Front and Back, Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in Jeans – Front and Back

FP_6237037_Biel_Jessica_MOE_120910 - Jessica Biel in Jeans - Front and Back

Jessica Biel was spotted the other day while talking a walk – and with this occasion, Jessica was looking nice and fit in a pair of tight dark jeans, matched with a striped top, long boots and a black coat.

How do you like Jessica’s look this time?

And are you missing her previous haircolor?

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  • Denisse

    FIRST !!!
    she’s got the perfect balance between a healthy, well proportioned, toned body, in my opinion.
    I always thought she has a very pretty face, and her attitude makes her even more attractive.
    And she’s got the cutest casual outfits , and this doesn’t make an exception.

    • flossy

      Yes I agree but a little red lipstick wouldn’t have gone a miss her face with the pale lips she looks like a corpse albeit a very attractive one.

      • long “live” necrophilia! 😉

        • flossy

          That made me laugh

      • Martine

        I love the pale look. I think she looks amazing. Especially with all the ikky orange looking tans out there. I hate tans.

    • Martine

      I agree. I think she looks perfect. I like the contrast between the dark hair, and the light skin. Its striking. Sure some people might like a caricature of a woman like Kim Kardashian, but I think a slender, beautiful woman is better then someone who looks like she was inflated like an intertube, and then drew on a scary face.

  • KittyCat

    I LOVE that she’s got a more muscular body whereas most women in hollywood are just thin.
    I have a body more like her and it’s nice to see that just because we’re muscular we don’t have to look “butch”.

    • rear shot, i see concave thighs, not very muscular.
      i really don’t care either way.
      she looks like any good looking woman about 30ish, in casual clothes.
      the bag is slightly odd? looks like it was made from an ankylosaurus.

  • rw

    i liked her when she was more curvier,,,now she just blends inn with the rest,–>boring

    • artemis


  • Leah

    like the body. like the outfit. not a fan of the hair and her face looks weird, maybe it’s just a strange expression?

  • K Justice

    Who knew she has no ass.

    • Serafiina

      yeah… right.

    • goldfish

      funny — when she is praised for her ass in all the mens magazines!

      • exactly. i think she’s got a cute bum!

        • N

          i was just thinking that even though i’m straight i would totally consider grabbing that ass if i see her walking down the street! 😀

    • artemis

      she lost weight since then so..

    • AlexD
    • Martine

      Um, she has an amazing perfect ass.

  • Kate1st

    Looks like she’s having an off day, the expression on her face says it all………..

  • I like her better with lighter hair – this colour makes her look very pale. I like the outfit – but I feel a little colour would really make it great – even some bright lipstick would help a lot. She just looks a bit dull and gray here – maybe it’s because she seems so miserable!

  • snoops

    ok this has like always bothered me about jessica – why are her lips the same colour as her face?? its not right? I dont know a single person who’s lips are so colourless. sometimes even her lips look blue/grey tinged in addition to being skin coloured (pale skin coloured)

    Is she undead? reminds me of a corpse.

    Lips aside I actually think she is really pretty (once she has makeup on the lips) but I agree her hair looked better lighter! Great body also.

    • b

      Agree. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear colored gloss.

    • almost certainly minimal makeup. not prepped for photoshoot.
      also, she’s too far to see any detail you’d see in real life at that distance. if gloss had no color, would you see the gloss in the indirect light of this photo at this distance?

      with or without gloss, if you were standing on that sidewalk, her lips would look fine.

    • Ellie

      Agree about the lips. I never noticed it but you’re so right.

    • AlexD

      lol i actually purposely make my lips almost same color as my face daily because i think my lips look too pigmented. i feel like a lot of people have naturally lighter lips than me. heh

  • samaire

    didn’t she actually have a booty ?!

  • Juliet

    I think the “lack of booty” in the photo to the left is due to the straight on angle and the fact that she’s walking. Body wise, she looks ideal… toned and at a great weight for her frame… she was looking way too thin a few months ago. However, I agree that a more honey coloured hair colour and some lipstick would go a long way. Sometimes I feel that commenters on this site and others are very quick to criticize Jessica and it’s not always based on her flaws in the photos, but her sour face and attitute as portrayed in interviews. Give the girl a break!

  • Krissy

    she looks perfect !

  • wonderwoman21

    I thought she had a bunch of junk in the trunk, hmm doesn’t look like it

    • artemis

      i guess she used to 😀

  • mel

    She looks good in the jeans, but I’ve never gotten the appeal of her face.

  • Paulina

    how much do you girls think she weighs? .. out of curiosity

  • horrible hair colour!

  • Katy

    looking good in those jeans!

  • I think she looks good with dark hair. She looks better when she was muscular but curvy at the same time.

  • trixiepixie10

    Her hair looks like it’s in need of a shampoo, and girl needs some colored lipgloss/lipbalm. Her body is rockin’ though.

  • solaxia

    She looks lovely. Always thought she had a nice bod- particluarly her butt and legs

  • Princess

    Love the outfit,even her figure but i don`t like the dark hair colour on her,it makes her look pale and old.
    I used to like her when she had honey caramel highlights cos when she was all blonde it was too much for her

  • Cristina

    She used to be way more muscular than this, so much it actually made her look a bit more harsh, but it suited her, it was a great body. She has lost a lot of muscle weight, for who knows what reason, and now she looks kinda gaunt? I never perceived her as the beauty she supposedly is, so i am might be mistaken, but now she has a generic body to go with the generic face.

  • curvesrule

    Another hollywood actress who has lost some appeal because of weight loss. In my opinion, she was more attractive when she was heavier. Those legs are beginning to look too skinny.

  • Mike

    She has perfect legs!

  • Jemima

    I think she’s got a great body and I looovvvee that jacket.

  • Bonnie

    I’m sad she lost weight. She’s still inhumanly gorgeous and proportionate though.

  • Alex

    She looked a lot better a few years ago, when she was a bit thicker and more muscular. I’m curious to know what caused the change.

  • i agree she does look abit thinnner than a couple of years ago-she looks more toned in places i think she looks great i love her style and her look-her bum and thighs are so small-jealous much lol

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