is just code word for skinny. ( Just a thought )

    • I think you’re right, anushka. I think celebs are really more concerned with being thin and fitting the designer dresses than being fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to restrict as heavily or work out as much as celebs like Jessica do – well, not for most people!

      • I think the point is really that health isnt an obsession. It shouldnt be something you have to calculate ( in terms of calories ) daily. Im a short girl and my bmr 1200 calories. Her daily intake is 1200 and shes 5’5. That pretty much nullifies her healthy conscious views in my eyes. Undereating is not equal to health. It could be just as bad as overeating.
        In my views, Health should be choosing to eat right and exercise and stay in the healthy bmi range. it shouldnt be determined by how tight my jeans are, by our constant weight fluctuation our bodies always fool us.
        Its just that ive been noticing this quite delusional mentality that thinner is healthier. Not necessarily.

  18. I think she’s gorgeous but I find her personality a little boring. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything!

  19. Haha, people who follow a paleo diet typically eat bacon everyday and they have some of the nicest bodies. Reading Jessicas quotes, she has always come across as very obsessed to me.

  20. I love Jessica (always have) and think she is setting such a great example for her kids. She makes sure healthy eating is apart of their lives, which is great. I think people are overreacting about the ice pops. No matter what she says about her eating, either way she will receive some kind of criticism.

  21. she looks good..i like her whatever she is doing works..but yeah im she eats next to nothing everyday and i bet all her kids eat are fruits and veggies they wouldnt know what a cheeto is if they saw one…i think that she knows what she has going on for is her style, clothes, body, and diet so she has to kee that up

  22. What a lot of drivel! I highly doubt that she gained 55 pounds while pregnant. I realize she’s trying to seem relatable (or, rather, her handlers are trying to make her seem relatable). She’s obviously trying to promote that fact that her lifestyle was the answer to her uphill climb to lose 55 lbs (!)…

    And eating whatever she wants once a week? Pfftt!
    Just like another recent quote of hers that she lets her family eat at chain restaurants occasionally–yeah, right! This is all back-pedaling from the years of quotes about her not eating bread, only giving her daughter cucumber juice, etc.

    Not trying to bash her healthy (slightly obsessive) lifestyle–it obviously works, she looks great–but her ploy to seem just like “every other woman” to sell her book and diapers and stuff is just too transparent.

  23. Honestly if i ate like these celebrities i’d have been history!
    Am sorry Jessica but ‘that’ isn’t indulging at all.
    If i want to indulge there are so many go-to foods that are sinfully yummy;chocolates,full fat dairy milk,french fries,krispi kreme dounuts,hamburgers,buttered/toasted white bread,crunchy digestive buscuits,full fat ice-cream/yougort,etc and don’t forget that full-fat tastes better*haha*(though healthwise it isn’t).
    On a different note,i’d never understand why spending hours in the gym and also dieting restrictively seems to be the only way to lose weight for these celebs.
    I decided to lose the 6lbs i gained over xmas and new year.I lost 12lbs in a month by just eating slightly healthier than normal(still indulged a few times a week) with only 15-20 minutes of HI weight training(gosh,i swear by it!).
    Food is like drug,once you start eating healthier,your taste changes.If you restrict so much in your diet,avoiding this or that,then you have to be ready for the withdrawal effects(could be bloating and the consequent rapid weight gain,dull skin tone,acne or pimples) once you ate any of those foods.
    Moderation and balance is always the key.

  24. Not sure which is worse…her horrible diet advice or her horrible hair. Or just the fact that we have another Gwyneth Paltrow on our hands here :-O

  25. the veggie advice is good. eating lots of veggies really gives me a ton of energy. i eat at least 5 servings a day in the form of salads and juices and it’s changed my body and digestion for the better. i’m fuller and i don’t crave junk.

    but i would never buy a nutrition book (or cookbook) from someone famous. there are plenty of experts who write free online articles about it! i think everyone has to find their way in terms of how to eat healthy. different things work for everyone. there are so many different ways to eat healthy and for someone to think they know the answer to how everyone will get healthy is just silly. old habits die hard. people have to learn how to change themselves. telling people to eat vegetables is not going to be the ‘Aha!’ moment for most people since they hear it over and over.

    • Hey 5 servings is awesome, I was wondering do you juice your veggies and if so, do you find it is easier to digest that way? I typically have 2-3 servings of veggies a day, I know I should have more but too many greens make my stomach upset, especially cucumbers. Would blending it in a green smoothie or juicing it make it easier?
      And I totally agree about the book, why buy it when real nutrition experts post tons of free stuff online…

  26. I can’t tell you exactly why I don’t like her but I never have. She grates my nerves. As someone else said she does come across smug.

    I believe in eating veggies and fresh fruit whole heartily but sheesh! Give me a break. Enjoy life a little bit

  27. if i eat like her i would be skinny as a skinniest fashion model. i was once a health nut and it ended with me looking like a sore bone. this sounds like she borders with ED, poor girl is trying too hard. if you want to be a health nut you should rather read miranda kerr blog, that girl atleast have a clue about food.

  28. I would love to look like this woman. She is so natuarally cute, and pretty. but.. come one her indulging sounds hilarious. when you think of that word you think chocolate you think ice cream not homeade ice pops. lolz. Good for her for having more self control than others. She is I feel the most natural beauty in Hollywood.

  29. and I have chubby cheeks like her but they don’t look so good on me because I’m heavier than 115. I swear having chubby cheeks is only cute if your skinny.

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