Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too

FFN_g_51060067 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too

Yesterday we admired Nicole and LeAnn in tiny bikinis and now it’s time for yet another hot beach body: Jessica Alba, who looked tanned and fit as she had fun in the sun with her family this weekend.

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FFN_g_51059971 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51059974 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51059982 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51059994 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51059995 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51060056 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51060060 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51060061 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too FFN_g_51060066 - Jessica Alba Is in a Bikini, Too

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  • layla

    such a beauty!

  • anushka

    She looks great. Cute bum!

    I think she could have gotten a better fit bikini top.

    • LohanNKardashianFan

      I think she tries the best she can. It’s just that she is a mother of two which doesn’t enable her tohave a very defined waist or something

      • anushka

        I did not complain about her not having a tiny waist. I like her torso 🙂

        • JN1976

          Agreed abt the top, it’s not great fitting but she could also adjust it…y’know lift the boobies up. The bottoms are weak a bit too, dont do anything for her WHR and no offence to the there are a gazilion options to distract or promote a WHR, whether you had a baby or two or three or none.
          (Sidebar: Wassup with your screen name LohanNKardashianFan…it does not seem wise given the negative impact both velebs have had on Modern-Western Society)

          • JN1976

            I meant CELEBS, swear, but a funny typo nevertheless

      • cloud9

        have a very defined waist. that’s like telling someone they chose to be short, you cannot whittle down a waist, just tone your belly, in which case her waist would be more narrow but still straight.

  • sarah

    Where are her boobs?
    Anyway she looks fit and healthy.

  • That is one badly fitting top, but she looks great, her skin is amazing!

    • HB

      Yep! Her skin was the first thing I noticed, it’s so even.

  • Pixie

    Looking hot , as always!!! She’s gorgeous!! 🙂

  • caka

    is she jumping into the water with sunglasses on?!
    come on!
    otherwise, she’s always cute and veeery prety

    • Aafje

      What is wrong with that? Having once SUNBURNT MY EYEBALLS from the light reflecting off the ocean I always swim with them on when it is sunny lol.

      • lc

        You sunburnt your eyeballs??? Ouch! How the heck did that happen/feel?

        • Aafje

          HORRIBLE. My eyes burnt and watered at any light source and I had to wear sunglasses inside for a week. I also burnt my forehead so bad my skin bubbled and then oozed clear stuff. I was in the water too long and my sunblock washed off and I was at camp so I didn’t have a mother yelling at me to re apply it lol.

          • Debbs

            Ahh those were sunblisters on your forehead. I got them all over my face when I was 14. I was using a strong acne medication and went to the beach sans sunscreen (against Dr.’s orders). My face blistered and had this dirty look to it for weeks. Definite lesson learned.

    • artemis

      uhm, sun damage happens in water too, smart pants!

      jessica-nice butt and legs, okish torso, still a bit delicate, which i like, even if she doesn’t have a defined whr, nice arms, face, hair.
      funny looking swimsuit top

      • Meena

        You’re so unnecessarily rude. Always.

  • Maggie

    Wow…..perfect body. I’d love to look like that in a bikini — lean and youthful looking. Can’t believe she’s 31 and has two kids. Looks about 21.

  • Justsarah

    Mother of two &Still got it,

  • Avelyn

    she’s okay looking though not particularly attractive. of course her body looked better when she was younger and didn’t have kids, and her personality has become so freakin’ annoying ut’s hard to find much to like about her

  • Sandy

    Except for her boobs jumping out of the bikini top and the fact she´s jumping inti the water with suglasses… she has great body and really great skin

  • deppfan

    She is overall nice but her hipbones are too narrow for her outer thighs and waist. Flawless skin, perky butt and boobs are unexpected from a mother of two.

    • isa


    • Sophia

      I have the same problem with the hipbones and thighs :/

      • justme

        Me too. 🙁 It drives me nuts, and it is the absolute last place my body loses fat, which makes it pretty much impossible to “fix”. I would have to be skin and bones to eliminate that.

        • Sophia

          I think it makes me look very unbalanced. My hips are not really round, they are more like slightly curved, straight down and then another curve where my thighs start. :/

          • serena

            Sounds like you might have “hip dips” – I have them too and they’re common in Skittle shapes like Erin Heatherton for example. I have a great whr but then under my hips it curves in, then gets wider at top of my thighs. I think this is pretty common and has to do with fat distribution – with Jessica though it’s more about narrow hips.

