Jessica Biel, Makeover or Makeunder?

Jessica Biel’s Darker Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?


This week’s change in haircolor: Jessica Biel, who left behind her two-tone look and opted for a solid dark nuance.

Jessica Biel’s Darker Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

See some more before you decide!

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  • Katheryn

    I think her hair looks great! That dress, on the other hand….. : /

  • Haley

    I loove it! Total makeover :). She’s one of my favorite actresses and I look up to her alot because of her athletic lifestyle….but the poor girl needs a new fashion stylist.

    • goldfish

      she needs a stylist?
      funny since she is number 4 on vogue’s 2010 best dressed list

  • Haley

    I loove it! Total makeover :). She’s one of my favorite actresses and I look up to her alot because of her athletic lifestyle….but the poor girl needs a new fashion stylist.

  • Haley

    I loove it! Total makeover :). She’s one of my favorite actresses and I look up to her alot because of her athletic lifestyle….but the girl needs a new fashion stylist very badly.

  • I don’t hate it, but I think the color kind of washes her out and dulls her skin. I like the caramel highlights better.

  • makeunder! shes so gorg but this totally washes her out.. her skin is too fair for such dark hair. i think the before suited her look much better

  • lizzy

    makeUNDER! i loved the lighter hair, she looked so fresh!

  • brena

    Does anyone else see Christy Turlington in the right hand photo?

    • Balthazar

      yes! it’s that gorgeous mouth and nose…

  • Balthazar

    yes! it’s that gorgeous mouth and nose.

  • eik

    I absolutely agree.

  • emilie

    makeunder but not massively. she could pull it off a bit if she wasn’t wearing such a dark gothy dress- she looks like a halloween character. i believe the darker you go with your hair, the more thought you have to put into your clothing colours and all over jet black is just a big fat no!

  • ashley

    I never comment really but she is GORGEOUS!!!! One of the most beautiful women in hollywood. Eva Mendes is another one of my favs.

  • Erica

    Yeah, I think she looks too pale with hair this dark – but the dress amplifies it. I think a bit of warm blonde suits her skin tone better.

  • Kimberly

    I’m not sure. I can’t tell if her skin tone is naturally warm or cool. A warm skin tone would look better with the hair color on the left, whereas a cool tone is more suited for an ash brown hair color. Either way, the black dress does nothing for her. I am a winter and have very cool tones: dark hair, pale skin and gray eyes. I need jewel tones to give me some color and I try and stay away from wearing too much black.

  • Serafiina

    Makeunder, but everybody wants some change every now and then. Eva Mendes looks hot.

  • Inanna

    I think her lips are too pumped up, doesn’t look natural.

  • tink

    I liked her best with medium brown hair that pulled a bit on the warm side.

  • Louise

    makeunder. she’s uber gorgeous however, the hair makes her look unhealthy and looks oily almost

  • artemis

    better before

  • She’s too gorgeous for me to care about her hair. A face like hers could do a bowl cut justice. She’s a remarkable beauty.

    And I actually like the darker hair. I think it gives her a greater sense of sophistication — at least on the out side.

  • Nicole

    makeunder…color is way to harsh for her coloring, sucks the life right out of her, she is a pretty girl regardless tho

  • mia

    makeunder. She’s still beautiful though

  • Diana

    I think she looks older now. Much better before.

  • Katy

    i wouldn’t call her skin fair. I have really fair skin with green eyes and I have cool colouring, unlike Jess who, with her warm colouring can pull off golden brown hair.

  • Princess

    Thats what i said to myself that she looks older with dark hair while on the other hand with light brown she looks young and fresh

  • snoops

    I agree with the rest – makeunder. She looks beautiful either way, but her usual hair colour simply flatters her more than this new one. Regardless she is very pretty.

  • nylon-addict

    I love dark hair on her.

  • Erin

    Makeunder. Though her hair was trashtastic before too.

  • k


  • Ana

    I think she would look heaps better with a lighter brown.

  • ebby

    eva looks younger and jessica though she’s 8 years older.

  • t

    How can anyone compare her to Christy Turlington?
    CT is one of the most stunning women in the world.
    Jessica Beil is horsey and has a very plain face, Her body is banging yes, but her face is not pretty in the least. She is very overrated. I just don’t get her appeal other than her toned body. I know I am probably in the minority though because she is popular with most people.

    • Kimberly

      Her bone structure and lips are very similar to Christy Turlington. I totally see the similarities. You may not find her attractive but there are PLENTY of people who do. Men love her.

    • Cristina

      I agree with you; i’ve never found her beautiful, not the least. And i don’t find Eva beautiful either. Those huge mouths, not my favorite look to put it nicely.

      @Kimberly: men love her? huh? So if men love her we are forbidden of saying we don’t find her attractive. And whatever, i don’t even know on what you base that, i really haven’t heard one man call her so gorgeous and out of this world.

      • goldfish

        i think both her body and face is incredible. she is very inspiring in her work out routines – i was especially impressed by her, in the movie – blade:trinity.
        her face is special and stunning!
        and she seems so down to earth in real life.
        def. a rolemodel

  • Lang

    Dark hair is way sexier

  • padme

    Makeunder. She looks homely.

  • Europelady

    Makeover cos i hated ash brown with ginger highlights, it was very like a village.
    She pulls off dark but with a good cut and no black outfits!

  • Europelady

    Makeover! Those ginger highlights looked nasty. Now it’s much better but she needs a good cut and no black outfits.

  • O

    the highlights brightened up her eyes and played up her skin…. so id say makeunder but she doesnt look bad with this hair either

  • gabrielle

    She is really pretty either way. but there’s a widely known fact that darker hair makes people look a little older….so i’d give her 5 more years than her actual age…..with a lighter hair color, she’d look definitely younger… i guess the happiest choice is going brown….but as a previous comment stated, everybody needs a change sometimes…

    • Kimberly

      No, that’s a generalization. I look older with my hair lighter and it only washes me out and makes my skin look blotchy. It depends on the person.

  • She is a foxie either way but I would prefer the former one since new colour makes her look a bit older.

  • Candy

    I agree

  • She is still nice, but I think it makes her look older, maybe a little too serious.
    But again, I guess what matters is how “she works it !”, right? 🙂

  • I like the hair, I think it’s a makeover, she looks more sophisticated and her hair looks more glossy.

    Although I genuinely don’t understand all the people saying how gorgeous she is. Obviously preferences differ, but her face is so ‘meh’ to me – not especially pretty at all. Her body seems good, I can’t remember what it looks like in a bikini but yeah. She wouldn’t be in my top 100.

  • Cherrypie

    Definitely makeunder!! Her skin is too light for this tone, her hair was beautiful before.

  • Cherrypie

    Plus, the color of her eyebrows doesn’t match the hair.

  • lola

    I don’t think any hair style would suit this manchild. she is hideous! always thought so. her facial features are so harsh and she looks like a tranny. nuff said.

  • Jo

    She looks very unhappy.

  • boo

    make under

  • Leah

    me too. normally i’m all for dark hair, but she looks better with it a bit lighter

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