          • Sophia

            Aahh I didn’t know there’s a name for that 😀 It never really caught my eye. Maybe it’s more obvious now because I have gained a few lbs over the past couple of weeks

      • Sienna

        I have it too – high and narrow hip bones and then wider at the thighs. My waist is shorter and more curved/smaller than hers though.

    • jerry z

      agreed! weird how her outer thighs are the widest part of her body instead of her hips… she must have always had very narrow hips – it just became more apparent after she had her kids.

  • Marie

    She looks great but i’m pretty surprise to see that she does not really have a waist? What it the case before her two pregnancies?

    • Jay

      she has always sort of lacked a waist, though i think it’s more drastic now.

      • LohanNKardashianFan

        due to her pregnancy I suppose 🙂

  • Tea

    Her boobs are amazingly perky for a woman who’s had 2 kids! She’s very straight looking as usual, but for some reason I don’t mind so much with her figure as there are so many other attractive things about her body. But she is incredibly boring, and has no depth as an actress.

  • solaxia

    Looks like she’s gained a bit of weight on this vacation alone…which looks awesome! She looks so much better for it. Thin, toned, tight but not sinewy or bony. Her looks have grown on me over the years. She looks happier and more confident these days.

  • Kimmy

    She looks good. She has super nice skin. The top needs to be better fitted though- I would imagine thatd be annoying to wear.

    I have to say though, she is overrated. I find it amusing other women on this site with a very similar body to hers get bashed and picked apart…I have never understood why Mrs. Alba gets so much praise then?

  • Sophia

    I don’t know if I am a weirdo, but honestly, if I had her body I wouldn’t be happy with myself, especially with the middle area. In the third picture it doesn’t look nice at all but that’s maybe just the angle. Bu
    Sooo… either my real body is not as bad as I think it is and I can be happy with it or I have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to a nice body.

    • Sanne

      Come on.. She has an amazing body, and even more so considering she had 2 children !!! I understand that some people don’t like her bodyshape but that is not in our control now is it? These critisisms just keep amazing me!

      • JJ

        I wouldn’t call her body “amazing” in any way. She’s cute and toned, but has no curves at all–where is this girl’s waist? She has the body of a guy, poor thing.

        • ary

          don’t need to be condescending. She’s got T&A and shapely legs, so no idea what you are talking about, guys from where you live may have some hormone dysfunctionality.

          • elena

   the hormon disfunctionality part..and my thoughts exactly – when did a round ass, perky boobs and shapely legs stoped being curves?

          • JJ

            If she wasn’t “Jessica Alba,” I don’t think most men would look twice at her body. Just a flat-chested, curveless chick. Now the face, on the other hand–definitely cute!

        • April

          I think most guys would look at her BECAUSE of her face. And boobs are so overrated, I feel bad for girls that need to rely on their body because their face isnt very pretty

          • Jennifer

            Yes – my thoughts exactly. Since when does not having boobs equal not being sexy or womanly?! My body double is Kate Hudson (height, weight, boob size, everything), and I have NEVER had a problem getting guys. I’m attractive, I take care of myself, and it does not matter that I have an A-cup!

  • Casey

    I’m not a fan of her figure because her stomach is super broad (although that’s not her fault), but I do think her legs/hips/booty are amazing.

  • Sanne

    So many Jessica A. lovers here. She doesn’t look bad, but I’m not a fan of her bodytype. At least is nice to see she’s also human with her flaws.

  • Megan

    Damn, get a suit that fits!

  • She doesn’t do much for me. That bikini top is too small and I find her figure very straight from the front. Her butt is nice though – she’s like Doutzen Kroes to me – nice from the side!

  • Stéphanie

    I dont know what it is, but i have allways loved her body(and face for that matter!) (even though she is so straight in the WHR). Maybe its just a combo of everything: legs, face, butt, skin,arms&shoulders, calves… But what Boring personality lol!!! Ps: sorry for my englisch but i am french:)

  • Fielding

    Her butt is nice but otherwise boring body.

    Great body for a woman who has a two children.

    And her skin is lovely.

    And she’s toned and healthy.

    But based on shape, no. She is not ‘the body’ by a long shot.

  • lc

    I cannot for the life of me figure why this girl is so raved about. She is blah with a capital “B” to me.

    • jenna

      i completely agree. boring. and there are so many posts about her 🙁

    • JJ

      I don’t know either. She’s cute, and definitely fit, but nothing to rave over.

    • Laura

      I know! What is up with the Jessica Alba 24/7 these days?? She’s a glorified housewife with great skin but could she’s so basic I can’t comprehend why everyone is suddenly paying attention to this girl.

  • Miss D

    Here is another pic wich is so much better. The blue bikini suits her really well. And reminds me from “Into The Blue”
    photoshop, i know that.

    But still, after having two kids, she still rock her body!

  • 22franzs

    She has no waist or hips (which is NOT a problem imo-I love Jessica’s body), but it surprises me that so many women on here are raving about her body when those women usually get a lot of hate on this website (ahem ahem Kate Upton).

    • lc

      I noticed that also. Weird lol.

    • Well, I think that’s because Kate Upton is not toned and has big boobs on an otherwise straight body – many people here seem to like toned first and foremost – and toned plus low WHR most of all. Big boobs are also not that popular here – particularly when they are not ‘proportionate’. So Kate Upton has big boobs and a ‘soft’, straight body – which doesn’t tick many of the boxes for most!

      • lol

        Stop picking out everyone’s faults. You must look perfect in a bikini the way you go on about people having a body that is either “too straight” or only “looks good from the side” or being obsessive about WHR. I am guessing you look much better than Jessica Alba and Kate Upton?

        • Debbs

          It’s so bizarre that you type a nasty reply to every one of Erica’s comments.

    • Debbs

      Well, Jessica is about ten years older than Upton, has two children and looks much for fit than Kate, who models for a living. Also, Alba’s waist looked a bit better better before having two kids and most people wouldn’t hold that against her.

      • Debbs

        *much more fit.

  • mary

    Her body is very underwhelming imo

  • pandabear

    only nice thing is butt and skin. i think she looks disproportional (to her thighs and hips) because she’s had tummy lipo. lots of celebs do so that they can look skinny in upper body photos and midriff tops. you can just tell — it’s a little stretched out and lumpy.

    • JJ

      Um, “stretched out and lumpy” can definitely be the result of pregnancy.

  • Debbs

    She’s perfect.

  • Kimberly

    Jessica has lost her waist, which sometimes happens after having children. I don’t really like her body shape. It seems as though all of her fat goes to her outer thighs but she has always had saddle bags. She has lovely skin and her stomach is quite toned.

    • Faith

      To be fair she never really had a waist and I never understood why she was classed as curvy. I dont mean that in a bad way I pray I have a body like that after two kids but I never understood why she was classed as curvy.

      • Tea

        Yeah, I guess it was just the way she was marketed really and people bought it. But she has always had VERY nice boobs and butt on an otherwise very lean frame so I can see the fuss.

  • Fielding

    Well if kate upton lost 30lbs

    Ended up with a B cup

    And lost all her sex appeal. then yeah..

    She might have ‘as nice a body’ as Alba here, and people probably wouldn’t hate her as much.

    • serena

      30 lbs is too much, but if Kate lost about 15-18 lbs, toned up, she could probably maintain a D cup (she’s an E/F right now) and her midsection wouldn’t look as flabby, she could look more like Brooklyn Decker who is very fit.

      • Fielding

        I disagree.

        Brooklyn and Klum , though both have similar body types, also have a more defined waist.

        Kate is straight up and down. If Kate was to lose that 30lbs she would probably end up looking more like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and/or Charlize Theron.

    • Tea

      If Kate lost that much weight, her butt would be basically concave. I mean, I think both Kate and Jessica are really beautiful and both have their selling points, but I prefer Jessica’s body (esp. pre baby but even now) because it is proportionate. In my opinion, people with proportionate figures look good at a wider range of weights, hence why Jessica has always looked great throughout her career. Kate on the other hand looked better when she was slimmer at the start of her career.

      • Fielding

        If kate lost that much weight her butt wouldn’t be all that different from Karlie Kloss’s.

        Also, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Alba is proportionate. We have just never seen her as ‘chubby’ as kate.

        Put 30lbs on Alba and she will be sporting a pot belly along with thunder thighs. I have seen a ‘heavier’ Alba and the extra lbs go to her thighs first – the fat sticks out and looks not so hot.

  • Ams

    These are not very flattering pics. I’ve seen more pics of jessica from this day on some other websites and she looks incredible. Not just for a mother of two, but beautiful period.
    Had no idea she had a tramp stamp tho 🙂

  • snugglepup

    Just don’t get her appeal at all

  • vanessa

    I never realized how straight her waist is. like heidi klum. not sure if that’s her natural form because I thought she was curvier than that. and Ha In your face for everyone who thinks having small boobs doesn’t make you sexy. Jessica Alba proves you can be nearly flat chested and still be one of the most desired women on the planet.

  • Coldnipz

    This will sound cray but I love that bikini! I mean ild love it on me (or if she was wearing it properly) anyone know who it’s by????

  • retrobanana

    my hips used to be bigger but as i have lost weight they have narrowed down and i realized its actually my outer thighs too that are/were the problem and my hips are not nearly as big as i thought…they have become quite small..her lower half reminds me a lot of me…which makes me happy lol
    she looks super sexy and beautiful in these pics..she has gained over the years but i still would trade places with her she does no wrong in my book..she just looks so hot in these pics cute and hot

  • Her face is amaze, but for all the hype about her body, it’s not that great. Average-ish, can think of plenty of women with hotter bodies.

  • binks

    I use to love Jessica’s body back in the day but now I’ am not a fan. Her body is still fine especially after giving birth but I still prefer the pre-pregnancy body.

  • Jamila

    What body type do you think she is?

  • lol


  • siennagold

    I like her body although she doesn’t have a defined waist and hips. Nevertheless she’s fit and fab.

  • babyvincer

    I don’t understand how all these body conscious stars don’t weight train! They only do cardio and get skinny, but don’t have any tone to their skinny limbs because they do nothing with weights. You lose a small percentage (not sure how much),of your muscle every year once you hit something like age 28.

  • magwildwood

    Babies seemed to have changed her body a lot. She looks nice, though she could use a better fitting top. I like those sunglasses. She has good style.

  • Natalia

    Good natural hair, face pretty, but not beautiful, the oddest figure…..actually looks ‘lumpy’, her inner thighs that is, and from the front you can see a glob of meat next to her inner thighs, which is her butt, why you can see a butt from the front, idk. Also, no waist, no muscle definition, not much working out, little cellulite/softy look from the back.

  • Natalia

    can’t stop staring at this either, every post i look at here, i see her little picture on the right hand side of my screen, and it looks like she took a dump in her bikini bottom (her butt visible from the front of her in btw her thighs)……….the weirdest damn thing……..and her inner and outer thighs look swollen and out of proportion to the rest of her entire body…..that couldbe easily lipoed, just…bizaree

    • Candy M.

      OH my god on picture 9, you’re right that loos bizarre, I know people will accuse of having high standards but so do they just in a different way. Im 6’1 and 11 percent body fat so I really notice if somebody isn’t lean or short. Some people may say Jessica has no excess weight but I see no muscle definition on her arms and no abs. Muscle definition and height are the two first things I notice. This site has a more pro curvy bias and their ideal is “soft” and “curvy” which is fine but I know plenty of people who like lean and tall on women and men.

      • Natalia

        Ahhh!! I think I commented to you on another post…it’s refreshing to hear someone else say what I think – and that is if YOU the onlooker, are a woman who is naturally very lean, slender, your whole life, nearly everyone else looks…….I won’t say fat, no, but….you notice EVERY amount of fat on them. It’s so true….took a break from studying, went back to this site, which I have like a love/hate relationship with….see the little Jessica w/ the dump in the pants on the side and bam…….I just cannot stop looking at that. And not to criticize…, but I really just truly wonder why not lipo??? I mean…for the celebrities…..why not get that shyt outa there/???? She would look so much more proportioned.

  • Natalia

    picture #9? picture # 1 is the one that keeps grabbing my eyeballs…..dooky for sure.

  • Isabel

    She has flawless skin and a beautiful face, but I don’t like the shape of her body at all. People are blaming her WHR to her pregnancies but a pregnancy cannot spread your waist to this point, the reason why some women do not have a waist is due to narrow pelvis, whish is the way their body is shaped, not because they where pregnant.

  • Don

    OK. Jessica has a smaller bone structure than A Jennifer Hudson
    or Jordin Sparks, much smaller boobs, smaller arms, thighs, butt,
    height. straighter body etc. But doesn’t that make Jessica more
    feminine and sexy, if not as far from anorexic as she looks? I find
    Jessica sexier than the other two, even if Jessica is flatter and less
    curves, No doubt Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks are much
    bigger and stronger physically than Jessica Alba, but what ever
    happened to being feminine?